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Other / Tropical trample
« on: January 20, 2020, 04:49:17 AM »
The experts weigh in...

Higher resolution version here:


Other / Re: Hula Trample Honeys
« on: January 11, 2020, 04:41:59 PM »
Don't now why the picture double posted...

A higher resolution version of this can be found here:


Other / Hula Trample Honeys
« on: January 11, 2020, 04:36:04 PM »
Nothing like Good old Island hospitality...

Other / Piggie Ranch Roundup
« on: January 09, 2020, 03:41:19 AM »
Rounded up by a Redhead!

Other / Femcan New Year Namaste...
« on: January 01, 2020, 12:08:14 AM »
Favorite Kali kartoon with kaptions by yours truly...

Fiction / Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020 Episode 6
« on: December 16, 2019, 02:30:51 AM »
Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020

By morselman

Episode 6 The Conclusion

Round and round the banquet hall slowly rolled as Plumpkins helplessly rode the rotating spit--the BBQ cart's merciless heating elements relentlessly searing ever deeper and deeper into his flesh with each turn. The thick rod protruding from his mouth choked off his screams, allowing him only muffled moans and soft groans of agony.

To every watching femcan’s delighted disbelief, Plumpkins still clung to consciousness, despite his becoming cooked to an absolute crisp. His sufferings provided them all such immense amusement that they each sat on the very edge of their seats in rapt anticipation of the next instance--raucous outbursts of uproariously elated laughter erupted explosively at even the slightest of his piteously despairing whimpers or merest trickling of a teardrop!   

The security femcan paused from basting him with a thick sticky-sweet sauce and leaned in close to Plumpkins’ head. Looking him in the eyes by using the mirror’s reflection, she actually gave him a smile of sincere affection! She then whispered softly into a passing ear “A roastin’ spit truly becomes you, you know that piggie? You are absolutely adorable!”

Somehow her demeanor toward Plumpkins seemed to have changed--gone from her visage was the angry contempt and ruthless cruelty she had formerly demonstrated. It was as if Plumpkins’ transformation into cooked meat had also transformed the security femcan into an ardent admirer! Her heart apparently had melted as his flesh had roasted!

She beamed at him and began talking as sweetly as if he were a beloved pet or favorite child. “Who’s my yummy little piggie-poo? Who’s my yummy little piggie-poo?” she cooed with pursed lips.”Yes you are! Yes you are!”

She straightened back up and heaved a sigh like a love-struck teenager “I just knew you was meant to ride my BBQ spit the moment I saw you piggie-poo!” She then blew him a loving kiss! It seemed she felt that Plumpkins was now in his proper place, and therefore all was now right with the world. 

Actually, what had previously made the security femcan so furious and mean toward Plumpkins was the sight of him walking about raw--there was really only one acceptable condition for a piggie, to her way of thinking--properly cooked! 

But now that Plumpkins was receiving a thorough roasting at her very own hands, she thought he was becoming one of the very most finest things of all--a scrumptious piggie meal and therefore deserving of her fullest respect and sincerest admiration. The femcan even began to sweetly sing him a lullaby to the tune of “Rock-a-bye baby” as she resumed industriously applying the basting sauce…

Roll and roast my little piggie-poo, 
on the BBQ spit.
We femcans shall eat you,
every single bit.
Such a tasty tender little piggie-poo,
you’re our favorite dish.
A plate piled high with your flesh,
is all we could wish.
Sizzle and pop my little piggie-poo,
your juices ooze and they drip.
Rotate around helplessly,
you’re more savory each trip.

You’re nearly done my piggie-poo,
you’ll be cooked to a turn.
I’ll only let you caramelize,
I won’t let you burn…

Plumpkins was thinking he would almost prefer to have the security femcan be back in an angry mood rather than having to listen to much more of this sort of thing, when he suddenly stopped rotating and the hellish contraption’s brilliant red glow dimmed.

The security femcan commenced vigorously stroking the cutting edge of her carving knife with a honing steel and soon it was keen as a razor. She then cut off a generous, juice dripping portion of Plumpkins' rump. "This is gonna be my share--MMMM MMMM MMMM--have you ever seen a more delicious piggie?!!!" she declared with ecstatic enthusiasm as she savored his well roasted aroma! 

The dinner guests all rose up as one from their seats--lips smacking with plates in hand--eagerly lining up in a boisterous hubbub to receive whichever portion of Plumpkins’ live-roasted body they each had victoriously bid upon at auction. The pain and horror of being carved up like a turkey by the security femcan was the final straw for Plumpkins--he frantically writhed on the spit until exhausted, using the remaining uncooked muscles of his abdomen in a mindless, pointlessly futile effort to escape. The astonished femcans became ecstatic at the sight, and gave Plumpkins a loud rattling ovation of appreciation with their plates and forks!   

The attending femcans were now all back at their tables, each devouring the share of cooked Plumpkins and side dishes on their plates with gusto--heaping lavish praise upon the security femcan’s culinary skills between each mouthful. There was one remaining femcan to serve, a wealthy dowager as elegant as royalty and dripping with jewels, holding a large silver platter in her hand. Standing beside her was the security femcan holding an enormous executioner's axe.

Hefting her weapon onto her shoulder she said “Piggie-poo, this lady not only won your brain, she bid on your entire head, and is wanting it all in one piece!” The security femcan then positioned a chopping block and head basket next to the BBQ cart and laid her axe aside it. “But first we got to get you off that spit, piggie-poo…” she then redeployed the cart’s hoist system, hooking it to each end of the spit rod still holding the remains of Plumpkins’ carved up body and lifted him off the drive system. 

After clearing the cart, she set Plumpkins down upon the chopping block and strapped his head down onto it. Removing the chain hooks and forward meat forks from the spit rod, she then unscrewed the forward section of the spit and yanked it roughly out his throat. She removed the mirror from the cart and positioned it in front of him so he could still observe her actions. 

