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Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 4
By morselman

Finally--after every inch of Plumpkins’ hapless flesh possessed the savory patina of a crunchy caramelized crust--the last cook-flame nozzle was stilled and he was removed from the Roasting Rig to be strapped down upon the rough work bench that served as buffet table.

Plumpkins exhausted breaths were whimpering, moaning sobs of agonized anguish as he beheld the horrifically irreversible destruction the Femcanazons had gleefully wrought upon his ruined body. But the dismay at this sight paled in comparison to his reaction at seeing the entire lip smacking Femcanazon gang eyeing him with mouths voraciously salivating.

Each ogling gang member held a fork and the cutting utensil of her choice--carving knife, butcher knife, steak knife, chef knife and even meat cleaver--and did they ever tuck into Plumpkins with gusto! The claims and entitlements established previously by their contentious gambling all fell by the wayside as they quickly fell into a feeding frenzy--ferociously squabbling over every morsel of him like a pack of ravenous she wolves!

Plumpkins watched in utter horror as each and every one of his precious irreplaceable body parts were relentlessly carved away--only to rapidly vanish inside famished femcan gullets! The sound of their chewing gnashing teeth and grunting appreciation of his flavor rose to a deafening crescendo, nearly drowning out Plumpkins’ piteous screaming and howling for mercy.
Suddenly, a fork wielded by the exquisitely pretty and petite little Femcanazon plunged deep into Plumpkins’ tongue, briefly silencing him. She deftly sliced it out with a swift stroke of her steak knife and gobbled the morsel down whole--winking with a mischievous grin at Plumpkins’ stunned expression!

The tasty tumult came to a sudden stop when the gang leader raised her hand to call a halt. Every scrap of Plumpkins that could be sliced away without removing anything vital for survival had been devoured and was now being lovingly digested within contented Femcanazon bellies. He was now little more than a head and torso--even his buttocks had been sculpted right down to the pelvic bone.

The gang leader surveyed the damage with a lusty leering smirk. “Nothing makes me so horny as a belly full of freshly cooked piggie and seeing the living remainder still breathing on the platter!”

The gang members all burst out laughing and nodding with boisterous remarks like “Here we go again!”

To Plumpkins’ astonishment she firmly grasped his member and began to vigorously massage it. “Your boy-bits have remained undamaged on purpose--I insisted upon it!”     

Her grin broadened as he stiffened. She caressed the bare skeletal remains of his arms and legs still attached to his torso. “I must confess--I have a raging fetish for half devoured piggies!” She straddled Plumpkins and inserted his erection into her moist pussy...   
Fiction / Re: Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for.
« Last post by andygray on August 13, 2019, 01:00:35 PM »
Thank you. When I wrote the story My friend whos caricature is Bella kindly read it through and corrected any punctuation and added little bits here and there.
Fiction / Re: Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 9
« Last post by WhitePill on August 13, 2019, 06:15:37 AM »
good job - nice scenario, greatly written !
Fiction / Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 9
« Last post by andygray on August 12, 2019, 12:28:36 PM »
Just then there was a knock at the door and Bella went to answer it, it was Andy’s Aunt Bessie. She was carrying a big bag full of stuff. “He’s in the oven now, we did what you said and left the heat down enough so as not to burn him but hot enough for it to convince him that we were cooking him” said Bella with a smile. “Good dear, right let’s get to work” his Aunt replied.  As his Aunt went to the kitchen and on seeing her, Andy started to plead for her to save him. On seeing her nephew in the oven, she put the bag on the counter next to the sink and quickly went over to the oven. “Oh, you poor thing, what have they done to you!!” his Aunt said in a mock horrified tone. “Please get me out Aunt Bessie! Please!!” Andy begged. His Aunt then opened the door and slid the roasting pan out and placed it on the oven door. “Thank you! Thank you Aunty!! They were going to cook me” Andy sobbed.“Now, now, don’t worry, Aunty is going to take real good care of you” she replied with a devilish smile. “Oh, you’re all covered in oil, just a moment while I get something to protect my dress” she said as she walked over to the large bag she had bought with her. She then pulled out a full-length plastic pinny with a picture of a roast turkey printed on the front and proceeded to put it on. “There, that’s better now - I can lift you out of that nasty roasting pan without getting cooking oil all over me.”She reached for the control knob on the oven and unbeknownst to Andy ,instead of turning it off she turned it up to the temperature required to slow roast him. She then lifted Andy out of the pan and placed him on the kitchen counter and untied the string that was holding his knees and elbows together. Alicia and Bella just looked on with amusement. “Thank you Aunty” Andy said, he was so relieved. “Well dear, I couldn’t just let them roast you now could I, not whilst you were alive anyway. That would just spoil the meat!” “What do you mean Aunt Bessie?” Andy asked. “Well dear, I have a little confession to make, you see I was in on it the whole time.” “No Aunt Bessie! No, please save me I beg you - please don’t roast me for dinner!!!” “Too late dear” she said with a smile.
His Aunt then took a piece of duct tape and placed it firmly over Andy’s mouth and proceeded to tell him all about her involvement. She also told him about the memorial service Bella was doing the next day and she took great delight in telling her nephew about how they were going to use his thigh bones to fuck their dripping wet cunts with once they had eaten all the meat off of them. Andy glanced over at Bella only to see her rub her pussy and lick her lips slowly, Andy was making muffled sounds of protest; he felt so much fear having learnt of his Aunt’s involvement. “Now let’s get you prepped, you have to be in the oven for some time to get you roasted properly, just think that in a few hours’ time you will look like this picture of a nicely roasted turkey on my apron,” she said with a smile. With that she picked Andy up and hung him by the string binding his hands together on one of the sauce pan hooks directly above the sink and proceeded to go to her bag on the side. She took out two syringes full of clear liquid and placed them next to the sink. Next she took out a large plastic container which she placed on the opposite counter next to the oven. Turning back to Andy she could see tears streaming down his face as his begging was stifled by the gag.
“Right dear let’s get started, first I’m going to give you a couple of injections; the first one is a local anaesthetic to help with the pain and the second is a shot of adrenalin so that you don’t pass out with shock. We want you to experience as much as possible before you bleed out and die.”With that Andy’s Aunt gave him the shots - first came the pain killer and finally the adrenalin.“Don’t worry dear it won’t affect your meat” she said to Andy as all three women laughed. Next she reached once more into the bag, this time bringing out a long thin curved knife; Andy eyes went wide on seeing it. “It will all be over soon dear” his Aunt said as she stepped towards him. Raising the knife up she pushed it in to Andy’s belly about an inch and a half just below his sternum and slowly drew it down to the top off his pelvic bone. The anaesthetic worked well and all it felt like to Andy was as if she was running her finger down his belly. Andy instinctively looked down only to see his insides protruding out from the large slit in his abdomen. Bella and Alicia were transfixedby the sight before them.
