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March 31, 2019, 06:52:17 PM
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Chapter 1
Cindy, a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl, had been enjoying a fantastic adventure. She and her boyfriend Robert, along with two of his friends had been sailing in the South Pacific on a large sailboat owned by Robert’s wealthy uncle named Jordan. Despite what many people would assume about a girl taking a sea voyage with four men, no sexual activity had occurred. In fact, when sitting with Robert, they would exchange some kisses, but he had only been allowed to touch her in places that were proper. In fact, they had been dating for almost two years, and he had yet to touch even her breasts. That’s not to say he didn’t have a strong desire to not only touch them, but to do a great deal more.

It was no wonder that Robert was infatuated with Cindy. She was the epitome of a blue-eyed blond with a lovely face and a superb figure, and he had hoped that, after finishing his senior year in college, she would care enough for him to become his wife. In hoping to gain her affection, he had doted after her and done anything and everything he could think of to please her. Unfortunately for Robert, although Cindy enjoyed being with him, whatever tenderness and caring she felt for Robert was more like that for a brother than a lover.   

Cindy was what some would say an ‘old fashion’ girl. She was not only a virgin but had never even experienced an orgasm. Some of her girlfriends had described them as not only being fantastic but could be achieved either by touching herself or using a vibrator. Cindy had been curious about what an orgasm would feel like, but not to such an extent of trying to find out by touching herself since this was something a ‘nice girl’ simply did not do. When she started dating Robert, when going to a movie, she would let him put his right arm around her shoulder. But then one night, when he started moving his hand tentatively toward her right breast, she pushed it away and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that such activity was not only strictly forbidden, but any further attempt would bring an end to their relationship. He reluctantly never tried again, but this did not stop him from hoping he would someday succeed in making her care enough for him to let his greatest desire become a reality - that of lying with her and making prolonged and passionate love.

This was why Jordan, whom his nephew had confided in, offered to take them on a cruise in his sailboat to the South Pacific, whose highly romantic atmosphere might be sufficient to overcome her resistance. When Robert asked Cindy if she would like to go, she was aware of what he had in mind, but she knew him well enough to know he would never try to force himself on her and, as long as she maintained her resolve, nothing improper would happen.  Jordan, who was middle aged, had always treated her with respect to such an extent that she knew he also could be trusted, so she readily agreed.

Jordan’s sailboat was quite large and required more than three people to operate, so two brothers named Frank and Sam that were friends of Robert and Jordan had also been invited. Cindy had not been pleased when told the brothers were going with them. She had been to several parties with Robert that they had also attended, and she soon found herself not caring for the obvious nature of their lingering glances in her direction. But she knew she would be safe since Robert and Jordan would always be close by, so she made no objection. When the voyage began however, their glances in her direction became more prevalent, and of the two, Frank was the worst in the leering way he would look at her, especially when she was sun-bathing in her two-piece bathing suit that was so modest it even covered her navel. But it could not conceal the smallness of her waist, the sensuous curves of her hips, her shapely legs, or the appealing fullness of her young breasts.

At first, even though making her feel uncomfortable, Cindy  had to admit that Frank was not only good looking, in an arrogant sort of way, but when he was also sun-bathing, the bulge in his tight fitting swim trunks was so noticeable that, despite her ‘proper’ nature, she found herself unable to keep from trying to visualize what lay beneath and, much to her chagrin’, causing her to get a tingly feeling between her legs. This soon came to an end, however, when his ‘sold on himself’ attitude and smirking glances became increasingly irritating to the point that she not only started ignoring him but avoided being around him as much as possible. And even though Sam’s manner was less irritating, he soon fell into the same category. But, with Robert and Jordon always close by, she refused to let her growing dislike for the brothers to put a damper on what was proving to be a wonderful and highly exotic experience.       

During the voyage, the south sea atmosphere had indeed been romantic, but other than sitting close with Robert and allowing him some prolonged kisses, her resolve remained strong even though, at times, her panties would become damp which was something that had seldom happened in the past and never with Robert.

The weather had been mild with gentle breezes until Jordan came on deck one day with a concerned look on his face. He had picked up a warning on the radio of a storm in their vicinity that had not only come up with an unexpected suddenness but sounded extremely ominous. The sails were quickly brought in, and the engine was started in an attempt to outrun the storm. Despite their efforts, however, a menacing darkness appeared on the horizon that came steadily closer. They were soon engulfed in heavy seas and howling winds, and it was all Jordan with Frank’s help at the wheel could do to maintain some semblance of control. The sky became pitch black with the only illumination being flashes of lightening. All Cindy could do was to lay on the deck and hold desperately to the mast in trying to keep from being washed overboard. Robert was lying beside her with one arm wrapped around the mast and the other around her and, although his arm was pressing against one of her soft breasts, the circumstances were so dire that neither was aware of it. The sound of a roar came increasingly closer and then the boat came to a grinding halt as it struck a reef. The keel was shattered, the mast snapped as though it were a toothpick, and it was only with Robert’s strong grip that prevented Cindy from going over the side. The boat was on the verge of capsizing when a large wave lifted it over the reef into the relative calmness of a lagoon.
A short while later, the mangled wreckage of what had once been a beautiful sailboat was washed onto a sandy beach. Jordan, Frank and Sam lay unconscious in a tangle of rigging. Robert was also unconscious, but Cindy, having been protected by his body, was only extremely dazed. The storm had been fierce but fast moving and didn’t take long to pass. Cindy began to recover as the sun started showing through the clouds. But she was still groggy when becoming aware of movement nearby and then felt a hand being placed gently on her shoulder.  “You’re lucky to be alive.” A woman’s voice said. “Let me help you sit up.” Cindy felt a wave of dizziness when, with the unknown woman’s assistance, she managed to sit up, but it soon passed. She looked at her benefactor and saw the smiling face of a beautiful young woman looking at her. “Thank you.” Cindy said in a tone of relief she truly felt. She glanced around and saw other women also in the boat with some kneeling beside the men who lay unmoving in sprawled positions.

A wave of concern passed through Cindy, and in reading her thoughts, the woman said: “None of them appear to be seriously injured, but I think it will be awhile before any of them start to wake up. You seem to care for these males, so I assume you were not being held against your will. Is one of them your husband or maybe a boyfriend? “I’m not married.” Cindy said and then pointed at Robert lying motionless on his side. “He’s a boyfriend, but I’ve never slept with him if that’s what you mean. But what difference does my association with any of them make?”  “Oh, you’ll get to keep one of them for awhile, so I guess it will be him.” The woman said as she put a foot on Robert’s shoulder and shoved him on his back to take a closer look.

Cindy was about to protest the rough manner Robert was being treated, but paused when suddenly realizing the woman had been speaking perfect English and said: “I’m surprised to hear you using my language so well. Would you mind telling me who you are and where I am?” The woman laughed and said: “I don’t mind at all. My name is Janice, and you’re on a small island, but I’m afraid the rest will take some explaining that, at first, you will find difficult to comprehend. If you’re able to walk, I’ll take you to our village where we can talk while sitting in comfort.
When carefully making her way off the wreckage, Cindy noticed that all of the women wore tight fitting leather sarongs that had been dyed in many colorful patterns. At first, she was somewhat unsteady, but she was soon able to walk without the aid of Janice holding an arm as they made their way along a path that meandered through a lush tropical forest.

A charming looking native village soon came into view where Cindy saw other women. All were wearing colorful native attire similar to that of Janice and the women on the boat. But when reaching the village, Cindy suddenly stopped and uttered a gasp when seeing human skulls over the doorways of huts and other skulls sitting on top of bamboo post. “Are those real?” Cindy asked in disbelief. “Oh, they’re very real.” Janice said. “But don’t worry, in being a woman, you have nothing whatsoever to fear.

Despite the reassuring words, Cindy was in a stunned silence as she numbly followed Janice into a small hut and sat facing her in a wicker chair that was extremely comfortable. Before she got settled, a woman holding a tape measure entered and said to Cindy: “I’m afraid your clothing on the boat have been ruined, so please let me measure your size for selecting something to wear.” After this had been done, another woman entered and handed Cindy a plate holding some tropical fruit and a thick slice of roasted meat. In being famished, she quickly started to eat. The fruit was surprisingly delicious, but it was nothing when compared to the surprise Cindy received when taking a bite of the meat. “This is the most tender and fantastic meat I’ve ever tasted!” She exclaimed. “I thought you would like it.” Janice said. “It’s the only source of meat we eat.”

Cindy said nothing more as she enthusiastically continued eating her delicious meal but, when finished, she asked something she had noticed on both the boat and in the village.  “I’ve only seen women. Are there no men on this island?”  Janice laughed and said: “Oh, there are a goodly number of men here, but none that are members of our tribe. We keep them for providing amusement, entertainment, and pleasure before being used to provide substance.” “Substance?” Cindy asked in not grasping the significance. “What kind of substance?”

Janice hesitated a moment and then said: “Providing meat.” “Meat?” Cindy said in stunned disbelief. “Are you saying that you kill and eat your men? Surely you’re joking!” Janice let out a sigh and said: “I told you there would be things you would find difficult to comprehend. Yes, we kill and eat men, but none that could be called as being ‘our’ men since we have no males that were born or raised here.  With the exception of those that came with you, all the males we keep were abducted from large resort islands.  Cindy shook her head in dismay and said: “I find it hard to believe you would risk being caught and arrested for doing such a shocking thing. From what I’ve seen, even though living as natives, you seem far too sophisticated to be cannibals.  I mean, if something like that still exists, it is surely being done by remote tribes that are extremely primitive.     

Janice laughed and said: “We don’t look upon ourselves as being cannibals. ‘Cannibalism’ is eating one’s own kind and, since the individuals we kill and eat have objects hanging between their legs that are so vastly different from women, they can hardly be called as being ‘our kind’.  I know you will argue that having cocks and balls doesn’t exclude males from being ‘human’, but their behavior, throughout history, has been so reprehensible that, in our opinion, it is folly to view them equal to women when it comes to being regarded as human. To us, males forfeited that right long ago to such extent we consider them as having been created to be used by women in whatever manner we  may choose, before slaying them for their meat that, hopefully, women throughout the world will someday discover.

We regard males more in terms of being a subspecies of the human race that is so vastly inferior to ourselves, we look upon them with disdain and deserving of being shown no compassion whatsoever that you will soon discover. As for the risk of being caught and arrested, it is almost miniscule. I won’t go into details, but males are remarkably unsuspecting and gullible when thinking they have persuaded a beautiful young woman to accompany them to their hotel room. When they start thinking with their cocks, they become extremely easy prey that offer no challenge whatsoever in being captured. We are careful to select men that are traveling alone, and it takes days if not weeks before being missed and result in long distance inquiries that, when investigated, are found to be yet another mysterious disappearance for which no clue can be found of what had occurred.”

In finding herself being in a state of numbing shock, all Cindy could think to ask was: “How on earth did something like this ever get started?”  Janice sighed and said: “We don’t have written records, and stories passed from one generation to another of what occurred that led to our present lifestyle are so many and varied, it’s impossible to tell truth from legend. But, with that being said, we are fairly confident of how it began – at least in general terms. A few hundred years ago, some women living on a large island became frustrated from being forced to endure the horrors of numerous wars being waged between tribes. They decided to leave and try to find an uninhabited island where they could live without being subjected to atrocities being continually committed by males. Well, they were obviously successful but, as I’ve said, it is impossible to tell truth from legend in the stories being told of events that occurred to bring about the way we now live.”