Picking up the axe, the security femcan stood over Plumpkins in all her mountainous mighty ebony femdom magnificence and lifted it high above her head. Smiling sweetly down at him in the mirror she cooed “I’ll always remember you fondly piggie-poo…” 

Plumpkins only had time to emit one final whimpered cry before the security femcan forcefully swung the axe down and severed his neck, beheading him cleanly. As his head rolled into the basket, he could hear the sudden roar of rapturous ecstatic cheering by all the gathered femcans before his consciousness faded…
The End.  

Fiction / Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020 Episode 5
« on: December 12, 2019, 04:39:40 AM »
Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020

By morselman

Episode 5…

Plumpkins dangled helplessly from the BBQ cart's chain hoists, hooked to each end of the CBT chair holding him prisoner. His hands, feet and waist were still securely fastened to the chair’s framework, keeping Plumpkins just as helplessly trapped as when his genitals were methodically destroyed by the previous two femcans. The chair was ingeniously designed not only for genital torture, but also to facilitate the implacable and irresistible impaling of a desperately and frantically struggling victim onto the BBQ cart’s spit rod.

The security femcan, the fiendishly brilliant and highly skilled creator of both the BBQ cart and the CBT chair, was provided with complete and effortless control of her victim's position. She tilted him to horizontal and adjusted the dangling chair's height and angle relative to the cart's spit rod perfectly by minute adjustment of the chain hoists with the merest taps of her finger tips on a hand held remote control.

With a self-satisfied nod, the security femcan put the control down and proceeded to remove the hefty spit rod from it's mount. She carefully disassembled the meat forks from the shaft, setting them aside until needed. Walking behind him, she flipped down a hinged section of the seat bottom to expose Plumpkins helpless anus, as the watching crowd stirred with anticipation.

A mirror was mounted strategically on the forward end of the cart to provide the victim a full view of all the preparations occurring behind him. The security femcan noticed Plumpkins watching her activities in the mirror with a look of despair and dread on his quivering tear streaked face. She gave him a mischievous wink, and with a pleased smirk grasped the spit rod firmly. Then, hefting it like a javelin, placed it’s tip right up into his butt hole.

The crowd wildly cheered "SPIT HIM--SPIT HIM--SPIT HIM!!!"

"This is my very FAVORITE MOST PART piggie!!!" the security femcan said with relish. Putting all the weight and strength of her sturdy black body into the effort, she began to ever so slowly and ever so steadily thrust the rod into Plumpkins, twisting and turning it as she went. The femcans all the while continuing to chant "SPIT HIM--SPIT HIM--SPIT HIM!!!"

"NOOOOOOO--WHOOOAAAGGHHH--HOOOHOOOHOOOHOO--WAAAAAAGHH!!!" Plumpkins howled at the very top of his lungs! His entire body wildly gyrated and writhed helplessly against the unyielding bonds of the pitiless chair--his feet and hands flailed in their straps spasmodically like the wings of a wounded bird. And still the jubilant audience called out "SPIT HIM--SPIT HIM--SPIT HIM!!!"

"IN WE GO PIGGIE!!!" the security femcan gleefully declared as the rod reached the half way point. Deeper and deeper she relentlessly pushed, until the chair swung up high--straining hard against the chains. She huffed from effort amid her chuckles of cruel amusement.

Finally the spit began it's journey up his esophagus. At the critical point, the security femcan reached over and grabbed Plumpkins' hair to tilt his head to the proper angle. With a final thrust home she rammed the rod up and out his throat--finally silencing his screams! The crowd ecstatically danced about, high-fiving each other in utter delight--as if their favorite team had just won a championship!

The security femcan set her hands on her wide hips with smug satisfaction as sweat sheened the cleavage of her colossal breasts and the ebony cheeks of her voluminous buttocks, exposed by her assless skirt. "Now that's what I call a properly pegged piggie!" she announced, to the great amusement of all the gathered femcans.

After catching her breath, she picked up a u-shaped meat fork that was bent at right angles with a center hole for mounting and slid it onto the rod's aft end until both points touched Plumpkins' rump cheeks. With a grunted firm push she buried them deep into his flesh as he choked out a muffled yell. The femcan tightened the fork into position on the shaft just behind his anus with a set-screw. She repeated the action on the forward end of the rod, this time burying the points deep into his shoulders with the center hole of the fork secured on the shaft right in front of his mouth.

She then began to dismantle the imprisoning chair. First, the legs of the chair were unpinned and allowed to rotate back until Plumpkins' ankles were level with the aft section of the spit rod. A straight meat fork was slid onto the rod until it was positioned proximate to the ankles and secured. Each ankle was unstrapped from the chair leg in turn and forced by the femcan’s overwhelming strength against all of Plumpkin’s vain struggling onto the corresponding side of the meat fork until it's point projected through, holding the leg securely.

Similarly she secured his wrists by unpinning the seat arms and rotating them until they were level with the forward section of the rod and a straight meat fork slid into proper position and stuck through his wrists. The entire procedure using the chair was ingeniously contrived to make any and all resistance on the victim's part completely futile--the security femcan had done her design work extremely well.

With Plumpkins’ limbs thus ruthlessly secured, the femcan's next step was to retract the hoist arms, setting the spit rod back into position and re-installing it onto the cart’s drive mechanism. Finally she unhooked the hoist chains, and finished dismantling the chair by pulling the remaining pins that secured it together and cleared it’s sections from the spit rod.

Addressing the fascinated crowd, the security femcan took on the manner of an infomercial announcer. “Next step in this piggie’s preparation gonna be a thorough tenderisation. For this I’m puttin’ my cart into ‘whip-tisserie’ mode…”

She engaged the drive, setting the wretched Plumpkins rolling. From the side of the cart she selected a fearsomely enormous rattan cane, flailing it about in the air with terrifying whooshes to perfect her swing.

Taking a position alongside the cart, making sure that Plumpkins had an excellent view of her in the mirror, she cast him a sadistic smile and proceeded to vigorously apply her weapon to his hapless flesh.

