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Title: The Devil's Daughters
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Hello, my name is Lawrence Moore, and before I ended up here, where I'm now ...


...  I was a 34 years old employee at a financial service provider.

I had my own office, the payment was good, and everything in my life seemed to be going well - except for the fact that I had not yet managed to find a spouse, nor even a candidate for a spouse.

It was, what seemed like , a regular day at work , when I was sitting at my desk, and the door to my office opened.

The person who entered my room was Julia Ferran, a stunningly beautiful woman.

She was 34 years old, too, and with a shy expression on her face, she greeted me: "Hi, Mr. Moore ! Starting  today, I'm gonna be your new secretary !"

Because she had once been my fellow classmate in high school, some 16 or so years ago, I welcomed her like a good old friend : "Oh hi, Julia ! Long time no see ! How the heck did you manage to end up here !?"

"Well, Lawrence, maybe you remember I got pregnant when I was only 18 ..."

"Oh yeah, I remember, you and Richard had been in such a hurry to become young parents , that you got your twins shortly after graduation."

"Yeah, and well, since I was busy enough with caring for my little ones , I had to postpone my further education ..." Julia stopped talking and looked down at the ground, silently, and maybe also bashfully.

After a few moments of silence, I said: "Hmm, don't worry, Julia, for this job here it won't matter whether you got back on track and completed your education, or not."

Julia cheered up: "Really, Lawrence ? Did you just say it won't bother you if my skills are limited to only those of a housewife ... ?"

I got up from my chair, and with a gesture I invited Julia: "Well, Julia. Maybe you still remember me from high school, and what kind of a person I am. I do not even WANT to be your superior here, in this office ..."

Julia hesitated: "But being your subordinate and your secretary was the role that was given to me by your higher-ups, Lawrence !? You know , the guys who gave me this job in the first place ?"

I just kept on pointing at my arm chair: "Come on over here, Julia, and let's swap our roles. I'd love you to be my boss from now on . You know how subm ..."

Julia interrupted me: "Yeah, I remember how submissive you were already back then,  16 years ago - from our little 'adventures' we had - before I met Richard and became engaged with HIM ..."

I sighed: "I know it happened many years ago, but until now I've kept on wondering why the heck you chose a thug like Richard over me ..."

"Well, ..." Julia hesitated to answer .

I took the chance to ask: "Are the two of you still together, or-"

"No !" Julia replied.  "Richard and I broke up 7 years ago; he'd found a younger flame to whom he felt more attracted than to me.
And that's why I was left behind alone , with the two kids, and I  was responsible for nurturing them and bringing them up on my own."

I sighed: "Oh, sorry, I had no idea. I suppose you must've had such a hard time ..."

Julia nodded: "Yeah, and finding jobs wasn't easy , either. It happened frequently that I lost my jobs after only a few months."

I wondered: "Why was that so ?"

Julia sighed: "I wasn't flexible enough to work overtime, because , after all , I was also a single parent who needed to care and cook for Lucy and Nadine."

I wallowed in memories: " Oh yes , Lucy and Nadine ! They are your twin daughters , right ? I saw them just once, when they were only babies -
yeah, that must've been 16 years ago. Oh , and they were so CUTE ..."

Julia smiled, walked up to my arm chair , and sat down - like a boss !

"Well then, Lawrence, remember it was you who suggested this role swap.  Since I know nothing about your job here, maybe you wanna tell me what sort of a task I'm supposed to delegate to you - my 'subordinate' Lawrence ?"

I bowed down before Julia like a page at court: "Your majesty Julia ! From now on, let me assure you that I'll gladly fulfill your every wish !"

The last time Julia had seen me bowing before her like that, had been 16 years ago , when both of us had been classmates at that same high school.

This had the effect, that Julia suddenly got overwhelmed by her emotions, tears began to form in her eyes ,
because many positive memories of those exciting 'games' she and I had played back then flooded back into her mind.

Almost weeping, she got up from the chair, she stretched out her arm and put her hand on my shoulder  :
"Oh my, Lawrence ? Do you have any idea how much I'd love to replay some of those crazy 'tie-up games' we had played  ?"

"Hmm, Julia, just in case you were referring to one of 'those kinky' tie-up games we had come up with , ..." I nodded, and I looked into her eyes .

Both Julia and I kept on staring at each other silently , with flirting expressions on our faces, and we wondered whether we were just thinking about the same thing ..."

Eventually, our mutual silence was broken by the ringtone of Julia's cellphone.
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I turned around , walked over to the door of my office, and whispered : "Please, Julia, don't feel disturbed by my presence ..."

Julia answered the call: "Lucy ? What's the matter ?"

She had forgotten to mute the speaker, so I was able to listen to Lucy Ferran's answers, too : "Well, mom, sorry to disturb you at your workplace, but I'm afraid we've got a HUGE problem !"

Julia's mien grew more sorrowful : "A problem, Lucy ? I hope it's nothing too serious ..."

"Well, mom, the problem is  I realized only now that our refrigrator is broken and has no power , and it must've been this way for god-knows how many hours !"

"Oh no, Lucy !" Julia answered, "Does this mean that most of our food  is spoiled ?"

"Yeah, sorry mom !" Lucy sighed. " ... the butter is melted and rant, and ..."

Julia cut in : "And what about the super-expensive steaks I'd bought yesterday and stored in the refrigator ?"

Lucy answered: "Unfortunately, mom, the steaks smell horribly, too. So therefore I'm afraid - no, I'm pretty sure the steaks are spoiled , too, and can no longer be eaten."

Now Julia looked really disappointed: "Oh no, Lucy, this is SO bad. You know I had bought those steaks especially for you and Nadine, since it's your birthday today !"

Lucy whined : "oh my , this sucks so bigtime ! Today in the morning, when I woke up, I was so happily looking forward that we were going to have some really good meat for dinner, but now ..."

Julia sighed: "Oh I'm so sorry, Lucy, but I'm afraid I cannot really help you !"

Lucy whined: "Oo-hoo, why not, mom ? Can't you just go and buy us some other good steaks as a replacement ? You know - after you're done with your work ..."

Julia sighed: "I'm sorry, Lucy, I really am ! But right now, I'm broke and I don't have enough money left to go and buy another steak."

Until now I had been following Julia's conversation with her daughter Lucy silently, but now I whispered: "Is your financial situation really THAT bad , Julia !?"

Julia , hoping Lucy wasn't going to hear her, whispered back to me: "Yeah, Lawrence, as you know, until only yesterday I was unemployed and living off social welfare.
Social welfare is so low that I can't afford to buy meat more often than only once per month, because it's so expensive ! "

Lucy , still on the phone , interrupted her mother: "Mom ? Who is Lawrence ? Is he a friend of yours ?"

Julia answered: "He's my superior here at my workplace. You know, my so-called 'boss'. His name is actually 'Mr Moore' !"

Lucy giggled: "Ha ha, mom, but why then did you address this 'Mr Moore' as casually as by his given name 'Lawrence' !?"

Julia enlightened her daugther: "Ok, Lucy, to tell you the truth - a very long time ago, before you were even born - my new boss here - Mr. Moore - and I went to the same high school,
and well ... we were classmates, too."

Lucy giggled even louder: "Hee hee , were you really 'only' classmates, or maybe more ...!?"

Julia explained: "Hmm, well, Lucy ... I guess trying to hide the truth from you is pointless, right ? So ... "

As Julia hesitated to explain the details of that sort of relationship she'd had with me, some 16 years ago,  and before she'd met Richard,
Lucy asked her: "By the way, mom, when are you gonna come home from work ?"

Julia looked at me with a questioning expression on her face, as she told Lucy : "Well, Lucy, I haven't even gotten a chance yet , to ask Mr Moore how long he expects me to stay here !?"

I answered, loudly enough such that also Lucy could hear me through Julia's cellphone: "Well, Julia, considering that today is a special day for you and your daughters - because, after all, it's their birthday -
I wanna entitle you to go home right away, and celebrate ..."

Julia looked at me with disbelief: "Really, Lawrence ?  You know, I haven't even begun to do ANY work here yet ..."

I smiled and nodded: "Julia ... Have you forgotten that  YOU are the boss here ..."