“I think it’s safe to say, however, the women who formed the first settlement realized the only way to ensure continuing to live in peace was to exclude males from being members of their tribe. Again, to put it in general terms, I think it most likely that, in being women, they felt a strong desire to reproduce which required finding ways to abduct at least a few males for this purpose. But when the males fulfilled this function and were no longer needed, being slain would be the simplest way to keep them from becoming a potential danger. In this way, one thing led to another over the years until the true purpose that nature intended for males to be used by women was finally discovered and acted upon.   

Cindy laughed and said: “You almost had me believing you until you said you think it’s nature’s intent for women to kill and eat men. I mean, eating human flesh would not only be very unappealing, but if it was from an adult male, it would be extremely tough as well as highly undesirable.“ Janice smiled and said: “That’s a common belief among those that don’t know the truth, but didn’t you say, just a short while ago, that the meat you were eating was the most tender and fantastic you had ever tasted?” Cindy’s stomach started feeling queasy as she said: “You can’t be serious!” “I’m very serious.” Janice replied. “The meat you found being so remarkably delicious came from a man’s rump which, admittedly, is one of the better cuts, but all meat taken from a male’s body is exceptional in both taste and quality.

Cindy was not only stunned by what Janice said, but a surge of anger went through her, and she said in an accusing tone: “How could you have just sat there and watch me eat a piece of some guy’s ass without saying anything!” She then put her face in her hands and said: “If you’re telling the truth, then I’ve unknowingly become a cannibal.” Janice put a hand on Cindy’s shoulder and said: “Cindy, please believe me when I say I’m only trying to do what I think is best for your welfare. If I had told you beforehand, you would have refused to take even a small bite, but now you’ve made a remarkable discovery to such extent you might even start to understand why we believe we’re only doing what nature intends to the point you may even find yourself asking the same question: ‘‘Why would nature make the flesh of a male so vastly superior in both taste and quality to any other source, if it was not intended to be eaten and, if so, would it not be equally intended that it be eaten by women?” “There is also another question to be asked. If males had been intended to live as equals with women, then why have they been unable to live in peace as can women but, throughout the ages, have committed horrendous atrocities resulting in wanton slaughter of not only themselves, but countless number of innocent women and children? I have heard that science is on the threshold of discovering ways to enable human reproduction to occur without the need of semen. Can you deny that the world would be a far better place if males were to become extinct?”

Janice paused a moment to give Cindy time to ponder what she had said and then continued: “You remarked on being impressed on my ability to speak English. This is because I spent much of my youth living and studying in Hawaii. The same is true for all members of our tribe, so we can hardly be called primitive savages. But that experience has given us an insight into the way that society in the outside world tries to influence women into feeling guilty for experiencing sexual feelings and desires that are, in truth, nothing more than normal reactions that have been deeply instilled within each of us.”

“Men are responsible for this also. They have no objection to pursuing and having sex with women, but wives and daughters are expected to be influenced by an attitude of doing only what a male controlled society deems ‘proper’. I could tell by the manner you said you had never slept with the male you called a boyfriend that you have been strongly influenced by this same viewpoint. But I ask, what have you gained by denying yourself pleasures that are not only intended to be experienced and enjoyed, but are the very essence of being a woman? You will soon be witnessing many extremely shocking things on this island, but if you remember what I have said and try to let your inner emotions break free without feeling guilt, then I can safely say you will find yourself living in a society of thrilling and breathtaking excitement far exceeding anything you would have thought possible in your wildest dreams.”

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Chapter 2

Despite trying to come to grips with being told she had just eaten the roasted flesh of a human male, Cindy couldn’t help feeling a tingle of excitement in wondering what shocking things she would be seeing that might cause her to experience thrilling and breathtaking excitement. The fact that Janice had strongly implied they would be sexual in nature only served to increase her curiosity. Before she could give it a great deal of thought, however, the woman who had taken her measurements entered holding a colorful sarong and panties that were both made from leather.  “I think these should fit nicely,” she said when handing them to Cindy.

Janice stood as the woman was leaving and said: “I know for now, you would prefer to change in private, so I’ll wait outside.” She then stepped outside and closed the door. When feeling the garments, Cindy found the leather to be remarkably soft and supple. She raised them to her nose and inhaled the pleasing rich fragrance that defined being recently tanned. When examining the garments closer, she noted the crotch of the panties was made from a much thinner leather of unbelievable smoothness and softness. She took off her tattered clothing and slipped into the comfortable panties. When putting on the sarong, it fit the soft curves of her body with perfection. The low-cut top molded around her full young breasts and in a manner that revealed an abundance of tantalizing cleavage. In addition, circular cup-shaped pieces of thin leather, remarkably similar to that in the panties, covered her nipples. The stitching was extremely fine that, along with the dyed colorful flowered design, made being a different leather almost unnoticeable.

Cindy beamed with pleasure as she looked at herself in a mirror for several admiring minutes. She then opened the door and called to Janice, who was talking with another woman, that she had finished dressing. When Janice entered, Cindy ran her hands over the tight-fitting dress and gushed: “This is unbelievable. I’ve never felt leather this fine, and it fits me like a second skin!” Janice laughed and said: “Well I should hope so since that’s what it is.” “Huh? What do you mean?” Cindy asked. “You’ve just discovered that delicious meat is not the only thing nature desires human males to provide us.” Cindy gasped and said: You mean….?”  “Yes, all of our clothing is made from hides removed from male bodies and then tanned. It might interest you to know that the thin leather covering your nipples came from a scrotum, and the crotch of your panties was taken from a penis.

Despite still being in a state of shock, Cindy found herself feeling a strange but pleasing excitement in hearing that not only was her body covered by the tanned skin taken from men’s bodies, but her nipples were pressing against what had once been a scrotum, and, of far more significance, the skin taken from a penis was stretched around the folds of her vulva. That part of her body had never been touched by a penis and, although this was only the skin of one that had been tanned, it gave her a feeling of intimacy as though, in some strange way, she had just lost her innocence. It was only then that she became aware of a tingling sensation between her legs. In seeing a pleased expression on Cingy’s face, Janice said: “I expected to see you being in a state of shock, but you almost seem pleased in hearing the leather you’re wearing came from male bodies. That’s a good sign.”  “Oh, I’m definitely in shock.” Cindy replied. “But even though I find it hard to believe, it’s in a way that is causing a strange type of excitement.”

Janice beamed and said: “If you continue reacting in this manner, the day will soon come when you find yourself thinking that being shipwrecked was one of the most fortunate events that had ever happened.” She then stepped back and said in a serious tone: “I was hoping, at first, to let you observe how we live by letting you see things that are less extreme than others. But I’m afraid it will begin with you witnessing one of the most extreme activities we engage in. I’ve just been informed that one of the males taken from your boat, his name is Frank, started being belligerent in a way that is totally unacceptable of such a degree that he will be severely dealt with, and it will be done in a way you will surly find being quite shocking and difficult to believe. It will also give you an awareness of how little concern we not only have for the life of a male, but for whatever we do to them.”

Cindy felt a cold chill as she asked: “What are you going to do to him?” “I think it best for you to find out by witnessing it and not being told what to expect. The only thing I will tell you for now is that it will be extremely painful, and he will not survive the ordeal.  But, although you will no doubt find it being extremely shocking, to us, it is not only a highly enjoyable form of entertainment, but we get caught up in an excitement of immense proportions. If you can get over your initial shock and let yourself go, it might be possible for you to find yourself being caught up in the same manner, and if you can do this, I assure you it could be a thrilling experience, so please try to make a determined effort to release a variety of  emotions you will find yourself feeling.”

Although curious to know more, Cindy decided not to pursue it. But, the mention of Frank, reminded her of Robert, Jordan, and Sam, and she asked: “What about the other men on the boat?” Janice shrugged and said: “For the present, no decision has been made as to how they will be dealt with. That is, except for the one I said you will be allowed to keep for awhile. But it will not be as a boyfriend. He will be your personal property, and, as such, you must purge any feelings of caring you have for him. He will be your slave and you his mistress for which there are no limitations on what you can do to him. A slave is to be treated with severity and deserving of no mercy. I know you are thinking it will be difficult to do such things to a male you have feelings of caring, but if you react in the manner I hope will occur, it will come about on its own accord. We will let you keep him a few days and see how things go. But, there is one thing that must be strictly adhered to from the start. There can be no familiarity between you and him. He is a slave, subject to your every bidding, and you his mistress and, therefore, highly superior.”

Janice looked around when hearing the rhythmic sound of native drums and said: ”It’s time for us to go. Please remember what I said about trying to accept what you will be seeing rather than allowing yourself going into a state of numbing shock. If you can only do this then you might indeed find yourself having a highly enjoyable and exciting evening.”  Janice then took Cindy’s hand and led her from the hut. When stepping outside, Cindy was surprised when seeing a young girl. “I didn’t realize there were children here.” “Of course,” Janice said: “Out tribe wouldn’t last very long if we didn’t reproduce.” Cindy felt a chill and said: “You told me there were no males on the island that were born here. If you reproduce, what happens to newborns that are boys? Are they killed for no other reason than being male?” “Goodness no!” Janice exclaimed. “That would indeed be primitive. When a male is born, he is taken on the next resupply voyage to a large island and left at a hospital where he will be cared for and put up for adoption.”
It was growing dark as they started walking down a path that was lit by flaming torches. Cindy felt a chill when seeing human skulls on top of bamboo poles alternating with the torches. So much had happened that she had completely forgotten about having seen these things earlier. The reddish glow of reflected torch light emphasized the effect of open eye holes appearing to gaze at nothing and menacing looking grinning teeth. Cindy then realized that she no longer had to wonder whether these had been men or women, and she found herself feeling better in knowing the answer that, for some strange reason, was accompanied by her experiencing a feeling of feminine pride.     

They soon reached a bamboo fenced enclosed area whose main feature was a length of wooden seating that resembled a small grandstand. The rows were being filled by women that had arrived before them. The stands faced a large bed of glowing coals surrounded by a circle of smooth stones. Two sturdy steel post with a V shape at each top stood opposite each other outside of the circle. Cindy, however, gave these features little notice. Her gaze was almost immediately drawn toward a heavy wooden table with a dark stained surface that stood between the fire and the audience. It was not the table, however, but Frank that caught her attention.  He was lying on his back in a spread-eagle position with his hands and feet tied securely to each corner. But, of far greater significance, he was naked, and, with the exception of his head, all of his hair had been removed.

This was the first time Cindy had ever seen a nude adult male. And, since looking at pictures on the internet was something ‘nice’ girls did not do, her knowledge of what a man’s sex organs looked like had come from drawings in a biology textbook. Despite feeling highly self-conscious, she found it impossible to keep her attention from being drawn, almost instinctively, toward the prominent objects between his widespread legs. Whatever images she had imagined when noticing the bulge in his swim trunks, did not come close to what was now revealed as Janice, after whispering not to speak to him, led Cindy to the table for a close-up view. Frank was indeed well endowed.  His penis lay sideways in her direction, and even though flaccid, the shaft was long and thick with some wrinkles in the skin – especially where it joined a large cone shaped head. The head was smooth whose most notable feature was the way it flared into a prominent looking ridge at the top. It then went downward at an angle to form a v-shaped apex underneath from which a raised fold of skin ran a short distance down the shaft. The closed hole formed a slit that looked as though it were pouting. Two noticeable bulges in the loose skin of his scrotum were the shape and size of extra-large hen eggs. The sight was so intriguing that Cindy could do nothing but gape in wonder. She not only no longer felt self-conscious but, although not aware of it at the time, the folds between her legs were starting to swell and become damp.

It was only when hearing some muffled sounds that Cindy was able to take her eyes away from between Frank’s legs and look at his face. He had apparently recognized her and was trying to get her attention, but a gag in his mouth prevented him from being able to speak. There was surely nothing arrogant about him now and, despite the circumstances, she was unable to suppress a giggle which only served to add to his confusion. Still giggling, Cindy returned her attention to Frank’s exposed manhood, but before she could study them in any more detail, Janice took her arm and led her toward the stands where two seats had been reserved for them on the first row that provided an excellent view.