Again and again the whistling cane struck her rotating victim’s exposed body--each impact point carefully selected for maximum effect as it rolled helplessly into range. The audience absolutely loved it--rowdily cheering as the security femcan energetically put the entirety of her formidable strength into each ferocious stroke! Plumpkins’ could only whimper in tearful woe.

After he was bruised purple from tip of his nose to end of his toes, the security femcan finally stopped and admired her handiwork. “Excellent!” she exclaimed. “Now I’m gonna apply the ‘Scorin’ Scourge’ in preparation for the bastin’ sauce!” She selected a monstrous “Cat o’ Nine Tails” with multiple metal spikes woven into the length of each strand from the side of the cart and said with an exultant chortling grin “I also made this myself piggie…”

“NOPH--NOPH--NOOOOOPH!!!” Plumpkins pleaded despite the rotating spit rod projecting from his mouth. The security femcan chuckled with great amusement and proceeded to thrash him with full high sweeps of her arm, putting all of her ample weight into it! Soon his skin was a crosshatch of bleeding red stripes--but the femcan wasn’t satisfied until every single inch of Plumpkins was oozing blood.

The security femcan then reached under the cart and brought out a pail of dark liquid with a long brush resting inside. She showed it to the crowd. “My ‘Secret Sauce’--featurin’ Ghost peppers, lime juice, onion, garlic and various other spices and seasonin’s in a salt brine.” They laughed uproariously and eagerly awaited Plumpkins’ reaction to it’s application.

She applied it with long strokes of the broad brush. Plumpkins’ eyes bulged in surprise--the sauce was absolutely excruciating as it seeped into his wounds! He writhed like a wounded snake on the spit rod in spite of the meat forks holding him fast! The femcans went wild, hooting and whistling as if watching a stripper! The security femcan cackled with glee “I just LOVE watchin’ a piggie ‘pole dancin’ on my spit rod!”
She then turned on the cart’s heating elements, one below his top half--from chest up, and one beneath his lower half--from his rump down. His belly was spared from being cooked to both prolong his life while being cooked and to prevent his offal from tainting his flavor. The red hot glow penetrated deep with a relentless and extremely painful heat that soon put the stinging of the sauce to shame. Plumpkins began to frantically struggle vainly in mindless panic like a wild animal caught in the jaws of a metal trap. His arms and legs wiggled uselessly against the meat forks securely pinning them.

The security femcan roared with laughter “Like I told you before--you ain’t goin’ NOWHERE piggie!”

She put her hands on her hips, leaned back with tears of merriment streaming down her cheeks and let out a hearty belly laugh. The audience rose from their seats and gave a standing ovation--absolutely ecstatic with the spectacle of seeing a suffering piggie struggling while being roasted alive!

Poor Plumpkins was completely astonished by the security femcan’s spectacular sadism. There seemed to be no limit to her mean streak towards piggies--and Plumpkins had somehow foolishly allowed himself to stumble helplessly into her heartlessly cruel clutches...

End of Episode 5...   

Fiction / Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020 Episode 4
« on: December 06, 2019, 04:13:36 AM »
Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020
By morselman

Episode 4.

FemcanCon Banquet Night had arrived at last! All the winning bidders for portions of Plumpkins were in attendance eagerly awaiting their share, plates and silverware at the ready. The dining tables where they were seated encircled a central raised platform connected to a catwalk, allowing them to observe each and every detail of Plumpkins’ preparation for the meal. He was currently on the platform, strapped into a sturdy steel CBT chair that securely held his legs wide apart exposing his helpless genitals.

The adorably cute J-POP femcan strolled jauntily onto the catwalk sporting a red Benihana chef hat and pinafore apron atop an ultra-frilly silk Lolita style dress. Her high skirt exposed fluffy long bloomers beneath a cloud of petticoats. She pushed a well equipped kitchen cart before her and halted next to Plumpkins, raining a shower of wet kisses upon his nervously sweating brow. “I brought you a very especial surprise Plumpykins!” She said with a wink, beaming at him with a broad toothy smile.

She reached into the cart and gleefully brought out an Iwatani Cooking Torch! She raised it up to show the crowd, which emitted a collective gasp of utter delight. She then produced a set of metal tongs, a Bahn Mi sandwich roll and a selection of condiments. Setting the torch alight, she carefully adjusted the flame to a gentle blue feather. Grasping Plumpkins’ member with the tongs she lightly caressed his shaft with the flame.

Plumpkins began to stiffen from the stimulation, despite his terror. Giving out a piercing squeal, he frantically struggled against the bonds strapping him into the chair. All the femcans leaned forward in their seats, anticipating a highly entertaining display of culinary art. 

“Now my very excitable piggie--we see how much your wiener like REAL excitement!” She turned up the flame and it’s excruciating blue tongue was licked rapidly over his entire penis, careful to heat it evenly. Plumpkins howled like a blaring siren! When the skin of his entire penis had turned brilliant red--as if severely sunburned--she suddenly halted...

“We take break now for quicky, ah so Plumpykins?” the J-POP femcan slid down her silk bloomers and climbed atop his erection, slipping its seared shaft inside her! Plumpkins stopped crying in mid-sob as he watched with surprise--but instead of getting pleasure from being inside her sweet young pussy, his penis was suffering from a first degree burn and the friction was absolute torment!

This obviously delighted the J-POP femcan and she giggled with glee at the delicious irony. “Cooked piggie wiener make me VERY VERY VERY MUCH HORNEY!!!” she declared and clamping down tight began gyrating so wildly that the frills and petticoats of her Lolita outfit fluttered like wings. Plumpkins let out a long piteous groan of agony--which produced uproarious laughter from all the watching femcans, who were having the absolute time of their lives!