Bellawas fascinated - morbid curiosity I suppose, but she felt strangely turned on at the sight of her former friend being gutted alive in front of her, watching him die like this gave her a huge sense of power and she imagined that it was the same feeling a serial killer got when despatching their victims. Her pussy grew wet at the sight, she felt hugely turned on as she watched his Aunt reach in to his abdomen and pull out his guts, being careful not to damage his heart or lungs, she also didn’t want to detach his intestines at this stage otherwise he would bleed out too quickly and they wanted him alive as long as possible knowing that he had no chance of surviving and that he really was going in the oven. When his Aunt had pulled his insides out as far as she could without killing him, she reached around him and washed the blood off her hands, then went over to the plastic container and took the lid off. “Look what I have for you here Andy” lifting the container up to show him the contents. Inside was a large amount of stuffing she had made at home. “When I’ve finished gutting you, I’m going to stuff you like a Christmas turkey and sew you up before you go in the oven to roast, you’re going to be delicious when we eat you up for dinner” she said, slowly licking her lips. Andy was starting to fade from blood loss at this point as his heart was pounding in his chest. Bella then walked over to were Andy was hanging and stood directly in front of him. Looking him straight in the eye, “Aw you poor thing, is your dear Aunt going to stuff you?” she said in mocked concern. “Well good! And think of this Andy, you always was an ass man wasn’t you!! Well after us four women have eaten all your meat, you are going to digest slowly inside of us and what our body’s can’t use will come out of our beautiful asses and simply get flush down to the sewers. What do you think to that you dumb fuck? I still can’t believe how stupid you were and how easy it was to fool you into getting fattened up for us!! And your Aunt said she in going to take great pleasure in scooping out your tiny brains after your cooked and have them on toast for breakfast tomorrow morning before attending your memorial !! and one last thing, your thigh bones are going to feel divine as we fuck our dripping wet cunts with them” She then turned to his Aunt and stepping towards her, she kissed her on the lips, then simply said. “Finish him”. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was the three women smiling at him and licking their lips.
Andy twitched a couple of times as his Aunt finished gutting him, then taking his liver and kidneys out she said, “these will be delicious fried up with a few onions” as she put them in another plastic container and sealed the lid. “Your generation will eat anything” said Bella, laughing. “Waste not want not dear” his Aunt replied as she unhooked Andy and rinsed out the cavity his insides had left. She then placed him on the counter and proceeded to stuff him, she packed in all the stuffing mix and she sewed the slit up with a large curved needle using meat string. Next, she popped him on the scale to see what he weighed after gutting. “25 Pounds, that means he’s got to be cooked for just over 8 and a half hours, perfect timing.”Andy was trussed up again and placed back in the roasting tin, his Aunt removed the duct tape before once more reaching into her bag and producing an apple, wedging it firmly into his mouth. She then took a sharp knife and scored the skin on his back thighs and arms and sprinkled him with sea salt and rubbed it in and drizzled olive oil onto him.  “Perfect” she announced, “that will make sure he crisps up nicely in the oven to make delicious crackling”. They all stood back and took a look at her handy work. “Right, time to get this fat little turkey roasting.”As Bella picked Andy up his Aunt opened the oven door, “in you go Andy, now be a good boy and roast up nicely for us” Bella said as she slid him in to the now hot oven and closed the door. Once Andy was in the oven his Aunt scooped up his innards and put them in a bucket, “Be a love and dispose of these down the loo” she said handing the bucket to Bella.
Bella and Alicia then went upstairs for a change of clothes, Bella stopping of at the toilet, she poured the contents of the bucket in and flushed without a second thought. The women took it in turns to baste him every half an hour. Soon the smell of his roasting meat filled the kitchen. They sat around chatting about how they had come to this point, complementing each other on their success and how delicious he was going to taste. Bella was the first to baste Andy half an hour after he had gone into the oven; he was now a deep shade of red! his skin starting to harden. “Wow, you look just like a suckling pig sweetie, and you’re already starting to smell scrumptious” she said as she basted him with the fat that had oozed out of him and gathered in the bottom of the roasting tin. Each time he was basted one of the women would comment on how well he was doing and how utterly delicious he was going to taste. Four hours after Andy went into the oven Carol arrived and immediately went into the kitchen and looking in at Andy said “Ow doesn’t he look delicious. That’s what all men deserve”    Bessie, an hour before they were due to eat, popped in the par-boiled potatoes, the roasties that would accompany the feast. Then half an hour before he was duo to come out Bella started to cook the veg. When Andy was finally roasted his Aunt removed him from the oven and lifting him out of he roasting tin she placed him on a large serving platter, she then put him it on the side. Andy was now a lovely golden brown colour and his skin had split were his Aunt had sliced him making lovely crackling. “He just needs to rest for a while before he’s carved” she said and after removing the roasted potatoes she picked up the roasting tin and poured the juices into a sauce pan to make the gravy.
Half an hour later everything was ready and Bella carried Andy into the dining room and placed him in the middle of the table. His Aunt then started to carve the meat off of him and placed equal amount on all four plates. They all helped themselves to veg and thick rich gravy and started to tuck in. Bella being the first to taste him. “Fuck, that’s good” she said with a dreamy look on her face. “If I had known he was going to taste this delicious I would of cooked him up him years ago”. They all laughed and agreed with her. For the next hour they chatted and ate and true to Bella’s word the weight just fell off. When they had all had their fill His Aunt removed the remaining meat from Andy’s carcase and placed it in five containers. She then removed his ribs as they still had plenty of juicy meat on them.  They would each get a share of the leftovers and his Aunt would use the meat and ribs in the fifth container to make sandwiches and snacks for the four of them to eat after his memorial service. After she had removed all his meat Andy was reduced to a pile of bones with just his head intact. She then retrieved both of his thigh bones and putting them aside. His Aunt Bessie taped the top of his skull and removed it using a large knife; she then scooped out his cooked brains and placed them in a container. As Bella had told Andy, his Aunt would have them on toast for breakfast tomorrow morning. “His brains are not very big, hat would explain why he was stupid enough to get tricked into getting fattened up and  eaten” Bella laughed.  After putting the rest of his remains in a bucket his Aunt then placed his thigh bones in a large pot on the stove, they would be boiled to remove any remaining meat and use as dildos. That evening after his Aunt Bessie and Carol had gone home, Bella and Alicia sat out in the garden drinking red wine and chatting, with the log burner well alight Bella casually tossed Andy’s Head, bones and innards on the fire and watched as they crackled and burned. They would take great pleasure that night and indeed most every other night in using his thigh bone to fuck their wet pussys.   
The memorial service went well, Bella paid touching tribute to him – Alicia, Carol and his Aunty Bessie sat together on the second row, smiling and nodding as Bella shared some lovely stories with the gathering that had come to pay their respects.  The ladies who looked after the Village Hall had busied themselves that morning, preparing a light buffet for the guests; traditional fayre for a memorial service, sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps and dips and fairy cakes and fruit for dessert.  The four women – Bella, Alicia, Carol and Bessie sat together on one of the tables in the side room to the main hall and whilst everyone else queued up to help themselves to the buffet, Bessie reached into her handbag and pulled out two Tupperware boxes and four matching napkins with a knowing smile. Apart from his Aunt Bessie who had eaten his brains on toast for breakfast none of them had eaten since their feast the day before so they were ready for something eat – what could be better than the leftovers from yesterday……Having handed out the napkins, Bessie handed out the sandwiches and Andy’s ribs. They sat chatting while eating. Bella commenting on how delicious Andy’s rib meat was.
                                                                            THE END.

