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Author Topic: Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 9.  (Read 467 times)

March 09, 2019, 08:59:49 PM
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Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 9.
Conclusion and Epilogue.

by Morselman

Within the clutches of the thirteen Mating Implements, Plumpkins had been Tenderized, Toasted, Roasted, Broasted, Braised, Broiled, Sauteed, Simmered, Seared, Baked, Boiled, Grilled and Deep Fried in Sizzling Oil--but none of those torments matched the agony of his poor genitals being forced to ejaculate thirteen times for the insatiably concupiscent Jaguarazon maidens! His throbbing testicles, palpitating prostate, aching urethra and tattered glans tip felt like a hundred miles of hard road that had been freshly marched upon in double-time by an entire army of goosestepping amazons.

But completing the Mating Ritual didn’t end Plumpkins’ peril--it directly prepared him as main course for the Sacrificial Feast--the Jaguarazons had designed their Mating Implements well. While Plumpkins’ reproductive seed was being relentlessly forced to serve the Jaquarazon need for spawning more daughters, their fleet of hellish contraptions had implacably transformed him into a thoroughly cooked, impeccability prepared gourmet meal to serve their ravenous need for devouring piggie flesh!

As if all that weren’t enough--the spectacle of Plumpkins helplessly suffering the indignity and humiliation of being multiplely raped, and forced to endure the unbearable pain of being cooked alive by ever more excruciating methods, had perfectly served the Jaguarazon need for sadistic public entertainment at a captive piggie’s expense. And if Queen Carnivora’s cruel credo were to be believed, Plumpkins’ public plight also served the Jaguarazon need to honor and please the depraved Jaguar Goddess.

The Sacrificial Feast was being held in the Queen’s Audience Chamber and attended by the thirteen former maidens, the Queen and her honor guard, and the original band of beauties responsible for enticing Plumpkins into coming to the Queendom. They were all drinking copious bowls of the traditional fermented beverage Cauim and engaged in uproarious conversation about the delights and festivities of the day’s Mating Ritual. Often it was punctuated with gales and howls of riotous merriment when particularly priceless moments of Plumpkins’ sufferings were recalled. Queen Carnivora’s exuberant cackling was in especially rare form. 

All fell silent with awe upon Plumpkins’ arrival. He was belly down upon a golden platter with an apple in his mouth and being carried on an elegant litter by four of the Queen’s honor guard. His skin had become caramelized into a crunchy crust, giving off such a savory aroma that it made all the amazons instantly salivate. Tears were streaming down his crispy cheeks as Plumpkins whimpered between laboured breaths. The Jaguarazons gave each other ecstatic glances while smacking their lips happily with gleeful relish--never had they ever been served a finer piggie! They felt certain Plumpkins would the greatest gourmet delight of their entire lives!

Plumpkins was placed upon a large round banquet table in the center of the chamber as the amazons gathered around and looked toward Queen Carnivora expectantly. She was now all business and completely focused on her role as the High Priestess of piggie Sacrifice. Gesturing toward the Jaguar head throne representing the Goddess she proclaimed solemnly “We give thanks for this meal of piggie flesh to our most beloved Goddess and for her protection, her many blessings, her guidance and wisdom, her Code of piggie Subjugation, and most of all for the privilege of being her most dutiful daughters and most fierce warrioresses to represent and serve her in this world.” The amazons all nodded agreement and proclaimed “So be it.”

A tray loaded with the Sacred Cutlery was placed beside the Queen. All the cutlery were made of the finest steel with gold handles formed in the shape of leaping Jaguars. A stack of ornate golden plates accompanied them. She nodded to her subjects. Each solemnly selected a steak knife, fork and plate then waited in line expectantly, the youngest beauty in the lead.

The tray also carried a large case of rare exotic wood magnificently decorated with scenes of female Jaguars, with toothsome jaws agape, pouncing upon and devouring hapless piggies. Queen Carnivora opened the satin lined lid reverently to reveal a fabulous three piece Sacred Meat Carving set nestled gently in lush red velvet, all with the same ornate gold handles as the cutlery.