The J-POP femcan finally stopped and climbed off Plumpkins after enjoying multiple orgasms. “Alright Plumpykins--playtime over…” After catching her breath, she turned up the cooking-torch to full throttle! Plumpkins howled at the top of his lungs as she proceeded to caramelize his penis in short order--which was now even more sensitive than before! Soon it was crisped to absolute perfection and she slathered it with condiments, then carefully cradled it within the Bahn Mi sandwich roll.

Kneeling on a soft silken cushion, she placed her adorable face between his legs. Looking up at him with her cute brown Bambi-like eyes, she bared her dainty brilliantly white teeth and took a vicious bite right through his glans! Plumpkins screamed and ejaculated simultaneously, delighting the femcan by providing her an additional condiment.

She proceeded to devour her “piggie wiener sandwich” with gusto, emitting a chorus of yummy-yum noises the entire time! Plumpkins burst into pathetic whining and sobbing, shaking his head--emitting cries of horrified disbelief “NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO!!!!” He was stuck in a nightmare that he just COULD NOT WAKE UP FROM!!!!

After her repast was finished, the gathered femcans rose enthusiastically from their seats and gave a standing ovation as the J-POP femcan bowed repeatedly, expressing humble gratitude at their praise. She leaned over and gave Plumpkins a big hug, looked into his tear filled eyes sincerely and said “Thank you Plumpykins for a very very much delicious meal!” She then jauntily strolled off the platform, leaving the kitchen cart.

The Concierge femcan then strutted out wearing a skin tight leather “Cat-Woman” suit--complete with an eared cowl atop her head. She spun about in front of Plumpkins with a smirk, showing off her curves. She then reached into the kitchen cart and pulled out a collection of bowls, measuring and cooking utensils , a bottle of beer, an egg, small bags of flour and cornmeal, then spices, seasonings and vegetable oil. Finally a small electric deep fryer joined the rest of the items set on top of the cart.

Leaning close to Plumpkins she whispered into his ear “I prefer piggie testicles cooked Rock Mountain Oyster style!” With a wink she folded out a small platform from under the CBT chair that created a tray right below his groin. A bowl was filled with beer, seasonings and spices then set on the tray just beneath his scrotum sack, which she promptly sliced open with a keen edged chef’s knife--dropping his now skinless testes, still connected to him, to soak in the beer marinade. Plumpkins let out a yelp as the fizzing liquid proceeded to tenderize his jewels alive.

The Concierge femcan then commenced to prepare her batter on the cart’s top as Plumpkins watched helplessly. Whisking the egg in a bowl vigorously until smooth, she poured in the remaining beer and combined carefully measured potions of flour and corn meal with the liquid, humming a cheerful tune softly to herself. This batter bowl then was swapped with the marinade bowl on the chair’s groin tray so as to encase Plumpkins’ morsels within the preparation.

She then made ready the electric deep fryer by plugging it in and adding the oil. When it became sizzling hot, she lowered the tray until the batter bowl dropped below his dangling nuggets, now thickly coated, and slid the fryer in place.

Giving Plumpkins a sultry smile, the Concierge femcan ever-so-slowly raised the tray, and the crowd began to titter with amused anticipation. As the spitting and sputtering liquid approached, Plumpkins whimpered and struggled futilely--then screeched like a banshee from the most tormented corner of Hell as his living testicles gently settled into the roiling oil! The femcans all cheered with absolute glee. She turned to the crowd and explained “I’ll know they’re cooked when they float back up to the top…”

In a few minutes they were done to a crispy T. She lowered the tray, replaced the fryer with a plate, pulled a folding stool and silverware from the cart. Sitting before him, she ever so slowly cut ever so painfully thin slices of poor whimpering Plumpkins’ tender “oysters”--which already ached excruciating from being deep fried alive!

She delicately put each slice on her tongue, slowly chewing with eyes closed in ecstasy, moaning soft yummy noises as Plumpkins watched in utter horror. After finishing her snack, she waved to the cheering crowd and packed everything up into the cart, and pushing it before her as she sashayed her way off the platform.

Plumpkins barely had a chance to morn the loss of his genitals when he was presented with a sight that caused him to quail with even more terror and dismay--the security femcan was rolling an absolutely horrific looking electric rotisserie BBQ cart onto the platform! “I designed and built this rig myself, piggie…” she said, beaming with pride.

It’s huge horizontal spit rod positively bristled with wickedly arranged meat forks and piercing hooks to firmly secure a victim piggie by deeply puncturing into and through his struggling flesh. It was equipped with two separate banks of heating elements, precisely spaced for cooking the upper and lower parts of his body separately while carefully avoiding the belly area’s vital organs--thus prolonging life during the entire slow cooking process.

“Cookin’ piggies is a hobby of mine--I am a fully qualified BBQ chef. In fact my homemade bastin’ sauce is a multiple award winner!” She was wearing a tight fitting assless black leather dress that prominently displayed her ample bare buttock cheeks. A stained tan leather apron was atop it, with the cleavage of her huge ebony breasts bulging out above. An enormous fluffy black leather chef’s toque hat adorned with spiked rivets crowned her head, completing the ensemble.

She smiled broadly with a gentle chuckle at seeing the wound where his manhood used to be. “Now THAT’S how I like my piggies!” she said with a nod of satisfaction. “No more mischief from you!” She placed her hands on her voluptuous hips, leaned back and let out a hearty laugh that was joined by all the gathered femcans. Plumpkins burned all over with utter humiliation.

She then swung out two hoist arms mounted on each end of the BBQ cart and hooked their chains to the top and bottom of the CBT chair. Whirring electric motors cranked the chair up from the floor until level with the spit rod. She then rotated her captive into a horizontal position.

“I also designed this chair, as an accessory to my BBQ cart.” She flipped down the center section of the chair’s seat bottom, exposing Plumpkins’ anus. “BTW--the Concierge contributed to the design of the testicle tray portion you have already enjoyed...” she said, smirking as she took the cart’s spit rod off it’s mounts, unclamping the meat forks and hooks to reveal a smooth shaft.

