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Title: Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020 Episode 3
Post by: morselman on November 27, 2019, 10:07:10 PM
Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020
By morselman

Episode 3…

A tight leather blinder hood prevented Plumpkins from seeing anywhere except straight ahead, as if he were a ruthlessly broken horse. A cock cage, spiked in the manner of “Kali’s teeth” prevented any erection. It’s sharp inward pointing needles dug deeply into his penis--even the slightest swelling of his member inflicted excruciating pain.

The security femcan proudly nodded with hands on her hips, beaming with immense satisfaction at her handy work. "That’s better piggie--NOW let's see you even try to misbehave!" 

She deliberately stood fully within Plumpkins’ line of sight, imperiously displaying her magnificent ebony voluptuousness--with her exaggeratedly curved feminine lines exuding a total and utterly overpowering female superiority. This combined with her terrifying implacably domineering persona ferociously crushed even the tiniest flicker of Plumpkins’ masculinity--like a cigarette butt contemptuously snuffed beneath the spiked heel of her shoe.         

 "Excellent work!" the Concierge femcan ageed. "And just in time for tonight’s auction..."

Plumpkins wasn't sure what she was talking about, but he surely was miserable. Between welts from the previous night's Bastinado session and blisters from the morning's crotch flogging, every raw fleshed inch of him below his waist felt as if it had just been freshly skinned alive.

Flanked by both heartless femcans, his wrists were fastened cruelly tight to the chain belt and the agonizing prong collar dug deeper into his neck with each yank on his leash. He downheartedly shambled with a toilsome gait as they callously drove him toward the auditorium with their crops, scolding his dawdling with each viciously dealt stroke.

All around him cosplaying femcans still filled the corridors. Plumpkins could hear all of them discussing him--his morning accident was common knowledge and a topic of great amusement. His ears burned from humiliation as if filled with hot coals.

One particularly mischievous young femcan, an absolutely adorably cute Japanese pop star--a J-POP diva notorious for her teasingly tantalizing style and flippantly flirty persona decided to have some sport at Plumpkins’ expense.

With her two fellow girl band members, she stood front and center before him so he could see her in spite of the blinders. They all were dressed in kinky Japanese school girl outfits. Placing her face so close he could smell her sweet breath she cooed "Feeling better now Plumpykins?" Her band-mates each took one of Plumpkins’ ear lobes between their teeth and nibbled none too gently while loudly making yummy noises.   

A crowd of curious femcans gathered round to watch the fun. "I hear you very excitable Plumpykins. I very much like excitable piggies!" she continued.

She looked around at her friends with a devilish smile, then started to caress the cock cage imprisoning Plumpkins’ penis--making him start to swell in spite of the cruel spikes! He began to go cross-eyed from the pain and emitted a pitiful whimpering sound with each breath.

"What the matter Plumpykins?" she continued fondling, "You not disappointing me, are you?"
In spite of the painful restriction, Plumpkins felt a dreaded orgasm building within his loins. He looked around in panic, catching a glimpse of the security femcan glaring at him. "Noooo!" he pleaded "Please stop!"

"Stop? Just when things get fun?" the J-POP femcan said mockingly.

Once again Plumpkins had a public ejaculation. This time it was aimed harmlessly at the floor by the downward curve of the cock cage and landed on his own feet. The needles penetrating his shaft became even more unbearable as his genitals were now much more sensitive.

The crowd burst into raucous laughter. The J-POP femcan said "Yes, I very much like excitable piggies--they TASTE the very best!". The surrounding femcans roared with approval.

The security femcan then roughly shoved Plumpkins forward--right now there were higher priorities than spending time punishing him all over again. Eventually he found himself stumbling out onto an auditorium stage. The seats were packed to the brim with whistling, applauding femcans. Plumpkins caught glimses of them through his hood. All of the most gorgeous and famous femcan stars sat right up front, including the J-POP femcan.

The Concierge femcan took the mike. "My fellow femcans and cannibalatrixes, I have before you a piggie tattooed into his respective cuts of meat, each labeled in the the fashion of a butcher shop poster." She directed Plumpkins to spin around with terse commands and strikes of her crop.       
"Each separate delectable portion will individually be up for auction. But first, I claim dibs on his testicles as my commission."

The security femcan then hastily spoke up "And I claim a hunk of that luscious RUMP as mine!" She made a tummy rubbing motion and licked her lips in an exaggerated fashion while ogling Plumpkins' backside, much to the amusement of the crowd.

When the laughter died down the Concierge femcan continued. "We will start at the top--how much is the bid for a sweet tasting piggie brain, perfect for a rich dessert?"

Several femcans began vigorous bidding. Piggie brain was apparently a popular confection among the crowd and some of them seemed to have a raging sweet tooth.

Plumpkins listened in horror as the bidding enthusiastically continued. Each and every labeled section of his body was placed up for auction in turn--his very own personal living flesh treated as if it were merely hunks of meat in a butcher shop counter display!

From what he was hearing and could make out through his mask, the crowd had transformed into a ravenous she-wolf pack, all frantically clamoring for a taste with slavering jaws. His skin was crawling from the sensation--hundreds of femcan eyes craving him as a meal and each in heated competition to purchase a bite!

Finally the bidding arrived at his imprisoned penis--at which point the crowd demanded it be released from the cock cage. The Concierge femcan nodded to the security femcan to comply with their wishes. "I don't know why they bother..." she said in an aside to her, "it's certainly nothing to brag about."

The security femcan chortled with amusement at the remark as she removed the hellish device. Plumpkins nearly fainted in relief from the end of it's excruciating embrace. But rather than rest and recovery, his penis responded to freedom by vigorously swelling.

The gathered femcans roared with delight. The J-POP femcan then spoke up "Yes--very much excitable penis, looking very much tasty!" She then eagerly placed a generous bid even before the Concierge femcan had resumed the auction.

"Are there any other bidders?" the Concierge femcan asked. "Don't let its diminutive size fool you--even a Vienna sausage can be tasty." The audience howled uproariously as Plumpkins blushed bright red. Actually, he was about average sized, despite the Concierge femcan's disparaging remarks.

As it happened, there was a flurry of competing bids--but the J-POP femcan was very much determined and eventually prevailed over them all. When the bidding was finally done and the winners were settling up, she came over to him and beamed an affectionate smile. “You are in for a very much special treat Plumpykins--I plan to share a very special Japanese femcan recipe for piggie wiener with you!” She sweetly kissed him between his eyes as if he were a favorite pet…

End of episode 3.