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Other / Romanrestuarant
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:45:45 AM »
Roman cuisine

Other / Chinese food...
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:01:46 AM »
The concubines "serve" their master...

My pleasure Goddess, I do it as a labor of love--strictly a hobby.

Fiction / Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 5
« on: August 01, 2018, 04:30:02 AM »
Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 5
by morselman

After being healed by the "tender ministrations" of the Jaguarazons, Plumpkins was finally judged ready for his next Ordeal. He had just spent a week in the "health spa from Hell"--soaking in tubs of scalding hot salt brine, lime juice and pepper oil to ensure all his wounds and burns would form into horrific looking and agonizingly painful scars.

He looked a wreck! But to his surprise, the amazons he encountered didn't look away in horror--they gazed at him with the sort of admiration normally given to a Hollywood heart throb! They eagerly crowded at his cage door, tittering and giggling among themselves. They followed close behind his every foot step when he was outside it, swooning over him as if they were all love struck teens...

It seemed that the more hideously injured and disfigured a piggie appeared, the more appealing Jaguarazons found him! "Your becoming quite a hit with the ladies, piggie." said the first beauty. She had accompanied Plumpkins during his entire time at the spa, personally supervising every single step of his treatment. "After your next Ordeal--you'll be even bigger than Elvis!" she quipped with a smirk, bringing gales of laughter from Plumpkins’ throng of admirers.

The day for the next Ordeal arrived all too soon. This time the playing field was occupied by two teams consisting of 25 amazons each. At the center was a large coal pit being enthusiastically pumped with air by the now familiar retinue of young coal tending girls--it glowed bright orange like a cauldron of fresh lava! A stone slab lay across the middle of the pit, serving as a blisteringly hot griddle!

Sobbing and trembling piteously, a stumbling, pleading, weak-kneed Plumpkins was prodded ruthlessly at spear point to the nearest end of the slab by a merry little band of Jaguarazons. Grinning and chuckling, they made jokes at Plumpkins’ expense, flashing each other amused glances as he reacted with alarm to their words. The heartless amazons then firmly tied thick rough ropes to each of his quivering wrists with enthusiastic glee.

The entire crowd rose up--countless amazons who had impatiently waited for an entire week to see the spectacle of a terrified Plumpkins suffering his next unendurable Ordeal were finally getting their long promised treat--you could cut their eager anticipation with a knife!

Queen Carnivora smiled down upon Plumpkins from her platform and said "My my my, but aren't you becoming a fetching little piggie--if I were still a young maiden I'd want you for myself!" The amazons all cheered in agreement and erupted into cat calling and whistling at Plumpkins. "Begin the piggie Tug-of-War!" she declared with a gleeful cackle.

The stone slab was slathered with lard, which sizzled and popped as it melted. 24 maidens a side took each rope and pulled until Plumpkins' arms were helplessly raised up to horizontal. They then pulled him toward the sputtering slab in unison as the first beauty jabbed her spear point deep into his backside, forcing him forward. "On you go, piggie" she said with relish. "The first team to pull you off the 'griddle slab' and onto their side of the coal pit wins."

The youngest beauty and her counterpart from the opposing team took up positions  across from each other over the coal pit. They each reached down with a leather gloved hand and pulled out from her side of the coals a flogging scourge made from 9 glowing hot strands of finely linked spiked chains. "These are to help us to convince you which side of the coals to step on!" the youngest beauty gaily declared and whirled the weapon over her head with a demonic flourish...

Despite frantic, desperate efforts to resist, Plumpkins was inexorably drawn toward his mercilessly decreed torment. Howling and weeping, he skittered onto the searing hot stone slab with a heart-wrenching cry of anguish--which quickly became frenzied yelping like a vigorously whipped puppy! His feet rapidly hopped about, running in place--each one springing up again and again endlessly as if they had minds of their own, trying with all its might to avoid the inescapable, unbearably extreme pain!

How the crowd loved it! The amazons were absolutely ecstatic--this was just exactly what they had been waiting for all week and Plumpkins didn't disappoint! He was so delightfully pitiful and his quailing cowardliness hit the cruel Jaguarazon funny bone precisely on target! They never before had such a wonderfully fun piggie to watch suffer! Each and every one of them utterly enjoyed witnessing Plumpkins’ body being ruthlessly destroyed for their entertainment.