She then placed the sharp tip of the rod’s forward end right up into his quivering butt hole. The femcans all rose from their seats and chanted “SPIT HIM! SPIT HIM! SPIT HIM!…”
End of episode 4…

Fiction / Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020 Episode 3
« on: November 27, 2019, 10:07:10 PM »
Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020
By morselman

Episode 3…

A tight leather blinder hood prevented Plumpkins from seeing anywhere except straight ahead, as if he were a ruthlessly broken horse. A cock cage, spiked in the manner of “Kali’s teeth” prevented any erection. It’s sharp inward pointing needles dug deeply into his penis--even the slightest swelling of his member inflicted excruciating pain.

The security femcan proudly nodded with hands on her hips, beaming with immense satisfaction at her handy work. "That’s better piggie--NOW let's see you even try to misbehave!" 

She deliberately stood fully within Plumpkins’ line of sight, imperiously displaying her magnificent ebony voluptuousness--with her exaggeratedly curved feminine lines exuding a total and utterly overpowering female superiority. This combined with her terrifying implacably domineering persona ferociously crushed even the tiniest flicker of Plumpkins’ masculinity--like a cigarette butt contemptuously snuffed beneath the spiked heel of her shoe.         

 "Excellent work!" the Concierge femcan ageed. "And just in time for tonight’s auction..."

Plumpkins wasn't sure what she was talking about, but he surely was miserable. Between welts from the previous night's Bastinado session and blisters from the morning's crotch flogging, every raw fleshed inch of him below his waist felt as if it had just been freshly skinned alive.

Flanked by both heartless femcans, his wrists were fastened cruelly tight to the chain belt and the agonizing prong collar dug deeper into his neck with each yank on his leash. He downheartedly shambled with a toilsome gait as they callously drove him toward the auditorium with their crops, scolding his dawdling with each viciously dealt stroke.

All around him cosplaying femcans still filled the corridors. Plumpkins could hear all of them discussing him--his morning accident was common knowledge and a topic of great amusement. His ears burned from humiliation as if filled with hot coals.

One particularly mischievous young femcan, an absolutely adorably cute Japanese pop star--a J-POP diva notorious for her teasingly tantalizing style and flippantly flirty persona decided to have some sport at Plumpkins’ expense.

With her two fellow girl band members, she stood front and center before him so he could see her in spite of the blinders. They all were dressed in kinky Japanese school girl outfits. Placing her face so close he could smell her sweet breath she cooed "Feeling better now Plumpykins?" Her band-mates each took one of Plumpkins’ ear lobes between their teeth and nibbled none too gently while loudly making yummy noises.   

A crowd of curious femcans gathered round to watch the fun. "I hear you very excitable Plumpykins. I very much like excitable piggies!" she continued.

She looked around at her friends with a devilish smile, then started to caress the cock cage imprisoning Plumpkins’ penis--making him start to swell in spite of the cruel spikes! He began to go cross-eyed from the pain and emitted a pitiful whimpering sound with each breath.

"What the matter Plumpykins?" she continued fondling, "You not disappointing me, are you?"
In spite of the painful restriction, Plumpkins felt a dreaded orgasm building within his loins. He looked around in panic, catching a glimpse of the security femcan glaring at him. "Noooo!" he pleaded "Please stop!"

"Stop? Just when things get fun?" the J-POP femcan said mockingly.

Once again Plumpkins had a public ejaculation. This time it was aimed harmlessly at the floor by the downward curve of the cock cage and landed on his own feet. The needles penetrating his shaft became even more unbearable as his genitals were now much more sensitive.

The crowd burst into raucous laughter. The J-POP femcan said "Yes, I very much like excitable piggies--they TASTE the very best!". The surrounding femcans roared with approval.

The security femcan then roughly shoved Plumpkins forward--right now there were higher priorities than spending time punishing him all over again. Eventually he found himself stumbling out onto an auditorium stage. The seats were packed to the brim with whistling, applauding femcans. Plumpkins caught glimses of them through his hood. All of the most gorgeous and famous femcan stars sat right up front, including the J-POP femcan.

The Concierge femcan took the mike. "My fellow femcans and cannibalatrixes, I have before you a piggie tattooed into his respective cuts of meat, each labeled in the the fashion of a butcher shop poster." She directed Plumpkins to spin around with terse commands and strikes of her crop.       
"Each separate delectable portion will individually be up for auction. But first, I claim dibs on his testicles as my commission."

The security femcan then hastily spoke up "And I claim a hunk of that luscious RUMP as mine!" She made a tummy rubbing motion and licked her lips in an exaggerated fashion while ogling Plumpkins' backside, much to the amusement of the crowd.

When the laughter died down the Concierge femcan continued. "We will start at the top--how much is the bid for a sweet tasting piggie brain, perfect for a rich dessert?"

Several femcans began vigorous bidding. Piggie brain was apparently a popular confection among the crowd and some of them seemed to have a raging sweet tooth.

Plumpkins listened in horror as the bidding enthusiastically continued. Each and every labeled section of his body was placed up for auction in turn--his very own personal living flesh treated as if it were merely hunks of meat in a butcher shop counter display!

From what he was hearing and could make out through his mask, the crowd had transformed into a ravenous she-wolf pack, all frantically clamoring for a taste with slavering jaws. His skin was crawling from the sensation--hundreds of femcan eyes craving him as a meal and each in heated competition to purchase a bite!

Finally the bidding arrived at his imprisoned penis--at which point the crowd demanded it be released from the cock cage. The Concierge femcan nodded to the security femcan to comply with their wishes. "I don't know why they bother..." she said in an aside to her, "it's certainly nothing to brag about."

The security femcan chortled with amusement at the remark as she removed the hellish device. Plumpkins nearly fainted in relief from the end of it's excruciating embrace. But rather than rest and recovery, his penis responded to freedom by vigorously swelling.