 “I’m pleased with the way you’re acting.” Janice said after they were seated, “I take it you did not care a great deal for this male.” I didn’t care for him at all.” Cindy replied. “He was quite sold on himself and would look at me in leering ways that made it obvious as to what he was thinking. He never tried anything, but that was only because others were always around.”  “Well hopefully, that will help you get over the initial shock of what you are going to observe.” Janice said and then sat back to let Cindy return her attention to Frank’s nakedness. He was testing his bonds by pulling on them and, although movement was severely limited, he was able to jerk enough to cause his limp penis to jiggle in a manner Cindy found being quite amusing.

The rhythmic beating of drums continued as more women came in, but when the last arrived and had taken their seats, the drums suddenly fell silent in a manner that cast an ominous feeling that something dramatic was about to occur. It was to such extent that Frank stopped his struggles and tried to look around as best he could. The first activity was a woman carrying a small iron pot filled with hot coals, entering and walking toward Frank in a solemn manner. When reaching him, she placed the pot between his widespread legs and left. Cindy looked at the pot and saw that a number of steel rods with wooden handles had been stuck into the glowing embers.  Several minutes passed in which there was total silence, and then another woman entered and, also in a solemn manner, walked slowly toward the table. In addition to her colorful native attire, she was wearing a large leather apron, but a shuddel went through Cindy when seeing the woman holding a large knife whose bright blade reflected the reddish glow of nearby torches.

When reaching Frank, she used the knife to cut the cord of his gag and pull it from his mouth. In now being able to talk, he bellowed: “What the hell is going on!” The woman ignored him as she stuck the sharp point of the knife into his pelvis. Cindy could only gape in disbelief when Frank started screaming as the woman, almost nonchalantly, sliced open his abdomen from pubic to sternum. His screams became shrill shrieks when she started pulling out his intestines. Frank’s screams increased in volume as she removed his stomach, bladder, kidneys and other internal organs while using glowing steel rods, taken from the iron pot, to cauterize severed arteries and veins to keep him from losing an excessive amount of blood.

Despite being shocked and feeling a sense of disbelief, Cindy had watched the grisly activity with spellbinding fascination. When the woman finished removing Frank’s internal organs, she stepped back which enabled Cindy to see that, to keep him alive, his heart and lungs still remained. It would only be later that she would know that, for another purpose, the prostrate and seminal vesicle had also not been removed. Two women, carrying a steel pipe with a pointed end, came up to Frank, placed the pointed end between his widespread legs, and shoved it into his empty abdominal cavity. The woman that had disemboweled him then grasped the pipe and, while being careful to not puncture his beating heart or expanding and contracting lungs, guided the pointed end into his severed esophagus while another woman grasped his head and tilted it back.

Cindy uttered a gasp when the realization came that Frank was being impaled on a spit - a spit that could be used for only one purpose. Up to this point, she had been so caught-up in watching him being disemboweled, that she had given little thought to the reason for the large bed of glowing coals. But now, that purpose became readily apparent, and a strange feeling of unreality went through her in knowing what was about to occur. She was actually going to watch the naked body of a human male being roasted alive as though he was nothing more than a side of beef.
Frank’s screams came to a sudden end, and his eyes opened wide as the pipe entered his throat, emerged from his mouth, and continued for several feet. The pointed end was unscrewed which enabled him to breathe through perforations that had been drilled into the pipe. The opening also enabled moans being heard. Janice leaned over and said: “I always get turned on when hearing the almost unbelievable intensity of their screams when they are being gutted. I thought this one was particularly exciting. My nipples have become swollen, and my panties are wet.” It was only then that Cindy realized she had become aroused in the same manner. She giggled and said: “I’m finding it hard to believe, but you’re not the only one in that condition.” Janice gave her a brief hug and said: “Cindy, from here on you’ve got it made, and the best is yet to come!”

Cindy watched, with heightened intensity, as two women attached a crossbar with sharp ends to the lower part of the spit. They cut the ropes tied around his widespread feet and then forced his ankles through the sharp points of the crossbar and causing the intensity of his moans to increase. A thrill went through Cindy when seeing Frank’s legs now bending upward, his knees pointing outward, and in so doing, spreading his legs in a manner that put his impressive manhood on prominent display. The woman that had disemboweled Frank, picked up a longer bar with a sharp point on one end, and his moans became even louder when she forced the bar through one of his hips and out the other. She then used a clamp to firmly attach the bar to the spit. Frank’s hands were then cut free, but in his weakened state, his arms hung limp as the spit was lifted, and he was turned on his stomach. There was also no resistance as his hands were being tied behind his back.

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Chapter 3

A tingling of exciting anticipation went through Cindy when two women, one at each end of the spit, lifted Frank’s impaled, but still living body, carried it to the bed of glowing coals, and dropped the ends into the V shaped attachments on top of the steel posts. Frank’s ability to move was severely limited, but not to an extent that it prevented him from jerking as simmering waves gave clear evidence of being engulfed by extreme heat. In addition, the tone of his moans changed into what could only be described as muffled shrieks. He was obviously suffering excruciating agony of such intensity that it dampened the excitement Cindy had been feeling.

She then became aware of women laughing in a boisterous manner that made it obvious of, not only having no concern for a man being forced to suffer in such a horrendous way, but even finding it amusing.  An image then flashed in her mind of how Frank, on numerous occasions, would look at her in an arrogant and leering way that indicated of not only undressing her with his eyes, but also thinking of forcing himself upon her. She then remembered Janice’s advice and thought: "Why should I care how much the bastard is being forced to suffer. He not only deserves it, but since I can’t do anything about it, I might as well do like the others and try to enjoy it.”
With this thought in mind, she watched a woman attach a crank-like handle to the spit, and when this had been accomplished, a muscular naked man came into view and, with lowered head, walked to the handle and obediently started slowly turning it. Cindy couldn’t help but notice the way the man’s limp penis had continually jiggled and swayed even though his pace had been slow.  When Frank’s naked body started to revolve, a surge of excitement swept through Cindy when seeing the activity taking place between his spread legs. His limp penis and bulging scrotum hung over a thigh as his body was on its side, then dangled like pendulums as he revolved on his stomach before passing from view. They reappeared when he was turning on his back, and the large testicles could be seen moving within his scrotum as they slid from one thigh to the other and his penis flopping over as his body continued to rotate.

Cindy’s excited eyes remained fixed on the amusing and exciting activity of Frank’s impressive genitals as the cycle was being repeated, again and again. It was not long, however, before yet another emotion was added to those already surging within her. In addition to being both amusing and exciting to watch, it was becoming increasingly apparent that his sex organs, in being forced to perform in such a degrading manner, was having the effect of humiliating his male body in front of a group of laughing women. And, as a result, in addition to experiencing extreme excitement, she found herself also feeling a sense of feminine pride, and her fixation on what was taking place between Frank’s spred legs never wavered.

In addition to the exciting emotions surging within Cindy, in being aware of Frank’s struggles and muffled shrieks of agony, it pleased her in knowing he was continuing to suffer extreme pain. As time passed, Cindy was finding it hard to believe, in an enjoyable and satisfying way, that he could still be alive. But such was indeed the case and continued even when his body started turning golden brown and emitting a wonderful aroma of roasting meat. It was only after this had occurred that Frank’s struggles began to subside and his moans becoming fainter until he became still with no sounds of distress being heard.

Cindy actually finds herself being disappointed that death had finally ended Frank’s extreme and prolonged agony. But she was pleased in seeing that his eyes remain open and, in so doing, giving an eerie impression of being alive but uncaring of the waves of intense heat surrounding him. But, much to her delight, death had no effect on the exciting and tantalizing activity of his sex organs that continue to be the primary objects receiving her attention. Her tingling excitement surged when seeing his penis starting to swell and the movement becoming heavier and more pronounced - especially when flopping from one thigh to the other. She stared in exciting amazement as the growth continued until, when becoming semi-erect, the shaft curved outward and juices running from the hole that had started to open. It was not long, however, that she gaped in disbelief when Frank’s penis became rigid and swollen in an erection far exceeding anything that could have been achieved in a normal manner. The strutted ridge around the engorged head stood out in vivid detail to such extent of appearing to be on the verge of splitting. The hole gaped open and what had been a stream of juices running out were now bubbling and sputtering being caused by extremely hot internal pressure.

Cindy was so engrossed in looking at the exciting and unexpected spectacle that she was unaware of stroking the nipple on her left breast which, along with the one on her right breast, had become strutted and caused noticeable budges in the thin scrotal leather that covered them. It was in a like manner that she was not aware of pressing forward on the wooden seat and rubbing back and forth while the equally thin leather covering the swollen folds between her legs was becoming increasingly wet.  The erection had caused Frank’s scrotum to draw tight around his testicles, and clearly outline their large oval shapes. Cindy’s tingling excitement became so intense that she failed to notice the bubbling and sputtering juices becoming milky in color. She also failed to notice a signal being given to the man turning the crank and, therefore, gave little thought when he stopped and stepped back while leaving Frank’s body facing upward. It was only a few moments later that she uttered a shriek of surprised delight when Frank’s rigid penis gave a sudden jerk as a thick stream of boiling semen erupted from the strutted head with such force that it landed on his face.

A spontaneous cheer made it obvious the women had been anticipating the occurrence, but Cindy took no notice of them as her right hand, almost franticly, slid into her panties and started rubbing her wet and strutted clitoris.  It did not take long for the pressure within his internal male reproductive glands to again build and cause another large boiling stream to spew out with almost equal force. The boiling jets, although gradually diminishing, were still spewing when a tingling wave of exhilarating bliss seemed to explode within Cindy’s vagina, and she jerked and cried out as it flooded outward through her entire body. Wave after exhilarating wave followed in reaching an unbelievably thrilling climax of such intensity that left her drained but experiencing a feeling of indescribable ecstasy.

It was only gradually that the thrilling bliss Cindy was feeling began to subside until reaching the point of causing her to realize that she had just experienced her first orgasm. But, any enjoyment she might have continued to feel, vanished and her face started turning red when realizing she was sitting in the midst of many women. When glancing around in hoping that no one had noticed, she was mortified when seeing Janice looking at her while wearing a mischievous smile. “I’m…, I’m sorry,” Cindy stammered as her face turned a deeper shade of red, “I don’t know what came over me.” “I do.” Janice said as she lifted her own wet hand: “If you hadn’t been so involved, you would have noticed me doing the same thing along with probably, every woman here. Any woman seeing the cock of a roasting male becoming rigid and then spewing like that would have found it being almost impossible to keep from touching herself.” She then giggled and said: “He had quite a load in him, didn’t he? I guess being on a sailboat with others didn’t give him many opportunities to jerk off. I told you it would be a thrilling experience didn’t I.” “It was that and much, much more!” Cindy gushed while feeling a wave of relief in hearing others had done the same. “I’ve never seen anything that came anywhere close to being as thrilling and exciting as that! And it helped some that it was happening to Frank and knowing the arrogant type of man he had been.”

Cindy giggled and said: “I think that was just about the most humiliating spectacle a man’s naked body could possibly have been forced to perform in front of a bunch of horny women - especially for a man that had been so sold on himself as had Frank!” Janice glanced at the roasting male body and said: “Well, there’s certainly nothing arrogant about him now. And to think the bastard considered himself superior to us. Well I think we’ve proven, without a doubt, just how mistaken he was in that belief. Just look at him and tell me if being roasted and becoming meat for women’s tables is not being shown the ultimate of inferiority. And this viewpoint is only reinforced by the way his rigid cock continues to sputter and spew steam in a way that resembles the spout of a boiling tea kettle.”