She picked up enormous serrated carving knife with a forked tip and displayed it gravely to Plumpkins, breaking briefly into a cruel chuckling smirk before regaining her composure. Plumpkins cringed pitifully and emitted an apple filled gasp as his well cooked body shuddered in terror. The set also provided a wicked looking carving fork with enormous tangs. Beside it was a sharping steel, which Queen Carnivora selected purposefully and proceeded to carefully hone her knife blade with slow deliberate strokes directly before Plumpkins’ horrified gaze. All the gathered amazons watched his reaction with immense amusement.

Finally Queen Carnivora was satisfied that the knife’s cutting edge was sharp as possible. She gave the youngest beauty a nod, who smiled with delight and walked around Plumpkins, carefully looking him over and tapping her chin thoughtfully. She turned toward the Queen “Are his genitals safe to eat yet?” Queen Carnivora shook her head “No, the spider venom lingers for quite some time--not even cooking destroys it.” The youngest beauty gave a small pout of disappointment, then continued her examination of Plumpkins. The Queen leaned down close to his ear and said softly “Not to worry piggie, I have something special planned for your boy-bits!”

The youngest beauty poked and prodded Plumpkins mercilessly with her fork until finally settling on a particularly tender section of his plump buttocks. “Here…” she declared “this portion will do nicely.” and presented her plate. The Queen grinned and thrust the Sacred Carving Fork in deeply, to secure Plumpkins’ flesh against flinching when sliced. She then positioned the blade of the Sacred Carving Knife with great flourish and proceeded to saw into Plumpkins, cutting through him as effortlessly as if he were made of warm butter.

Copious juices flowed from the cut, joining a fresh gush of tears flowing from Plumpkins’ eyes as he gave out a piteous cry of utter despair--much to the raucous amusement of the gathered amazons! They all sarcastically clucked and cooed at Plumpkins with a mock sympathy so rich with irony that the humiliation sliced into him even deeper than blade of Queen Carnivora’s knife.

One by one the gathered amazons selected their due portions of Plumpkins’ meat. Firstly, all the former maidens in the order of their Third Ordeal branding score. Then the team of beauties responsible for capturing him, and finally the members of the honor guard by order of rank. Queen Carnivora waited until last for her own portion as tradition demanded. Plumpkins’ ample bulk provided top quality prime piggie meat for all, including second helpings. She had taken great care to avoid cutting any vital organs,
keeping him alive and conscious while his flesh was being meticulously carved. 

The amazons then loaded their plates from a selection of scrumptious side dishes on a sideboard and took their places at the round banquet table. Plumpkins provided the center piece, his platter slowly spinning on a turntable in the manner of a Lazy Susan--the better to display his sobbing countenance for the entertainment of the diners as they tucked in to his flesh with gusto. Each amazon took special delight in making a great fuss about the deliciousness of the morsel she consumed whenever Plumpkins’ gaze turned her way, often with amusing exaggeration. There seemed to be a competition among them as to who could make the most dramatic “yummy” noises, which often resulted in outbursts of merry laughter disrupting the meal. Queen Carnivora seemed particularly tickled, judging from her boisterous cackling.   

When at last the amazons had eaten their fill, Queen Carnivora rose from her seat declaring “It seems we have plenty of left overs for piggie sandwiches tomorrow!” The amazons all nodded with well fed amiability. “As for now…” she continued “Lets make preparations for desert--Baked piggie Brains!” This produced an enthusiastic cheer from the diners, who all pitched in with zeal as Plumpkins’ now flesh-less limbs were promptly removed and set aside. None of Plumpkins would go to waste--the marrow from his bones and his edible internal organs were all destined to become a savory soup for accompanying tomorrow’s sandwiches.

Once Plumpkins had been stripped down to a well carved torso, he was rolled belly-up and his platter slid to the side of the table. The prettiest of the young coal tending girls then brought in a basket brimming with glowing coals. She lifted Plumpkins’ sobbing tear streaked head to slide the basket underneath. Smiling down at him sweetly, she gently nestled his skull deep into the searing embers. Her duty done, she then skipped gaily over to the gathered amazons and gratefully received a brimming plate of leftovers.