The gathered femcans roared with delight. The J-POP femcan then spoke up "Yes--very much excitable penis, looking very much tasty!" She then eagerly placed a generous bid even before the Concierge femcan had resumed the auction.

"Are there any other bidders?" the Concierge femcan asked. "Don't let its diminutive size fool you--even a Vienna sausage can be tasty." The audience howled uproariously as Plumpkins blushed bright red. Actually, he was about average sized, despite the Concierge femcan's disparaging remarks.

As it happened, there was a flurry of competing bids--but the J-POP femcan was very much determined and eventually prevailed over them all. When the bidding was finally done and the winners were settling up, she came over to him and beamed an affectionate smile. “You are in for a very much special treat Plumpykins--I plan to share a very special Japanese femcan recipe for piggie wiener with you!” She sweetly kissed him between his eyes as if he were a favorite pet…

End of episode 3.

Fiction / Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020 Episode 2
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Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020
By morselman

Episode 2…

“Rise and shine piggie!” the security femcan said as she tripped the latch on the cage’s floor, opening a trap door. Plumpkins spilled out, every joint of his body aching with agonizing stiffness. His lower body felt raw as if he had been skinned alive! She glared at him fiercely, gave him a sharp kick into his ribs with a powerful leg then roughly yanked him to his feet so hard his arm almost left it’s shoulder socket.                                     

“You got to be made ready for today’s festivities, piggie--no time for dawdlin'!” She  fastened a belly chain unbearably tight around his waist and harshly cuffed his wrists to it. A pronged dog training collar was placed on his neck. She pulled up so it continuously dug deep into his flesh no matter what he did. Using full strength swings of her riding crop she prodded him forward, haranguing him all the while. “You got an appointment to keep piggie--I mean to see you make it!”

She kept him moving at double time through the hotel corridor, despite the soles of his feet having been beaten to a pulp by her the night before. It was early morning, and most of the guests were still in their rooms. Only hotel staff were treated to the humiliating spectacle--a nude manacled piggie being relentlessly driven almost to death like a faltering mule at the hand of a ferocious, absolutely heartless big black femcan mule skinner.

Finally they halted at the entrance of a vendor stall set up as a tattoo parlour. She pushed him in with a shove and nodded to the staff of femcan artists. “We gonna get you inked, piggie...” she said as they strapped him down to a bench. Soon Plumpkins was being poked none too gently with countless needles over his entire body. The security femcan left him in their “tender” care and made her way to back to her room.

When they were done, he was allowed to rise and look at himself in the mirror. The tattoo artists chuckled with glee, exchanging high fives for a job well done as Plumpkins gasped in utter horror. His entire body was marked everywhere as if he were a butcher shop diagram! Dashed lines depicted every single cut of meat with each section appropriately labeled--from “rib roast” to “rolled rump”!

With perfect timing, the security femcan returned--emitting a whistle of admiration, then bursting into a hardy laugh at the sight of Plumpkins. He turned toward her with a sulking pout and was about to voice a whiny complaint when the words caught in his throat.

Instead of her uniform, the security femcan was now dressed in a skin tight leopard-spot Lycra catsuit with a tight waist narrowing bustier, fully displaying the thick ultra-voluptuousness of her enormous body--astonishingly large breasts, pleasingly plump buttocks, large drumstick thighs and full spectacularly shaped calves, all of it combining into a jaw dropping, erotically proportioned obesity.

Topping it all off, her face was meticulously made up--resulting in a stern, no nonsense kind of attractiveness that absolutely took Plumpkins’ breath away. He gawked in astonished admiration, jaw agape and penis aroused. “WHAAACKKK!!!” A bright red hand print covered a full half of Plumpkins’ rapidly swelling face. “KEEP YOUR PERVERT PEEPERS TO YOURSELF!!!” the security femcan snapped, her face now contorted into a sneer of utter disgust!

She grabbed the chain to his collar, yanked it up tight and rained rapid-fire full strength slaps with the front and back of her hand across his cheeks, punctuating each word as she raged “DON’T--YOU--EVER--THINK--I’D--EVER--WANT--A--DISGUSTIN'--MISERABLE--PATHETIC--LITTLE--PIG--LIKE--YOU--EVER--LOOKIN’--AT--ME!!!”

Her temper finally spent, she led the dazed, swollen faced Plumpkins firmly out into the corridor--now a hive of activity filled with countless femcans wearing uniforms, outfits and costumes. The Concierge femcan was there to greet them. She was once again wearing the dominatrix outfit, but now her glorious red hair was pulled back from her face--tied into a pony tail hanging down to the waist, fully displaying her flawless porcelain complexion. “I see our piggie is ready for a busy day of cosplay. Very nice!” she said.

“But tattoos are permanent!” Plumpkins wailed “I can’t go through life looking like this!” Both femcans burst out into laughter. “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that for long piggie!” The Concierge femcan said with a wink to the security femcan. “Now then, let’s go mingle with the guests, shall we?”

The FemcanCon attendees were dressed in a bewildering selection of costumes. Most common were were chef uniforms and kitchen staff outfits, some with large billowy and fluffy chef hats, some with the tall pleaded euro style chef hats. Also represented were comic, TV and movie heroines such as Wonder Woman and Xena. And of course, there were countless furries, kawaii anime and manga female characters. Plumpkins couldn’t help but notice that many were quite hot looking, and he began to stare.

The security femcan noticed immediately and became absolutely furious. “Eyes front pig!” she barked. Yanking his collar close, she struck hard across his face with her crop. “Nobody likes bein' ogled by a perverted little piggie!”

But the corridors, lobby and activity areas soon became filled with more and more femcans in sexier and sexier outfits--many of them invited pros that were absolutely gorgeous femcan models, singers and actresses. Plumpkins couldn’t help himself from stealing furtive glances. Each time the security femcan caught him she became more enraged. “STOP LEERIN'!!!” she shouted and rained rapid fire crop blows upon him. Soon she was watching him like a hawk, her face stern and fuming--ready to strike him at the least sign of straying eyes.