Cindy returned her attention to Frank’s roasting body that, once again, was being rotated, and she giggled when seeing steam spewing from his engorged penis did indeed resemble the spout of a boiling kettle. His body had turned a deeper golden-brown and was wet from cooked juices that glistened from reflecting the redness of glowing coals. Juices dripping off were making sizzling sounds when hitting the red-hot embers causing smoke to billow and swirl that, undoubtedly, will instill a delightful smoked flavor to his body that was now emitting a much stronger aroma of roasting meat that, much to Cindy’s delight, was the most pleasing she had ever smelled. A strange but exciting feeling of unreality goes through her upon realizing she is actually watching the naked body of a human male roasting over glowing coals in a cheerful atmosphere, as though this were nothing more than a gathering of friends for an outdoor cookout.

A woman holding a long-handled fork tells the man turning the crank to stop and, when he obeys, she steps up and sticks the long twin tines deep into Frank’s golden-brown rump. Clear juices flow from the two punctures when the fork is removed and applause breaks out when the woman calls out that the ‘roast’ is ready. Cindy leans over to Janice and says: “He smells fantastic! Do I get to choose the cut I want? If so, I would like a thick slice carved from his ass.” Janice couldn’t keep from laughing and said: “My goodness, you’ve undergone quite a remarkable change, haven’t you? Yes, you can get a piece of his ass if you want. But since you’re not only a guest, but the one responsible for him being here, you’ll have the privilege of receiving the part of him that’s, by far, the most delicious of all. ”What part is that?” Cindy asked. ”If his ass tastes like the one I ate earlier, I can’t see what part of him could possibly be far more delicious.” “You’ll have to wait to find out.” Janice said. “But I can assure you that you’re going to make an extremely exciting and fantastic discovery.”

The stands began to empty as women started leaving to walk behind Frank’s roasted body as it was being carried, feet first, from the enclosure. Janice and Cindy were directly behind him as they went down another torch lit path. Cindy’s exciting and teeming emotions continued to surge as her attention remained fixed on his penis whose still rigid state had caused it to lift upward and point the strutted head at her. Not only was the hole gaping open to an extent she found hard to believe, but clear juices continued to trickle out. A strange feeling went through her when remembering it had only been this morning that she became irritated when seeing him leering at her in a smug and suggestive manner. She looked at his tilted head with the spit protruding from his mouth and his open eyes giving the appearance of gazing back at her. She uttered a giggle and said while looking at his open eyes: “You were thinking about sticking your fat cock in me this morning, weren’t you Frank? And now, my mouth is watering from smelling a fantastic aroma while walking behind your naked, spit-roasted, body and looking at your cock that you were so proud of. Being cooked has caused it to become really strutted and so rigid that the swollen head looks like it might split open! It has lifted up some and is pointing at me with juices running out of the hole that’s gaping open so wide I could stick my little finger into it. You were thinking about getting a piece of my ass and never dreamed that later, on this very day, I would be eating a piece of yours.”

Cindy was still giggling when they entered a cleared area containing a number of picnic style tables along with flaming torches and more bamboo posts holding human skulls. Frank’s glistening, golden-brown body, reflected a reddish glow as he was placed on a heavy wooden table. Janice and Cindy sat at a table next to the one Frank lay on with his head in their direction. When the spit was removed, wisps of steam could be seen coming from his mouth. His open eyes continued to give an eerie impression of being awake. A woman carrying a large meat cleaver stepped up, grasped his hair in her left hand, raised the cleaver with her right, and although something within Cindy was telling her to close her eyes, she found herself being unable to keep from watching as the woman swung the cleaver and, with one clean stroke, severed Frank’s head and, still holding it by the hair, lifted it high which brought forth applause and cheering from the onlookers. The strange feeling that went through Cindy when seeing Frank’s severed head dangling from the woman’s hand, was nothing compared to what she felt when, after being placed upright on a wooden platter, his head was brought to their table and placed in front of her.

Despite what she had already witnessed, Cindy found it hard to come to grips with the eerie sensation that went through her when looking at the head of a man she had known and talked to, sitting on a platter and giving the eerie appearance of gazing back at her. It was only gradually that she was able to calm down to some extent and, when seeing the teeth in his open mouth being broken and chipped, she wondered if it had been caused by a desperate attempt to bite through the steel pipe, or if, after death, the intense heat had caused his jaw muscles to contract. She was about to ask Janice but stopped when a disturbing thought came to her. Janice said she would be given another part of Frank’s body to eat. Was this the reason for his head being placed in front of her? If so, she could think of only two things, that it might be. She turned to Janice and said: “I don’t care how delicious they might be, if you think I’m going to eat his tongue or his brain you can forget it!” Janice laughed and said: “Actually, their tongues make a quite tasty pate, but his head was put in front of you for another reason. We find it adds to the enjoyment to look at a male’s head facing you when eating the part of his body that is so unbelievably delicious.” “And what part might that be?” Cindy asked in becoming somewhat annoyed at Janice’s continued evasiveness.  “It’s pointing at you right now.” Janice replied.

When Cindy looked at Frank’s body, the only thing she could see pointing at her was his strutted penis. “Are you talking about his cock?” She asked in a shocked tone. “Yes indeed.” Janice said. “And along with his balls of course.” A look of disbelief came on Cindy’s face and she said: “I thought his cock and balls had been left on because they were exciting to look at. And especially, for the thrilling way his cock became rigid and started spewing! The thought never occurred to me of them also being eaten. I’ve heard of animal balls being eaten, but never a cock. I would have thought cocks would be extremely tough and stringy. Are they really edible, or is this some kind of a joke you’re trying to play on me?”

Janice chuckled and said: “I assure you this is not a joke. You are going to discover to what extent when you start eating it. And even if I tried to describe it, you wouldn’t believe me. Take your plate and go up to the table he’s lying on.” “I hope you don’t want me to cut them off.”  Cindy said in a shocked tone. Janice smiled and said: “No, the woman doing the carving will do that. I not only want you to be ready after they’ve been removed, but I think you will enjoy having a close-up view of it being done. Please pay particular attention to how she ties them in a way that will keep his cock remaining rigid after being cut off. I think, later on, you will find knowing how to do this being quite useful.”
Cindy was feeling both apprehensive and excited while carrying a wooden plate. The apprehension came from realizing she was actually going to at least try eating Frank’s penis and testicles and, regardless of what Janice had said, she had serious doubts of how edible they would truly be – even when roasted. The excitement came in knowing she was going to watch them being cut off. Another feeling of eeriness passed through her when coming close to the table and seeing the strange sight of the headless naked body of a roasted human male lying before her who’s penis, even though dead, was still monstrously erect.

The woman that was going to carve Frank’s body smiled at Cindy when she walked up. She picked up a length of narrow leather that resembled a shoestring and said: “I have to tie it off first to keep juices from running out and loosing the stiffness.” Cindy giggled and said: “I definitely don’t want it to lose any of its stiffness. Janice told me to watch so I would know how it’s done for another purpose, but she didn’t say what that purpose might be.” The woman said: “If you use the same technique on a male after he becomes erect, the blood inside his cock will be trapped, and it will stay rigid indefinitely no matter what is being done to it.”
As far as Cindy knew, she wasn’t planning on tying off a man’s erection for any reason, but nevertheless, she watched as the woman wrapped the leather string twice around the base of Frank’s rigid penis and under his scrotum. She then looped the two ends and said: “This is done as though starting to tie a shoe, and then pull it as tight as possible before tying it off like this,” she said while performing the task. “Are you going to cut his cock and balls off now?” Cindy asked while feeling a tingling of excitement. The woman smiled and said: “Well, to be more precise, I’m going to cut his cock out. It has a root inside that’s over half the length of what can be seen when it’s flaccid.” She picked up a thin bladed knife with a curved end that resembled one used for grapefruit except for the blade being much longer and sharper. Cindy’s excitement surged when the woman grasped Frank’s penis and scrotum with one hand and pulled to stretch them out as much as possible. She then placed the knife at the base, thrust it deep into his pelvis, and started cutting around the shaft.

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Chapter 4

Cindy gasped in surprise when Frank’s sex organs came free and seeing a length of root, the same thickness as the shaft, extending beyond the scrotum of a length she found hard to believe. She was almost in a daze when, after his roasted manhood had been placed on her plate, she walked to the table to join Janice. Janice wasn’t there, however, and when looking, Cindy saw her standing at the front of a line waiting for the carving to begin. Frank’s body had been rolled on its side to enable access to both front and back. In addition, his lower leg had been bent at the knee which not only served to provide support, but gave convenient access to the inner thigh.

After sitting down, it was only gradually that Cindy was able to take her eyes away from the exciting and unbelievable sight of a man’s roasted sex organs, lying on a plate in front of her, whose strutted features caused every intimate part to stand out in vivid detail. The first thing she noticed when finally shifting her gaze to Frank’s face was the way he appeared to be looking at her.  She picked up his penis and scrotum, held them in front of his open eyes, uttered a giggle, and said in a taunting tone: “Look what I have Frank. You were extremely proud of these, weren’t you? Just this morning, I bet you were thinking about putting this big cock inside of me. Were you also thinking about me eating it? Well, both of these things are going to happen, but I’m afraid not in the way you were thinking.” She then burst out laughing.

Cindy’s merriment had calmed down to some extent when Janice returned, and she put Frank’s sex organs back on her plate. A feeling of apprehension returned when realizing the time had arrived to at least give eating them a try.  She looked at Janice and asked, “Is there any particular way I’m suppose to do this?”  “It’s up to you,” Janice replied. But I’ll tell you how we do it. We always eat the balls first and then the cock starting at the root and saving the head for last. As for the balls, most women just bite into them through the sac, but since you’ve never seen what they look like, I would suggest cutting the sac open and pulling them out.”

Cindy felt an exciting feeling of unreality as she cut open Frank’s scrotum and pulled out his testicles. She pinched the ends of the spermatic cords and held them up to take a closer look. In addition to having the size and shape of extra-large hen eggs, they also had a slick and shiny surface that reflected the reddish glow of burning torches. The cords were connected to the upper part of orange colored ridges that ran down the sides in a manner that caused them to hang at an angle.

Cindy started swinging Frank’s testicles back and forth and then in circles that resulted in them striking each other, and she uttered a giggle in seeing the amusing manner in which they bounced away. She giggled again when swinging them back and forth in front of Frank’s face and said: “What do you think of me holding up your roasted balls, Frank? Oh! I forgot, you can’t think when you’re dead, can you?” Once again, she started laughing. She then held the dangling testicles to her ears as though being earrings, turned to Janice and said: “How do they look?” Janice laughed and said: “My, my, you do like to play with your food, don’t you?” “It’s a lot of fun, Cindy replied, but I guess I can’t put off finding out how they taste any longer.”

Cindy took one of Frank’s testicles and, tentatively, started to bite on one of the rounded ends. At first, the outer membrane resisted the pressure, but when using more force, it suddenly burst. The taste was amazing. The meat within the testicle almost melted in her mouth. “Well, is it any good? Janice asked while displaying a wry smile. “Oh my!” Cindy gushed! “I never dreamed a man’s balls could be so utterly fantastic!” She took a much larger second bite, and it did not take long for both testicles being eaten.