The teams began pulling with all their might, stretching out Plumpkins’ arms until they threatened to pop from his shoulders! He gave out a horrified groan of agony and alarm--his panicked glances to each side were greeted with fearsomely determined amazon team members--each gritting her teeth in maximum exertion and digging her feet in hard for maximum traction as she applied her entire strength to tugging the rope within her grasp!

The youngest beauty and her opponent then began to energetically apply their scorching flails upon Plumpkins, each fiercely attempting to drive him off the slab in the intended direction as if he were a recalcitrant mule. Every strike of the red hot spiked chains added to the scarification of his helpless flesh--driving the amazon audience absolutely mad with torrid desire! They began chanting “Scar him--scar him--scar him again!” at each ruinous wound!

Plumpkins began to feel faint, his field of vision contracting into a tunnel as he began to mercifully lose consciousness--but suddenly something powerful grabbed his mind and forced him to remain awake. He looked up and saw Queen Carnivora--she was glaring down at him and seemed to be rapidly chanting the words of a spell! She then let out a bloodcurdling scream as her eyes rolled back into her head and raised up her hands toward the Goddess.

The statute of the Jaguar Goddess became alive before Plumpkins’ horrified eyes! A leering grin of diabolical cruelty was on her face as she reached down and crushingly gripped Plumpkins as if he was a bug. He felt himself lifted up as his spirit was seemingly yanked out from his body, leaving it still suffering on the slab. The Goddess dangled him over her ferocious maw, and setting him upon her tongue--swallowed him down whole with a satisfied gulp!   

There is an Amerindian tradition of the “Vision Quest” wherein pain serves to transport the supplicant’s consciousness into the spirit realm. Many tribes had such rituals, most notably The Dakota People with their “Sun Dance” wherein the vision seeker is dangled by leather strands attached to sharp barbs penetrating their flesh.

Queen Carnivora was witch, sorceress and High Priestess of piggie Sacrifice, and easily as powerful as any tribal shaman, witch doctor or medicine man, perhaps made even more so by her service to the Jaguar Goddess. She had used her magic upon Plumpkins to launch him into a vision before he could faint into oblivion, and cheat her out of enjoying Plumpkins’ sufferings from the ongoing Ordeal!
Plumpkins slid down the throat of the Goddess and splashed into her stomach’s pool of digestive acid! It seared him with unendurable pain--the worst he had ever felt, even at the hands of the Jaguarazons! The words of Queen Carnivora suddenly thundered into his mind “As punishment for attempting to escape the Ordeal by losing consciousness--just when we all were having such fun--you shall endure the torment’s of being digested alive by the Jaguar Goddess!”

She emitted a cackling laugh of totally unbridled evil! “Did you really think my magic so feeble that I wouldn’t be capable of controlling your mental experience? Jaguarazon magic is ancient and quite powerful over piggie minds! Inflicting inescapable pain via the ability to ‘guide’ a piggie on a ‘Vision Quest’ through all the torments of Hell is one of my specialties! In this case you shall enjoy a trip along the entire digestive system of the Goddess--remaining fully aware and fully feeling all the sensations right to the very end!”

Plumpkins began to frantically splash about the searing juice as he felt along the squishy stomach wall in an impossible attempt to escape. The Queen then filled the cavity with an eerie pail glow, to allow Plumpkins to see how hopelessly he was trapped. It was emitted by a hovering orb containing the live image of Queen Carnivora as she watched his frantic efforts. “Ooooh--this is just going to be toooo good!” she cried out joyously!  Then an unending gale of her shrieking, cackling laughter began, which seemingly would be accompanying Plumpkins for the entire time he was to suffer under her spell…                         

More to come--never fear! Poor Plumpkins is really in for it! I ask all Plumpkins fans to stand by...   


Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 4

The First Ordeal consisted of 100 Jaguarazon maidens divided into two teams, each equipped with a variety of torture implements. It was based on the traditional Amerindian game of "stickball" but with Plumpkins serving in place of the leather ball and with whips being used in place of sticks. The objective was to drive Plumpkins onto the other team's goal--each an enormous pit of scorchingly hot blazing coals!

"Coals again?!!!" Plumpkins whimpered in horrified anguish when the first beauty described the nature of the game to him.

"Oh yes!" she declared with delight, greatly amused at Plumpkins’ reaction. "Queen Carnivora insisted with great emphasis that each of your Ordeals must prominently feature searingly hot coals--your coal dancing has become a crowd favorite and everyone is very much eager to see more!"

