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General Discussion / Re: How do you want be cooked and by whom?
« on: August 03, 2019, 12:18:17 AM »
Here by Groups, The smallest group i would accept is a family of 4, Rich and with the power Required to make me dissapear, No one will give a fuck about my disapearence or even my death, And well Bigger the group is Better the Night would be for me, I would ADORE! being into a Private Party, Of Powerfull peoples, Jewish or England ( white people, im not racist , its like that Sorry for sensible people about that )
i am native American, and i like being dominated By white and powerfull people ( sexual turn on here)
In those night i would be presented Naked with a leach. the Butcher would leave me with the People who will eat me, they can Question , or humiliate me, Im not into Big suffering show, more into humiliation degradation and  execution stuff, Into Superior vs Inferior human domination, I want to see Smilling, seeing people having a good special night
, i want to see to feel those with a liltle **Huuushh*** feeling from those who are addicted to power and are enjoying a lot what their eyes is seeing,when im getting impaled From the ass until the spit come out by my Mouth... WOULD PROBABLY cum while this happen if im getting Pushed By a Beautifull Young Women , Using Her Legs to push me ,Feets on My shoulders  Pushing me along the -Spit-bar-Stake- infront of all of the Public,or By a young Male, a young guy learning how to kill or cook, someone Weaker then me, Having Full power and encoragement from the public to do it and enjoying that super power over a Human-Animals as i see myself or simply for his personnal advancement! Well , :) i can go into detailed, but in private 'Lol Thanks for reading me

-=_Kelev Qadesh_=-
           עבד גוי

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