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Other / Lana's Halloween Happening
« on: October 17, 2019, 02:49:43 AM »
Lana's forecast for the Halloween Feast...


Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 5

The Conclusion

By morselman

When the gang leader and those few like minded members of her gang had at last slaked their lust with the uneaten remnant of Plumpkins’ body, the sturdily built Femcanazon approached the scene of debauchery and said with impatience “If you ‘ladies’ are quite finished, some of us are in the mood for his sweetbreads…”

This remark was greeted with fervent agreement from all of the by-standing Femcanazons. They eagerly commenced another boisterous game of craps to win claim over the most savory of Plumpkins’ remaining bits. After the raucous contest finally ended, each victor enthusiastically collected implements appropriate for the happy task ahead of her…

They surrounded the blubbering Plumpkins, eyeing him greedily. The sturdily built Femcanazon deftly sliced into his belly with her blade and pulled out the liver with a rusty pair of pliers, careful to keep it still connected and alive. She then proceeded to delicately toast it with her blowtorch, humming cheerfully.

Her companions each repeated the process with his kidneys, thymus, pancreas and testicles--happily chattering like giddy school girls, affectionately gathering around their horror struck victim as if he were their greatest heartthrob!       

Not wanting to be left out, the gang leader clamped her rusty pliers upon Plumpkins’ tuckered out wiener--pinching down hard on the tender tip and pulling outward mercilessly as she attentively caressed the shaft with her flame, char-broiling it until crispy. His screams and howls were met by her with “concerned” coos and tut-tuts of mock sympathy.

One by one, the torch cooked gourmet gobbets of Plumpkins were gobbled eagerly down femcan gobs until nought remained of his glands but satisfied grins on their faces. The exquisitely pretty and petite little Femcanazon then produced an enormous machete and declared “Now it’s desert time!”

She displayed her weapon to Plumpkins with gleeful flourish and whirled it down upon the top of his skull with all her strength--breaking it open like a soft boiled egg, exposing the brain! Then, picking up a blow torch and briskly brushing the flame over the moist quivering mass she declared with obvious pride “This is my speciality--piggie brain brûlée!”

As the jovial Femcanazons--spoons hand, all gathered around Plumpkins expectantly, he could hear his brain matter sizzle and pop while his consciousness inexorably faded away… 

The End.           

Other / Femcan foody
« on: September 11, 2019, 06:19:49 AM »
Femcan foody fun...

Other / Plumpkins' playmates
« on: September 05, 2019, 12:00:30 AM »
Plumpkins plays house with femcan friends...

Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 4
By morselman

Finally--after every inch of Plumpkins’ hapless flesh possessed the savory patina of a crunchy caramelized crust--the last cook-flame nozzle was stilled and he was removed from the Roasting Rig to be strapped down upon the rough work bench that served as buffet table.

Plumpkins exhausted breaths were whimpering, moaning sobs of agonized anguish as he beheld the horrifically irreversible destruction the Femcanazons had gleefully wrought upon his ruined body. But the dismay at this sight paled in comparison to his reaction at seeing the entire lip smacking Femcanazon gang eyeing him with mouths voraciously salivating.

Each ogling gang member held a fork and the cutting utensil of her choice--carving knife, butcher knife, steak knife, chef knife and even meat cleaver--and did they ever tuck into Plumpkins with gusto! The claims and entitlements established previously by their contentious gambling all fell by the wayside as they quickly fell into a feeding frenzy--ferociously squabbling over every morsel of him like a pack of ravenous she wolves!

Plumpkins watched in utter horror as each and every one of his precious irreplaceable body parts were relentlessly carved away--only to rapidly vanish inside famished femcan gullets! The sound of their chewing gnashing teeth and grunting appreciation of his flavor rose to a deafening crescendo, nearly drowning out Plumpkins’ piteous screaming and howling for mercy.
Suddenly, a fork wielded by the exquisitely pretty and petite little Femcanazon plunged deep into Plumpkins’ tongue, briefly silencing him. She deftly sliced it out with a swift stroke of her steak knife and gobbled the morsel down whole--winking with a mischievous grin at Plumpkins’ stunned expression!

The tasty tumult came to a sudden stop when the gang leader raised her hand to call a halt. Every scrap of Plumpkins that could be sliced away without removing anything vital for survival had been devoured and was now being lovingly digested within contented Femcanazon bellies. He was now little more than a head and torso--even his buttocks had been sculpted right down to the pelvic bone.

The gang leader surveyed the damage with a lusty leering smirk. “Nothing makes me so horny as a belly full of freshly cooked piggie and seeing the living remainder still breathing on the platter!”

The gang members all burst out laughing and nodding with boisterous remarks like “Here we go again!”

To Plumpkins’ astonishment she firmly grasped his member and began to vigorously massage it. “Your boy-bits have remained undamaged on purpose--I insisted upon it!”     

Her grin broadened as he stiffened. She caressed the bare skeletal remains of his arms and legs still attached to his torso. “I must confess--I have a raging fetish for half devoured piggies!” She straddled Plumpkins and inserted his erection into her moist pussy...   

Other / Lana's meatlocker of love part 2...
« on: July 25, 2019, 02:13:08 AM »
Lana shares a tender moment with a loving couple... 