She went on to explain that the losing team would be eliminated from the mating ritual, and only the winning team members would advance forward and be subsequently divided into teams of 25 for the next Ordeal. Also, the individual members of the winning team would be rated on their cruelty by a panel of judges, similar to the system used in the Olympics. The ultimate winner of their judgement at the end of the Ordeals would be awarded the "Grand Championess of Cruelty" with all it's benefits...

The First Ordeal began at the Queen’s command and Plumpkins had to admit--the youngest beauty was certainly an attentive torturess. She never took her eyes off Plumpkins for a second. No matter which way he turned or how quickly he flinched, she was right there, anticipating his every move--her enormous bullwhip cutting deeply into his flesh, which was quickly becoming a grisly red froth. He was being relentlessly driven toward the opposing team's goal by her. The youngest beauty was a full step ahead of all her team mates.

Then the other team's whip strikes suddenly fell upon Plumpkins as if he were swimming against the current of a raging torrent! Each and every maiden on the field was an expert  whipstress--bred and born for ruthless cruelty, thoroughly trained in all the arts of torture since childhood, and with her inborn streak of heartless sadism sharpened to a fine cutting edge by enthusiastic service at one of the frontier outposts.

In contrast to Plumpkin's near nakedness, all the maidens wore jaguar leather armor on their limbs, torso and face to protect against any errant whips. The only thing Plumpkins could be thankful for was his swine leather armor jockstrap preventing any whip strike to his genitals (their needing to be kept intact for the upcoming mating ritual) but every other inch of his flesh was fair game. Any especially sensitive parts such as armpit, taint, anus, etc. were relentlessly struck with ruthlessly expert aim--before long his nipples were in absolute tatters!

The whips were pelting Plumpkins from all directions as each player frantically applied her weapon of choice--be it bullwhip, flail or crop--to force his motion in the intended direction. The opposing team had some very determined players and they turned Plumpkins back from their goal several times. Only through fierce determination and expert whipwomanship were the youngest beauty's teammates able to hold Plumpkins’ retreat in check as the battle surged back and forth across the playing field.

And the crowd was loving it! They all cheered on their favorite maidens and many had lain bets on the outcome. Their voices roared to fresh crescendos with each twist and turn of Plumpkins’ path.

Finally, against all resistance, the opposing team was overcome--the youngest beauty and Plumpkins were at the threshold of scoring a goal. But here things got even worse for him--the goal keepers were maidens brandishing branding irons! They held them at the ready--each iron emblazoned with a snarling jaguar face--all kept glowing bright red by frequent insertion into the coals!

The coal pit comprising the goal was brought to and maintained at peak temperature by the diligent efforts of countless young coal tending girls continuously pumping on bellows--and if any showed the slightest sign of fatigue at her task, a fresh young girl eagerly relieved her with enthusiastic vigour!

Plumpkins had become a piggie pain sandwich--driven forward by the whips of the first beauty’s team, driven back by the opposing team's branding irons. It looked to be a complete stalemate until the youngest beauty was able to wrap the end of her whip around Pumpkins' ankles and gave them a fierce yank, tumbling him face first with a splash into the coals!

The crowd rose up as one with an ecstatic cheer as Plumpkins frantically paddled about in the coals like a drowning swimmer, squealing and screaming at the top of his lungs! He flopped and rolled around like a fish stranded on a deck as absolutely everyone--coal tending girls, the Queen, and members of both teams watched in awe struck wonder--they had never seen so grand a spectacle! Plumpkins' excruciating suffering was the most fascinating thing they had ever witnessed--they all drank it in, relishing every bit with intensely rapt attention!

Finally Plumpkins' wild gyrations and writhing got him toward the edge of the coal pit--but just as he managed to barely drag himself out, the youngest beauty grabbed a branding iron out of the coals and planted it with a sizzle square into his chest--plopping him back on his rump among the coals. He screeched with shocked dismay and flailed about frantically--was there no escape from this unbearable torment?

The amazons all became delirious with joy!!!! The youngest beauty was swept up and carried on her teammates’ shoulders--even members of the losing team joined in the celebration! The audience laughed uproariously, slapping each others backs with glee! Queen Carnivora almost fainted with euphoria! The judges all lifted up signs with the number 10 as rating for the youngest beauty’s cruelty!

While the amazons were thus distracted, Plumpkins managed to painfully drag himself out of the coal pit, rolling in agony on the bare ground to extinguish the last stubborn embers still sticking to his skin. A handful of amazons set a stretcher next to him as the first beauty poked at him roughly with her spear to get his attention.

