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Fiction / Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 1
« Last post by morselman on May 18, 2018, 05:49:33 AM »

Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons
Episode 1

"HOT BRAZILIAN BABES seek obese American piggie!"

The ad appeared in Plumpkin's inbox just like any other piece of spam. He would have deleted it, but the banner caught his eye. Plumpkins read on, becoming more thrilled at each word--

"Lonely ladies located in remote region of Brazilian Amazon Jungle have fierce fetish for flab. Pudginess in piggies considered great mark of beauty--only the portliest of porkers need apply. Submit your vital statistics and pictures to the link below..."

Plumpkin's fingers nearly twisted into knots as he frantically typed his answers into the website's application form. He then uploaded his most embarrassing swim suit pictures, displaying every roll of fat and each deeply indented dimple. That night his mind was filled with visions of Brazilian beauties gyrating to the Samba in spectacular sexy Carnival outfits, each eagerly vying for his favor...

The next morning his heart leapt as he read the response:

"Congratulations piggie, you do indeed meat our requirements. Please fill out the attached form to be scheduled for a private interview at the following hotel located in your city's airport district. " 

Plumpkins noticed the error in spelling, but chocked it up to the Brazilian ladies in question being unfamiliar with English. He proceeded to schedule an appointment that evening at the ritzy five star hotel specified.

Plumpkins stood in the luxuriant hallway and knocked on the hotel room door as directed. A statuesque woman answered that absolutely towered over him. Plumpkins had never seen a more perfect combination of athletic fitness and curvy voluptuousness--even her "Brazilian Butt" seemed sculpted from firm muscle as if she were a thoroughbred horse.

Eyes as dark as obsidian gazed down upon him with delight. The exotic chiseled features of her beautiful copper hued face shone with pleased surprise as she appraised Plumpkins' physique. "Very very impressive!" she said with a nod and enthusiastically beckoned him into the luxury suite.

Suddenly a bevy of beauties, each the equal of the first, clustered around Plumpkins and created such as fuss over him that he nearly fainted from bashfulness. All of them had gorgeous jet black hair that hung straight down past their impossibly narrow hour glass waists, all the way to the wide hips and full buttocks of Brazilian fame.

Their breasts were ample, yet not so large as to impede vigorous activity. They all possessed spectacular physiques that seemed a flawless combination of excellent breeding and rigorous physical fitness.

Each wore a stylishly cut pencil skirt dress and tight girdle made of jaguar skin that hugged her curves in a loving embrace. Thigh high jaguar skin spiked heel boots adorned their legs and jaguar head hats, complete with fierce eyes and snarling teeth, were set upon each beauty's brow.

After they had finally gotten their fill of groping, fondling and probing Plumpkins’ blushing flesh, they directed him to a sumptuous couch and all crowded next to him upon it--each unable to take her eyes off of him. He was encouraged to partake in the gourmet snacks piled upon a coffee table in front of him as they watched Plumpkins eat with rapt attention.

Finally the first beauty Plumpkins had met cleared her throat and said "Well then, down to business--we need you to come back with us to our city in the jungle." Plumpkins stopped in mid-chew and looked at her with surprise.

She seemed a little embarrassed, then pressed forward. "You see, we are descended from the original Amazon warrioress tribes of Brazil. The natural resources of our territory have provided us with great wealth, and have enabled us to protect ourselves and carry on the ancient traditions of our culture in a great city still hidden from the outside world. But we have one vital need that we cannot provide ourselves..."

One of the other beauties interrupted "Get to the point--women of our race are only capable of giving birth to females...we need to bring a piggie from the outside world into our city to mate with the most gorgeous of our maidens to keep our culture alive!"

"A plump piggie!" another beauty interjected.

"And there will be a big grand feast afterwards!!!" the youngest beauty said enthusiastically, but was quickly shushed by her companions.

The first beauty scowled at her and gave them all a warning glare. She then said put her hand on Plumpkins' knee and said reassuringly "We certainly do need a plump piggie--to help keep our daughters from becoming too 'ripped' and muscular. We have found interjecting the fatness genes provided by plump piggies helps our race maintain a quality of soft voluptuousness to compliment our strength."