Despite how surprisingly delicious Frank’s testicles turned out to be, however, Cindy still had serious doubts about his penis. This was true even when noticing the exposed root having a rich looking texture.  “Well, here goes,” she said as she took a deep breath and picked up the rigid shaft.  She looked at the root, hesitated a moment, and took a small, bite from the end. Her face registered a sudden look of ,surprise in finding the small morsel being incredibly tender, delectable, and full of delicious juices. “That’s the most unbelievably fantastic meat I’ve ever tasted!” she exclaimed before taking a much larger bite and using a finger to wipe a trickle of juice running from the corner of her mouth and sucked it clean.” “So, what do you think?” Janice asked. “Have you found a male’s roasted cock being edible?” “Is it ever!” Cindy gushed.  “I never dreamed anything could be this delicious.” ”Just wait:” Janice said to herself as she watched Cindy take another enthusiastic bite.

Cindy no longer bothered to wipe juices that were soon dripping from her chin, and it didn’t take long to reach the leather tie that was wrapped tightly around the shaft. “What do I do with this?” She asked. Janice handed her a small knife and said: “Use this, but quickly put the end in your mouth as soon as it has been cut.” Cindy cut the tie and, when putting the end of the shaft in her mouth, it became flooded with extremely delicious juices running out of such extent she had to swallow before the flow subsided.

When Cindy lowered Frank’s penis, it had lost some of the stiffness, and in seeing it being in a semi-erect state, she held it up by the root and giggled when making it flop heavily back and forth while paying particular attention to the flared head that, although somewhat smaller than before, was still quite swollen. She looked at Frank’s face, put the head of his penis in her mouth, and started sucking while sliding it in and out. “Is this the way you wanted me to eat it Frank?” she said after taking it out. “Well I’m sorry, but I much prefer doing it another way.” “Still like playing with your food, I see.” Janice said with a laugh that prompted Cindy to start eating her way up the extremely delicious shaft until reaching the swollen head. She looked at the flared surface and then into the open hole that had a small trickle of juices running out. “Does this taste as good as the rest?” she asked. “There’s only one way to find out.” Janice replied while finding it difficult to keep a straight face.  Cindy put the head almost all the way into her mouth and ran her tongue over the smooth surface and into the open hole. She then closed her eyes and took a bite about halfway down. When starting to chew, her eyes opened with a look of surprise as she discovered an unbelievable tenderness, juiciness, and remarkable flavor that even surpassed the amazing meat of the shaft she had been eating. She again closed her eyes and began to moan in ecstasy as she slowly munched the most incredible and fantastic meat she had ever tasted. The delightful process was repeated when slipping what remained of the flared shape in her mouth and started chewing.

“Well.” Janice said after Cindy had finished. “Was it as good as the shaft?” “I’ve eaten it, but I can’t believe it!” Cindy said in a wonderous tone. “Never, never in my entire life have I dreamed anything could be so utterly amazing!” “You’ll find that being true regardless of how many you’ve consumed. I can’t begin to count the number of cocks I’ve eaten, and although the shafts are fantastic, I still find it hard to believe how succulent the heads are.” “I guess ‘succulent’ is as good a term as any.” Cindy said. “But I don’t think any word could fully describe something this marvelous.” She then sighed and sat back with her body enjoying the contentment of a full stomach combined with a lingering and exceptionally pleasing taste. But her physical contentment soon became overshadowed by a growing excitement when she began visualizing what was now digesting within her. The images flashing in her mind became so vivid that she soon became aware of a tingling sensation between her legs that was not only growing in intensity but being accompanied by becoming increasingly wet. It soon reached a magnitude that, despite feeling self-conscious, she was unable to keep from again reaching inside her panties and start rubbing until she jerked and cried out as the throes of another intense orgasm flooded through her.

When the exhilarating ecstasy began to subside, Cindy blushed and glanced sheepishly at Janice. “Don’t let it bother you.” Janice said in reading the expressing. “You will soon discover that openly having orgasms while other women are around is quite common here. We have no concern of trying to conform to what societies in the outside world deem being ‘proper’. Our bodies are made with emotions and desires being ingrained deep within us, and we consider it nothing but folly to try and suppress them in any way. When it comes to responding to sexual desires, along with other emotions, there is absolutely nothing we look upon as being unacceptable.” She then laughed.  “If you hadn’t been so caught up when eating your meal, you would have noticed me having an orgasm while doing nothing but watching. It always turns me on when seeing a woman eating a man’s cock and balls. Not nearly to the extent of when doing it myself of course, but nevertheless, it excites me to watch others, so please try to understand and accept what your female body is telling you.   

Cindy paused a moment and said: “I think I know what you’re saying. I’ll try to look upon it with an open mind, but I’m sure it will take some time.” Janice said: “You’ve come a remarkably way in just a few hours. If you keep going like this, I don’t think it will take long at all. Do you still want a piece of his ass?” Cindy glanced up and saw that, except for lower arms and legs, the only things that remained of Frank’s body were a few pieces of meat adhering to bones that had been carved almost clean. “It looks like I’m too late for that.” she said. “I knew he wouldn’t last very long, so I had them save a slice. Do you still want it?” Cindy thought a moment and then said: “Well, I’m rather full, but yes, I still want to eat a piece of his ass, even if it’s for nothing more than spite.” Janice gave a signal and a woman came over, put a plate in front of Cindy, and said: “I had some of this myself, and it’s extremely good although it surely won’t compare to what you’ve just eaten.”

After the woman left, Cindy looked at the plate and said: “I’m glad it’s only a thin slice. I don’t have much room left.” Janice chuckled and said: “That’s what I asked for since I knew this would be the case. Even an average size cock and balls can be fairly filling, and what you just ate were well above average.” Janice then got up from the table and said: “I have some arrangements to make, but I’ll be back shortly to take you to the village and show you where you will be staying.

Cindy ate the slice of Frank’s buttock and found that, like the one she had eaten earlier, it was tender and delicious. She looked at his face again and said: “I told you I was going to eat a piece of your ass, but I didn’t know at the time that I was going to eat your yummy balls and fantastically delectable cock also. When thinking about it, Janice raised a question worthy of being considered. Why indeed would men’s bodies be so delicious if it wasn’t intended for you guys to be cooked and eaten by us women? And I think that’s especially true for your delectable cocks and balls. At this very moment, that package you were so arrogantly proud of is in the process of being transformed into becoming part of not only a young woman’s body, but a young woman’s body you’ve been leering at and had thought about fucking countless times. And now, at least some of your cock is going to become part of the very pussy you had been wanting to stick it into. Ha! Kind of ironic, don’t you think? Oh! I keep forgetting! You can no longer think, can you Frank? 

Cindy paused a moment and then, a feeling of pride surged through her and she said while enjoying talking to Frank’s severed head as though it could hear and respond: “Something just came to me. When you were being roasted and your cock became strutted and started spewing boiling cum and steam in front of a large group of horny and laughing women, I thought it was the most humiliating thing women could force a man’s naked body to do. But now, I think the simple act of eating your cock and balls that were, by far, the most male flesh of all and, in so doing, becoming the flesh of a female, is the most demeaning thing possible for what were the very essence of identifying being a male.” She then giggled and said: “But you are no longer a male are you Frank? Not when your cock and balls and a piece of your ass are meekly succumbing to being transformed into becoming part of my female body, and the remainder of your manly meat is doing the same in the female bodies of a lot of other women.”   

While waiting for Janice to return, Cindy’s heightened excitement and feminine pride continued when thinking of the significance and final destiny of what was digesting within her. It was only when Janice returned and said it was time to go back to the village that her intriguing thoughts were interrupted.

Cindy continued to bubble with excitement as she and Janice were walking toward the village. “I still can’t get over how incredibly delicious a man’s roasted cock and balls turned out to be. They must be in extremely high demand. What method is used to determine who gets to eat them?” She asked. “Well.” Janice said. “A mistress always gets those of her slave after he’s been put down. There is another method in which we get them from a few of the males that don’t become slaves but, for the most part, the ones taken from non-slaves are allotted out in alphabetical order to assure everyone receives an equal share.”

In hearing the mention of males other than slaves, Cindy asked: “How many men are being held here?”  “Well, I’m not sure of the exact total, but it’s over twice our number which is about average.” Cindy uttered a gasp and said: “Do they know what’s going to be done to them?” “Yes, they all know they are going to be slain and eaten by us.” “Good Grief! How are they being controlled? Surely they must be desperate, and not only are they physically stronger, but you said they outnumber you over two to one. Are they being held in some type of heavily guarded facility?” “No, we have no heavily guarded facilities. We are almost at the village. Let’s go to the hut we were in earlier so we can sit while I explain.”

When they were, once again, seated in the hut, Janice said: “The males are indeed extremely fearful in knowing they will be slain in the near future, but it’s nothing when compared to the sheer terror they have in knowing the manner that it will happen if they do anything that might displease us. Whenever a new group of males arrive, they are in a state of extreme confusion. Each one had gone to a hotel room with an attractive young woman thinking only of sex. The next thing they know is waking up on a strange boat - blindfolded and tied hand and foot. In addition, they are also naked. We always make sure the boats arrive at night since darkness makes being in a strange and bewildering place even more intimidating and apprehensive.”

“When the boat lands on the beach, others in our tribe are waiting to assist. The blindfolds are removed, and their feet are freed so they can walk, but their hands remain tied behind their backs. In being totally baffled as to what had happened, and with a woman holding each arm, they are unable to resist. It helps in them seeing only women since, except for being embarrassed by their nakedness, they do not become overly alarmed – at least not at first. You see, after being taken to the village, they are told they’re going to witness what will happen to any that choose to disobey a command or cause trouble in any way.”

“One of them is then randomly selected and led away. The hands of the others remain tied, and they are taken to witness their unfortunate companion being roasted alive that, to say the least, makes a profound and lasting impression of such magnitude that they become extremely docile and obedient. In addition, they are told that if they do anything that gives any appearance of showing hostility toward a woman, they will also be skinned alive before riding a spit. To date, the mere mention of this has been so effective it has never been necessary, but it’s something we would not hesitate to do.

“Males also remain naked at all times. This is done not only for our enjoyment and amusement, but it is quite effective in causing them to feel extremely vulnerable. And, in addition, our island is small to such an extent that it would not only be fruitless trying to escape since they would soon be tracked down by dogs, but in them knowing that, after being captured, it would result in having a prompt date with a spit.”

“I can see how this enables them being controlled, but I’m curious of how they are killed.” Cindy said. “Well, there are various methods. Each of us has a slave and, in being their mistress, we demand total and unquestioned obedience. This is why slaves are the most likely to become a live roast, but it also makes them extremely anxious to please to such an extent that the vast majority are spared this ordeal. When the time arrives for slaves to become meat, they are put down in a fast and fairly painless manner.

Slaves are also being treated with great severity on a daily basis in extremely painful ways, but even this is not sufficient to overcome the terror of knowing what would happen if they do something to displease their mistress. It doesn’t take long for them to become resigned to their fate, and their primary concern is to avoid doing anything that might result in being on a spit.”

“Males that are not selected to become slaves are kept in small groups within a number of compounds whose walls are made from logs. But the compounds are not guarded even though the walls can be climbed because, as I said, what would be the purpose when escape is not only fruitless, but knowing the agonizing penalty to be paid when caught. We do, however, use a few prudent precautions.”

“Slaves are never left alone without being tied spread-eagle on the floor of their mistress’s hut, and they are also secured in this manner during the night when we’re sleeping. The males in compounds are not subjected to mistreatment, and when the time arrives to become meat, they are taken out in groups of twelve, which is the number we harvest at any one time. They are not told what’s going to happen.”

“They are, of course, extremely apprehensive, but women accompanying them while holding leashes of large attack dogs provide an effective deterrent. Most of these males are hung, but we’re always open to suggestions whenever someone thinks of something different to try. In fact, that’s how one method came about that’s become extremely popular.”