“Roll onto it piggie!” she said, kicking at him sharply until he complied. “We need to get you healed up in time for the next Ordeal…"   


Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 3

The field of play lay spread before Plumpkins as he stumbled onto it at spear point. The decor seemed a bizarre blend of Mesoamerican and Old World Pagan. It was as if a Roman gladiator arena had been transplanted into the Brazilian jungle and was being watched over by a statue of the cat headed Egyptian goddess Bastet. But instead of Greek columns and marble statuary, everything was done in Inca style rough hewn granite. The giant statue of the Jaguar Goddess, an athletic looking warrioress with the head of a ferocious Jaguar, overlooked it all--seeming to be sadistically leering at him with cruel anticipation.

The amazon crowded arena roared to life with one gleeful voice as they caught sight of the naked and bewildered Plumpkins. Their insatiable desire to witness his suffering made him feel as if he were being dangled over the ravenous jaws of the Jaguar Goddess herself. Facing Plumpkins on the playing field were two teams of young athletic amazon maidens each equipped with a wicked selection of bull whips, floggers and crops.

Plumpkins recognized the youngest beauty from the airport hotel among their number. She was smiling ear to ear as her bull whip was expertly snapped in his direction, missing by mere inches. “I’m going to win you for myself piggie!” she declared with fierce determination as she continued her rapid fire whip snapping, getting ever closer with each loud crack.

“Win me?” Plumpkins said in confusion, involuntary flinching away from her too close for comfort display of skill with a whip.

“Yes!” she laughed with elation. “The Jaguarazon maiden that proves herself to be the cruelest gets first mating rights--and the most choice cut of piggie meat upon her plate afterwards!”

A sharp jab by a spear into the small of Plumpkins back prodded him toward the center of the field. It was being wielded by the the first beauty. “That’s right, piggie” she explained firmly. “The Ordeals are designed to demonstrate and select out which of our maidens have the extremest streak of sadism toward piggies. Only the very cruelest maidens are allowed to mate--over the centuries this has distilled evermore sadism into our race and molded us into the most ferocious fighters and merciless torturers that have ever walked the earth!”       

“And I plan to become crowned the ‘Grand Championess of Cruelty’ during your Ordeals!” the youngest beauty said with an evil cackle that made Plumpkins’ blood run cold! “During my stint on our frontier I was renown for my skill at slowly peeling the skin off trespassing piggies--I would make it last for hours!”     

“Take a good look around you piggie.” The first beauty swept her hand over the terrifying scene. “Each maiden on this field is here because she has demonstrated herself capable of unflinching savagery toward our enemies at our frontier outposts. All the neighboring tribes learned long ago to steer clear of us--these days our fight is against poachers, unauthorized miners and illegal loggers. Woe be unto any trespasser falling into our hands--the Comanches and Apaches were rank amateurs at torturing captives compared to us!”

“And they weren’t cannibals!” the youngest beauty chuckled. “Our prisoners always provide us a tasty repast after a long day of ruthless torturing…”

A sudden silence fell over the arena as Queen Carnivora rose from her seat overlooking the field. The statue of the Jaguar Goddess towered behind her. “All of you citizens here today know and love the Goddess and her traditions, so what I say now is for the benefit of today’s sacrificial piggie.” She smiled down condescendingly at Plumpkins. “This perfectly pathetic piggie willingly presents his pleasingly plump and palatable flesh as a sacred sacrifice in service of the Jaguar Goddess and the Jaguarazon nation…”

All the amazons clapped their hands in enthusiastic and earnest appreciation of Plumpkins’ brave and “willing” submission to the Jaguar Goddess code of piggie subjugation. 

“We Jaguarazons all owe our success and survival to the laws and code of our beloved Goddess.” she continued. “It was her wisdom that long ago set our tribal foremothers on the path to greatness and carefully guided their mating practices to mold us, their distant daughters--and today our own daughters, into the purest amazon  race and mightiest warrioress nation that has ever devoured a piggie!”

The crowd rose up as one and roared in agreement, then gave out an amazon war cry that made Plumpkins’ hair stand straight up in terror! The Queen gave a hearty laugh as she watched Plumpkins tremble uncontrollably and break out into a drenching cold sweat before her.         
“And such a fine piggie we have here today!” She raised her hands up to the statue behind her and loudly declared “The Goddess is pleased!!!” The ecstatic cheers and applause from the crowd made Plumpkins’ ear drums rattle as if they would burst!   