Fiction / Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 8
« Last post by andygray on August 12, 2019, 12:25:09 PM »
Over the next few days Andy gained another five pounds, this made a total of ten pounds of weight he had gained while being fattened up, this was a lot considering after he had been shrunk he had only weighed twenty pounds. He was now thirty pounds and the size of a large turkey. The women were over the moon with the results!! On Friday they fed him for the last time, telling him that it would be better if his digestive system was empty when he returned to his normal height. On Saturday afternoon Bella took Andy out of the cage. “I have a little job for you sweetie” she said leading Andy into the Kitchen. After closing the blinds, she lifted him up and sat him on worktop by the sink. On the opposite work surface was a large bag of fresh vegetables of all kinds that Bella had bought that morning. “Right sweetie, I want you to prep the veg for tomorrows’ dinner” she said, putting the veg alongside Andy and turning on the tap. She then gave him a little scraping knife and instructed him to get to work. “How much do I need to do?” asked Andy with little hint of protest. “Enough for four” Bella replied. “It’s only fair that you prep the veg after all the effort we have put in over the last two weeks” she continued. “Four!!” said Andy. “Yes, there will be me, Alicia, your Aunt and you of course!!” “Ok” said Andy as he got to work.
Bella sat at the little round table and watched him. It amused her greatly that Andy was unwittingly preparing the very vegetables that were going to accompany him on the dinner table the next day. The sense of power it gave her was immense. She salivated has she imagined what he was going to look like in her oven and how he would taste after being cooked to perfection. Then she thought of all the fun she and Alicia were going to have with the first part of his prep later on that evening. After Andy had finished the veg, Bella put the veg in saucepans and filled them with water. After putting them on the hob she put Andy back in his cage.
Alicia arrived at 7pm that evening and after putting Andy on his lead they took him out of the cage and sat him on the couch - Alicia one side and Bella the other. “I have something to tell you Andy” Bella said with a smile.  She reached for the TV remote and switched on the TV, she had recorded the news bulletin that had stated that the search for him had been called off and that they would likely never find him. Andy sat transfixed to the TV as the news reader spoke, not being able to believe what he was hearing, confused as to why his clothes had been found beside the lock. When the news reader had finished Andy looked at Bella in disbelief. She explained to Andy what had really taken place and that he was going to be slow roasted and eaten the next day, but she missed out the part his Aunt had played in all of this, as they had something else planned for her eatery. “But why?” Andy said in a fearful tone. Bella then explained in detail how she wanted to get rid of him and how he pissed her off and that she couldn’t risk him talking about her. She explained that for years she had not liked him and that this was the perfect way to finally be rid of him with no trace of evidence. “You don’t have to do this Bel!” Andy said in desperation. “We do Andy, you see the shrinking process is irreversible, we lied about you growing back to normal height so that we could trick you into getting fattened up ready for the oven and you fell for it you dumb twat” she said as both women laughed. Andy began to beg them not to do this and to spare him. But they just ignored him putting a piece of duct tape over his mouth to silence him; Bella then picked him up and took him up to the bathroom. She put him in the bath and turned on the shower, and then as Alicia held Andy down Bella shaved every inch of his body from head to toe. “Perfect” said Bella as she looked him over to see if she had missed any hair.“Right let’s get him cleaned out!!” said Bella as she reached for a device that she used on herself prior to having anal sex. “We don’t want any little accidents when you are in the oven, now do we” she said. Alicia held Andy in a bent over position and Andy winced as Bella inserted the nozzle into his ass and squeezed out the contents of the device into his bowels. Andy’s ass hole was a quarter of its former size and the nozzle was the size of a large dildo to him. Little came out but water as he had not eaten anything for two days, but Bella repeated the process a few times, more to humiliate Andy than anything else. After drying him off, he was taken down stairs and put back in the cage with the tape still fixed firmly over his mouth. “See you in the morning, bright and early, you have to roast for some time!” Bella said as she locked the cage and shut the door.
The next morning Bella and Alicia were up at 5am sharp - given the weight Andy was now, he had to be in the oven no later than 6am, that meant that they had an hour to get ready and have some fun with him. After they had showered they both dressed in stockings and suspender belts, then putting on G-strings and black high heels, Bella picked up the glass dildo and they went down stairs. Andy’s little cock grew hard at the sight of the two women as they opened his cage, despite his pending demise.  After getting Andy out of the cage and putting his collar on Bella ripped the tape from his mouth, Andy winced in pain as she did this and he immediately started begging them to spare him. “Shut the fuck up turkey boy, or the tape goes back on” Bella said firmly. “Besides, there will be plenty of time for you to beg as we slowly slide you into the oven and you start to roast”, they both laughed. Andy just stood there quietly sobbing, “just think in a short time you will be going into the very same oven that you installed for me and I must thank you for preparing all the veg that is going to accompany you on our dinner plates later this evening!!” The two women laughed even louder at that.“Now, as it’s your last day we are going to give you a little show before you go into the oven” said Alicia. And with that they tied Andy’s lead firmly around the coffee table leg in the lounge and Bella sat on the swivel chair opposite, she opened her legs wide and raised her heels onto the chair. Andy looked on, his eyes wide open at the sight before him. Alicia then holding the glass dildo slowly inserted it into Bella’s already moist pussy causing her to moan with pleasure as the dildo slowly slid in to the hilt and Alicia started working it in and out. As the pace grew quicker Andy could see Bella’s pussy juices building up at the base of the glass dildo and it wasn’t long before she came in a massive orgasm and as Alicia pulled out the dildo Bella squirted juices that reached Andy covering him in her sticky pussy cream. “Fuck that was good!!” said Bella as she got up and swapped places with Alicia. Mindful of the time and how long Andy would have to be in the oven, Bella quickly got to work on Alicia and in no time she was also squirting her juices in Andy’s direction. They then untied Andy and took it in turns to hold him by the lead while they made him clean them both up using his tongue.“Take a good look at our pussies Andy, they will be the last you ever see” said Bella and they laughed.
After closing the blinds in the kitchen, they picked Andy up and took him into the kitchen and while Alicia turned the oven on Bella plonked him on the counter next to the oven. “What are you doing” Andy asked Alicia. “Just pre-heating my lovely” she said with a smile. “Please, please don’t roast me for dinner!!” Andy begged. “I don’t really want he be eaten!!” “That’s what’s known as tough titties, as that’s exactly what we are going to do, now shut the fuck up and save your begging for the oven!!” Bella chastised. She then opened the cupboard above the oven and took out a huge roasting pan, it was brand new. “I brought this especially for you Andy, do you like it?” she said with a smile. “No please don’t do this, please spare me!!” Andy said in desperation. Bella chose to ignore him as she picked him up and Alicia helped bind his arms and legs together with meat string, the type butchers use to hold joints of meat together. It was like rope to Andy at his reduced size and very strong. She put him in the roasting pan belly down and reaching underneath him she drew his legs up and tied his knees to his elbows. “Perfect” said Bella as she looked him over. Andy was now in the pan with his legs tucked under him in a sort of kneeling position.“Right, let’s get the little porker oiled up” said Bella excitedly. All the time Andy was begging for his life to be spared. But they just laughed at him and told him it would all be over very soon. They then proceeded to massage olive oil all over him, getting it in every nook and cranny until he shone, then they sprinkled him with salt and pepper. “Right let’s get him in” said Alicia opening the oven door. Bella had cleaned the glass so that he could see them looking in at him from inside and they could see him. They had only put the oven on low as they just wanted him to experience the oven and not harm him at this point, as they had another surprise for him in a few minutes.