Julia shook her head: "Stop this nonsense, Lawrence, I mean MR MOORE ... "

Lucy giggled audibly : "He he, mom, your new boss seems like quite an understanding person, if he'd give you a day off only so we can celebrate our birthday ... "

I interrupted Lucy, loudly enough for her to hear me through her mom's phone:  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MISS LUCY FERRAN !"

Lucy answered: "Oh my, thank you very much, Mister Boss-Of-My-Mom ! About what you said before, is my mom really free to come home right away ...?"

I confirmed: "Yeah, it's gonna be perfectly ok if she does. Have fun and ..."

Julia nodded with a cheerful expression on her face, and looked at  me : "Thanks a lot, Lawrence ! I guess that if you say that it's gonna be ok,
then I'm really gonna do it and just go home right after this phone call !"

I nodded and whispered: "it's ok ... !"

Now Lucy suddenly had to end her call: "Oh, sorry, mom , but I'm about to get another call , ... "

Julia got ready to end the call , too :  "Oh ok then, Lucy,  see you at home in ... like 10 minutes !".

And finally Lucy concluded the call: "Ok mom, see you in 10 minutes ! And please , don't forget to bring your new friend Mr. Moore along with you ! BYE !"

Lucy ended the connection, such that her mom Julia didn't even get a chance to OBJECT to Lucy's final request .

With a perplexed expression on her face , Julia turned her head to face me: "Sorry, Lawrence, I don't know what my disrespectful daughter must've  been thinking , when she asked me to bring YOU along with me ?"

I smiled and answered : "I heard what she said , too. "

Julia walked over to the door of the office, where I had been standing for quite some time.

Then, looking at her at close range , I whispered to her: "You know , Julia, if you asked me I'd say that you're as stunningly beautiful as ever, ... Julia, I ..."

What happened next, caught me off-guard :

Julia embraced me !

She swung her arms around my neck so energetically , and faster than I even knew what was going on,
such that I was still pretty much dazed at that very moment later,
when Julia brought her lips closer and closer to my face , until they touched me and kissed me on my cheek !

An old flame never dies, or so they say, and involuntarily I couldn't help but embrace Julia , too.

Now the two of us were looking into each other's eyes, with flirting facial expressions, visibly enjoying the resurgence of those love-like feelings we had once already felt for each other - some 16 years ago .

Eventually, Julia broke the silence: "Hmm, Lawrence, I suppose it's probably not a good idea for us to behave like this in your office. Someone  , like maybe the cleaning staff, might come and see us  ..."

We ended our mutual embrace, and I agreed: "Oh yes, you're right, now that you mentioned it I remembered it's almost 12 p.m., so the cleaning staff is scheduled to arrive here in the next couple of minutes."

Julia reached out for the handle of the office door: "Ok then, I seriously gotta hurry now and leave, because I promised Lucy to be back at home in 10 minutes."

However, just as she was about to open the door, I grabbed my jacket from the coat rack , and said : " If it's ok for you,  Julia, I can end my own workday right now, too, and ..."

Julia released the handle of the office door again, without having opened it, and with an inviting countenance she looked into my eyes and nodded:
" Oh, of course it's gonna be ok for me , if you wanna come along !
Actually, now that I remember what Lucy said before she hung up, I'd actually LOVE to bring YOU along with me , to my house !"

And so the both of us left the office.
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Outside of the building already, I suggested : "I could drive you home, if -"

Julia replied: "No, Lawrence, I'd much prefer to go home by foot."

"Oh, ok then, Julia. Then I'm just gonna leave my car on the parking lot and follow you by foot, too." I agreed, and so - side by side - the two of us tread the road which led to Julia Ferran's house ...

"The house where I live isn't too far from here." Julia remarked, as we were walking side by side, holding hands.

I asked: "Hmm, by the way, Julia, back at my office , when you were talking to your daughter, you mentioned that you had no money left to buy meat  !?"

Julia sighed: "Yeah, Lawrence, sadly, this is true."

I took my wallet out from my jacket, and grabbed a 100 $ banknote: "Here, please, Julia , take this ..."

Julia shook her head : "Oh no, Lawrence, don't get me wrong ! I'm seriously glad that you're trying to help me out, but ... I just cannot accept your ... overwhelming kindness ..."

I put the 100 $ banknote back into my wallet: "But why, Julia ?"

Julia answered: "Well, if I accepted your money, I'm afraid you might see me as a random stupid bitch who was trying to take advantage of you , and then I'd feel really guilty ..."

I interrupted her: "Oh no, Julia, what were you even thinking ? I could never - ever despise you , no matter in whatever particular way you'd take advantage of me ."

Julia's mien brightened up slightly, but instead of commenting my reply, the two of us just kept on walking silently on that road, which was going to lead us to Julia's house.

Then, once we'd been walking like that for  5 minutes , Julia finally gathered enough courage !

She gathered enough courage to come up with 'THAT' question, which she'd been having on her mind from that moment on,
when she'd entered my office and recognized me as her 'classmate' from 16 years ago:
"By the way, Lawrence. I've been wondering ! Do you, by any chance, still remember 'THAT' kinky tie-up game we played at my house, 16 years ago ?"

With a coy expression on my face, I smiled at her and nodded : "You mean 'that' one game, when I took off all of my clothes in front of you, and ... and ..."

Julia cut in : "Yeah, you took off your clothes, and then you begged me to tie you up inside a big casserole ! You know, one of those my parents happened to own  !"

I suddenly couldn't help moaning lustfully : "Uughh, yeah Julia, of course I remember that ! To tell you the truth, no other experience in my entire life has ever made
me feel more aroused, nor more excited, than that single one situation where you had tied me up inside that big casserole of yours. "

Julia laughed: "Ha ha ha, Lawrence, however bizarre I had found our 'game' back then at first, in hindsight I've gotta admit I enjoyed playing it very much, too !
Until today, I have never forgotten the sight of you , as you were lying naked inside my big casserole , all tied up , helplessly, and almost like you were ready to be cooked  - and ... and ..."

Julia hesitated for a few seconds, then finished her sentence, giggling coyly : "And you know what, Lawrence ? Ever since that day , I've been wondering how delicious you would've tasted,
if  there had been a big oven I could've used to cook you and eat you for real !"

I blushed, and with a low voice I giggled: "Hee hee, Julia, if only you knew how much I'd been CRAVING to be cooked by lovely you ... But unfortunately, you didn't have an oven big enough to-"

All of a sudden, Julia looked at me with an excited expression on her face, and interrupted me: "What did you just hint , Lawrence !?"

I looked into her eyes: "I said that back than, when I was lying in your casserole , all tied up ... mentally, I had been perfectly prepared and ready to be cooked and eaten by ADORABLE YOU , Julia  !"

Julia laughed: "Ha ha , Lawrence, this is so unexpected for me to hear ... but  you seriously got me thinking ! "

I said: "Yeah, Julia, well - in retrospect, what we played back then all happened in good fun, right ?"

Julia agreed: "Yeah, of course we were only playing around and having fun. After all , we were still young and innocent - and eager to try out all kinds of exciting things, right ... ? "

Then Julia pointed at a garden gate on the other side of the street: "Over there, Lawrence, that's the entrance to my house."

We crossed the street, Julia opened the gate to her garden, and a half minute later we had walked up to the entrance of her house.

As Julia put her key into the keyhole, she whispered to me: "Please, Lawrence, you've gotta promise me ! In the presence of Lucy and Nadine , you must never mention any of those 'insane' games you and I
played in our high school days ! Is that clear !?"

"Ok, ok, Julia, don't you worry." I assured her. "I'm gonna be as silent as a grave !"

"Fine then ..." Julia was reassured, and she unlocked the door to her house ...
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We entered the house, ended up in the antechamber, and Julia shouted: "Hi Lucy ! Hi Nadine ! I'm home from work !"

From the third door on the left side of the hallway, Lucy Ferrin's voice could be heard answering:  "Oh hi, mom ! Did you bring along a good piece of meat we can cook in place of the spoiled steaks ..."

Listening to Lucy's ambiguous question caused my inner lust level to increase, but for now  I was still able to hide this fact .