“Let us all show this piggie the courtesy he deserves and explain just what it is about him that we and the Goddess find so pleasing--let us all recite the “Code of piggie Subjugation!” Her hands reached out to the crowd as if she were conducting an orchestra.

“Fat fools are more flavorful!” the amazons all said in unison.

The Queen smiled down at Plumpkins and explained “Muscular and manly piggies are tough and gristly to eat--yuck! Our foremothers always fed them to the Sacred Jaguars without ceremony. Only the plump and flabbiest prisoners were kept for sacrificial feasting--a tradition we still follow today when selecting piggies.”

“Fat fools are more fun!” the crowd declared.

The Queen nodded agreeably. “Brave and courageous warrior-like piggies are boring when tortured--always trying to be so brave--ho hum. Quivering cowards are much more entertaining! Nothing is so amusing as when a wimpy piggie begs for mercy before the torturing has hardly even begun!”

“Fat fools are more feminine!” everyone burst into raucous laughter after this one.

“Yes--HA HA HA HA!!!” Queen Carnivora laughed and shook her head ruefully. “Only too true!” She looked down upon Plumpkins with genuine affection. “Mating with wussy piggies is absolutely vital to us! Your plumply pathetic weakling qualities are exactly what we need to maintain our womanliness. The Jaguar Goddess in her wisdom foresaw that we must always guard against becoming mere muscular imitations of men. Your fatness genes will help our daughters remain curvaceous and womanly--always an effective weapon against our enemies, I might add…”

The crowd started stirring with impatience, this indulgence toward a sacrificial piggie seemingly had gone on long enough…

End of episode 3

Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons
Episode 2

Plumpkins had never known such agony--his feet were like charbroiled steaks with a crispy crust where the soles used to be. And every inch of him had welts upon welts piled up like cord wood from the storm of bull whip strokes delivered with such unbelievably savage cruelty

The first beauty chuckled as she watched the exhausted Plumpkins writhing about as he tried to get comfortable on the hard stone floor of his cell. "Congratulations, piggie--you are now welcomed as an honored guest of Queen Carnivora..."

Plumpkins gave her a sulking glare. "You lied to me--you said I was to be brought here for mating. You never said anything about being tortured!"

"The Queen found you highly amusing!" the beauty continued. "I have never seen her laugh so hard as when watching you hop and stumble across the coals--tears of mirth were positively pouring down her cheeks! And she found the sight of your tender pink flesh being whipped into a bright crimson rash particularly delightful. She is eagerly looking forward to your undergoing the ‘Ordeals’..."

"Ordeals?" Plumpkins said with horror. "You never told me anything about 'Ordeals' when you invited me!"

The beauty's face became stern. "I said the Queen found you amusing!" She leaned down and glared at Plumpkins through the bars. "Do you disdain our Queen?"

"But--but the ad said..." Plumpkins stammered.

"Don't you realize what an honor it is for a piggie to be able to amuse our Queen?" She became absolutely furious. "If a piggie fails at 'Running the Gauntlet’ or disappoints  Queen Carnivora by being dull--the punishment is being fed alive to the Sacred Jaguars! No mating, no feasting--just a sentence of merciless death in the jaws of ravenous jaguars" Her eyes became hard as obsidian. "Shall I inform the Queen that you scorn her hospitality?"

"No...no...I accept with gratitude..." Plumpkins said weakly, not really sure if the coming "Ordeals" would be any better than execution by jaguar.

The beauty then became all smiles. "That's much better!" She straightened up and opened his cell. "The Queen commands your presence--she is giving you an audience..." She leveled a spear at Plumpkins and prodded him into standing up, delighting at his every wince of pain.

He was greeted outside his cell by the original band of beauties from the airport hotel, all armed with spears. They formed a phalanx around Plumpkins to accompany him as he shambled and stumbled his way forward.

The youngest beauty gave his rump a sharp pinch. "I just knew you were going to be a fun piggie the moment I saw you!" she said with a giggle. "Watching you dancing on the coals was an absolute scream--I nearly died!" Her companions all joined in the laughter.

As the group approached the palace Plumpkins observed several training grounds where young amazons were practicing such martial arts as archery, javelin throwing and hand to hand combat. Others were engaged in another kind of training--with bull whips, floggers, crops and all manner of torture implements. 

The first beauty called a halt and directed Plumpkins' attention to the proceedings. "This is our Cruelty Academy, where our daughters are taught the fine art of torturing piggies. " Each training station had a dummy piggie as target for their blows. Adult amazons were critiquing and coaching each trainee on on bettering her technique.