What was worse, Plumpkins had become fiercely aroused--his naked erection in plain sight of everyone. The Concierge femcan soon noticed and gave his genitals a sharp crack with her crop. “Nobody wants to see that pathetic little thing get exited.” she sneered. Presently she became Plumpkins’ “penis police” and was alert for the slightest twitch of arousal, responding both with a wicked crop and a withering tongue--her contemptuous, belittling remarks within earshot of all were so humiliating that Plumpkins turned absolutely beat red from head to toe, cringing with unendurable embarrassment as diverted guests looked in on the source of all the fuss. 

The situation became truly desperate when a group of extremely fetching femcans became highly interested in Plumpkins and his butcher shop diagram tattoos. They walked over to examine him more closely and converse with his two femcan keepers. Soon he was surrounded by a bevy of beauties who seemed to find him absolutely fascinating, and were greatly amused by his struggles to avoid the ire of his keepers. It quickly became great sport to tease and taunt him with mock affection and sarcastically suggestive remarks. The intoxicatingly sweet smell of them and sound of their lovely voices drove Plumpkins crazy with desire--even if couldn’t dare look at them.       

Before long it had all just became too much for Plumpkins and despite his best efforts he suddenly erupted into a uncontrollable orgasm--ejaculating so strongly that he almost fainted. To everyone’s horror, a speck of spunk actually landed on one of the nearby femcans!

The security femcan wordlessly exploded--absolutely speechless with rage!!! She grabbed him, furiously dragging him back to the torture room and roughly fastened him down tight to a rack belly up with his legs spread wide--completely exposing his helpless genitals and inner thighs. Without fanfare she grabbed two enormous knotted floggers and commenced to rain down a relentless rampage of blows upon the target of her fury with both hands! “WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!” Her jaw was clenched so tight she couldn’t speak--only grunts of effort were emitted as she poured all her strength into each whistling strike of her scourges. 

“YEEEEEEIIIIIIGH!!! YEEEEEEIIIIIIGH!!! YEEEEEEIIIIIIGH!!!” Plumpkins screeched over and over, utterly terrified. Soon his inner thighs and crotch resembled a pile of chopped liver, but still she didn’t stop.

The rest of the femcans had followed them in and crowded around the doorway to watch the spectacle. The Concierge femcan gave instructions to the kitchen staff with her cellphone, and soon a waitress arrived with a steaming liquid filled carafe.

At last the security femcan exhausted her fury and dropped her weapons. She then promptly stepped over to Plumpkins’ side and forcefully plopped her enormous butt sideways upon his chest, covering it from neck to crotch. She then vigorously shifted and twisted to better settle the maximum amount of her weight upon him. She was determined to continue his punishment…her strength might be spent, but her anger certainly wasn’t! Plumpkins felt the air being implacably pressed from his lungs, as he desperately struggled to gasp in even the slightest breath.

The Concierge femcan walked over next to Plumpkins’ ruined crotch and poured her carafe’s contents into his wounds. “I had the kitchen whip up a scalding hot salt and lemon juice brine to help you heal up, piggie…” she said with rich sarcasm. Having no breath available for screaming, Plumpkins mercifully fainted.

End of episode 2.

Fiction / Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020 Episode 1
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This is an updated and expanded version of a story I posted on the previous website... 

Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020
By morselman

Episode 1…

“Bellboy piggie wanted. No experience or fitness standard required. Inquire at Hotel Femcan.”

Piggie Plumpkins read the Ad with pleased disbelief. Finally a job opening that didn’t require beaucoup experience or even a physical exam! Countless employers had turned Plumpkins down because he was over-weight and under-experienced.

Plumpkins eagerly took the bus downtown and arrived at the Hotel Femcan lobby. The hotel’s Concierge, a tall statuesque impeccably styled redhead with haughty airs and a cool appraising attitude, took his application in her graceful porcelain white hand and tossed it into the trash without a glance. “You’ll do quite nicely” she said, and directed him to the personnel department who cursorily processed him and provided him with an ill-fitting uniform.

“Yes…splendid.” the Concierge femcan said indifferently as she looked him over. “We are hosting FemcanCon 2020, and you are here to facilitate the guest’s activities.”

Soon, the hotel began to fill up with femcans from the world over--many of them professional gourmet chefs, famous cookbook authors and of course countless fans. Each group of femcans Plumpkins assisted had the same puzzling reaction--they looked him up and down with pleasant surprise, then gave each other knowing glances and sly smiles…  

Then Plumpkins noticed that he was the only piggie in the entire establishment! And every femcan he encountered in the facility, be she staff or guest, watched his every move with intense fascination. They often stopped in their tracks and followed him walking down the corridor with their eyes until he was out of sight. He could then hear them bursting into boisterously enthusiastic conversations about him, as if he were some kind of teenage heart-throb.

By the time his shift ended, Plumpkins was totally creeped-out and ready to leave for good--job or no job! He punched his time card and pushed on the employee exit door. It wouldn’t budge! He pushed harder with no luck--then he noticed the door had a coded lock for which he wasn’t provided the combination. He then headed back into the lobby and toward the front entryway.

The hotel security guard, an enormous black femcan who towered over Plumpkins like a giantess, blocked his way and leaned her huge breasts into his face. Her hands were set upon wide shapely hips that swooped out from a narrow waist and curved into a spectacularly large round buttocks set atop tall full shaped legs that seemed impossibly voluptuous. “Just exactly where you think you’re goin’ piggie?!!” she said crossly. The fierce expression on her broad face made Plumpkins’ heart quail!

“My shifts over--I was heading home…” he stammered.

A look of absolute rage came over her. “You ain’t goin’ nowhere!” She grabbed his arm with a grip like a vice, crushing down into the bone and lifted him up until his toes barely touched the floor. “We gonna see about this!” She dragged him across the lobby as if he were an errant child, much to the amusement of all the femcans present. She barked into her radio “We got us a piggie trying to leave without authorization…uh huh…right away!”