Julia, on the other hand, shouted: "Sorry, Lucy, but hadn't I already told you on the phone ? I've got no money left to buy us a replacement for that spoiled steak !?"

I put on some guest slippers which consisted of felt, then I walked up to that third door on the left side, from where Lucy's voice had been coming.

A moment later, Lucy, who was lying prone on her bed, her knees bent upwards behind her, posturing her beautiful bare feet by pointing them at the ceiling ,
looked over to the door of her room, and her countenance brightened up when she noticed me !

I, who had just appeared in her doorframe , couldn't help blushing instantly at the sight of Julia's gorgeous - you could also say ,'smoking hot' - teenage daughter Lucy Ferrin,
and so I stuttered: "M-miss Lucy Ferrin !? Ha-happy birthday !"

"Oh wow, mom ! Your new friend looks so GOOD !" Lucy exclaimed loudly , and she quickly got up from her lying position.

Within  seconds, Lucy had walked up to me, who was standing in the doorframe.

Then, when she'd gotten close enough to me, Lucy looked into my eyes with a seductive mien, like if she was trying to hypnotize me - and she touched my shirt at my waist.

From my point of view, I found that Lucy was so stunningly beautiful, that I felt utterly powerless to defend against her subsequent attempt to yank my shirt out from under my waistline.

She pulled my shirt upwards just wide enough to expose my naked , well-trained abs, and she remarked: "Hey, Mister ? Why is there no body hair on your abs ? Did you shave it off !?"

I was way too ... perplexed ... to give an answer, but luckily for me - Julia came to my rescue !

Julia grabbed Lucy's wrist firmly , and with a consternated mien she scolded her: "What the heck , Lucy , were you just trying to do !?"

With a startled expression on her face, Lucy let go of my shirt, and she replied: "Oh sorry , mom, I suddenly got lost in thought and felt like I just wanted to see your friend's abs ..."

Julia facepalmed and shouted : " And WHY IN HEAVENS NAME would you ever wanna do that, Lucy ?"

Lucy made a step away from us, and began to whine: "Woo-hoo, mom ! I don't know ! I really don't know what had come over me, all of a sudden !"

Then she looked into my eyes with a shy countenance: "I'm sorry, Mister ..."

I offered her: "- Moore. But it's also fine if you just address me as  'Lawrence' ..."

Lucy's mien brightened up again, and she nodded : "Oh, fine then , Lawrence ! And please, call me 'Lucy' !"

I replied: "Happy birthday, Lucy !"

Lucy said: "Ok , Lawrence. If what I just did before with your shirt made you feel uncomfortable  ..."

I interrupted her: "Oh no, Lucy ! NOT AT ALL ! I mean, it's not like you'd done ANYTHING yet, right ... ?"

Julia grabbed my neck from behind with a firm grip, and warned me: "Don't get any funny ideas here, ok, Lawrence !? Or ELSE ... ! "

With a low voice , I answered obediently : "Ok, ok, Julia, I get it already ..."

Lucy suddenly giggled loudly: "Hee hee, oh wow, mom ! I never expected that you and Lawrence were already THAT close ... !?"

Not in a mood to give a reply to Lucy, Julia released my neck, she turned around and waved me to follow her: "Please, Lawrence, come with me to my dining room, so we can have some tea.
And maybe we can talk about old times, or about what ever else you and I had been doing for the last 16 years."

In the hallway, we walked ahead, in the direction of where the door to Julia's dining room was.

"There's no way you're gonna leave me behind, mom !" Lucy shouted, and she followed us.

When we entered the dining room, I noticed that there was yet ANOTHER beautiful young lady, who was sitting at the dining table.

She looked almost identical to Lucy, and when she noticed that Julia ,  Lucy , and I had entered the room, she looked AT me: "M-mister ? Wh-who are you ?"

Lucy enlightened her twin sister: "His name is 'Lawrence' , Nadine. And he's mom's new -"

Nadine exclaimed: "WHAT THE HECK , MOM ? You have a new lover ? And you never cared to tell US about -"

Now Julia cut in: "W-w-wait a second, Nadine ! You got it all wrong ! And Lawrence is NOT my 'lover' !"

"Then WHO IS HE ?" Nadine got up from her chair, and walked over to the door.

"Hmm, Nadine, how do I put this in words ?" Julia answered, then explained: "Well, Nadine. Let's just say, he's a good old friend from my high school days."

Nadine asked: "Does this mean you haven't seen this GOOD-looking guy here for , like , 16 years ?"

I nodded, and confirmed: "Yeah, that's true."

And also Julia affirmed: "Yeah, I've only met him today, for the first time in 16 years ! He's a good old friend, and nothing more ! And that's really all there is to it , Nadine !"

Lucy , who was now standing near a sideboard , whereon the can of a water boiler was awaiting to be picked up by her, shook her head :
"No mom, I don't believe you !
Just before, I've seen already how much closer you and Lawrence really are !
It was obvious from the way you were talking with each other.
That's why I'm pretty sure that you and Lawrence weren't 'only' friends, but WAY MORE than only that ..."

Julia facepalmed, sat down on a chair, and then she sighed : "Oh, ok, Lucy, ok, Nadine ! I give up my resistance ... "

I took my seat at Julia's dinner table, too, while Lucy began to fill water into the can of the water boiler.

Julia continued: "Since the two of you aren't gonna leave me and Lawrence alone here, unless I tell you the truth , ..." , but she hesitated to continue.

Nadine took her seat at the dinner table, too, right opposite of me, and she stared into my eyes with a mysterious countenance  - such that I began to feel like an exhibition piece in a museum.

Surrounded by three such overwhelmingly gorgeous females in the same room , I felt my inner lust level increasing rapidly, and - unbeknownst to me - I also blushed slightly, but barely visibly.

Once Lucy had filled enough water into the can of the water boiler, she put it back on the heating element, and turned it on.

Julia asked: "Ok, then, Lucy, Nadine , do you really wanna learn the truth about that sort of a relationship Lawrence and I had 16 years ago ?"

Lucy and Nadine answered, in unison: "Yes, mom ! Please ! Go on and tell us the WHOLE TRUTH !"
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Julia began to enlighten them: "Before I met Richard ..."

Lucy cut in: "Dad ?"

Julia nodded: "Yes, your dad. So before I met your dad, Lawrence and I had indeed been more than 'only' friends.
While it's maybe an exaggeration to say that we had been  'lovers', it's still true that we had ..."

Since she suddenly halted her explanation, Nadine suggested : "... intercourse ... !? "

Julia answered: "Well, no. I suppose that wouldn't be the correct term to describe that very special kind of relationship we had, either."

Lucy asked: "But you got intimate with each other, right ? Like, for example, you got yourselves undressed, took showers together,  you know ...  all kinds of intimate interaction, maybe also petting or so-"

Julia explained: "No, no, NO, Lucy , we did nothing like that, but nevertheless it's still true that Lawrence and I had some very sensual and intimate 'fun' with each other ."

Nadine looked at me with a strangely cheerful expression on her face, and she laughed: "Ha , ha , ha, Lawrence !  Now I think I've figured you out !
So you and my mom were probably engaging in some sort of BDSM- inspired 'games', right  ?   Am I right , or am I right !?"

While I remembered my promise I'd given to Julia earlier - to be as silent as a grave, Julia nodded, and with a low voice - like if she was ashamed for having revealed the truth to her daughters -  she confirmed:
"Yes, Nadine, you're right.
Back then, Lawrence and I had a lot of fun playing all sorts of kinky Tie-Up games. We were always eager to try out new things and so ..."

Everyone in the room remained silent for the next couple of seconds.

The water boiler had finished heating up the water for the tea, and Lucy grabbed a packet which looked like it contained teabags.

However, when she opened the packet, she whined: "Oh no, there aren't any teabags left ! I had totally forgotten to get us some new ones from the shop around the corner ..."

I got up from my chair and offered: "I can go and buy you a new packet full of teabags, if you like -"

Julia replied: "Oh no, Lawrence, there's no need for you to do THAT."

Nadine added: "Yeah, Lawrence, please don't leave , and stay here with us a little bit longer ! You and mom still gotta tell us WAY more details about what sort of  tie-up games you played !"

