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Title: Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 4
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Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 4

The First Ordeal consisted of 100 Jaguarazon maidens divided into two teams, each equipped with a variety of torture implements. It was based on the traditional Amerindian game of "stickball" but with Plumpkins serving in place of the leather ball and with whips being used in place of sticks. The objective was to drive Plumpkins onto the other team's goal--each an enormous pit of scorchingly hot blazing coals!

"Coals again?!!!" Plumpkins whimpered in horrified anguish when the first beauty described the nature of the game to him.

"Oh yes!" she declared with delight, greatly amused at Plumpkins’ reaction. "Queen Carnivora insisted with great emphasis that each of your Ordeals must prominently feature searingly hot coals--your coal dancing has become a crowd favorite and everyone is very much eager to see more!"

She went on to explain that the losing team would be eliminated from the mating ritual, and only the winning team members would advance forward and be subsequently divided into teams of 25 for the next Ordeal. Also, the individual members of the winning team would be rated on their cruelty by a panel of judges, similar to the system used in the Olympics. The ultimate winner of their judgement at the end of the Ordeals would be awarded the "Grand Championess of Cruelty" with all it's benefits...

The First Ordeal began at the Queen’s command and Plumpkins had to admit--the youngest beauty was certainly an attentive torturess. She never took her eyes off Plumpkins for a second. No matter which way he turned or how quickly he flinched, she was right there, anticipating his every move--her enormous bullwhip cutting deeply into his flesh, which was quickly becoming a grisly red froth. He was being relentlessly driven toward the opposing team's goal by her. The youngest beauty was a full step ahead of all her team mates.

Then the other team's whip strikes suddenly fell upon Plumpkins as if he were swimming against the current of a raging torrent! Each and every maiden on the field was an expert  whipstress--bred and born for ruthless cruelty, thoroughly trained in all the arts of torture since childhood, and with her inborn streak of heartless sadism sharpened to a fine cutting edge by enthusiastic service at one of the frontier outposts.

In contrast to Plumpkin's near nakedness, all the maidens wore jaguar leather armor on their limbs, torso and face to protect against any errant whips. The only thing Plumpkins could be thankful for was his swine leather armor jockstrap preventing any whip strike to his genitals (their needing to be kept intact for the upcoming mating ritual) but every other inch of his flesh was fair game. Any especially sensitive parts such as armpit, taint, anus, etc. were relentlessly struck with ruthlessly expert aim--before long his nipples were in absolute tatters!

The whips were pelting Plumpkins from all directions as each player frantically applied her weapon of choice--be it bullwhip, flail or crop--to force his motion in the intended direction. The opposing team had some very determined players and they turned Plumpkins back from their goal several times. Only through fierce determination and expert whipwomanship were the youngest beauty's teammates able to hold Plumpkins’ retreat in check as the battle surged back and forth across the playing field.

And the crowd was loving it! They all cheered on their favorite maidens and many had lain bets on the outcome. Their voices roared to fresh crescendos with each twist and turn of Plumpkins’ path.

Finally, against all resistance, the opposing team was overcome--the youngest beauty and Plumpkins were at the threshold of scoring a goal. But here things got even worse for him--the goal keepers were maidens brandishing branding irons! They held them at the ready--each iron emblazoned with a snarling jaguar face--all kept glowing bright red by frequent insertion into the coals!

The coal pit comprising the goal was brought to and maintained at peak temperature by the diligent efforts of countless young coal tending girls continuously pumping on bellows--and if any showed the slightest sign of fatigue at her task, a fresh young girl eagerly relieved her with enthusiastic vigour!

Plumpkins had become a piggie pain sandwich--driven forward by the whips of the first beauty’s team, driven back by the opposing team's branding irons. It looked to be a complete stalemate until the youngest beauty was able to wrap the end of her whip around Pumpkins' ankles and gave them a fierce yank, tumbling him face first with a splash into the coals!

The crowd rose up as one with an ecstatic cheer as Plumpkins frantically paddled about in the coals like a drowning swimmer, squealing and screaming at the top of his lungs! He flopped and rolled around like a fish stranded on a deck as absolutely everyone--coal tending girls, the Queen, and members of both teams watched in awe struck wonder--they had never seen so grand a spectacle! Plumpkins' excruciating suffering was the most fascinating thing they had ever witnessed--they all drank it in, relishing every bit with intensely rapt attention!

Finally Plumpkins' wild gyrations and writhing got him toward the edge of the coal pit--but just as he managed to barely drag himself out, the youngest beauty grabbed a branding iron out of the coals and planted it with a sizzle square into his chest--plopping him back on his rump among the coals. He screeched with shocked dismay and flailed about frantically--was there no escape from this unbearable torment?

The amazons all became delirious with joy!!!! The youngest beauty was swept up and carried on her teammates’ shoulders--even members of the losing team joined in the celebration! The audience laughed uproariously, slapping each others backs with glee! Queen Carnivora almost fainted with euphoria! The judges all lifted up signs with the number 10 as rating for the youngest beauty’s cruelty!

While the amazons were thus distracted, Plumpkins managed to painfully drag himself out of the coal pit, rolling in agony on the bare ground to extinguish the last stubborn embers still sticking to his skin. A handful of amazons set a stretcher next to him as the first beauty poked at him roughly with her spear to get his attention.

“Roll onto it piggie!” she said, kicking at him sharply until he complied. “We need to get you healed up in time for the next Ordeal…"   

Title: Re: Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 4
Post by: Oldestdawg on July 24, 2018, 10:16:07 PM
Excellent story but I have to ask if you are going to keep the saga of Piggie Plumpkins going with more episodes or make everyone always wonder whatever happened to Piggie Plumpkins and the Jaguar-azons and the rest of his ordeals.. either way I myself hope you keep the story going and let us know what happens with the rest of his ordeals and the Jaguar-azons mating ritual. Thank you for sharing.
Title: Re: Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 4
Post by: morselman on July 26, 2018, 02:36:15 AM
More to come--never fear! Poor Plumpkins is really in for it! I ask all Plumpkins fans to stand by...