Other / Lana loads her larder
« on: July 23, 2019, 01:30:47 AM »
Piggie in a pickle...

Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 3
By morselman

Plumpkins squealed out a scream at the top of his lungs, and frantically struggled in a futile effort to avoid the blowtorch flame. The sturdy Femcanazon firmly grabbed his leg to prevent her aim being spoiled, causing him to screech even louder. All the commotion disrupted the craps game, causing the gamblers to gather around and grumble in annoyance.

The gang leader scowled “Our new piggie seems to be quite a fussbudget!”

“How about we hold off cooking him until our game is finished up?” suggested a petite and exquisitely pretty little Femcanazon. “Then we put could him into that old ‘Roasting Rig’ setting out on the junk pile!” The gang members all laughed uproariously and heartily agreed.             

The Femcanazon with the blowtorch shut her flame off with a huff. “Fine then--but don’t take long--I’ve got a major hankering for piggie steak!” She then nodded toward the gang leader and said “Meantime let’s us whip that junker into shape…” They both headed out the back of the clubhouse toward the junk heap.       
The craps game continued on, steadily dividing the helpless Plumpkins up amongst the gang piece by piece. Meanwhile, behind the shack in the darkening evening air--flashes of welding, sparks of grinding and clanks of hammering steadily repaired the “Roasting Rig”, all in preparation for Plumpkins’ celebratory BBQ...           
Finally, after every morsel of Plumpkins had been won and claimed, the craps game ended and he was bustled outside by the cheerfully rowdy Femcanazons. He then beheld with horror their newly refurbished cooking contraption, ominously awaiting his arrival within it’s merciless embrace.

Plumpkins began to frantically struggle with a sudden burst of adrenalin-fueled panic! “NOOO--NOO--NO!!!” he bellowed as the Femcanazons implacably tightened their grips--relentlessly dragging him into their dinner-device of doom. It was formed from welded up scrap motorcycle frame tubing and shaped into a hideous exoskeleton--intended to enclose a helpless piggie like a tight fitting cage.

The squirming, whimpering Plumpkins was no match for the gang of determined--and hungry--Femcanazons. He was strapped spread-eagle into the metal beast in short order as it dangled from an engine hoist framework. The “Roasting Rig” was festooned with countless blowtorch nozzles all aimed directly at every inch his quivering flesh--and each with a control valve for finely tuning it’s cook-flame! All were plumbed to a large portable propane tank of the sort used by backyard BBQ grills.

The same exquisitely pretty little Femcanazon who first suggested using the abominable apparatus gleefully produced a small BBQ lighter--displaying it to Plumpkins with an exaggerated flourish. She then proceeded to tenderly light all the cook-flame nozzles in turn, cooing and coaxing each to life and gazing at the results with the same delighted wonder as a child witnessing her birthday cake’s candles.

Soon all were lit, surrounding Plumpkins from head to toe with a gentle blue glow as the myriad small blazes gently puttered away at their lowest settings--like an army of little teasing tongues lightly tasting him in anticipation of flaring up full size to greedily gorge upon his defenceless flesh.

The Femcanazons gathered around watching the scene were completely in awe. They all stood there perfectly still, some garbed in leather biker jackets and vests emblazoned with their club emblems, others in just skimpy bikini tops above their tight low cut jeans and calf high low heeled boots.                     

“Well--I don’t now about the rest of you…” the sturdily built Femcanazon said, breaking the spell “…but I’m still hankering for my slice of piggie-thigh steak!” She then reached over to the cook-flame nozzles aimed at her portion of Plumpkins and twisted their throttles full open. Plumpkins reacted with a blood curdling shriek and panicked struggling against the unyielding bonds holding him fast as the flames jumped up to greet his helpless flesh.
The remaining gang members burst into howling laughter and then each proceeded to make similar culinary adjustments for their own choice selections of him. Soon it seemed as if Plumpkins was wearing a glowing blue suit as he writhed within the “Roasting Rig”, and his piercing screams became like a whistling tea pot’s…   

Other / Re: Lana's meatlocker of love...
« on: June 26, 2019, 12:11:57 AM »
I fixed it sort of...   

Pencil/Pen Drawings / Re: Man Stew
« on: June 25, 2019, 01:42:26 AM »
Have you ever considered learning to use any of the digital art programs? You've got the basic art techniques--why not exploit the computer age and create some real masterpieces?   

Other / Re: Lana's meatlover of love...
« on: June 25, 2019, 01:03:10 AM »
BTW--the title was supposed to be Lana's meatlocker of love (darn autocorrect) 

Other / Lana's meatlocker of love...
« on: June 24, 2019, 12:06:53 AM »
Femcan Lana--hungry hotty handy with a hacksaw

Pencil/Pen Drawings / Re: Man Stew
« on: June 22, 2019, 10:14:41 PM »
How's this for a caption:

"Well Mr. Piggy--enjoying our little Femcan island health spa? There's nothing better than a good long soak in a scalding cauldron of broth after having a deep tissue meat massage..."       

Other / Re: Pitiless piggie pitters
« on: June 22, 2019, 09:56:13 PM »
You noticed that too...maybe he was searching for Barney who recently mysteriously disappeared? 

Other / Dinner conversation...
« on: June 11, 2019, 02:29:51 AM »
Interrogating the entrée... 

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