I sat down again, and agreed: "Ok, Nadine, I suppose I can still go and get you some tea later, right ?"

Since the hot water in the can of the water boiler was now useless without teabags, Lucy left it behind.

She walked over to where Julia,  Nadine and I were already sitting around the dinner table, and sat down, too.

Julia sighed: "Sorry, Lawrence, that we couldn't even provide a cup of tea for you ..."

I shook my head: "That's not a problem for me."

Lucy looked at her mother: "So  who of you two had been the submissive one, and who had been the TOP ?"

I enlightened her : "I-it was me. I was the SUB ! ", and Julia, who was giggling coyly as she looked into my eyes, confirmed : "Hee hee, yeah, those were such happy times ! My good old friend Lawrence here ...
He just loved it bigtime, everytime I tied him up ..."

"Oh my, mom , lucky YOU !" Lucy exclaimed.

Julia wondered: "Why do you think I was lucky ?"

Lucy explained: "Well, mom, can you guess how my former boyfriend reacted, when I tried to 'play' a really delicious BDSM game with him ? He ran off !"

And Nadine concurred: "Yeah, mom, that's right ! My former boyfriend Chris got cold feet and left me, too, once I told him that TYING HIM UP AND WATCHING HIM SUFFER was the one thing that would turn me on the MOST ..."

Julia answered with a regretful undertone in her voice: "Oh no, Lucy ! And Nadine ! Why haven't you ever told me that you broke up with your boyfriends !?"

Nadine replied: " ' Get away from me, you batshit crazy bitch ! ' - that's how Chris reacted, when I begged him to be my sub in a 'hot' BDSM game I'd thought up, and which I would have LOVED to play with him ... "

I looked at Nadine, and shook my head: "It's hard to believe there really are guys out there , who WOULDN'T wanna submit themselves intstantly to such a lovely young lady as YOU , Nadine ..."

Turning her head hastily to look at me with a curious expression, Nadine asked: "W-w-wait a second, Lawrence !
You didn't actually just hint that YOU wouldn't hesitate to be my sub for whatever exciting 'games' I wanted to play with you !?"

With a low voice, I looked at Nadine, and whispered: "Sorry, Nadine, I'd really love to be a sub for whatever tie-up game you wanna play - but I'm afraid your mom won't allow us to ... "

And indeed, it was Julia who interrupted me with a reproachful undertone in her voice: "Damn it , Lawrence ! Aren't you ashamed to even think about doing something as naughty as enganging in BDSM activities with my daughter !?"

Now Lucy intervened: "But as of today, haven't we reached our legal age of consent , mom !?"

Julia scolded Lucy: "You have, but I still won't allow you to ..."

Now Julia was furious, she got up from her chair, looked at me with an incensed mien, and pointed at the door of the dining room: "Please, Lawrence, don't take this personally,
but I just realized it was a mistake to bring you here, along with me. So please, leave !"

Of course I got up immediately from my chair, and walked over to the door hastily: "Yeah, Julia, I'm sorry for ..."

However, before I could leave the room, Nadine had gotten up from her chair, too, and she grabbed my shirt from behind. Using considerable force, she tried to hold me back:
"But it's not your fault, Lawrence ! You haven't done anything wrong ! Please don't go !"

Nadine's attempt to thwart her mom's decision to send me off, had the consequence that Julia got up from her chair, too, and with anger she beat Nadine with a strong slap in her face :
"Mister Lawrence Moore WILL leave us NOW , Nadine ! And do not even TRY to stop him !"

Nadine began to cry : "Woo-hoo ..."  - apparently the slap on her face had been quite painful.

Lucy got up from her chair, too, and with visible ire in her eyes she scolded her mother: "Resorting to violence , mom ? How dare you ... !"

Julia turned away from Nadine, looked at Lucy, and she swung her arm in an attempt to bitchslap Lucy , too.

However, the very moment before Julia could land a hit on Lucy's face, Nadine pushed her mother from behind - in order to defend her sister.

Julia lost her balance, she fell over, and her head collided with a table leg.

A moment later, Julia was lying prone on the floor of her dining room - motionless.

"Oh no, mom ! I didn't mean to - !"  Nadine crouched down, and rolled her mother over to make her lie on her back.

With a sorrowful mien , Lucy crouched down and brought her ear close to her mother's mouth.

A few moments later, Lucy's countenance cheered up with visible relief: "Thank goodness she's breathing. She's only knocked out, nothing to worry about !"

In view of the escalating situation between Julia and her daughters, I hadn't found the time to leave Julia's dining room yet, either.

However, instinctively I took out my cellphone from my pocket, and I looked over at where Lucy and Nadine were crouching beside their knocked-out mom : " I've gotta call an ambulance ..."

"NO, please, Lawrence, don't do THAT !" Lucy got up quickly and approached me: "It's nothing serious, really ! So please don't call an ambulance !"

Nadine , who was still crouching near Julia, looked over to me, too, and she said: "Yeah, Lawrence, don't call them. We do not even have enough money to pay for an amublance service anyways ..."

I tried to answer: "Don't be silly, Nadine, of course I'm gonna pay for it ..."

But I didn't even need to finish what I intended to say, because Julia, while still lying on the floor, recovered: "Uughh ... uugh ... uumm, no, Lawrence, I'm ok ..."

Julia sat up , looked over to me, and then she added: "I'm only a little bit dizzy, but I'm gonna be fine if I go to my bedroom now and take a little rest ..."

Then Julia looked at Nadine , and she began to weep: "Oh I'm so sorry, Nadine , for beating you ! For a moment, I had just totally lost it , and ... please ... forgive me ..."

While Julia stood up from the floor, she was still visibly staggering from dizziness.

Therefore, Nadine supported her, and she got emotional, too - with a facial expression that was close to tears Nadine soothed her mother:
"Oh don't you worry about me, mom ! You only gave me a little slap. It was nothing, really. Now just let me help you bring you to your bedroom ..."
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Relieved to see, that the situation had turned out less serious than it had looked like at first glance, I thought that now was a good time for me to skulk off .

In the hallway , I walked up to the antechamber of Julia's house.

Facing the exit door already, I got ready to put off those indoor slippers I wore, so I crouched down ...

Suddenly I sensed that someone seized the collar of my shirt from behind, and I heard a reproachful voice:  "Where do you think you're going  !?"

I turned around, and saw that it was Lucy Ferrin , who had followed me.

We just stood there for a couple of moments, without exchanging words, and no matter how much younger she was, I couldn't stop myself from finding her immensely lovely and attractive.

Maybe it was her seductively coy smile which she directed at me, which tamed and infatuated me so deeply that I was speechless,
but whatever it was - it took me quite some time to brace up and break the silence  :
"Wasn't I supposed to put on my outdoor shoes and leave ? I think that's what your mom had ordered me to do."

With a beautiful and all-conquering smile on her face, Lucy Ferrin looked into my eyes, and answered:
"Don't be silly, Lawrence !
There's no way I could let a GOOD-looking guy like you leave us already !
Or have you already forgotten that Nadine and I are having our BIRTHDAY today !?
Please stay here with us for dinner !"

Suddenly I could no longer stop myself from getting down on my knees before Lucy, and like her subject I looked up to her and asked:
"Dear princess Lucy !
Is there anything in particular you'd like me to give you as a birthday present ?"

Lucy giggled: "Hee hee, now what a suprise ! Yeah, Lawrence , there is indeed 'something' I'd LOVE YOU to give me as my birthday present ..."

I stood up again, and told her: "Well then, princess Lucy ! Whatever birthday wish you might have - no matter what it is - let me assure you that I'll try to do my very best to make it come true !"

Lucy smiled at me with a pleased expression on her face, and said: "Ok, Lawrence ! I seriously hope you're gonna keep your word, once I've told you my birthday wish !
So therefore: Please forget about leaving ! You must stay here, and  follow me back to our dining room !"
Lucy turned around and went ahead, and I wondered how is was possible that such a young lady, wearing nothing else but casual, short-sleeved indoor clothes, could look so demonically seductive .

When we returned to the dining room, Lucy commanded me: "Now be my good servant and take your place at the table again, Lawrence !"