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Chapter 5

Cindy shook her head in amazement and said: “You certainly seem to have found extremely effective ways of keeping them under control, but what is the purpose for holding such a large number?” Janice smiled and said: “For their meat of course. You saw how very little remained of the one we ate tonight, and that was only one meal. The demand is such that it not only requires keeping a large number, but it needs being replenished on a regular basis. Girls have to eat, you know.” “Well, I can’t argue with that” Cindy said while rubbing her contented stomach. “But there’s something I don’t understand. You’ve not only talked about men being skinned alive, but you said slaves are being tortured daily. I not only find it hard to understand why women would want to do such cruel things, but I fail to see what purpose it serves unless it has something to do with tenderizing their meat.”

“Janice laughed and said: “Their meat is quite tender as it is. You will soon learn that women are not nearly as mild as you might think when no longer being influenced by an outside world. Despite what you might believe, in addition to other things, we women have deep within us the ability to not only enjoy, but to become fascinated by both causing and witnessing suffering and death. The one and only requirement is for the individuals to be viewed as deserving such treatment, and for us, the mere fact of being male is the only motivation we need.” “You must really hate men.” Cindy said: “No, we feel no hatred.” Janice replied: “It’s more of being resentful of, as I mentioned earlier, the despicable ways males have behaved throughout the ages. We look upon it more in terms of it being a payback that is justly deserved.”
“I think you will soon discover you are also capable of behaving in such a manner when witnessing what you will be seeing and will find yourself not only becoming excited, but quite often extremely amused.” Janice paused and then asked: “Have you ever used a bow and arrow?” “Why yes.” Cindy said. “In college, I was on an archery team that won our conference championship. Why do you ask?” “Well.” Janice replied. “There’s a hunt scheduled for tomorrow that I’m going to participate in. You can come with me if you like.”
“What sort of hunt?” Cindy asked and, after pausing a moment said in a shocked tone. “Are you talking about hunting men with bows and arrows?” “Yes, that’s the method I mentioned as having become quite popular. I can’t begin to describe the excitement and satisfaction that comes when making a clean kill in this manner.”

“I’ve never hunted.” Cindy said. “The only things I’ve shot at are stationary targets, and I seriously doubt that I could bring myself to shoot at a man. The only things I’ve ever killed were insects.” “Well, why don’t you come along anyway. There’s a good chance we won’t see anything. On any given hunt, most women come back empty handed. But if we see a male, and you find yourself not wanting to kill him, you can watch me do it.”

After thinking a moment, Cindy found herself feeling a tingling of excitement when visualizing a naked man being shot with an arrow and falling to the ground. “Ok,” she said. “It might prove to be an interesting experience.” “I’m sure it will,” Janice said. “There’s something else that might be of interest to you, and that’s the other method I mentioned of determining who gets to eat the cock and balls of a male that isn’t a slave. In a hunt, this privilege always goes to whoever makes a kill.

A thought suddenly came to Cindy and she said: “I’ve forgotten all about Robert. You said he would become my slave, but how is he going to become obedient in the manner you’ve described?” Janice said: “That won’t be a problem. I forgot to mention that he and the others were made to watch what happened to their shipmate that, I can assure you, made an extremely dramatic impression.”

Cindy gasped and asked: “They were there the entire time?” Janice said: “Yes, but in a location where we couldn’t be seen, so he is unaware you were there also.” “Good grief!” Cindy gasped. “I can’t begin to imagine how much shock he must be in. Where is he?” “He’s waiting for you in the hut you will be living in.” “Waiting for me?”  Cindy asked as an image of Robert sitting in a chair flashed in her mind. “Well, in a manner of speaking. Since he is now a slave, he’s tied spread-eagle on the floor in the way I described.”

In hearing this, Cindy hesitated a moment and then asked: “Is he, uh…, naked?” “Of course, all of them were stripped while still unconscious on the boat. I was aware his nakedness might, at first, cause you to be somewhat self-conscious, so I left instructions for him to also be blindfolded. As long as you don’t say anything, he won’t have any awareness of who is with him. We prefer slaves having no pubic hair so he’s been shaved down there. We do this because it enables the details of their cocks and balls being more noticeable.”

“He has been told he is now the slave of a woman, but he does not yet know it will be you. He’s also been told how he is expected to behave, but since he was in a state of extreme shock at the time, I don’t know how much of this, if any, was comprehended. It will be up to you to let him know what is expected and what will happen if he fails to quickly obey your every commend.” Despite being somewhat dismayed, Cindy felt a tingle of excitement in realizing she was going to see Robert lying naked on a floor with him having no awareness of her presence.  She had never felt a strong sexual attraction toward him and, therefore, had given little thought to what hung between his legs.  But now, she found herself being unable to keep from wondering what they would look like in both size and appearance. This caused a sudden thought to come to her and she asked: “You said a mistress gets to eat her slave’s cock and balls. Does this mean I will get to eat, uh…, Robert’s?”

 “Of course.” Janice said. “When the time comes for him to be put down, and they have been cooked in whatever way you desire, they will be all yours. But before this, you might find yourself wanting to eat his cock in an entirely different manner.” “Oh, I could never bring myself to do anything like that!” Cindy said while not only blushing but causing her to lose a strange but exciting feeling that had come over her when hearing that someday, she would actually eat the cooked penis and testicles of a young man she had been dating for almost two years. “Let’s just wait and see what happens.” Janice said while displaying a knowing smile. “Why don’t we stop by my hut before going to yours.”

When they approached Janice’s hut, Cindy noticed that, like others, there was a skull over the door but, as had happened earlier, knowing it had been a man’s resulted in causing little concern. “Is one of those going to be over the door of my hut?” She asked. “The skulls over our doors are from the most recent slave that has been put down.” Janice said. “But since you have yet to have this done, there will be none over your door for awhile.” “Cindy had little time to give this a great deal of thought because, upon entering Janice’s hut, she was greeted by the astonishing sight of the heads of five men, mounted trophy style on wooden plaques, hanging on the far wall. In addition, their penises and scrotums along with the pubic hair were mounted underneath.

Three of the penises were fully erect and the other two curved outward in a semi-erect state. The tanned hide of a human torso whose hairy chest showed being male was attached to the wall beneath the center plaque. “Those are kills I’ve made in past hunts.” Janice said proudly as Cindy gaped in stunned disbelief. “The one with the hide under it was my first, and in case you haven’t guessed, the hide came from him also. The hole in the left breast is where my arrow hit him.
It was only gradually that Cindy was able to gain some semblance of composure and said: ”I thought looking at Frank’s head sitting on a platter was weird, but that’s nothing to the weirdness of seeing men’s head’s mounted like trophies on a wall in the same manner as a deer or some other type of animal. Their cocks and balls underneath only add to the strangeness, although, I must admit, they’re kind of exciting to look at.”

“I don’t consider them being ‘like’ trophies.” Janice said. “In having been taken in a hunt, they are trophies in every sense of the word. I can understand you finding them somewhat weird to look at, but it’s something you’ll get used to seeing – at least to some extent. If you make a kill tomorrow, you will have one of your own to hang on your wall along with a tanned hide.”

“You forget I’m only going along to watch.” Cindy said. “That may be so, but you might as well take a bow and quiver of arrows. You never know what might happen. But even if you don’t shoot a male, perhaps you could give me a demonstration by shooting at a few things, nothing alive of course.  I would very much like to see how well the member of a championship archery team can shoot.”
Instead of continuing the discussion, Cindy pointed to several long shelves upon which rested more human skulls. “Are these from your other slaves?” “Yes, they all come from past slaves, but these are only the most recent except for the darker one on the end that was my first that I keep for nostalgic reasons. I don’t have room for all the slaves I’ve had. There are more on some of the post scattered throughout the village and other places. They become somewhat brittle with age, however, so the older ones have been ground for making fertilizer. We go through slaves fairly rapidly. As I have said, girls have to eat.”

Cindy turned to see what else was in the hut and jumped while uttering a startled scream when seeing a naked man tied spread-eagle on the floor in a far corner.” Janice said: “I’m Sorry about that. I guess I should have reminded you that he would be here, but I thought from what I had said earlier about slaves never being left alone in a hut without being tied to the floor, that you would know my slave would be here and tied like that.” “Does he mind me being here?” Cindy asked while blushing profusely but unable to take her eyes away. “He’s only a slave, so it makes no difference if he minds or not. But he’s quite used to women looking at him. Here, let me show you something that might be of interest.”

Janice went over, knelt between the man’s widespread legs, and started fondling his flaccid penis. Despite being embarrassed, Cindy was not only unable to take her eyes away, but she soon became intrigued when seeing the shaft starting to swell and continue until becoming rigid. Except for what had happened with Frank who had been dead when it occurred, it was the first time she had ever seen a penis become erect on a man that was alive. To say that she became enthralled would be an understatement.

“Just look at that.” Janice said in a disgusted tone. “Even though he knows I’m going to torture his cock and balls, he still can’t keep from getting hard when I fondle it. All of them are like that. If that doesn’t say something of how totally dumb males are, I don’t know what does.” Cindy managed to take her eyes away from the object that had been holding her undivided attention long enough to glance at the helpless man and saw that, although saying nothing and lying motionless, his face was registering a look of extreme anxiety.
But her gaze returned to what was between his legs when Janice took a narrow band of leather, wrapped it tightly around the base of his erect penis, under his scrotum, pulled it tight, and tied it off. “This will keep it hard indefinitely, regardless of what is being done to it.” Janice said. “Let me give you a demonstration.” She walked to a table and picked up a small whip that had numerous strips of leather hanging from the handle and said: “The leather comes from the hides of males which I think is quite appropriate. It’s soft and will not break the skin or cause any permanent damage, but that doesn’t keep it from being extremely painful.”

When finishing this last remark, Janice lashed the whip across the man’s penis and testicles that resulted in him jerking and uttering a shrill scream. A second direct hit quickly followed, and when becoming nonstop, the man’s screams became continuous as he bucked and withered, and his rigid penis flew back and forth while his testicles jounced about in his scrotum. Despite being shocked by the unexpected suddenness that it had occurred, Cindy found herself not only watching with rapt fascination, but she was totally unaware of, once again, starting to become damp.
The attack continued for over five minutes until Janice stopped and said: “That was just a short demonstration to give you an example of the manner that slaves are being treated. When I come back after taking you to your hut, he is in for lot more of this although it’ll be much longer and more severe. Look at his cock, and you’ll see what I mean about it staying hard when being tightly tied.” Cindy looked and saw that the penis, although being extremely red, had indeed lost none of its rigidness.

Janice shook her head in dismay and said: “See what I mean about how dumb they are? He has been subjected to this type of treatment every day, sometimes more than once, and yet he still gets hard whenever his cock is played with. He’ll even get hard when doing nothing more than seeing me when I’m naked even though he’s fully aware of what’s in store for him. They really are pathetic creatures, aren’t they? Well, I’ve kept you from your slave long enough, so I’ll take you to your hut.”

As they walked through the village, Janice pointed out various places such as a path leading to a large pool beneath a waterfall that was used for bathing, a cooking hut called the ‘kitchen’ were Cindy would go to get meals for herself and her slave, a processing hut where male bodies were butchered, and a large mound of earth with a heavy wooden door where the meat was being kept.

She then reminded Cindy of the importance of always maintaining a strict mistress-slave relationship where even the slightest transgression he might commit should be immediately and harshly dealt with, how he and primarily his penis and testicles should be tortured on a daily basis, and other things regarding how a slave should be treated and how he was expected to behave.

Cindy found herself blushing when Janice turned the subject to describing effective ways of fondling a penis and causing it to become erect. And, In so doing, she placed an emphasis on describing the areas that were extremely sensitive to being touched and stroked. Even though Cindy listened to what was being said, she felt sure she was not going to be touching Robert’s penis in any manner but decided to keep this opinion to herself.