The beauty continued "Most cultures discourage the innate cruelty that children are born with, but we encourage and cultivate it within our daughters. Tribes such as the Comanche and Apache did something similar--they allowed their offspring to observe and actively participate in the torturing of captives."

Plumpkins shuddered as he thought of it--an entire city of amazons schooled from childhood to be cruel toward piggies!

They arrived at the palace steps and Plumpkins was prodded up them at spear point each painful step at a time. At the entrance of the audience chamber he was strapped into a harness and hung from an overhead trolley line. He was winched up from the floor and dangled helplessly upside down. The beauties him rolled to a pair of Jaguar skin curtains. They parted to reveal a pit filled with enormous female jaguars!

They snarled and swatted up at him as he was hung over them as a tantalizingly plump and tasty morsel. Queen Carnivora sat upon her throne just across the pit beaming at him. "Do you like my pets? Displease me even for an instant and you shall be personally introduced to them!" Her finger gently caressed the lever that would drop him to the eagerly waiting predators.

She was even more regal looking than before. Her throne was in the form of a giant roaring jaguar head of solid gold. Her seat was centered within it, where the tongue would be. A full retinue of amazon guards flanked each side. 

 "The Jaguar Goddess is pleased by you piggie--I know this because I am also the High Priestess of piggie Sacrifice, in addition to being Queen." She turned her attention to the accompanying group of beauties, kneeling before her on the far side of the jaguar pit. "You have done well--this is certainly a most excellent piggie! Plump and pathetic…" She leaned her head back and gave out a long evil cackle.

They all bowed deeply at the compliment.

The Queen continued "His shock and dismay at learning he was not in for the fun time he was expecting was absolutely priceless!" She returned her smoldering gaze to Plumpkins. "Having a foolish piggie blunder into our clutches of his own free will is a vital part of Jaguar Goddess magic--as is our feeding upon the piggie’s flesh during the sacrificial feast in honor of our Goddess after the mating ritual!”

All the amazons in the audience chamber chuckled with delight at Plumpkins’ quailing in alarm at this news.

 “It is her powers that have protected and hidden our city over the centuries.” She said matter-of-factly. “We are grateful that you have graciously submitted your flesh as mate and meal to further the existence of Jaguarazonkind."

Plumpkins was about to politely decline, but then remembered the ravenous jaguars directly below him. "Don't mention it..." he meekly whispered.

Queen Carnivora erupted into raucous laughter at this and was joined in gails of guffaws by the others. "Such an amusing piggie!" she said shaking her head in wonder. When the merriment finally died down she looked at Plumpkins with a smirk and pronounced "Prepare this piggie for commencement of the First Ordeal..."

End of Episode 2...


Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons
Episode 1

"HOT BRAZILIAN BABES seek obese American piggie!"

The ad appeared in Plumpkin's inbox just like any other piece of spam. He would have deleted it, but the banner caught his eye. Plumpkins read on, becoming more thrilled at each word--

"Lonely ladies located in remote region of Brazilian Amazon Jungle have fierce fetish for flab. Pudginess in piggies considered great mark of beauty--only the portliest of porkers need apply. Submit your vital statistics and pictures to the link below..."

Plumpkin's fingers nearly twisted into knots as he frantically typed his answers into the website's application form. He then uploaded his most embarrassing swim suit pictures, displaying every roll of fat and each deeply indented dimple. That night his mind was filled with visions of Brazilian beauties gyrating to the Samba in spectacular sexy Carnival outfits, each eagerly vying for his favor...

The next morning his heart leapt as he read the response:

"Congratulations piggie, you do indeed meat our requirements. Please fill out the attached form to be scheduled for a private interview at the following hotel located in your city's airport district. " 

Plumpkins noticed the error in spelling, but chocked it up to the Brazilian ladies in question being unfamiliar with English. He proceeded to schedule an appointment that evening at the ritzy five star hotel specified.

Plumpkins stood in the luxuriant hallway and knocked on the hotel room door as directed. A statuesque woman answered that absolutely towered over him. Plumpkins had never seen a more perfect combination of athletic fitness and curvy voluptuousness--even her "Brazilian Butt" seemed sculpted from firm muscle as if she were a thoroughbred horse.

Eyes as dark as obsidian gazed down upon him with delight. The exotic chiseled features of her beautiful copper hued face shone with pleased surprise as she appraised Plumpkins' physique. "Very very impressive!" she said with a nod and enthusiastically beckoned him into the luxury suite.