We sat down on opposite chairs, and ended up looking into each other's eyes with excitement.

Then Lucy started the conversation: "Ok, Lawrence, so what was it again we wanted to discuss  ... ?"

I answered: "Your birthday, Lucy, it's about your birthday ..."

"Remember that it's MY birthday, too, Lawrence !"  Nadine entered the room .

Nadine came to the table, she sat down on a chair right beside me, and then - just like Lucy - she stared into my eyes with an excited mien.

I asked: "Is your mom really as ok as she said, or ..."

Nadine interrupted me "Oh yeah, of course she is. She's in her bedroom now, and said she'll rest for a couple of hours, and then be fine again."

I sighed with relief: "whooo- , now that's good to hear ..."

Nadine added: "And also, Lawrence, before I left mom behind to rest in her bed,
she told me that she was sorry for trying to send you off, and that in fact she'd want you to stay here ... "

Lucy said: "Oh that's just great, Nadine !"

Nadine looked at me, and agreed: "Yeah, Lawrence, that's how it is !  Now we have all the time in the world to talk !"

For whatever reason, I asked her: "T-t-talk , Nadine ? Was there anything left for us to talk about ?"

Now Lucy exclaimed: "Of course Lawrence , there's still A LOT YOU've gotta reveal to us ! For example, what exactly were those 'games' you and my mom played, when ..."

I interrupted her: "Sorry, Lucy, but you've gotta trust me when I tell you : Those tie-up games Julia and I played - they were indeed SO awkward and SO bizarre, that it's best for you NOT to know all  the details ..."

Lucy shook her head: "No more excuses, Lawrence ! You've gotta tell us the truth NOW !"

And Nadine agreed: "Yeah, Lawrence. No matter how awkward , or how crazy , or how ridiculous those BDSM games you played were - I promise you I'm not gonna laugh at you , ok !?"

Once more I tried to duck the question: "Sorry, Nadine, but no. You and Lucy are just way TOO YOUNG to fathom how messed-up and outright crazy my most intimate secret dream really was ..."

Nadine interjected an unexpected remark, and she giggled at me :  "Hee hee, Lawrence, I wanna bet with you that YOUR secret dream certainly isn't anywhere near as messed up and insane as MINE ..."

Lucy remarked: "Oh yeah, Nadine, I've got a couple of macabre, but still intimate fantasies, too - which I'd love to try out with a WILLING PREY  ..."

Deceiving myself into not having heard exactly what Lucy had just said, I replied:
"Ok, Lucy, ok, Nadine, so what IF you happen to have extreme fantasies, too ?
But aren't I right that - just like me - neither of you would ever wanna reveal your extreme fantasies to somebody else, either !?"

At first, it seemed like I had 'won' the debate, since Lucy and Nadine remained silent, and didn't come up with and immediate answer.

Maybe my reply caused them to reflect upon their own extreme fantasies, and maybe they realized how embarassing revealing them to someone else was bound to be.

For the next couple of seconds, they just kept on staring at me , silently, but with a charming mien.

So I thought that my chance had come to change the topic : "Ok then, Lucy, why don't we just change the topic , and - ... !"

Lucy interrupted me, with a loud voice:  "You know what I'd really love to do, Lawrence !? "

I wondered: "No, Lucy, what is it ?"

Lucy answered: "B-but if I tell you MY most insane and kinky fantasy which I wanna see come true ... you've gotta promise me to tell me yours, too ! Ok, Lawrence ?"

I hesistated : "W-w-wait Lucy, that's not a fair deal, ok , s-so ..."

Now also Nadine interrupted me: "I'm gonna tell you MY greatest insane fantasy , too, ok, Lawrence ? Would that be enough for you to tell us yours in return ?"

The way the two beautiful goddesses were looking at me at this moment - with such overwhelmingly demanding facial expressions - 'defeated me' , and so I gave in : "Ok, Nadine, ok, Lucy ...
Tell me about your own extreme fantasies, and afterwards, I'm gonna tell you mine !"

Lucy exclaimed: "Oh yeah, now that's just great Lawrence ! Ok then, Lawrence, and don't forget to keep your word and tell us YOUR dream, too ..."

I affirmed: "Ok, I promise !"
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Lucy began to reveal : " Lawrence, please ! Don't be shocked  by what I'm going to tell you now , because my fantasy is indeed DARK.
But ...  my one and only greatest dream I'd love to see come true ... "

Lucy hesitated , and with an uncannily diabolic smile she looked deeply into my eyes , and I asked her:
"Yeah, Lucy ?
What secret dream of yours would you wanna see come true ?
Maybe, if it's something I can give you as a birthday present, I can ... "

As loudly as thunder, Lucy interrupted me: " I WANNA EAT YOU , LAWRENCE ! "

For an instant, my blood ran cold, but within a second later, I recovered and inhaled loudly : "WHAAAT DID YOU JUST SAY !?"

With a calm voice, Lucy repeated: " Please , Lawrence ! I WANNA EAT YOU ! "

I cut in, stuttering "C-c-can  I  bel-ieve what I just heard !?  D-d-did you ..."

Lucy giggled: " Calm down , Lawrence ! I know that my secret fantasy might sound really crazy for you , but ..."

Words failed me, as I looked into Lucy's charming eyes, and helplessly I couldn't stop Lucy from reaffirming:
"Yeah, Lawrence. I REALLY WANNA EAT YOU ! This is indeed my greatest dream !!
And to tell you the truth, it's actually also my BIRTHDAY WISH ! So please don't hate me now !"

I answered: "N-n-no , Lucy, of course I couldn't ever hate you !  But Lucy ? Why ? And also: WHEN did you even come up with your idea !?"

Lucy enlightened me , cheekily: " Right from the beginning, Lawrence !  Right when you came to our house and looked at me , I instantly noticed that you looked GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT !"

I objected: "But you cannot just EAT ME, Lucy ! I'm a full grown man, and you're a delicate young lady ! So if you think about it, Lucy - don't you agree that I'd naturally fight back a defend myself, if you tried to EAT ME ..."

Lucy grinned at me confidently, and asked me rhetorically: "Oh would you , Lawrence ? Would you really try to stop me , if I wanted to EAT YOU ? "

Overwhelmed by Lucy's charming smile, by her whole being, as well as by her obviously genuine desire to EAT ME, I facepalmed and answered with a low voice:
"No, Lucy, probably not. If you really ever wanted to EAT ME - I'd , ... I'd ..."

I hesitated to admit that when I imagined myself as Lucy's substitute steak for her birthday dinner, it turned me on bigtime.

Then I remembered that what Lucy just told me was in fact nothing else but only one of her fantasies.

So therefore I calmed down, and giggled: "Oh, hee hee, well then, Lucy, I've gotta admit : "This fantasy of yours ! It is indeed SO extreme , I never saw it coming ..."

Lucy concurred: "Yeah, I'm well aware of how dire the consequences would be for you, if I ever got a chance to EAT YOU , but well ..."

I was still breathing heavily from the shock , but smiled:
"Hee, hee, but it's still only an extreme fantasy of yours, right Lucy ? You didn't actually really hope to ... "

Lucy interrupted me loudly : "Of course , Lawrence ! Of course I was hoping to get a chance to eat you for real, Lawrence !
Or what else did you expect ? TO EAT YOU is not only my fantasy, but also - listen more carefully again : MY BIRTHDAY WISH !"

"Y-y-y-your birthday wish, Lucy ?"  I shuddered, because suddenly I remembered my promise I'd given to her earlier, so I played dumb to save my skin: " Wh-why is your birthday wish in any way different from only a fantasy ... ?"

Lucy got up from her chair quickly, and she grabbed a button on my shirt.

As she began to undo my buttons, she reminded me:  "The difference is that unlike for only a fantasy, you PROMISED ME to fullfill my birthday wish, right , Lawrence ? No matter what it is ! Wasn't that what you said !?"

All of a sudden, I felt completely 'defeated' by Lucy -  I was speechless, defenseless, and therefore I was also completely unable to stop Lucy from undoing my shirt buttons.