Cindy was also finding it difficult to envision ever being able to treat Robert in any type of cruel and demeaning manner. When they reached her hut, Janice said: I’ll leave you now, but please remember what I’ve been saying. I realize that knowing each other might make things somewhat awkward at first, but it’s important that everything I’ve mentioned being adhered to. As I’ve said, we’ll give you a few days, but if things don’t work out, he will be put in one of the compounds, and you can select another that, since he will be unknown, should make dealing with him easier.”
“But hopefully, this won’t be necessary. You may even find that being a past boyfriend will turn out to be an intriguing experience. One other thing I should mention before I leave. I’ve stressed the importance of there being absolutely no familiarity between you, but until he has been sufficiently trained, he might, out of habit, call you by your name.

“This is strictly forbidden to such extent of deserving becoming a live roast. But when considering his past relationship, I think we can permit a little leeway – at least to start with. But, if it should happen, he must be immediately punished in a manner that will make a lasting impression. A hard knee or swift kick to their balls is extremely effective when wanting to get an important point across.”

Janice turned to leave but then stopped. “Oh, something I forgot to mention. They can’t cum when their cocks and balls are tightly tied, so there’s no reason for having any concern of becoming pregnant.” “Good grief” Cindy gasped as she felt her cheeks turning red. “He’s wanted to fuck me for almost two years, and I’ve not allowed it. If he’s become my slave, why on earth would I let him do it now?” Janice laughed and said “I’m not talking about him fucking you, I’m talking about you fucking him... Well, have a good time, see you in the morning.” With that, she turned and walked away leaving a dumbfounded Cindy gaping after her.

When Janice was no longer in sight, Cindy shook her head and said to herself: “Him fuck me or me fuck him! Either way, it’s not going to happen...” But she then looked at the door and wondered what was going to happen? She felt no desire to hurt Robert in any manner – to say nothing of what Janice had demonstrated.

Cindy then remembered what Janice had said about him being taken to a compound if things didn’t work out, and she realized the simplest thing would be to request this without waiting a few days. In feeling as though a burden had been lifted, she began to relax. She would go in, take a brief glance to satisfy any curiosity, and go to bed. He could be taken away in the morning without ever knowing she had seen him naked.
With this somewhat comforting thought in mind, Cindy opened the door and entered. She deliberately kept her gaze straight ahead as she closed the door, but when hearing Robert’s voice asking: “Is anyone there?” She was unable to keep from glancing in his direction and, in so doing, found herself looking directly between his widespread legs. Her first reaction was one of surprise when seeing his flaccid penis and the bulges in his scrotum looked to be as impressive in size as Frank’s had been.

Robert had always worn boxer style swimming trunks so she had never seen anything to give an indication of his size. But his modest manner had led her to believe there was nothing about him down there that could be considered noteworthy. But now, in seeing this hardly being the case, she found herself unable to resist the urge of wanting to take a closer look. After glancing to confirm he was indeed blindfolded, she walked silently and got on her knees between his legs while keeping her eyes fixed on the objects before her that, in being void of pubic hair, did indeed make the details more exposed and impressive. 
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Chapter 6

Robert’s penis was laying between his inner thigh and the bulge his scrotum being caused by his left testicle, and like Frank’s, the shaft was thick and long. Also, the oval shapes in his scrotum were equally as large. The head, in pointing downward, provided her with a clear view of the flared ridge, and in studying the prominent features, she found herself becoming excited and wanting to see more.

She crooked the index finger of her right hand, put it under the head, and gently started to lift it to get a better view. In feeling this extremely sensitive area being touched, Robert cried out: “Who’s there?” Cindy’s hand jerked from being startled which caused the penis to fly up and land on his pelvis with the underside being revealed. It lay motionless for a moment and then slowly started rolling, as though crawling inside of the loose skin, and then stopped when curving sideways. In hearing no reply to his question, Robert called out in a desperate tone: “Please, please tell me what’s happening?”

Cindy’s first reaction was one of alarm, but it didn’t take long for her to calm down in realizing that, with him being blindfolded and helpless, she had total control of doing whatever she wanted, and he would be completely unaware of who was with him. Once again, she turned her attention to looking at his impressive penis and the oval bulges of his testicles that not only caused her to become increasingly excited, but wanting to find out what they would feel like.
This time, she ignored his questioning pleas as she reached out and, starting at the base, ran her fingers lightly along the curved shaft and, in so doing, was surprised when finding it to be velvety smooth and soft. When doing the same to the flared head, she was again surprised in finding the surface even smoother and softer than the shaft. In wanting to know even more, she closed her hand around the shaft and, when squeezing, she found the texture being soft and spongy.

A slight thrill went through her in seeing that being squeezed had caused the head to bulge larger and the slit of the closed hole to partially open. It was not long, however, that she felt a change occurring and released Robert’s penis to take a closer look. It fell over his scrotum, but much to her delight, it didn’t take long to notice the shaft starting to swell.

The growth continued but then stopped when reaching a point of starting to lift upward. Cindy suddenly remembered what Janice had said and started lightly stroking underneath the flared head. The response was almost immediate, and she stared spellbound as Robert’s penis once again began to swell and starting to rise.

Cindy’s fascination increased when seeing that, in addition to becoming longer and thicker, it started making rhythmic jerks. It was during one of these jerks that it flopped over and landed heavily on his pelvis. Cindy’s excitement surged as she stroked the conveniently offered underside and saw the penis becoming so rigid it lifted upward at an angle with the hole gaping open at the tip of what had become an extremely strutted head.

In addition, Robert was trying to thrust his pelvis upward, and it was only then she realized he had become silent while she had been playing with him. She shook her head and said to herself: “Not only has he seen a friend being gutted and roasted alive on a spit, but he’s been told he’s a slave and has been tied naked and blindfolded to a floor in a strange place, and yet, his cock not only gets hard when being played with by an unknown person, but he apparently wants even more. Janice is right, they really are pathetic creatures!”

Cindy’s disdain, however, did nothing to dampen her excitement, and after admiring the enormity of Robert’s rigid erection, she reached out and ran her fingers lightly over the hard yet still smooth surface of the shaft whose uplifted angle conveniently presented the swollen head for being closely examined.

And closely examine she did. She ran her fingers over the remarkable smoothness of the flared shape, around the prominent ridge, squeezed and marveled at the softness even though being extremely strutted. She used her fingers to make the hole gape open even wider and then looked into the moist interior. She slid her hand down and, when squeezing the shaft, found it being quite firm although it would yield slightly when squeezing harder.

When sitting back and once again looking at the rigid details, Cindy noticed a drop of clear liquid oozing from the open hole that, since it was neither  semen or urine, caused her to become curious. She reached out and touched it with the tip of a finger. But she had barely made contact when, much to her surprise, Robert’s penis gave a sudden jerk.
The unexpected reaction only served to increase her curiosity, and she squeezed below the domed head to try and make more of the strange substance come out. The effort proved successful. She held the shaft upright with one hand while running the index finger of the other through the wetness and spreading it over the rounded surface. She found it not only being quite slick, but felt his penis trying to jerk and causing Robert to start squirming in a manner that made it obvious the strange substance had, somehow, greatly increased the sensitivity of the head.

She squeezed out more liquid, released Robert’s penis, and each time the wet hole was touched, his rigid penis would jerk upward. She increased the pace to such extent that the rigid shaft started giving an appearance of dancing for her pleasure. But, although being both exciting and highly amusing to watch, she quickly stopped when finding herself unable to suppress a giggle.

Cindy held her breath, but when Robert failed to show any indication of recognizing who had made the sound, she reached down, cupped his scrotum, and started rolling his testicles about to see what they felt like.

When the slick surface caused one to slip away, she lightly squeezed the other to hold it in place while trying to determine the texture. In so doing, she was surprised when Robert uttered a low moan. Cindy had heard that testicles were the most vulnerable part of a male’s body, but she had no idea of it being to such an extent that only a slight squeeze could bring discomfort. It was more of being curious as to what his reaction would be than wanting to hurt him, that she put her hand around both of his testicles and squeezed harder.

Although expecting him to cry out to some extent, she was startled at the intensity in which it came. It was only then that she felt a pleasing sense of power in having such control over a young man’s naked body by using only the pressure of one hand. She squeezed much harder and was rewarded by hearing Robert uttering an even louder cry while trying to twist away. Cindy was still enjoying a feeling of power when she playfully batted his uplifted penis and smiled mischievously while watching it swing back and forth. She gave it an extremely hard slap and, much to her delight, he uttered a loud cry and seeing the rigid shaft flying back and forth in a manner that seemed almost frantic.
It was at this moment that her attitude toward Robert made a sudden and dramatic change, and he was soon not only crying out, but jerking and bucking as his penis, which was being repeatedly slapped by alternating hands with extreme force, flayed in all directions with his testicles jouncing in wild abandon. When she finally stopped, it had nothing to do with having concern for the torment she had been causing, but simply because her palms were beginning to sting.

Cindy’s eyes flashed with excitement as she looked around for something other than her hands to use, and she was greeted by the delightful sight of a small leather whip, identical to the one Janice had used on her slave, along with one of the narrow strips of leather were lying on a small nearby table. A surge of excitement went through her when going to the table and picking up the two items.

When once again kneeling between Robert’s widespread legs, however, she was disappointed when seeing his penis had lost some of its stiffness. But her disappointment soon turned to joy when a few playful manipulations brought it back to its previous enormity. “Dumb, dumb, dumb, asshole:” She said to herself as she wrapped the leather band around the base of the shaft, under his scrotum, pulled it tight, and tied it off.

Cindy was thrilled when seeing that being tied had caused his penis to become harder and the head, especially the ridge, more strutted that caused the hole to open wider. In addition, veins on the shaft had become clearly visible.
It was indeed an impressive sight to such extent that it caused the excitement she was feeling to surge even higher. “Now, how best to do this?” She asked herself.  Janice had simply leaned over when using her whip when lashing her slave, but that position would soon become tiring if bending over for any length of time. After giving it some thought, she straddled Robert’s chest and sat down on him with her knees resting on the floor on each side.

A wave of enthusiasm swept through her when swinging the whip with all her might and lashing it across Robert’s strutted erection and scrotum. Instead of crying out as before, he uttered a high-pitched scream and gave a violent jerk. Before having time to recover, a second lash landed with equal force.

Her attack continued unabated as Cindy whipped him so hard his penis was bouncing in every direction and his testicles jounced nonstop with Robert screaming and bucking and withering about in wild abandon. Without even realizing it, she slid back and started grinding the soaking wet, thin leather crotch of her panties into his face. It was not long until Robert’s shrill screams started getting increasingly ragged as his throat became unable to give voice to the agony he was suffering.

The intensity of Cindy’s excitement and arousal was of such magnitude that her grinding action on his face resulted in bringing forth an exhilarating orgasm. But, as soon as she had recovered, the savagery of her attack began anew, and it was only after experiencing a second climax that she finally stopped while breathing heavily. She looked between his legs and saw that his penis, although now bruised and inflamed, had not only remained fully erect, but had swollen even larger along with his testicles inside his equally bruised and inflamed scrotum. In looking at the damage she had caused, Cindy’s excitement reached a new high and, despite having experienced two orgasms, she felt as if a fire was raging between her legs.

She took another look at Robert’s monstrous erection and then stood up while almost frantically pulling off her dress. After doing the same with her panties, she straddled his hips while facing forward, dropped to her knees, and, without giving any thought to the significance of what she was about to lose, lowered herself while reaching between her legs to guide his penis until the rounded head touched the dripping and extremely swollen folds of her vulva. Without pausing, she impaled herself on the rigid shaft while leaning forward and putting her hands on the floor for support.