The other beauties all gave each other sly glances, nodding vigorously in bemused agreement.

"Would you like to see our private jet? " she continued. "Our Queendom has brought an aircraft to your local airport and ‘financially arranged’ for our very own access gate and hangar with the airport manager to avoid any ‘complications’ with visas or customs…”

Before Plumpkins could reply he found himself being firmly bustled down to the hotel garage, surrounded by the phalanx of beauties, and then quickly tucked into a blacked out limousine.

As Plumpkins entered the hangar, still firmly in hand by the amazons, he was astonished to see an enormous Embraer Regional Jet parked inside. The flight crew and attendants all consisted of the same race of copper skinned beauties, operating quietly under the cover of darkness.

A hatch opened from the aircraft's side and Plumpkins was secreted into it without fanfare by his hostesses. He barely had time to catch his breath before they were hurling down the runway and off to Brazil.

Plumpkins marveled at the jet's luxuriant interior--it was head to toe jaguar skins. A stewardess wearing a jaguar themed uniform offered him a platter of exotic treats with a knowing smile. "Nothing is too good for a piggie who is the guest of Jaguarazon Airways..."

"Jaguarazon?" he was unfamiliar with the term. `

"Yes..." said the first beauty, who was sitting next to him "You are now an honored guest of Queen Carnivora--ruler of the Jaguarazons."

"A most ancient race of amazon warrioresses" the youngest beauty with obvious pride. "Our culture has existed independent from the world of men for thousands of years."

"How is this possible?" Plumpkins inquired.

"The Amazon Jungle has always had tribes of women warriors..." the first beauty explained "but from time immemorial we Jaguarazons were the most fierce and most committed to a man-free lifestyle. Any woman giving birth to a male child was banished--after centuries of this practice natural selection has resulted in a race of women capable of only giving birth to female children."

"But how could you reproduce without men?" Plumpkins said with obvious puzzlement.

"Piggies possessing desired qualities have always been brought in as guests of the Queen for mating with eligible females." she replied.

"And for other things..." the youngest beauty said with a smirk.

The first beauty frowned at her sternly and said "It is also our custom that guest piggies must arrive at our city of their own free will and unafraid."

The youngest beauty nodded contritely with a sulk.

All the rich food and intoxicating company finally took its toll on Plumpkins, and he fell into a deep sleep filled with sweet dreams.

He was awakened by sound of the jet's landing gear deploying. The window overlooked a landscape of thick jungle as far as the eye could see.. The aircraft set down onto a camouflaged runway and slipped into a hangar hidden beneath the forest canopy.

Plumpkins was led out of the plane, down a stairway and into a jaguar upholstered sedan chair carried by four jaguar skin draped amazons. He was taken from the hangar to a pathway lined with cheering amazons of all ages and sizes, leading to an immense courtyard filled with hundreds more, all clamoring to see him. Their jaguar skin garments made them seem like a great undulating carpet of luxuriant fur.

Eventually Plumpkins arrived at the entrance of a great palace, imposing and ancient--as were all the surrounding hewn stone buildings that composed the Jaguarazon city. Thousands of amazons lived within their walls, and it seemed most of them were in attendance for his benefit.

Suddenly a hush fell over the crowd as Queen Carnivora stepped onto a balcony overlooking the courtyard. She was an imposing sight, heavier and more mature looking than the other amazons, but still strong and beautiful.

Upon her head was a crown fashioned out of gold to look like the fanged head of a snarling jaguar about to pounce. Her shoulders were draped with a regal jaguar skin cloak, adorned with countless jaguar claws and teeth.

She looked down upon Plumpkins. He felt a cold thrill shudder down his spine right into his toes. Her eyes pierced into his soul with an absolutely ferocious intensity, devoid of any nonsense.

"Piggie, have you come to us of your own free will and without fear?" she said with a stern tone, her voice possessed an implacable domination that melted Plumpkins' will into a puddle of submission.

"Ummm--yes...sure." he stammered weakly, not knowing what else to say under the circumstances.

The first beauty stepped forward and kneeing before her Queen said. "As you see my Queen, all the traditions and laws of obtaining a piggie for the ritual sacrifice have been satisfied..."

The queen erupted into a terrifyingly evil laugh and declared with triumph "This piggie satisfies all the requirements for enabling my magic--let the festivities begin!". It seems Queen Carnivora was also a sorceress and witch as well as Queen.

The crowd roared with delight and parted to reveal a 100 foot long stone trough filled to the brim with glowing coals. Countless young amazon girls in jaguar dresses were industriously pumping bellows into ports along the trough’s bottom, ensuring the charcoals were kept cherry red. They giggled and gave each other gleeful glances as if they were giddy young school girls having a mischievous game of who could get her patch of coals the hottest.

Standing beside the trough for its full length were tall athletic warrioresses, each vigorously snapping enormous thickly woven bullwhips above her head with practised skill, vying to see who could make hers crack the loudest.

High stone bleachers located along each side of the trough for it’s entire length were filled with rowdy cheering amazons as if it were a sold out sports venue, with others crowding the field at ground level craning their necks to see--it seemed the entire city of Jaguarazons had turned out to watch the proceedings.   

A shocked and stunned Plumpkins sat dumbly as his sedan chair was brought to the end of the trough and set next to a stone ramp leading down onto the coals. He was forced up from his seat at spear point. Several amazons effortlessly tore off his clothes and shoes with rough yanks.

Plumpkins stood utterly naked and totally bewildered--a completely alone and helpless piggie trapped within an entire city of absolutely pitiless amazons-- suddenly forced to serve as public spectacle for their amusement. He looked toward the first beauty questioningly, with despairingly beseeching eyes.

She smiled at him cruelly and said "Tradition requires that before you are accepted as a ‘guest’ of our Queen you must run the gauntlet--Jaguarazon style!"

Spears began to heartlessly prod his tender backside, as if Plumpkins were a pincushion--causing him to stumble down the ramp and onto the searing coals.

His bare feet frantically danced about, involuntarily doing doing a jig in a desperate but impossible attempt to avoid the scorching red hot pain--greatly delighting the young coal tending girls! They clapped and cheered--ecstatically jumping and rolling around with uproarious laughter at the success of their handy work!

Suddenly a whirlwind of expertly aimed bullwhips rained down upon Plumpkins with sharp cracks as the tall amazons relentlessly drove him forward, ever forward over the endless path of coals...the entire crowd rose from their seats and howled cheerfully with approval!

End of episode 1…
General Comments & Questions / When does the game journey to the table complete?
« Last post by Tatung on May 17, 2018, 02:46:59 AM »
When does the game journey to the table complete?
Other / Special Dinner
« Last post by Phoenix on May 17, 2018, 02:40:51 AM »
Special Dinner location
General Discussion / How do you get you like be a pig or femcan?
« Last post by Tatung on May 16, 2018, 02:05:13 AM »
I found a site that contain cannibal story i read it then search more and find dolcett comics it so fantastic and sexy at last when i join cannibal.planet i found i want be a pig and treat like a pig by femcanlana.here its the place my dream comes true.
Your Journey To The Table / Table or other places
« Last post by Phoenix on May 15, 2018, 01:41:15 PM »
I am open for many fantasy ideas
Photoshop / Last wish
« Last post by Tatung on May 15, 2018, 12:48:32 PM »
the pigs has no choice
Photoshop / Femcanlana Farm
« Last post by Tatung on May 15, 2018, 12:47:41 PM »
join to the farm fast
Your Journey To The Table / i play it
« Last post by Tatung on May 15, 2018, 11:38:32 AM »
i play it and i enjoy the game when it completed? its full of fun and you can feel you are a real pig.
Photoshop / Femcanlana slaughter house
« Last post by Tatung on May 15, 2018, 11:31:42 AM »
bad pigs never cooked by oven
Photoshop / Femcanlana pick a pig for the oven
« Last post by Tatung on May 15, 2018, 11:22:01 AM »
Im ready
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