Once she'd undone enough of my shirt buttons, she remarked: "Also, Lawrence, I found the fact you'd shaved off all of your body hair revealing !
When you came here, I noticed it instantly on your arms, so that's why I checked out your abs, too . And I noticed that you'd shaved off the body hair from your abs, too."

My breathing got heavier and heavier from arousal, such that I failed to come up with an explanation.

Lucy , who was now about to undo my last and final shirt buttons, thought aloud : "My hunch, Lawrence, is that you shaved off your body hair in order to be PREPARED ..."

Nadine asked  : "Prepared, Lucy ? Prepared for what -" , but Lucy only giggled, instead of answering.

By now, my breathing had gotten very loud and agitated , due to my arousal - because this was the involuntary response of my body to having heard Lucy's "birthday wish" - to EAT ME .

My whole countenance and behavior was so suspicious that Nadine braced up to ask me :
"Oh my, Lawrence !
I can easily see that Lucy's revelation of her dream to EAT YOU turned you on !
So let me ask you:
That greatest and most intimate dream of yours , which you didn't wanna tell us ?
By any chance - could it be that you get aroused by imagining yourself as a guy who GETS EATEN ... !?"

I gave up my resistance, and exclaimed loudly :
I admit defeat !
I'm sure that what I'm gonna say now must sound insane for you and Lucy !
But it's the truth !
My most intimate dream , which has always caused my to jerk off with more explosive power than a nuke ...
was whenever I imagined myself to be cooked inside a big oven - in order to be turned into a meal for such LOVELY LADIES AS YOU ! "

Lucy exlaimed , with disbelief in her eyes: "Oh WOW , LAWRENCE ! Are you even aware that what you said, is the best news of the whole day for me and Nadine !?"

I mumbled: "S-s-so you really WANNA eat me, Lucy !?"

Lucy looked at me with a cheerful mien: "Of course I'm GONNA eat you, Lawrence ! But there's no reason for you to be afraid ! Because YOU won't feel any pain , when we eat you !"

I asked: "W-w-why, Lucy,  will it be painless for me ?"

Nadine laughed: "Ha ha ha, because you're gonna be long dead , before we ever cut out any delicious steaks from your fully roasted body !"

"Oh, lucky me ...", I muttered, and then I stretched out my arms, closed my eyes, and offered: "please, if you have to, take a big butcher knife and make it quick and easy ..."

Lucy touched my cheeks gently with her hands, and whispered: "No way are we gonna butcher you right here , Lawrence ..."

I grabbed Lucy's wrists and pulled her hands gently away from my face.

Then I opened my eyes, and asked: "So maybe you've got another special room somewhere in your house, where you wanna slay me and ..."

Lucy interrupted me : "Please, Lawrence - listen !
You still haven't given us your final confirmation , that we can REALLY go on and use you as a substitute for those steaks that got spoiled in our defective refrigator !"

I nodded: "Oh yeah, now I remember that your mom Julia said she had bought them especially for you , to cook them for your birthday ..."

Lucy touched my abs: "Yeah, Lawrence, but they're spoiled now, so we can't eat them any longer ..."

I sensed that Lucy began to stroke my abs muscles : "B-b-but Lucy, couldn't I just go to a grocery and buy you some new steaks !?"

Lucy smiled: "No, Lawrence, I'm not gonna settle for only a steak from a grocery now, when I see this abs of yours and imagine how delicious it will be once we've cooked you ..."

I was too overwhelmed by how sensually Lucy was stroking my abs to come up with an answer.

Therefore, Lucy asked me again: "So what do you think, Lawrence ? Do you approve of US eating YOU for dinner !?"

I agreed:  "Y-y-y-yes ! It's fine with me. Go ahead and EAT ME !"
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Nadine exclaimed:
"Oh yeah Lawrence , that's just wonderful to hear !
Now that we've all agreed that YOU ARE going to be our dinner - I think I've just come up with a really great idea !"

I looked at her: "A 'great' idea, Nadine ? What could it be ..."

Nadine got up from her chair, walked over to the door of the dining room , and said:  "Maybe you wanna come with me , Lawrence ?"

Lucy , who had now undone all of the buttons of my shirt, walked over to Nadine, too, then she looked back at me, and concurred: "Yeah, Lawrence, you should definitely come along with us !"

I took off my shirt, exposed my upper body, but hesitated: "W-w-wait a second, Lucy, I'm not so sure whether this is really ..."

While Nadine had went ahead and left the dining room towards the hallway already, Lucy was still standing at the door, looking at me, and with a smile on her face she asked:
"Lawrence ? Are you afraid ... Afraid , to come with us ?"

Having taken off my shirt, I put it on the table.

Then I  got off my chair , and as I hurried over to the door where Lucy was standing, I said:
"The only thing I'm afraid of is that I suddenly wake up and realize that you and Nadine existed only in my dreams ..."

However, what happened next caught me completely off-guard, because when I had gotten close enough to Lucy, she suddenly performed a turning side kick - out of nowhere .

I hadn't anticipated her kick at all, so therefore Lucy's bare foot hit my naked , well-trained upper body with considerable strength - and she accompanied her attack with a loud kung-fu-like scream: "HUH !"

Then she asked my : "Did my kick feel REAL enough for you ?"

While Lucy's kick certainly wasn't strong enough for me to consider it 'painful', it was still easily convincing enough for me to confirm:
"Yeah, Lucy, your kick DID feel real enough ! Now I'm sure that what is happening here, is not a dream - but reality !"

Lucy pulled her foot back from where it had hit my chest, she turned around, entered the hallway, and with a gesture she instructed me to follow her:
"Ok then, Lawrence, now please come along with me ! To our secret kitchen !"

As her subject, of course I had no choice but to obey her command.

A few seconds later, Lucy and I arrived in their kitchen.

Nadine had already been waiting for us, so therefore, right when I entered through the door, I looked over to where Nadine was standing - but what I saw there, was nothing short of jaw-dropping !

What I found so jaw-dropping was not so much the fact that Nadine was standing right next to a huge sideboard ,
but the sheer monstrous size of THAT BIG CASSEROLE that had been placed on said sideboard .

Since I was so visibly dumbfounded and speechless, Nadine waved at me with a cheerful smile: "Hey, Lawrence ! Would you please come over here , to where I'm standing ?"

Hesitantly, but excitedly, I asked : "W-w-why , Nadine ..."

Nadine answered: "Oh come on Lawrence ! I only wanna check out whether you'll fit into our big casserole here, because I hope we can use it to COOK YOU !"

Suddenly I remembered something Nadine had said earlier, so instead of coming to her , I asked Nadine:
" Don't tell me you had also asked your former boyfriend to climb into that MONSTROUS casserole , too ?
Because it surely looks so big that you could easily cook a full grown man with it!"

Nadine nodded: " Yeah, Lawrence, I had tried to motivate my former boyfriend to climb into my big casserole here, too . But unfortunately , ... "

I couldn't help giggling: " Well, maybe it's not really such a big surprise , that your former boyfriend reacted the way he did ...."

Nadine said: " Yeah, sadly he said: 'Stay away from me, you batshit crazy bitch !', and then he ran off.
But what about you Lawrence ? Hadn't you just told us before, that it was your dream that we put you into our big oven and cook you !?"

I tried to answer "Y-y-yeah, Nadine, you're right , b-but-"

Now Nadine's voice got louder, and had a more demanding undertone:
"Oh come on, Lawrence ! Don't be so shy, and just climb into my big casserole here !
I can hardly wait to tie you up firmly and put you into our oven  !"

What submissive guy in their twistedly 'right' mind could've possibly denied the wish of such a gorgeous young lady as Nadine ?

Lucy remarked: "Yeah, Lawrence, it's already 1 p.m. ! If we don't put you into our oven soon, I'm afraid you'll never be cooked to perfection in time !"

Instead of walking up to where Nadine was standing next to her scarily big casserole , I fell down to my knees right where I was standing - at the door - and facepalmed:
"I'm so sorry, Nadine ! I'm so sorry, Lucy ! All of this is just too much for me ... I'm afraid I can't ..."

While I hesitated to come up with a way to talk myself out of the situation , it was now Nadine who walked away from that sideboard with the big casserole.
Nadine approached me, and then put her right hand on my left shoulder:
"Ok, Lawrence, you're right. Maybe we've been rushing things too much. Just calm down , ok !?"