Cindy felt a stab of pain as Robert’s penis broke through her hymen, but it quickly faded after moving up and down several times. Her full young breasts and swollen nipples were soon bouncing and jiggling as her movements became increasingly rapid while grinding her strutted clitoris on the rigid shaft at each downward thrust. It was only a short while later that she felt as though something had exploded within her vagina, and she jerked while uttering a loud cry as wave after exhilarating wave flooded through her of an intensity far surpassing any she had experienced earlier.
When the wonderful waves finally subsided, Cindy fell forward on Robert’s chest with her perspiration-soaked breast pressing against him while relishing a contentment of unbelievable bliss. She lay on him for a long time while keeping him fully embedded and had no idea that, although finally giving Robert what he had passionately craved for almost two years, his tightly tied and badly bruised penis had resulted in causing a pain of such degree that it surpassed any pleasure he might otherwise have experienced. And, to add to his frustration, even though an ejaculation had been triggered, his semen had been unable to make it past the closed urethra within his tightly tied penis.

Cindy was in a dreamlike state when she finally got off Robert and said to herself: “Wow! What a fantastic way to lose my virginity!” She looked at his wet, still rigid, penis and said with a giggle: “Well, after that, I guess you deserved being untied,” She knelt and started untying the strip of leather. When it became loose, much to her astonishment, a thick rope like stream of semen gushed from the hole and landed on his chest, and although gradually decreasing in intensity, it squirted again and again before finally subsiding. Cindy watched in rapt fascination and then, although having no idea from where the urge came, she leaned over, put Robert’s now shrinking penis in her mouth, and in so doing, she not only found that sucking on his penis being exciting, but that the taste of her own juices combined with his semen being quite pleasant.

When she finished indeed eating Robert’s penis in another manner, she stood up while feeling an extreme contentment. But a sudden chill went through her when she heard Robert’s ragged voice saying in a tone of disbelief, “Cindy…?” She looked down, and to her horror, she saw that her grinding on his face had pulled the blindfold down on one side in a way that, although preventing him from looking down, enabled him to see upward and recognize who was standing above him. In addition to being profoundly embarrassed, Cindy was at a loss of what to do other than reaching for her dress and quickly slipping it on.

It then came to her that Robert had called out her name, and in remembering Janice’s advice, she turned and, with all the force she could muster, swung her foot between his widespread legs to land squarely on his conveniently offered and extremely vulnerable testicles. The outcry that followed, even through a ragged throat, exceeded any he had previously uttered and continued as he withered in a manner that left no doubt of suffering extreme agony.

Cindy sat in a chair and watched as Robert continue to wither and moan in anguish. Instead of having any compassion, however, she found herself feeling both excitement and amusement in seeing the way his now limp but swollen and discolored penis flopped about while his equally swollen testicles jounced in his bruised scrotum.
When he finally began to recover and utter only soft moans, she went to him, knelt down, grasped his hair, lifted his head, looked into his pain filled eyes, and said: “As for what has happened, the only thing you need to know is that we were shipwrecked on a strange and marvelous island - at least marvelous for women. The past relationship between us is over and has been replaced by an entirely different type.”
“As hard as it might be for you to comprehend, you have become my slave and you refer to me only as ‘mistress’ or ‘ma’am’. The reason I kicked you in your balls is because you used my name. I went easy on you this time, but if you ever do it again, you will suffer the same fate you saw being done to Frank, so I strongly advise remembering it.  In addition, you will obey my every command without question, is that understood?”

When Robert did not respond immediately, she slammed his head on the floor, lifted it again and asked in a stern tone: “I said…., is that understood slave?” “Ye.., ye.., yes… ma.., ma.., ma’am,” he gasped. “That’s better!” Cindy said and, although not slamming his head on the floor this time, she released his hair so that his head hit the floor with a thud and said: “I’m going to bed, and you will stay tied to the floor, but if you do anything to disturb me, I’ll use that whip on your cock and balls again!”

When Cindy lay on her bed, she was pleased to find it being quite comfortable, and despite her extreme excitement, the fatigue of a long and extraordinarily eventful day soon caught up, and she fell into a deep sleep. One can only wonder the nature of her dreams. Robert, however, in not only being filled with fear and utter confusion but continued feeling pain in his badly battered and bruised penis and testicles, he lay for a long time on the hard floor before finally succumbing to exhaustion and drifting into a troubled and fitful sleep.

Cindy felt surprisingly refreshed when she awoke the next morning. At first, she was unable to get her bearings until all that had happened the day before came flooding back when seeing Robert lying naked on the floor. His penis was discolored and swollen, but it was nothing compared to his black and blue scrotum that was well above normal size. In seeing the vivid reminders of what she had done to him, she felt a wave of exciting pride in realizing the ease she had dominated and humiliated his male body and sex organs in particular.

She then saw some new changes of clothing on a shelf that she hadn’t noticed previously. After glancing at Robert to make sure he was asleep, she went over and started looking through the leather dresses. They all had colorful flowered designs except for one that had been dyed in a jungle type pattern that would be appropriate for wearing when going on a hunt. After slipping on a fresh pair of panties, she put this one on. Her next thought turned to getting something to eat, so she left and walked to the kitchen that Janice had pointed out.

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Chapter 7

When entering the kitchen, Cindy was surprised in seeing the interior being far from the primitive setting she had been anticipating. Several women were working at two large wood-fired stoves where sizzling meat in frying pans was giving off pleasing aromas.  Hanging from a large overhead rack was an impressive assortment of pots and pans.
A heavy, wooden butcher table had a wide variety of knives hanging on the side, but she gave the latter little notice when seeing what was on the surface. A thick slab of meat was closest to her, but it was not this that caught her attention. Beyond the slab of meat lay what was clearly the upper part of a man’s leg.

There was also a cafeteria style serving counter where women were pushing trays and making selections that were handed to them by women servers. In not having Janice with her, Cindy was somewhat hesitant in picking up a tray from a stack and going to the end of the counter. But she quickly calmed down when a woman behind the counter gave her a friendly smile and said: “Welcome, we’re extremely glad to have you among us.”

She then pointed to two large rectangular pans. One was filled with scrambled eggs and the other with eggs that had been fried. “We raise our own chickens, so the eggs are fresh. The meat next to the bacon is inner thigh and, beyond that is a nice selection of tropical fruit that are all delicious. The bowls on the table over there are for slaves. They’re all the same so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.”

Cindy selected scrambled eggs but, when coming to the meat, asked the woman what she recommended. The woman said both were extremely good, but for breakfast, she preferred the crispness of bacon. “It does look good.” Cindy said. “But I think I’d rather have meat that comes from males.” “Both come from males.” The woman said good-naturedly. “Male meat is the only type that is eaten on our island. I mean, the only type that is eaten by women. The meat in the bowls for slaves over there is dried pork.”
“You can get bacon from them also?” Cindy asked in a tone of surprise while looking at a pan containing thick strips that looked remarkably similar to ordinary bacon except for having a richer color. “Oh yes, it comes from their abdomens, like over there.” the woman said while pointing to the thick slab of meat on the butcher table where a woman was now cutting slices. “Then I’ll take some bacon please.” Cindy said with a giggle. “I can tell what it is now, but at first, I didn’t recognize it as having come from one of their tummies.”

After being given a generous amount of bacon, Cindy selected some tropical fruit. She then went to the table the woman had pointed out and picked up a bowl for Robert. It, like all the others, contained chunks of coconut and strips of dried meat.

Robert was awake when Cindy returned. “Good morning,” she said in a cheerful tone, “did you sleep well last night?” Robert however, in finding himself being totally bewildered as to how this beautiful young woman who had treated him with such unbelievably cruelty could actually be the same girl he had dated for almost two years, just gaped at her through pain filled eyes. But he was brought back to horrible reality when Cindy picked up the small whip and said: “I asked you a question. Do I have to use this to get an answer?”

A look of panic came on Robert’s face, and he said in a pleading tone: “I…, I’ll answer. Please don’t hit me there again. I hardly slept at all. My balls were hurting something awful, and still are, uh…, ma’am.” “Well, they’re going to be hurting a lot worse if you don’t start behaving like the slave you have become. When I ask a question, I expect an immediate answer. Now tell me who I am?” “Er…, you… you’re my mistress, uh..,  ma’am.” “That’s better. I’ve brought you something to eat so I’ll untie you, but don’t forget how you’re expected to behave.”
When Robert had been untied, he sat on the floor looking doubtfully at the contents of his bowl that, although full, didn’t look very appetizing. Cindy, in sitting at a table, picked up one of the strips of bacon and looked at it in a contemplating manner. She had been intending to tease Robert by telling him what it was but decided he had been tormented enough for awhile.

Little did she know that this slight show of compassion would be the last she would ever give him. She took a bite of the crisp strip, and found it surpassing any bacon she had ever tasted. She then giggled when seeing Robert looking at it in a longing manner while chewing a tough piece of dried meat. “If only he knew,” she thought while feeling highly amused.

They had just finished when Janice walked in holding two bows in one hand and two quivers of arrows in the other. She put them on the table, looked at Robert who was still sitting on the floor, and said in a demanding tone: “Stand up slave.” He stood but quickly placed his hands over his groin. “Put you’re hands down!” She barked. “Slaves are forbidden to cover themselves, so don’t ever do it again.” Robert quickly did as told and stood blushing profusely with his hands at his sides.

In seeing the state of his bruised and swollen genitals, Janice walked over, reached down, and cupped his scrotum. Robert winched and uttered a moan even though she had hardly lifted it. “It looks like you did indeed have a good time last night.” She said to Cindy while displaying a mischievous smile. Cindy blushed and said: “Well, at first, I was only going to look, but then I got excited and started playing with them that caused him to get hard. One thing led to another until I’m sitting on his chest and whipping his cock and balls as hard as I could.” She then became bolder, uttered a giggle, looked at Robert, and said: “But hearing him screaming with him bucking and thrashing underneath me with his cock and balls bouncing all over the place was the most thrilling and exciting experience I’d ever had!”

Cindy’s face then turned red and after pausing a moment said: “That is, it was uh…, the most thrilling and exciting experience I’d ever had until I…,uh…,uh.” “Until you fucked him, right?” Janice said while displaying a knowing smile. Cindy only nodded, but her face turning redder made the answer obvious. “There’s no reason to be embarrassed, Cindy.” Janice said. “I seriously doubt there’s a woman anywhere, if being honest with herself, wouldn’t get carried away when doing such things to a naked male. I always fuck my slave after giving him a severe working over. It’s all part of being a woman and responding to deep seated emotions within us like I talked about last night.”

In wanting to get Cindy’s mind off her embarrassment, Janice again cupped Robert’s scrotum, ignored his loud groans, and said: “His balls are really swollen to have only been whipped. Did anything else happen?” The tactic proved successful in enabling Cindy to recover, and she said: “When I was sitting on him and rubbing back and forth on his face, his blindfold got pulled down on one side, and he saw me when I stood up. He called me by my name, so I kicked him in his balls like you said. I think it did indeed make a vivid and lasting impression.” She looked at Robert and asked: “Am I right?”  “Y…,y…, yes ma’am.” Robert stammered. Janice nodded in an approving manner and said: “Very good Cindy. Despite this being you’re first time, you’ve done an excellent job in beginning his training.”

Janice looked at Robert’s genitals in an apprising manner and said: “Being swollen makes it somewhat hard to tell, but in making a guess, I’d say his cock and balls are about the same impressive size as the ones you ate last night.” “Yes, they’re every bit as big as Frank’s were.” Cindy said in an enthusiastic tone. