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Fiction / Re: How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten
« Last post by charles354107 on December 10, 2018, 10:48:18 PM »
This is indeed a very enjoyable story. I do, however, have a complaint, and that is, to me at least, It ended too soon.
Manips / Re: Femcan caption-stories!
« Last post by ToddSalt on December 10, 2018, 05:52:07 PM »
last one for now
Manips / Re: Femcan caption-stories!
« Last post by ToddSalt on December 10, 2018, 05:51:16 PM »
Back again with a new batch!
Fiction / Re: How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten
« Last post by WhitePill on December 08, 2018, 07:32:46 PM »
It's fine you liked this story, so therefore I'm gonna try to write a new one.
Fiction / Re: How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten
« Last post by OvenRoast on December 08, 2018, 06:39:30 AM »
Wow & I totally agree with FemcanLana this is a really really good story ..Thank you for sharing this on here & hopefully share many more if or as you write them :)
General Discussion / Re: Say what you like to be
« Last post by OvenRoast on December 08, 2018, 06:19:43 AM »
If I had to choose what kind of animal I am and should ideally be treated like in regards to any of the typically regular animals raised to be meat .. I'd probally choose to be one of the Poultry animal meats .. either Turkey or Chicken etc ..
General Discussion / Re: How do you want be cooked and by whom?
« Last post by OvenRoast on December 08, 2018, 06:15:06 AM »
As my name OvenRoast suggests that is more often exactly how I would like to end up being prepared & cooked  :)
And as to who should be the one to prepare & cook me Ideally i'd really love to end serving some nice, lovely looking woman's dining table .. but as I'm just meat I'm open to being cooked by any kind of chef regardless of age, gender etc ..
On a similar note this means that I'm open to being cooked in any other way too ;D
Photoshop / Usagi Tsukino & Mamoru Chiba
« Last post by WhitePill on November 26, 2018, 03:29:44 PM »
who else would've loved to be Mamo-Chan in a scenario like this :
Fiction / Re: How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten
« Last post by FemcanLana on November 26, 2018, 09:18:48 AM »
Oh WOW! This is really good :)
Fiction / Re: How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten
« Last post by WhitePill on November 24, 2018, 09:05:00 PM »
Part V:

Only once two more minutes of being cooked inside Vessy's oven had passed, Lawrence finally (!) felt that the air around him had indeed gotten so hot that he didn't
find it pleasant any longer.
Nevertheless, for now Lawrence still managed to think to  himself: "This is it ! My dream ! I've always wanted to experience this for real ! What better and more noble fate
could there be for anyone to suffer , than to offer their own body as a delicious food to those he truly LOVES ?"
So by remembering his own bizarre motivations for why he believed ending up cooked was something he truly wanted, Lawrence kept calm - for now.
He didn't want Jennifer nor Vessy to know that he was in fact no longer enjoying the heat.

However, it took only three minutes more , that not only the air had become much too hot to bear for Lawrence, such that he found it painful to inhale the hot air.
No, but now also the material of the baking dish which contained Lawrence had been heated up by so much that it was uncomfortably hot, and it was beginning to cause burns on
his skin.
Therefore, Lawrence' body began to act by itself, as it could no longer remain calm and pretend not to suffer from the heat !

Since the heat inside Vessy's oven had become so unbearable, Lawrence could no longer control his body voluntarily nor hide his genuine suffering from his cooks.

His cooks - Jennifer and Vessy - until now they had remained calm, too, due to the excitement of watching Lawrence cook , through the oven window.

But now, also Vessy and Jennifer saw that Lawrence' body had began to move and squirm inside that heated baking dish which contained him, and they watched as he tried to free himself

"Now you see, Jennifer, why we had to use all of those unbreakable bonds to tie him up. It's because once the volunteer guys who had agreed to being cooked get past their climax,
they typically realize how stupid they really were when they agreed, and therefore, at this point, pretty much all of them will try to escape !"

"What do you mean by that, Vessy ?" Jennifer got curious. "So are you trying to say that right now Lawrence probably isn't enjoying this game any longer ?"

"Well, Jennifer," Vessy giggled, "you can see it yourself, right ? How he's trying to break free from his bonds and escape from the heat of my oven ."

Through the oven window, Jennifer's beautiful and Lawrence' desperate eyes met, and for Jennifer it was obvious at first glance that her bro was suffering torments of hell,
as he was in the process of being cooked alive helplessly inside Vessy's big oven - and since his mouth was blocked by an apple, he had no way of commenting his situation, either.

As she was looking into his eyes, Jennifer sighed: "I see, Vessy. I guess, right now if we put him out of your oven and asked him whether he wants us to stop cooking him, he
would probably agree, right ?"

Vessy didn't even need to answer, as also Lawrence himself somehow managed to NOD visibly , and with tears of pain in his eyes, but with a muffled sound of "MMMM!" he managed
to produce, due to the apple in his mouth.

"Hmmm, Jennifer, you weren't actually just hinting that you're feeling sorry for him and got second thoughts ?" Vessy looked at Jennifer with kind of a disappointed expression on
her face. Then Vessy also said: "You know, Jennifer. Normally , I wouldn't wanna let a great catch like your bro escape , since , like I said, if we cooked him completely I'm
certain he'd definitely turn out as the most delicious meal you've ever eaten, Jennifer ! But since he's your bro, only this time, maybe I can make an exception, since
I can easily understand why YOU would want to free him and-"

A few moments of mutual silence followed, with Jennifer looking deeply into Lawrence' eyes, like if she was trying to read his mind.

As for now, he was still alive, although suffering greatly from the infernal heat inside Vessy's oven, and he was staring out at her through
the oven window with a pleading expression on his face.

Eventually, after watching him cook and squirm inside Vessy's oven for two minutes more, Jennifer had made up her decision:
"No, Vessy, now I'm absolutely certain what is the right thing to do !
It's because somehow, deep inside me, I have a feeling that also Lawrence doesn't really want us to stop cooking him , either.
So it's ok, Vessy ! We shouldn't stop this game !
Let's go through with cooking my bro completely , ok, Vessy !
Now I really wanna cook and eat my bro - and find out, how delicious he's gonna be !"

"Thanks, Jennifer. You won't regrett it, Jennifer !" Vessy sighed with relief. "To be honest, I suppose your bro isn't gonna last much longer anyways,
inside my hot oven, so I'm positive he's gonna be freed from the worst suffering soon."

"Yeah, Vessy, let's just keep on watching him through the oven window, until he passes out !" Jennifer nodded, as she was looking into her bro's eyes, through the oven window.

It was a good decision for Jennifer to keep on watching her bro through the oven window, as he was about to experience the final conscious , gruesome and horrible moments of
his life inside Vessy's hot oven.

It took only 5 more minutes, before being cooked inside Vessy's big oven at 440 F turned out to be more than Lawrence managed to withstand, and so he passed out and everything
went black for him.

Lawrence' facial expression , which had looked so horribly contorted with pain due to the heat that Jennifer had begun to worry that her decision of
cooking him completely  might have been wrong: Right before Lawrence passed out and wasn't going to wake up ever again, his facial expression had changed into that
of a very happy big brother , of one who had been given the chance to realize his ultimate dream.

"Look, Jennifer, at his face !" Vessy reached out her hand and touched Jennifer's head, in order to comfort her. "I'm absolutely sure that
- despite of how much he must've suffered from the heat while he was still conscious -  that in the end he was happy that you did not choose to free him, and thus you did
not stop his genuinely deepest & most ultimate dream from coming true !"

"Is that so, Vessy ?" Jennifer began to weep, in response to watching the lifeless body of her brother through the oven window, and it had already begun to brown slightly.

"Don't you worry , Jennifer. The depths of the human soul are so unfathomable, that this whole phenomenon of guys who would volunteer gladly to become the food of those
they love - like also your brother - is not well understood, as of yet."

"Vessy ? Let's leave this room. Let's go to your living room and play something else, ok ?"

"Ok, Jennifer. Maybe we can play cards or a video game. As long as we baste your bro once every 30 minutes, I'm sure he's gonna turn out like the most delicious roast you'll
ever have eaten for dinner, Jennifer !"

"Vessy ? Do you believe that humans do not only have a mortal body, but also an immortal soul ?"

"Yeah, Jennifer, I'm absolutely sure about that ! I'm sure that also your bro , who was so happy to offer the meat of his body to us, has an immortal soul."

Vessy's last remark finally managed to stop Jennifer's weeping, and to brighten up her mien. "Yeah. I really hope that what you just said about Lawrence' immortal soul is true.
So although we're gonna eat up his body today, for dinner,  I can keep on looking forward to see my bro again - maybe in the afterlife or in paradise ..."

"By the way, Jennifer, there's one thing I wanted to ask you ?" Vessy asked, as the two of them entered Vessy's living room.

"Yeah, Vessy , what is it ?"

"Well, you see, Jennifer, once your bro is gonna be cooked completely, you will find that he consists of SO MUCH delicious meat , much more than only the two of us could
ever hope to eat !"

"Hmm, now that you mention it , so , what are we gonna do with all of my bro's meat , Vessy ?"

"Jennifer ? Would it be okay for you if I also invited several of my friends. All of them are witches who LOVE eating a well-roasted boy, too - just like me, and well ..."

"Oh yeah, Vessy, why not ? Just invite them over here , so we can share my bro's meat with them , too ! I also wanna get to know your friends."

"Oh thank you so much, Jennifer ! I'm certain my friends will absolutely LOVE to eat part of the meat Lawrence' fully cooked body is going to offer,  too ..."


Several hours later, when Lawrence' body had been cooked in Vessy's big oven long enough , and to perfection ,
his younger sister Jennifer, as well as Jennifer's best friend Vessy , and also Vessy's friends who were also witches (most of them female, but a few of them were male /
boyish witches, too) enjoyed eating him.

Afterwards, they all agreed that Lawrence' had turned out to be the most delicious roast guy they had eaten , ever ...


(c) by WhitePill , November 2018
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