I put my hands off my face, and, looking into Nadine's lovely eyes, I said:
"A-a-also, Nadine , shouldn't I go and take a deeply cleaning shower first , before I climb into your scary casserole !?"

It was Lucy who answered: "Oh yeah, Lawrence, that's a good idea !"

And also Nadine nodded: "Yeah, Lawrence, now that I think about it, I suppose you're absolutely right !"

I turned around and agreed: "Lucy, just have a little bit more patience with me, ok ? I'm only gonna take a shower , and won't try to run away from you  !"

Lucy approved of me going to take a shower:
"Ok, Lawrence, but remember I'm trusting you to come back , so we can put you into our oven and cook you !
Do not even think about backing out now, that we've come so far - or else I'm gonna be REALLY disappointed !"

Nadine agreed: "You heard what Lucy said, Lawrence. So please don't take too much time to get yourself perfectly cleaned !"

I left the kitchen, while Nadine and Lucy stayed behind, but cat-calling at me, Lucy informed me: "Lawrence ! You can find the door to our shower room at the end of our corridor.
It's that only green door we have, on the right side ..."

I replied: "Ok , Lucy , I'm gonna be back soon ."
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After I'd taken my shower, I returned to the kitchen in my birthday suit.

When I entered through the door,  I saw that Lucy and Nadine were busy applying a thin film of frying oil to the inside of their big casserole .

Lucy was the first to spot me , as I approached them from behind, and seeing my boner she exclaimed: "Oh wow, Lawrence !? I see you're getting excited, too ... "

I grinned : "You haven't seen nothing yet, Lucy ..."

Now Nadine also turned to me, and joked around : "Ha ha ha , Lawrence, haven't you ever heard that it was once a tradition in our country to execute flashers !?"

And Lucy concurred, with a grin on her face: "Yeah, Nadine, and especially those who had tried to sneak up on unsuspecting young women ! And I think that back in the old days, they executed flashers by roasting them alive !"

I smiled, too, and then I told them: "Well then, my lovely predators ... Whether I'm gonna be good enough for you to eat or not, I can't guarantee, but -"

Before I could react, both Lucy and Nadine had grabbed one of my arms, and they began to stroke my groin and my thighs gently.

Pointing at my thighs, Lucy said: "Oh I'm sure you're gonna be delicious, once we've cooked you, Lawrence ! Those thighs, Nadine, just look at those thighs ! "

Nadine agreed: "Yeah, I'm certain they're gonna taste really good !"

Lucy and Nadine released my arms again, and, looking at my dick, Nadine nodded confidently: "It's great to see that there's gonna be more than enough tasty meat for us to eat !"

Then Lucy looked into my eyes, and with a demanding undertone in her voice, she nodded : "Now ? Are you ready to climb into our casserole ?"

In that emotional state I was now, Lucy didn't need to ask me twice !

I took a deep breath, gathered all of my courage, and then I climbed into this big and ominous casserole in front of me, which Lucy and Nadine had prepared to cook me.

I lied down, on my back, and stared up at the ceiling.

My heart was beating wildly from excitement , and I said: "I easily fit into this gigantic casserole of yours."

Then I turned my head to look at Lucy, and saw that she had an excited mien, too.

Lucy said: "Well, Lawrence, isn't it a good thing that Nadine and I applied frying oil to the interior walls of 'your' casserole !?"

I replied: "Yeah, Lucy, I guess you're right, because probably I wouldn't taste any good if you cooked me without oil ..."

In response to what I said, both Lucy and Nadine picked up a paintbrush-like device.

Nadine said: "Before we can cook you, Lawrence, we've gotta apply some more of our multipurpose frying oil to your entire body, too !"

Emotionally, I had resigned myself to my fate , so I agreed : "Ok Nadine ! Ok Lucy ! Do whatever else you need to do, before you can cook me !"

Now Lucy and Nadine began to 'paint' their multipurpose frying oil on my body.

I experienced their brushstrokes on my skin as so sensual , that the idea of trying to thwart their efforts to prepare me for cooking never crossed my mind.

Therefore I just endured the whole procedure obediently, and without protests.

Eventually,  they had applied enough frying oil to my entire skin, square inch by square inch.

They put aside their brushes, and Nadine said: "Yeah, Lawrence, now I think you're ready for the oven ! However, before we can shove you in, we've gotta tie you down more firmly into this casserole here !"

I asked: "Are you worried that I might try to escape from your oven, otherwise ?"

Nadine nodded : "Yeah, that's exactly why we've gotta tie you down as firmly as we can ! "

Lucy took some ropes, and as she began to tie up my legs she looked at me and asked: "Lawrence ? Why are you so silent , all of a sudden ? Is it, because you're afraid of what we're going to do with you ?"

I inhaled lustfully, and appeased Lucy : "Maybe a tiny little bit, Lucy. But frankly, my joy at the anticipation of ending up in your oven to be turned into your birthday dinner, is WAY more overwhelming !"

My remark encouraged Lucy to bow forward, over my face. She brought her lips closer to my face, and before I even knew what was happening she'd given me a kiss on my forehead.

After Lucy had raised her head again, I said: "Thank you, princess Lucy ! And princess Nadine ! Throwing my life away to satisfy your appetite is indeed a great honor for me ! "

Nadine grabbed one of my arms. She bound it firmly to one of those metallic loops the designers of the casserole had welded onto it,
such that they could be used to tether the limbs of any substitute birthday roasts like me - in order to make sure that escaping from the casserole was impossible !

After a few moments more, Lucy and Nadine had tied me up perfectly , and they had tethered me to the casserole so firmly, that it was now impossible for me to lift my legs , or to sit up , or to escape.

I was now doomed to be restrained in my lying position, awaiting to be pushed into their oven, and I was no longer able to fight back or to free myself - even if I wanted to (which was not the case).

Nadine said: "Lucy, please go ahead and open the oven door !"

The only part of me which I could move slightly was my head.

So I turned my head to a side, and looked over to where Lucy was going.

I saw that Lucy approached a gigantic cuboid piece of furniture, which was hidden under a blanket.

Breathing heavily from excitement, I saw how Lucy pulled the blanket off that unknown piece of furniture, and what came to light - was a gigantic oven ! And it was easily big enough for me to fit inside !

I couldn't help asking: "W-w-wait a second, Lucy ! I never knew that there were ovens in this world which were as BIG as yours , a-and ..."

Lucy turned around and looked back at me:
"Surprised, Lawrence ?
Well, to tell you the truth, until now we had never gotten a chance to use this big oven here to cook a real guy !
So you're gonna be our very first test subject !"

I asked: "Wh-when and where did you get your big oven ?"

Nadine answered: "Our deceased grandma bequeathed it to my mom and to us."

Lucy, who was now in the process of opening the oven door, added:
"Yeah, Lawrence, that's just how it is.
But until now, we never had a chance to use our big oven to cook someone for real.
And we had hidden it under a blanket, in order to prevent dust from accumulating on its oven window !"

I turned to look at Nadine, and I saw that she had picked up a little red apple.

Nadine grinned at me, and licking her lips she said: "MMM, Lawrence, you're gonna be so good once we've cooked you ! But first, we've gotta use this apple here to gag you.
Otherwise you might scream from pain, once the heat in the oven gets too high for you to bear, and we don't wanna wake up our mom while we cook you ! "

My excitement had increased so dramatically by now, that my jaw dropped automatically, and all of a sudden I felt like protesting: "W-w-wait a second , NA-NA -  ... MMMPF !"

Nadine had taken the opportunity, and stuffed her little apple into my open mouth, before I'd been able to phrase what I wanted to say.

She had stuffed the apple so deeply and so firmly into my mouth, that I could no longer talk.

When I tried to spit out the apple, I realized that it was impossible , because Nadine seemed to have put some sort of a superglue on its peel.

Dumbfounded, I looked into Nadine's eyes, and she laughed out loud: "Ha ha ha, Lawrence, now look at you ! How do you feel now !?"

Lucy, who had now opened the oven door, said: :
"Oh come on, Nadine,  hurry up and bring the casserole with our substitute roast here, to our oven ."