Alicia put the oven gloves on and pulled out the top rack leaving enough room for Andy to go in. After putting the rack in the sink, she then slid the bottom rack out just enough to put the roasting pan containing Andy in. All the time Andy was pleading and begging to be spared. They just laughed at him and told him to man up and accept his fate. Then they both licked their lips as they slowly slid Andy all the way in to the oven. “No! Please don’t do this to me!!You always said you loved me Bel” pleaded Andy. “I did once, but the only love I have for you now is the pleasure I am going to take, watching you slowly roast before eating you” she laughed. With that they slowly closed the door and peered in at him, the temperature was hot but not enough to harm him, but Andy didn’t know that. Bella went into the living room leaving Alicia to torment him, she picked up her phone and dialled a number, when the person answered it, she simply said come in five minutes before hanging up, immediately returning to the kitchen. They both bent over teasing Andy with their asses and telling him to take a good look as it was the last chance he would ever have.
Fiction / Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 7
« Last post by andygray on August 12, 2019, 12:19:56 PM »
“Now dear, about his memorial service, I have booked the village hall for 1.00pm on Monday the 11th. The day after we have him for dinner! I will let you do all the arranging as you knew him better than most, just let me know tomorrow how much your fees are and I will settle up with you”.“Ok” Bella said as she got up and turned for the door. “Oh dear, I almost forgot” and she went into the kitchen and returned with a huge chocolate cake she had made. “Just a little something to help fatten him up” handing the cake to Bella. “Fabulous!” said Bella. They headed for the door and Bella stepped out turning around. “Well, it’s been lovely to meet you dear” Bessie said, reaching out to shake her hand. “You too, see you tomorrow at 11.00” Bella replied, smiling warmly. “Ok dear, take care”. When Bella got home she opened Andy’s cage and gave him the cake his Aunt had made. “This is a special cake Andy; it was made especially for you to make you fat”. She said with a grin. “Now eat up!!”She headed upstairs with her hand bag and took out the envelope Andy’s Aunt had given her, she opened it and pulled out a wad of crisp new twenty-pound notes held together neatly with a rubber band. Fuck me she thought as she started to count it. There was a £1000 there, she couldn’t believe it, not only was she going to have the pleasure of getting rid of the butter ball down stairs, but she felt like she was getting paid to do so and with his own Aunt’s endorsement, it was even better. Later that evening Alicia came over and as promised they gave him a show. It ended in the usual, way with Andy being made to lick their pussies clean.
The next day at 10.50 Andy’s Aunt arrived at Bella’s house and rang the doorbell, feeling slightly nervous she headed to the door to open it. “Hello Bessie, please come in”. “Hello dear” said his Aunt as she stepped inside. “Right, where is the little porker” Bessie said as she walked into the living room and placed her handbag on the couch together with a large round tin she had brought with her. “He’s under the stairs” Bella replied walking towards the cupboard.“Are you ready for this?” Bella said, “Oh yes dear, I can’t wait” and with that she opened the door. Andy looked out of the cage and was visibly surprised to see his Aunt looking back at him. “Well, well, what do we have here!!” said his Aunt licking her lips and rubbing her hands together. “Aunt Bessie, what are you doing here?” Andy asked “. “Well my dear nephew, I have come to see how you’re getting on, and I can see by the look off your plump little body that you’re coming along very nicely, just a bit more plumping up and you will be good and ready for roasting!!” she said excitedly. Andy`s little cock stiffened at hearing his Aunt say this, and felt his little round cheeks go red with embarrassment. “My, my, look at that hard little cock of yours! It looks like a chipolata!! We will have to draw straws to see who gets to eat that when the time comes”. “It’s only role-play Aunty, they are not going to eat me really” Andy said with a hint of nervousness in his voice. “Of course, dear” his Aunt replied. She knew full well that in less than a week they would be feasting on his roasted meat.
“Can you take him out of the cage dear, so I can have a good look at him” asked Bessie. “Of course,” said Bella, “but we will have to close the curtains, just in case someone sees him.” With that Bella shut the curtains, then after picking up the lead she opened the cage door and put it on Andy. “Out you come, so your Aunt can have a good look at you” Bella said, giving the lead a tug. Once out of the cage his Aunt looked him over, pinching him here and there and feeling his fat little body. “My, my” she said as she pinched at his chubby arms and legs. “You have done a wonderful job of fattening him up so far dear, just a little more plumping up and he will be ready for the oven!!” she exclaimed. A chill ran down Andy’s spine on hearing his Aunt say that. “It’s only role-play” Andy re-affirmed as his Aunt slowly licked her lips. “I know dear nephew, I know” she lied. “We are just having some fun with you that’s all, you did say to Bella that you wanted the role-play to be realistic didn’t you!!?” “Well yes” replied Andy. “Well then, that’s what we are doing, just making it as realistic as possible for you” his Aunt said reassuringly, not wanting to spook Andy and put the fattening process at risk. “Just another few days until Sunday dear nephew and you will return to your normal height and we can celebrate with a nice Sunday dinner.” “How did you know about Bella doing the role-play with me?” Andy asked in a confused tone. His Aunt then told him the made-up story she and Bella had talked about when they had met the day before.“Aunty has brought a little something for you” she cooed as she reached for the round tin and took the lid off of it. Inside was an enormous chocolate cake with thick icing and smarties on the top in the shape of the witches’ candy house in Hansel and Gretel. “Ok, you can go back in the cage now dear, and I want you to start eating this nice cake I have made for you - Aunty wants to see you through the bars eating the cake and getting fat” she said. She was  wanting the vision of her nephew eating whilst in the cage, firmly planting in her brain for her little sessions she was going to have with the thigh bone when she got home from now till Sunday. Bella then took Andy’s lead and led him back into the cage. His Aunt followed with the cake and after Bella had put him in, his Aunt placed the cake in front of him, and as she closed the door and locked it she instructed him to eat, telling him that he needed to get fatter. As his Aunt looked at Andy in the cage, Bella made her excuses to go for a pee. With Bella gone, Andy looked out at his Aunt and said, “Sometimes I think they are really going to roast me Aunt Bessie, the way they look at me and the things they say.”“Nonsense dear, I would not let them do that to you, I will be here on Sunday to make sure you’re taken care of properly my dear”. Andy not realising the meaning of what his Aunt had just said, smiled back at his Aunt and thanked her. As Bella came back down the stairs, Bessie stood up. “Well it’s time to go” and picking up her handbag and empty tin, she made her way to the door. “Ok dear, I will see you on Sunday, bright and early” she said as she kissed Bella on the cheek. “Ok” said Bella, “look forward to seeing you then” and Bessie left.
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“Can you come around to mine today?” his Aunt asked. “Yes of course, what time?” “Would about midday suit you?”“Yes, I can make that, I haven’t got anything in my diary for today.”“Lovely” said his Aunt, and having given Bella the address, she rang off.