Suddenly a bevy of beauties, each the equal of the first, clustered around Plumpkins and created such as fuss over him that he nearly fainted from bashfulness. All of them had gorgeous jet black hair that hung straight down past their impossibly narrow hour glass waists, all the way to the wide hips and full buttocks of Brazilian fame.

Their breasts were ample, yet not so large as to impede vigorous activity. They all possessed spectacular physiques that seemed a flawless combination of excellent breeding and rigorous physical fitness.

Each wore a stylishly cut pencil skirt dress and tight girdle made of jaguar skin that hugged her curves in a loving embrace. Thigh high jaguar skin spiked heel boots adorned their legs and jaguar head hats, complete with fierce eyes and snarling teeth, were set upon each beauty's brow.

After they had finally gotten their fill of groping, fondling and probing Plumpkins’ blushing flesh, they directed him to a sumptuous couch and all crowded next to him upon it--each unable to take her eyes off of him. He was encouraged to partake in the gourmet snacks piled upon a coffee table in front of him as they watched Plumpkins eat with rapt attention.

Finally the first beauty Plumpkins had met cleared her throat and said "Well then, down to business--we need you to come back with us to our city in the jungle." Plumpkins stopped in mid-chew and looked at her with surprise.

She seemed a little embarrassed, then pressed forward. "You see, we are descended from the original Amazon warrioress tribes of Brazil. The natural resources of our territory have provided us with great wealth, and have enabled us to protect ourselves and carry on the ancient traditions of our culture in a great city still hidden from the outside world. But we have one vital need that we cannot provide ourselves..."

One of the other beauties interrupted "Get to the point--women of our race are only capable of giving birth to females...we need to bring a piggie from the outside world into our city to mate with the most gorgeous of our maidens to keep our culture alive!"

"A plump piggie!" another beauty interjected.

"And there will be a big grand feast afterwards!!!" the youngest beauty said enthusiastically, but was quickly shushed by her companions.

The first beauty scowled at her and gave them all a warning glare. She then said put her hand on Plumpkins' knee and said reassuringly "We certainly do need a plump piggie--to help keep our daughters from becoming too 'ripped' and muscular. We have found interjecting the fatness genes provided by plump piggies helps our race maintain a quality of soft voluptuousness to compliment our strength."

The other beauties all gave each other sly glances, nodding vigorously in bemused agreement.

"Would you like to see our private jet? " she continued. "Our Queendom has brought an aircraft to your local airport and ‘financially arranged’ for our very own access gate and hangar with the airport manager to avoid any ‘complications’ with visas or customs…”

Before Plumpkins could reply he found himself being firmly bustled down to the hotel garage, surrounded by the phalanx of beauties, and then quickly tucked into a blacked out limousine.

As Plumpkins entered the hangar, still firmly in hand by the amazons, he was astonished to see an enormous Embraer Regional Jet parked inside. The flight crew and attendants all consisted of the same race of copper skinned beauties, operating quietly under the cover of darkness.

A hatch opened from the aircraft's side and Plumpkins was secreted into it without fanfare by his hostesses. He barely had time to catch his breath before they were hurling down the runway and off to Brazil.

Plumpkins marveled at the jet's luxuriant interior--it was head to toe jaguar skins. A stewardess wearing a jaguar themed uniform offered him a platter of exotic treats with a knowing smile. "Nothing is too good for a piggie who is the guest of Jaguarazon Airways..."

"Jaguarazon?" he was unfamiliar with the term. `

"Yes..." said the first beauty, who was sitting next to him "You are now an honored guest of Queen Carnivora--ruler of the Jaguarazons."

"A most ancient race of amazon warrioresses" the youngest beauty with obvious pride. "Our culture has existed independent from the world of men for thousands of years."

"How is this possible?" Plumpkins inquired.

"The Amazon Jungle has always had tribes of women warriors..." the first beauty explained "but from time immemorial we Jaguarazons were the most fierce and most committed to a man-free lifestyle. Any woman giving birth to a male child was banished--after centuries of this practice natural selection has resulted in a race of women capable of only giving birth to female children."

"But how could you reproduce without men?" Plumpkins said with obvious puzzlement.

"Piggies possessing desired qualities have always been brought in as guests of the Queen for mating with eligible females." she replied.

"And for other things..." the youngest beauty said with a smirk.