He was brought to the Concierge femcan’s office, which was unexpectedly dark. The Concierge femcan stepped out from the shadows. Plumpkins was astonished to see she no longer wore the stylish business outfit from before, but was instead clothed entirely in leather. Her shapely legs sported thigh-high stiletto heeled hip boots and a pair of widely flared riding jodhpurs adorned her curvaceous hips. Atop her head was a dominatrix hat and a coiled bullwhip dangled casually in her hand. “It seems we have a piggie that requires punishment…” she said coolly.

“But my shift was over--I just want to go home!” Plumpkins said plaintively.

The Concierge femcan’s deep green eyes narrowed with contempt. “The employment agreement you signed requires you to be on the premises 24/7--or didn’t you read the fine print?”

“What--I didn’t realize…” but before he could finish the security femcan turned up the lights. Plumpkins sucked in his breath as he saw the room was filled with such an astonishing variety of torture and bondage devises that it would have put a medieval dungeon to shame!

The Concierge femcan gave a rare smile. “The punishment for an errant piggie is Bastinado.” she said with obvious relish. Then nodding to the security femcan with satisfaction, she declared “Prepare him!”

The security femcan abruptly ripped Plumpkins’ uniform off as if it were made from the flimsiest tissue paper. She then effortlessly dragged him despite his vigorous struggling over to a set of robust wooden stocks. She secured him into the devise with less trouble than if he were a kitten. His head and wrists projected securely from the forward section of the stocks. He was bent at the waist as if bowing and his knees were bent back as if kneeling. His feet projected aft from stocks that encircled his ankles, placing the bare soles of his feet completely at the femcan’s mercy. Another stock firmly encircled his waist--preventing even the slightest squirming.

Both femcans stepped back and savored the spectacle of having a naked piggie completely exposed and totally helpless, giving them free rein to wreak havoc upon his flesh from buttocks to feet, including the most sensitive back portions of the thighs. They then made a great production of selecting the cruelest implements from an astonishing variety of corporal punishment devices mounted on display within plain sight of Plumpkins. They pulled each one down, discussing and debating its merits, ironically asking his opinion with cruel smirks.

They finally settled upon a pair of out-sized riding crops with braided leather shafts so thick they filled their hands like tennis rackets handles. Each was loaded with lead shot inside, giving them plenty of heft and both had cruel frayed dressage lashes on the tips. The security femcan took her weapon and smartly brought it down repeatedly upon the fleshiest sections of Plumpkins foot soles with all her might just as quickly as she could manage. The Concierge femcan skillfully aimed hers at the tenderest spots of his inner thighs with vigorously energetic rapid-fire strokes.

The air was filled Plumpkins screaming and howling, soon blending into one long wail broken only by his gasps for breath. The femcans both scolded him relentlessly, each crop stroke punctuating their cross words. The ordeal then reached it’s crescendo with them each targeting a butt cheek in a spectacular barrage of sharp crop blows. At last it stopped, but only after every square inch of his backside sprouted a bright red ever-swelling welt.

The security femcan then released him from the stocks and he was forced into a cramped cage that swung from the ceiling on a heavy chain. It was so small not only could he not stand up, he couldn’t even stretch out when he lay down. All he could do was hunch up tight and restlessly stir from one uncomfortable painful position to another when each became too unendurable to bear. All the while his nether regions throbbed in agony.     

The Concierge femcan leaned right into his face and said with rich sarcasm “Sleep tight piggie, you’ve got a big day tomorrow--as FemcanCon 2020’s guest of honor…”

End of episode 1.

Other / Lana's Halloween Happening
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Lana's forecast for the Halloween Feast...


Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 5

The Conclusion

By morselman

When the gang leader and those few like minded members of her gang had at last slaked their lust with the uneaten remnant of Plumpkins’ body, the sturdily built Femcanazon approached the scene of debauchery and said with impatience “If you ‘ladies’ are quite finished, some of us are in the mood for his sweetbreads…”

This remark was greeted with fervent agreement from all of the by-standing Femcanazons. They eagerly commenced another boisterous game of craps to win claim over the most savory of Plumpkins’ remaining bits. After the raucous contest finally ended, each victor enthusiastically collected implements appropriate for the happy task ahead of her…

They surrounded the blubbering Plumpkins, eyeing him greedily. The sturdily built Femcanazon deftly sliced into his belly with her blade and pulled out the liver with a rusty pair of pliers, careful to keep it still connected and alive. She then proceeded to delicately toast it with her blowtorch, humming cheerfully.

Her companions each repeated the process with his kidneys, thymus, pancreas and testicles--happily chattering like giddy school girls, affectionately gathering around their horror struck victim as if he were their greatest heartthrob!       

Not wanting to be left out, the gang leader clamped her rusty pliers upon Plumpkins’ tuckered out wiener--pinching down hard on the tender tip and pulling outward mercilessly as she attentively caressed the shaft with her flame, char-broiling it until crispy. His screams and howls were met by her with “concerned” coos and tut-tuts of mock sympathy.

One by one, the torch cooked gourmet gobbets of Plumpkins were gobbled eagerly down femcan gobs until nought remained of his glands but satisfied grins on their faces. The exquisitely pretty and petite little Femcanazon then produced an enormous machete and declared “Now it’s desert time!”

She displayed her weapon to Plumpkins with gleeful flourish and whirled it down upon the top of his skull with all her strength--breaking it open like a soft boiled egg, exposing the brain! Then, picking up a blow torch and briskly brushing the flame over the moist quivering mass she declared with obvious pride “This is my speciality--piggie brain brûlée!”

As the jovial Femcanazons--spoons hand, all gathered around Plumpkins expectantly, he could hear his brain matter sizzle and pop while his consciousness inexorably faded away… 

The End.           

Other / Femcan foody
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Femcan foody fun...

Other / Plumpkins' playmates
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Plumpkins plays house with femcan friends...

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