Still shaky from the conversation she had just had with Andy’s Aunt, Bella immediately called Alicia, “Hi hun, I have just had Andy’s fucking Aunt on the phone, she wants me to do a memorial service for him - I’m still shaking now!” “Don’t panic Bel, you can do it, you’re a pro”“I know, but his Aunt for heaven’s sake!!” “You will be fine, when are you going to see her?” “Today! At midday” “Ok, I will be round later tonight and we can talk. Then we can have some fun teasing the fat one!” said Alicia, they both laughed and Alicia rang off. When Bella got home she took the shopping from the boot and went inside. After putting the groceries away, she went to the stair cupboard door and opened it, there sat Andy in his cage, “Good boy” Bella said in an excited tone. “You have eaten all the food I left you and just look how plump you’re getting!  It’s only been a week and you look positively scrumptious! Just another week and you will be good and ready for ROASTING!!” she said with excitement. Andy’s little cock stood to attention when Bella said that. Andy still thinking that this was all a game and that he would be returning to his former height at the end of the week. “Bel, do I still have to put on more weight, can’t we just pretend I’m still getting fat? I’m fed up with just eating chocolate cake and biscuits! Can’t I have something a little healthier?  It’s going to take me at least six months to lose what I have gained so far!!” “Do you want us to do the role-play or not!? I told you that if we are going to do it for you, then it had to be done properly! And that means you eating everything I give you for another week, Ok”? Said Bella in a slightly demanding tone. “And besides, I have promised you that at the end of the role-play the weight will simply fall off”. Yes, it will just fall of your bones when you have been slow-roasted in my oven for a few hours, she thought. Her nipples stiffened at the thought. “Ok” said Andy, “I still want you to do the role-play” “Excellent” said Bella. “Now just hold on piglet wile I get you a nice big slice of chocolate cake” and off she went to the kitchen. She returned with a huge chocolate cake decorated with thick sugar icing and smarties pressed into it. “Now eat up, I don’t want to see a scrap left when I come back!” Bella opened the padlock on the cage and opening the door she put the cake down in front of Andy, before she locked the cage and stood back to admire Andy’s rounding body. With a smile she said “I have got to go out and see a client, I had a phone call while I was out. An Aunt who has lost her nephew at sea wants me to do a tribute at his memorial”. This went straight over Andy’s head of course, but it amused Bella to think that this bundle of ever-increasing plumpness in front of her was the very nephew she was referring to.  “Alicia is coming round tonight and if you’re a good little piggy we will give you a show”. With that Bella went up the stairs to put on some appropriate clothes to meet a client.
By 11.30 she was ready and she took the short drive into town. As she pulled up at the address she had been given, she gave her hair a quick flick in the mirror before getting out of the car. She was suited and booted and ready for the meeting, wearing a black pencil skirt that was just above the knee, red stilettos, a nice white blouse and a red jacket; she had also put on a nice pair of black stockings. She looked amazing! As she always did when visiting a family. Bella walked to the door and rang the bell. After a few moments the door opened, Bella was slightly taken aback by what she saw in front of her, it was a glamorous lady who looked as though she was in her early fifties. She knew from what Andy had said that she was seventy, but she looked so much younger.  She wore a tight-fitting flowery dress, white stilettos and tan stockings. She had short dark brown hair with white necklace and earrings. She was actually quite hot! “Oh, hello dear” said the woman in a cheery voice. “Mrs Toon?” asked Bella. “Oh, call me Bessie” said the lady, “And you must be the lovely Bella. Please – do come in dear.” Bella walked into the house and waited for Bessie to close the door, “This way my love” she said as she walked along the passage. From behind Bella could see the shapely calves Andy had talked about, and she couldn’t help noticing a very shapely bottom under that tight dress. She also spotted the faint lines of a suspender belt holding up her tan stockings. Wow she thought, this is some lady for her age.“Do sit down dear, would you like a cup of tea”? “Lovely, yes please” replied Bella. After making the tea, Bessie sat down opposite Bella. She looked over at Bella and said “Now I will get straight to the point dear, about my nephew. I know he’s not dead dear, at least not yet anyway…” she said with a chuckle. Bella’s heart started pounding at hearing this and her palms started to sweat.
 “Let me explain myself” she continued, “I have known Carol for a few years, you know the scientist that supplied the drug you used to shrink my nephew with!  Don’t worry dear, you’re not in any trouble! Your face does look quite the picture though!” observing Bella’s shock at hearing that his Aunt knew about them shrinking him. Bella sat in stunned silence whilst Andy’s Aunt went on. “You see Bella, about four months ago I was having lunch with Carol and she mentioned something that made my ears prick up, she told me that she had a friend called Alicia that in turn had a friend called Bella and that they had been friends with a man for some twenty years who had a fetish for being roasted and eaten by women, after being fattened up.  She also told me that he had got that fetish from his Aunt, who used to pinch his cheek and tell him that she could just eat him all up. Well when she told me that I instantly remembered doing the very same thing to my nephew Andrew! So, I asked Carol to find out more about who this man was. Now I can tell you my dear, I nearly creamed in my knickers when I found out that it was my very own nephew Andy. After some discussion with Carol, I got her to suggest to Alicia that they persuade you that it would be a good idea to shrink Andy and carryout his fetish for real. The rest dear, you know. I having been kept up to date by Carol who has been in touch with you regarding the plan – I understand she is also invited to join you when Andy is ready for eating!  May I say dear what a very impressive job you have done so far, covering your track at every stage of the plan, as you have. You, my dear Bella, are a very clever lady!!”
After hearing what Andy’s Aunt had said Bella took pause before she finally responded, the realisation slowly dawning on her. “So, you were in on it all along, don’t you care about your own nephew?” “Not really dear! You see I myself ended up developing a fetish as time went on, especially as he grew into his late teens and started to develop those muscles. Every time I saw him I would imagine what he would taste like having been slow roasted in my oven; it would make me very wet down below and I would have to masturbate when I got home imagining sliding him into the oven.  I always thought he would make a lovely Sunday roast”. “But he’s family!” said Bella. “Only by marriage, there is no blood connection! If I had not married his mother’s brother then we wouldn’t be related at all, and let’s face it - we have all fantasised about a younger man! I’d like to bet even you have” Bella smiled and had to agree with her.“The only difference is you look at a younger man and fantasise about making love to him, and most young men I do too.  Whereas when it comes to my nephew, I fantasise about him roasting in my oven and eating him up for dinner!”  “So, what happens now” Bella asked. “Well dear I would like to think you would formally invite me to dinner on Sunday the 10th!” “Of course, you’re invited! There will be plenty of him for the four of us. I wonder what he will taste like.”Bella pondered.“Delicious dear!!You see when Carol had perfected the shrinking formula she tracked down two of her former boyfriends that had been particularly cruel to her and shrank them. She then brought them back here and after a little plumping up we prepped and roasted them, then ate them for dinner, they were delicious!!” she said, rubbing her hands together and licking her ruby red lips. “Wow” said Bella. “Mind you, they were quite a bit younger than Andy is in fairness, and their meat was nice and tender. I mean my nephew is no spring chicken, but that’s nothing a nice slow roasting won’t take care off” and they both laughed. I have a little souvenir from one of the men we ate, would you like to see it?” “Oh yes please” said Bella. Bessie got up and went to her bedroom, returning with an object about eight inches long; on closer inspection Bella recognised it as a bone. “It’s a bone” she said. “Yes, dear it is, to be precise it’s a femur, or thigh bone, and it makes for a superb dildo! You see the hip joint ball, the way it curves to one side?” “Yes” said Bella, “Well when you’re using it all you have to do is twist it and it contacts your G spot, and it’s guaranteed to make you squirt every time!! I would recommend you using one of my nephews to try it” “I certainly will” said Bella excitedly. “And you can have his other one” Bella continued. “I would like that very much dear. I can’t count the number of times I have fucked myself with this one imagining it was my nephew’s, after I had eaten all the meat off it”. They both laughed.
“I have to ask and I hope you don’t find me rude, but how do you stay looking so young? Andy said you were seventy?”Bessie replied, “Well, when my husband died, he left me quite a wealthy woman, so I had a little work done”. “Well you do look beautiful; I would mistake you for someone in their fifties”. “Thank you my dear and talking of wealth I have a little something for you” said Bessie, passing Bella an envelope. “What is it?” she asked. “Just a little something for your troubles dear”. “I don’t want any money!” Bella responded, going to hand back the envelope. “Nonsense – I’ll hear nothing of it, you have put in a lot of hard work and run up what I would imagine to be considerable expenses going to Scotland and all, I don’t want you to be out of pocket!” “If you insist, thank you” Bella said with a smile, putting the envelope in her handbag. “Now dear, when can I see him, how’s he doing? Getting fat, I hope” the excitement clear on her face. “He’s doing well” Bella reassured her,“ he’s put on 5Ib already in a week! And you can come round any time you want; his face will be an absolute picture when he sees you!”“Lovely, are you free tomorrow?” “Yes, I have nothing booked for tomorrow so you can come round anytime” said Bella. “Can we say11.00am? to which Bella confirmed “Perfect.  Thinking about it, how are we going to tell Andy you have been in on it without spooking him? I mean he thinks it’s only Alicia and I that are involved?”. “Good point dear, well I can simply say that I was talking to you at the family party you and Andy had attended, and I mentioned to you that I used to tell him that I could eat him up and you had told me that it had started his fetish. Then you had contacted me when you had shrunk him and asked me to come round to make the role-play a bit more special for him” said Bessie. “That sounds feasible” Bella replied.
Fiction / Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 5
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It took the officer just three minutes to fit the bulb and after shutting the boot she said, “There you go ladies, I hope the rest of your trip is a pleasant one” After both thanking the officer they got back in the car and were on their way.
“Fuck, that was close!!!” said Alicia as they left the services. “I know, when she pushed the suitcase aside a little bit of wee came out!” replied Bella. They talked about their close call with the police for most of the way back to Bella’s- they pulled into Hay mill Lane car park at 3.45am.  After quickly swapping the suitcase and the rest of their belongings from the hire car into Alicia’s -not forgetting the syringe and the latex gloves they had used. They locked the hire car and drove the short distance to Bella’s. It was 3.56when they pulled on to Bella’s drive and they wasted no time getting Andy into the house. They took him out of the suitcase and laid him on the couch wrapped in a blanket, they would wait for him to come round and then tell him that he had agreed for them to shrink him after they promised to role-play his fantasy for a couple of weeks if he agreed. That way it would be much easier to fatten him up as he would think it was all role-play. “He looks quite cute now he’s all shrunk, don’t you think?” said Bella, “Yes, definitely – he’s like the size of a one year old now” replied Alicia and they both laughed. “He will be even more cute after he’s been fattened up for a couple of weeks” said Bella. “All that plumpness” said Alicia with a smile, “he will look like a little cherub!” she added.
After another hour Andy started to come round, he looked confused as he shook his head. “Where am I?” he said in a groggy voice and then when he realised how tall Bella and Alicia looked, he sat bolt upright with a look of pure disbelief on his face. “What the fuck happened, why you are so big, what happened to me?” he said. “Don’t you remember sweetie” Bella replied. “Remember what?” said Andy looking very worried. “Alicia and I came to see you in Scotland and told you that if you were willing to be shrunk we would bring you back to my house and role-play your fantasy for two weeks” “And I agreed?” said Andy, not quite believing what he was hearing. “Well yes dummy! Otherwise why would you be sitting on my sofa all shrunk like you are? Anyway, it’s not permanent” she lied. “You will grow back to your normal height in about fourteen days’ time”. “I will?!” said Andy, the relief clear in his voice. “Yes” said Alicia. “You agreed to be shrunk so that the role-play would be more realistic for you! That way we can put you in a cage and fatten you up and pretend we are going to roast you up for dinner”. Andy cock stiffened when she said that. “I’m not sure I want to be locked in a cage” said Andy tentatively. “Oh sweetie, it will be fun!! What’s the point of letting us shrink you to make it more realistic, if we don’t keep you in a cage and feed you loads of chocolate cake and banana bread to make you plump” said Bella. “Well I suppose so, but I don’t want to get too fat, I have just lost loads and I don’t want to put it all back on!!!”  “You will have to put weight on sweetie; otherwise there is no point in doing the role-play. But you will soon lose it again I promise!! At the end of the two weeks all the weight that you have gained will come off in no time” Bella said in an encouraging tone. Andy didn’t realise that what Bella actually meant was that he would lose the weight as they carved and ate the meat off of his bones after he had been in the oven roasting to perfection for a few hours. Bella looked over to Alicia and gave her a wink, “Yes Andy, like Bella says, the weight will just come right off”.  Andy conceded - “Ok I suppose so. You two have gone to a lot of trouble to role-play my fantasy for me and make it as real as possible” said Andy. “Oh, we will make it very realistic sweetie” replied Bella, getting slightly moist at the thought.
What a stupid twat thought Bella, as she walked towards the cupboard door under the stairs to reveal Andy’s temporary home. “Tadaaaaa, there you go Andy, your home for the next two weeks”. Inside was a cage, the type you would keep a dog in. It had a dog bed in it and a blanket and there was easily enough room for Andy to lie down and stretch out. All in all, it actually looked quite comfortable. “Right, in you get Andy we need to start fattening you up. We only have two weeks, and you need to be fat and juicy by then ready for roasting” Bella said – motioning him inside.  They were eager to get him fattened up as they had planned to roast him for Sunday dinner on the 10th March - that gave them two weeks to give him as much fattening food as possible. On the 8th they would feed Andy his last meal, that would allow his digestive system to pretty much empty its self by the 10th. Then, on the 9th they would do some prep as he needed to be in the oven early Sunday morning - how early would depend on how much weight he had gained. It would take 20 minutes a pound plus another 20 minutes to roast him properly. They would periodically weigh him over the next two weeks and make the calculation nearer the day. They had planned to sit down for dinner at 5.00pm, so they knew he would have to be roasting in the oven for most of the day.
Andy got off the sofa and walked over to the cage, his little cock slightly erect from the excitement of having his fantasy finally played out. He got in the cage and sat down on the bed. “Whilst Alicia watched over Andy, Bella went to the kitchen and returned with two chocolate cakes she had brought from Waitrose and half a loaf of banana bread. “Right my little munch kin, Alicia and I are going to bed to get some sleep, we have been up forever.  When we come back later, we want to see all this food gone, and you a little plumper! Do you understand Andy?” Andy nodded and Bella padlocked the cage and shut the cupboard door before she and Alicia went to bed. They lay in bed for a while discussing all the things they needed to do, Bella planned to check the news on computer as soon as they’d had some sleep. The authorities would probably be searching for Andy by now and they needed to keep on top of how that panned out. After ten minutes or so they fell asleep, they were both exhausted.
They resurfaced at 3.00 pm and went down stairs to check on Andy, “Good afternoon piglet, how you doing? I see you have eaten all the food we put in for you!! Good boy!! If you keep this up we will soon have you nice and fat!” said Bella. “I need a pee” said Andy in desperation. “Ok, but you need to put on this collar and lead and Alicia will take you to the toilet, after that you can have a shower” “Do you really have to put a lead on me?!” Andy protested. “If you want the role-play then you will have to do as we say!! Ok?” Alicia snapped, “Ok, ok” Andy replied. “Good, now hold still while I get this collar on you” after un-locking the cage and reaching into Andy. Alicia put the collar on him and secured it with a small padlock before attaching the lead. “Ok, out you come”, she instructed.  He did as he was told and she led him up the stairs. Bella needed to check the news, and with Andy up stairs and out the way she went to her computer and logged in, and after a little digging she found what she was looking for. Perfect!! She thought as she read the news article. The police had been informed the night before when his eldest sister had read the text that he was ending his life, and she had called his Mother, who then informed her that he had gone to Scotland for a few days. His sister had then contacted the police in Scotland and told them about the text she had received, who in turn did a search of the area and found Andy’s belongings where Alicia had placed them. The article went on to say they were doing a full search of the area, but a local expert had said that if he had jumped into the water when the falls were in full flow that there was little or no chance of finding his body as the current would have carried it out to sea.  It also said that foul play was not suspected and that the police were not looking for anyone else in connection with his disappearance. YES!!! Bella thought as she closed the article. She would keep an eye on the news for the next few days to see how things developed.