Plumpkins frantically struggled to raise his head as the heat scorched his scalp and soaked ever deeper into his pate, but the well cooked muscles of his neck lacked strength. He gave out a long piteous groan of anguish, but the amazons were now too busy discussing other matters to pay any attention to him. The sound of his own brain sizzling began to grow within Plumpkins’ head, but he could still hear Queen Carnivora as she asked the first beauty “What are your plans for next month’s Sacrificial piggie?”

“We are off to Okinawa…” was the reply. “There is a plump young sumo wrestler who has responded to our ad very enthusiastically…”

“Excellent!” the Queen declared “I’ve been hankering just for some Japanese food…”
The End.


Queen Carnivora bustled about determinedly within her private chambers. She halted and muttered an incantational prayer before the large Jaguar Goddess figurine overlooking her personal shrine room that was filled wall to wall with shelves holding countless cryptically labeled containers. She carefully chose several small jars and brought them out to a cauldron bubbling in her fireplace, sprinkled in precise portions of each, and repeated the incantation.

Smiling with satisfaction at the result, she produced Plumpkin’s still fresh genitals from a cloche covered plate and triumphantly submerged them into the boiling liquid with a cackle of delight. The last living piece of Plumpkins bobbed and tumbled as it swelled up like a well cooked frankfurter within the kettle’s roiling contents.

Queen Carnivora then gesticulated with broad sweeps above the hotpot and spoke an ever louder stream of enchantments, until finally raising her hands high overhead, her eyes rolled back as she gave out a blood-curdling scream--at which point Plumpkin’s genitals jumped out of the cauldron and flopped about on the floor like a fresh caught fish! The Queen cackled wildly as she stood over the abomination, her hands triumphantly on her hips and declared “NO piggie--YOUR TORMENTS AREN’T OVER YET!!!”

Plumpkins didn’t understand exactly what had happened--somehow his fading consciousness had been snatched from his brain as it baked on the coals and transferred into his genitals, which were then promptly removed with a quick stroke of Queen Carnivora’s blade and spirited away by her from the feasting amazons. Amazingly he was still able to feel, think and sense his surroundings--what sorcery was this?!!!           

After Queen Carnivora’s cackling had finally run it’s course, she stopped Plumpkins’ flopping by placing the weight of her foot upon his testicles until the pain was unbearable and leaned down close. “Never underestimate the power of Jaguarazon magic, piggie!” She straightened back up, and with a smug smile continued “Folklore is full of tales about witches transforming fools who trifle with them into animals or objects--but it’s much more simple to merely concentrate a victim’s living spirit into a part of their own body.”       
Plumpkins certainly couldn’t deny the results, no matter what he believed about magic.

Queen Carnivora picked him up from the floor and brought him into a small kitchenette attached to her chambers. She rinsed him off and set him next to a small grill. “I’ve also neutralized any remnants of the spider venom from the erection potion, so you are now quite safe to eat...” Softly humming a tune to herself, she selected a collection of cooking utensils and condiments. The grill’s coals were flared up with a puff of her breath and Plumpkins was placed over them with a pair of tongs.

Queen Carnivora attentively tended him with great care as he sizzled and sputtered away, her humming interrupted by the occasional soft chuckle when Plumpkin’s futile writhing became particularly vigorous. “I’m going to treat you to something extra special, piggie…” she cooed. “Your previous journey through the digestion of the Goddess was just a vision--only a preview of what I’ve been planning for you.”

Once she was finally satisfied with Plumpkin’s grilling, she split a hoagie roll and nestled him within, adding a generous helping of condiments for good measure. “This time you’ll be experiencing the entire ride for real--still fully conscious and feeling every single bit of it end to end.” Bringing the sandwich up to her mouth, she gave Plumpkins a toothy grin. “And by the way piggie, unlike the Goddess who swallowed you whole--I chew!!!” She then opened wide and bit down hard with a muffled cackle…

The End (again).
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