Nadine stepped on a lever, which released the breaks from those little wheels that were attached to the bottom of that huge sideboard, whereon they had prepared me for cooking.

A moment later, Nadine began to drive the whole drivable sideboard with 'my' casserole through the kitchen, and she headed for that corner of the kitchen ,
where Lucy was standing right beside that big oven , which she had opened.

Eventually, that drivable sideboard wheron I was lying inside 'my' big casserole, arrived at their oven, and just in case you were wondering why I was no longer as talkative
as I'd been before - remember that it was no longer possible for me to speak, because Nadine had gagged me with that little apple she'd stuffed into my mouth.

Nadine said: "Please, Lucy, you've gotta help me to shove him into the oven !"

Lucy smiled at my dumbstruck face, and agreed: "Ok, Nadine !"

Then, both Nadine and Lucy grabbed a handle which was attached to the sidewalls of that big casserole which contained ME .

Nadine said: "Let's count up to 3, and then we've gotta use our full strength to push this big piggy here into the oven, ok, Lucy ?"

Tied down and immoblized as I was inside 'my' big casserole, I could only watch and listen helplessly, how Lucy and Nadine counted up in unison :
" ONE ! TWO !! THREE !!!"

And then they just pushed that big casserole wherein I was lying on my back into their big oven.

Before they shut the oven door, they had their usual , demonically seductive expressions on their face .

With the oven door still open, they looked into my eyes from outside the oven, and waved me goodbye.

Nadine said: "Bye bye Lawrence ! And thanks a lot that you agreed to let us cook you in our oven !"

Lucy smiled at me: "Don't worry, Lawrence ! We're gonna roast you to death really fast, so you won't need to suffer for  long !"

I was unable to reply to what they'd said , thanks to that apple Nadine had stuffed into my mouth, and therefore my only remark was something like "MMMMM-PH !"

My helplessness seemed to entertain Nadine, because she reacted with laughter: "Ha ha ha , if only you could see yourself now, Lawrence !"

Then Nadine and Lucy seized the handles of the oven door, and closed it ...

Now I had finally ended up inside of their oven , which wasn't heated yet. I was locked up, tied up , and my fate was sealed .

From inside the oven, I looked through the oven window, and saw that both Lucy and  Nadine seemed to be amused, as they were peeking in at me and at my dumb face.

Then I heard Nadine say: "Lucy ? Do you know what would be a good temperature to cook him ?"

Through the oven window, their voiced sounded slightly muffled, and Lucy answered: "How should I know ? I haven't ever cooked a guy, either !"

"Ok then ... let's just just cook him at 440 F, ok , Lucy ? " Nadine suggested.

From inside the oven, I was doomed to watch helplessly how Nadine reached her hands out towards the oven knobs, and only a second later, the lights inside the oven around me went on , and the oven began to heat up !

"So this is it !" I thought to myself "... now the oven is really going to heat up, and I'm gonna be cooked to death !"  - and my dick had grown so big that it was very close to 'exploding' ...
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As the air inside the oven began to heat up slowly, I turned my head slightly to a side, such that I could see the lovely faces of the two gorgeous angels (or devils ?) , who had put me into their oven.

They had pulled up chairs in front of the oven, and had sat down to watch me cook .

Nadine grinned: "Lucy, aren't you also excited to find out how long our piggy is gonna last ?"

Lucy answered: "Sorry , Nadine , I have no idea. But I think it won't be for long."

For the next couple of minutes, while the oven heat hadn't increased all that much yet , they just sat there silently and peeked in at me with excited facial expressions .

While the temperature of the air all around me - inside the oven - kept on increasing at an alarming rate, I remembered that Nadine had once hinted that watching a helpless guy suffer was something which turned her on bigtime.

Ok then, I thought to myself : If my painful demise here, inside of Lucy's and Nadine's oven , can serve not only the purpose of providing a good roast for both of my adorable predators,
but can additionally serve the purpose of providing amusement for Nadine, who seemed to be a rare case of a genuine sadist - it's only gonna double my own satisfaction with what I was able to accomplish with my death.

As the dry air inside the oven, all around me, got hotter and hotter, I had to close my eyes, and I found it more and more painful to breathe, because the hot and dry air seemed to bake me from the inside.

However, for as long as the temperature of the  casserole which contained me hadn't increased to a critical point yet, I was still able to remain calm and think clearly.

When Lucy saw me close my eyes , she remarked: "Don't be afraid, Lawrence ! Always remember that Nadine and I really appreciate it very much, that you were such an uncomplicated guy and agreed to let us cook and eat you !"

Nadine giggled: "Hee hee, Lucy, it's just our lucky day, right ?"

Lucy wondered: "Why , Nadine ?"

Nadine explained: "I think we're lucky, because  if you think about it I'm pretty sure 99.99 % of most other guys in this entire world wouldn't have agreed to let us cook and eat them ... "

Now also Lucy giggled "hee hee, Nadine, seems like mom DID manage to come home with a piece of meat we were able to cook instead of those steaks that got spoiled in the refrigator ..."

A few more minutes of silence followed, and as I was in the process of being cooked alive, I found it more and more difficult to breathe, and of course it was impossible for me to open my eyes,
since they would've dried out within a second.

Eventually, the material of the big casserole which contained me, had gotten so unpleasently hot that it caused burns on my skin, and began to COOK MY FLESH.

Now the heat inside the oven had finally reached such a critical point, that whether I wanted it or not -  my own body was no longer under my control.

My body began to jerk and squirm , helplessly trying to free itself from this deadly big casserole, wherein it had been tethered, and to free itself from this infernally hot oven,
wherein my beloved angels Lucy and Nadine had pushed me - in order to cook me.

As I was in the process of being cooked to death , the futile attempts of my body to escape from suffering the tortures of hell accomplished nothing -- except that they managed to entertain Nadine,
who was laughing loudly enough so I could hear her through the oven window, and despite the fact that my senses had begun to shut down.

I don't know, how many more minutes I managed to withstand the heat as a LIVING human being, but eventually the heat inside their oven proved to be too much for me, all of my perceptions shut down,
and everything went black for me when I passed away inside of Lucy's and Nadine's oven - destined to be eaten by them, and maybe also by their mom Julia , if she'd woken up from her dizziness until dinner time ...


... and so I conclude this story, by telling you again, who I am:

My name is Lawrence Moore , and everything that happened before I ended up "here", where I am now , has been told by now.

I don't know how much time had passed, since I'd passed away inside of Lucy's and Nadine's oven, but right now it was midnight, and I was standing at the river shore of an immenesly vast river I had never seen.

In fact, it was so wide, that it wasn't possible for me to see the other side of the river. 

Suddenly, I heard a voice  "Hey, Lawrence, what are you waiting for ! Come with me !"

I turned my head to where the voice had been coming from, and saw a stunningly beautiful woman , who was sitting in a rowboat on the river, and she was waving at me.

Quietly, I walked up to her, and took my place inside her rowboat.

Then I asked her: "Who are you  ?"

She answered: "Well, my name is Hel , and I'm just another random ferry woman . And it's my job to deliver the souls of men who had thrown away their life for no good reason to the other side of this river  ..."

I tried to protest: "Are you gonna take me to hell ?"

She grinned demonically at me, and she licked her lips: "Well, the official name of that place where I'm gonna take you is indeed 'Hell'.
'Hell' has got a bad reputation , because it's a place where the souls of so-called 'evil' people are destined to go .
But to tell you the truth, Lawrence , I've got a hunch that guys like you might actually enjoy going to 'Hell' !"

I asked: "Why do you think that I'm gonna enjoy 'Hell', Hel ?"

Hel replied: "Well, Lawrence, among those so-called 'evil' people on the other side of this river, there are also plenty of hungry and dangerous female cannibals !
And I'm sure they won't hesitate to cook you and eat you twice a day , and ..."

I cheered up : "OF COURSE , HEL ! I don't care whether the official name for that place where you're gonna bring me is "Hell" - because for me, it's still gonna be the equivalent of "Heaven" ..."

Hel giggled, and so we set off  ... to the other side of Styx ...



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 :)Very good I loved it I want to see more stories like this :)