When Alicia bought Andy back down, they locked him back up in the cage making sure he had plenty of cake and biscuits and instructed him to eat them all. With that done Bella ushered Alicia up the stairs and excitedly told her about the news article she’d just read. “Brilliant” said Alicia jumping up and down on the spot. “Shhhhhhh” said Bella, putting a finger to her lips and laughing, “He will hear you!! He’s not to know of any of this, if he thinks this is anything other than role-play he will likely refuse to eat and it will make it alot more difficult for us to get him fattened up”. “Ok” Alicia whispered. After that Bella went for a shower and Alicia left for home. Alicia came back the next morning to follow Bella to Derby to return the hire car.
Bella continued to check the news over the next few day and on the third day she discovered the best news - after three days, the search had been called off. The news reader said that the authorities had announced there was very little if not no chance of finding Andy and that the search had been officially ended. Bella was over the moon and rang Alicia to tell her the news.   Over the next week they had a set routine, when Bella got up in the morning she would shower, after which she would go down stairs and put the collar and lead on Andy, she would take him up to the toilet to do his business and then give him a shower before locking him back up, instructing him to eat whatever she had placed in his cage. To further encourage him to eat, on the nights Alicia stayed they would use the glass dildo to fuck each other in front of his cage, teasing him about fattening him up and how they were so looking forward to slow roasting him and eating him up for dinner. Always wearing stockings and stilettos to heighten the experience, after they had finished they would put the lead on Andy before taking him out of his cage. They would take it in turns, while one of them held on to the lead the other would bend over on all fours with her arse in the air and instruct Andy to use his tongue to clean all of the cum out of their pussies. The sense of power they felt grew as time went on. Bella in particular felt the power intensify; on the odd occasions that she had pangs of guilt she would put them to the back of her mind by thinking of all the times Andy had pissed her off. She also used past experiences of men she had known that had fucked her over, to justify what they were doing to him. It was as if Andy was paying the price for all the sins of the men who had ever disrespected her in any way.
One morning after she had showered and seen to Andy she placed more food in his cage and told him to eat it all by the time she got back, telling him she had to go out and buy more cake. Fattening Andy up was costing her a fortune, she thought as she put her coat on. “But it will all be worth it in the end” she said to herself as she headed out of the door, locking it behind her she got in her car and set off for the coop. After buying more chocolate cake and biscuits she put the shopping in the boot and jumped in the car. Just then her phone rang, “Hello, Bella Speaking” “Hello, my name is Bessie Toon, Andy’s Aunt”. Bella’ s heart skipped a beat when she realised who she was speaking to! “Oh, hello there, what can I do for you? Bella replied in a slightly surprised tone. “I have been given your number by Andy’s family, I have offered to arrange a memorial service in his memory, I thought it the right thing to do under the circumstances, as they didn’t find his body, I thought it the next best thing. I was told that you are a civil celebrant and that you knew Andy very well”. “Yes, I am and I did know Andy for over twenty years” Bella replied, still shaking slightly.“I suppose you know more about him than most, so I thought you might do the eulogy” Andy’s Aunt suggested. “Yes of course” said Bella. “Nothing fancy, just a little get together as a way of saying goodbye, and to give us all some closure. I have hired the village hall out in the village and thought we could get-together to discuss one or two details” “Yes that would be fine, where would you like to meet” asked Bella.
Fiction / Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 4
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Having walked quickly back to the car, Bella drove the short distance to the pickup point.  Alicia had donned some latex gloves and had put the exact amount of the drug into the syringe and was crouched down in the back of the car so that Andy wouldn’t see her. They waited and as Bella saw Andy come into view her heart started to pound in her chest – she couldn’t quite believe they were getting away with it.  So far.  Andy approached the car and got into the passenger seat not noticing Alicia in the back. “Hi sweetie” he said, leaning over to kiss Bella on the cheek. Alicia knew she had to work fast and took that opportunity to sit up, lunging forward and plunging the syringe into Andy’s neck, emptying the contents into him. It all happened so quickly and within seconds he was unconscious, slumped in the passenger seat. Bella too put on a pair of latex gloves and taking Andy’s phone out of her hand bag, she turned it on.  She used a cloth to wipe it clean of any fingerprints whilst Alicia opened up Andy’s hand, and between them, using his forefinger, they typed the following message: ‘I’m so sorry, but I just can’t go on any longer.  Please forgive me.’  They selected a number of Andy’s family and friends including themselves and Bella smiled as she pressed send. She then used Andy’s thumb to turn off the phone, closing the case, she put it to one side.
Andy had started to shrink, and the co-conspirators looked on in amazement and laughed as he shrunk down to the desired height. Once the shrinking process was complete, they wasted no time in getting Andy’s clothes off.  Bella went through his jeans pockets and pulled out a wad of cash and the phone that she had given him. She counted the money- there was £465.00 in total so she retrieved the £300.00 she had given him for the room and carefully returned what was left to his pocket. “Are you robbing him Bel?” joked Alicia. “No this is my fucker Al, I gave him this for the room, I’m not going to leave it here! There’s money in his pocket, so it won’t appear as if he has been robbed” “You’re just so bloody clever” said Alicia, planting a victorious smacker on her lips.  “Right, pass him over to me Bel” Alicia said. Bella picked Andy up and passed him over to Alicia in the back. “Fuck me B, he is so light now he is shrunk” said Alicia with a wicked smile. “We will soon have him nice and plumped - a couple of weeks is all it’ll take” she laughed. “Mmm, yep - plump and juicy” Bella said, licking her lips, “Can’t wait to see the look on his face as we slide him into the oven…”. Alicia unzipped the suitcase that she’d moved from the boot to the back seat and placed Andy inside on a folded-up blanket, she then zipped it back up leaving it open a couple of inches so that he could breathe.
Meanwhile Bella had put Andy’s phone in the back pocket of his jeans, being careful not to smudge his fingerprints. They needed it to look like Andy was the last person to use the phone, just in case it was checked for prints. She then carefully folded them up along with the rest of Andy’s clothes and passed them to Alicia, “Ok, nip over the road and step over the barrier then leave them where we agreed” she said and Alicia looked out to see if the coast was clear before getting out of the car and walking over the road. She stepped over the barrier and walked to the spot they had agreed on, putting Andy’s boots down, she carefully placed his clothes on top. She quickly returned to the car and after getting the suitcase off the back seat she put it in the boot and got in the front with Bella. “Right, let’s get the fuck out of here” Alicia said, snapping her gloves off, and off they set for home.