The first beauty frowned at her sternly and said "It is also our custom that guest piggies must arrive at our city of their own free will and unafraid."

The youngest beauty nodded contritely with a sulk.

All the rich food and intoxicating company finally took its toll on Plumpkins, and he fell into a deep sleep filled with sweet dreams.

He was awakened by sound of the jet's landing gear deploying. The window overlooked a landscape of thick jungle as far as the eye could see.. The aircraft set down onto a camouflaged runway and slipped into a hangar hidden beneath the forest canopy.

Plumpkins was led out of the plane, down a stairway and into a jaguar upholstered sedan chair carried by four jaguar skin draped amazons. He was taken from the hangar to a pathway lined with cheering amazons of all ages and sizes, leading to an immense courtyard filled with hundreds more, all clamoring to see him. Their jaguar skin garments made them seem like a great undulating carpet of luxuriant fur.

Eventually Plumpkins arrived at the entrance of a great palace, imposing and ancient--as were all the surrounding hewn stone buildings that composed the Jaguarazon city. Thousands of amazons lived within their walls, and it seemed most of them were in attendance for his benefit.

Suddenly a hush fell over the crowd as Queen Carnivora stepped onto a balcony overlooking the courtyard. She was an imposing sight, heavier and more mature looking than the other amazons, but still strong and beautiful.

Upon her head was a crown fashioned out of gold to look like the fanged head of a snarling jaguar about to pounce. Her shoulders were draped with a regal jaguar skin cloak, adorned with countless jaguar claws and teeth.

She looked down upon Plumpkins. He felt a cold thrill shudder down his spine right into his toes. Her eyes pierced into his soul with an absolutely ferocious intensity, devoid of any nonsense.

"Piggie, have you come to us of your own free will and without fear?" she said with a stern tone, her voice possessed an implacable domination that melted Plumpkins' will into a puddle of submission.

"Ummm--yes...sure." he stammered weakly, not knowing what else to say under the circumstances.

The first beauty stepped forward and kneeing before her Queen said. "As you see my Queen, all the traditions and laws of obtaining a piggie for the ritual sacrifice have been satisfied..."

The queen erupted into a terrifyingly evil laugh and declared with triumph "This piggie satisfies all the requirements for enabling my magic--let the festivities begin!". It seems Queen Carnivora was also a sorceress and witch as well as Queen.

The crowd roared with delight and parted to reveal a 100 foot long stone trough filled to the brim with glowing coals. Countless young amazon girls in jaguar dresses were industriously pumping bellows into ports along the trough’s bottom, ensuring the charcoals were kept cherry red. They giggled and gave each other gleeful glances as if they were giddy young school girls having a mischievous game of who could get her patch of coals the hottest.

Standing beside the trough for its full length were tall athletic warrioresses, each vigorously snapping enormous thickly woven bullwhips above her head with practised skill, vying to see who could make hers crack the loudest.

High stone bleachers located along each side of the trough for it’s entire length were filled with rowdy cheering amazons as if it were a sold out sports venue, with others crowding the field at ground level craning their necks to see--it seemed the entire city of Jaguarazons had turned out to watch the proceedings.   

A shocked and stunned Plumpkins sat dumbly as his sedan chair was brought to the end of the trough and set next to a stone ramp leading down onto the coals. He was forced up from his seat at spear point. Several amazons effortlessly tore off his clothes and shoes with rough yanks.

Plumpkins stood utterly naked and totally bewildered--a completely alone and helpless piggie trapped within an entire city of absolutely pitiless amazons-- suddenly forced to serve as public spectacle for their amusement. He looked toward the first beauty questioningly, with despairingly beseeching eyes.

She smiled at him cruelly and said "Tradition requires that before you are accepted as a ‘guest’ of our Queen you must run the gauntlet--Jaguarazon style!"

Spears began to heartlessly prod his tender backside, as if Plumpkins were a pincushion--causing him to stumble down the ramp and onto the searing coals.

His bare feet frantically danced about, involuntarily doing doing a jig in a desperate but impossible attempt to avoid the scorching red hot pain--greatly delighting the young coal tending girls! They clapped and cheered--ecstatically jumping and rolling around with uproarious laughter at the success of their handy work!

Suddenly a whirlwind of expertly aimed bullwhips rained down upon Plumpkins with sharp cracks as the tall amazons relentlessly drove him forward, ever forward over the endless path of coals...the entire crowd rose from their seats and howled cheerfully with approval!

End of episode 1…

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