The trip went well and they were nearly home, it was 2.40am and they had just passed junction 16 on the M6 and were about 3 miles north of Keel services.  Alicia had fallen asleep having driven some of the way back. All of a sudden Bella could see blue flashing lights in the rear-view mirror, “Fuck fuck, fuck!!!” she said “Ali - wake up there is a Police car behind us” Alicia rubbed her eyes. “What?  Fuck!  Stay calm Bel, deep breaths.  You know the plan, we’ve talked about this.” The police car slowed down in front of them and gestured for them to pull over onto the hard shoulder. “Just stay calm” repeated Alicia “we can so pull this off.” The police car had pulled up just in front of them and a female traffic officer had got out and was walking towards the car. Their hearts pounding in their chests, they both felt sick as Bella wound down the window. “Good morning ladies” said the officer, “Was I speeding?” asked Bella. “No” said the police officer “you have got a back light out - Keel services are just down the road.  We’ll follow you there where you can replace the bulb and be on your way” “Ok, goodness, thank you – it’s a good job you spotted it, the warning light hasn’t come on” Bella replied.  They drove carefully to the services as the police car followed them. “Fuck, what if they find him?” said Bella whose heart was still racing, “Don’t worry B, they won’t find him, it will be fine, just don’t panic!!” As they pulled into the services the police car was still following them and as Bella pulled into a parking space, the police car pulled up alongside and the officer got out and approached the car, Bella once again wound down the window. “Have you got a bulb kit?” asked the female officer, “I don’t know it’s a hire car” Bella replied. “There will be one in the glove box, all car hire firms are required to put them in the cars” said the officer. “Alicia reached forward and opened the glove box and retrieved the bulb kit. “Do you know how to replace the bulb?” the officer asked, both Bella and Alicia had to admit that they didn’t know how to replace the bulb–it was a ‘boy job’ as they called it. “No problem” said the officer, “pop the boot and I will do it for you”. Fear rose in them again as Bella popped the boot. The two of them got out of the car and went to the back as the officer opened the boot. As the woman leaned in, she had to slide the suitcase containing Andy to one side in order to gain access to the back of the light cluster. Both Bella and Alicia crossed their fingers behind their backs and prayed that Andy would remain unconscious.  Shit, if he woke up the game would be over and the two would likely go to prison.
Fiction / Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 3
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“Have you been to the bank?” she asked him. “Yes, I’ve been down and got £200.00 out and I filled my car up this afternoon, so I’m all set to go” replied Andy. “Good. Here’s money to pay for the room” said Bella, handing £300.00 to Andy. “Thank you sweetie, that’s £500.00 in cash which is more than enough for the trip”.  After another couple of drinks, they left and went to Bella’s, “I will just put my spare phone on charge for your sweetie” she said and went in the kitchen to fetch it, when she returned she plugged it in and sat down on the sofa. “It’ll be fully changed by the time you go in the morning” she said with a smile. They sat chatting for half an hour whilst she had a whiskey Mac and then they both went to bed; it wouldtake about six and a half hours to travel up to Scotland, so Andy needed to get some sleep. In the morning they both got up at 8.00am and after having a coffee and a couple of fags with Bella, he picked up the phone and charger and they said their goodbyes. “Have a good trip sweetie, take care and phoneme when you get there. “Said Bella. “I will” replied Andy before setting off.
He had a good trip up and once he’d booked into the hotel, he phoned Bella. “Hi sweetie I’ve just booked in – the room’s lovely.  The windows open wide too so I can have a sneaky fag!” “Excellent” replied Bella, “What’s the rest of the hotel like?” “It’s perfect” said Andy, “the bar’s really cosy and there’s a pub just two minutes’ walk down the road.” “Fab. Did you have a good trip up, what were the roads like, were there any road works?” Bella said.  She was fishing for information as she had to factor in any potential delays for their trip up, as timing was very important, any set-backs could ruin the plan. They needed to meet up with Andy after dark when the falls were still flowing fast, for the plan to work. “No” said Andy, traffic was fine on the M6 and no road works for a change”.  “Excellent” said Bella, “well, you have a good stay, chill out a bit and I will see you in a couple of days.” “Ok” said Andy “I’ll catch you soon.”
Not long after Andy had left that morning Alicia picked Bella up and drove her to Derby to pick up the hire car, Bella had driven it back and parked it in the Hay mill Lane car park- out of the way and out of sight of the High Street and Alicia had picked her up from the car park and brought her home. They were going to set off the next day at 8.00am - that would give them plenty of time just in case of delays, to get up to Connell and get into position. They were going to travel up non-stop, they would take drinks and some food with them, that way they’d avoid stopping at services where they might be caught on CCTV - potentially incriminating them later. It was maybe a little OTT, but Bella’s OCD meant that she covered every eventuality, knowing they only had this one chance to get it right.
The day before Alicia had picked up the shrinking drug from her scientist friend Carol – she’d known her a long time and trusted her completely.  Carol detested men having been fucked over several times in the past and had used the drug herself to dispose of a couple of prats who’d disappointed her. Alicia had, with Bella’s agreement, promised Carol that she could come round and join them when Andy was plump and ready for roasting, in lieu of paying for the drug; something Carol was very much looking forward to. She had told Alicia the drug was to be injected into any part of the body and explained how long the shrinking process would take, telling her that it would also erase Andy’s memory 10 minutes before he was shrunk. That memory loss would come in useful when he finally regained consciousness.  She also gave Alicia a syringe to administer the drug telling her the exact amount to use to shrink Andy to one third of his original size.
“We need to get some sleep, it will be a long day tomorrow” said Bella. After pouring herself a whisky Mac they both went up to bed and talked for a while about how much fun they were going to have with Andy and after a while they fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning, they were up at 9am and after a light breakfast they loaded a large suitcase into Alicia’s car along with enough food and drink for the journey. The plan was to put the shrunken Andy into the suitcase to transport him back to Bella’s house and they’d agreed to place it in the boot for the trip back down, keeping him very much out of sight. After the drug was administered it would render him unconscious in seconds and the shrinking process would start to happen within those first two minutes, it would then take another three minutes for him to be fully shrunk down to 2ft high.  Carol had reassured them that he would remain unconscious for about 8 hours giving them more than enough time to get him back to Bella’s and into the cage that she and Alicia had put under the stairs, having cleared all of her shoes and coats out, relocating them to the dressing room the day before.
They set off at 10am, Alicia drove the short distance to the car park where the hire car was parked and after transferring the suitcase into the boot along with the rest of their supplies, they set off for bonny Scotland. The weather was good and the traffic moderate and they made the trip in plenty of time, despite having to leave the M6 at one point and find somewhere without CCTV to have a pee before re-joining the motorway.  Bella had studied the area carefully using Google maps and knew exactly where the phone box was that she would use to call Andy and the spot they would park to wait for him. It was now 17.50, Bella parked the car near to the phone box and got out of the car, it was quiet, and she could see no one around – the coast was clear; perfect. She walked the short distance to the phone box and entered it, picking up the receiver she put the coin in and rang the number of her spare phone. “Hello?” Andy said, not recognising the number. “Hi Sweetie, its Bel” “Aloha, where are you calling from? I don’t recognise the number?”. “Yes, pants, my phone battery died on me, I’m calling from a phone box here in Connell!” “Connell!! What the fuck are you doing up here?” asked Andy? “I have come up to surprise you and stay for a couple of days!” “Wow, that’s brilliant!! Where are you now?” “I’m in a phone box, just down the road, give me two minutes and meet me just up the road from your digs.” Bella then told Andy to turn right out of the Hotel and just walk up the road and she would be parked on the right in a lay-by, the plan was to head to the local for a beer and some supper. “Ok sweetie, see you in five” said Andy, and ended the call.
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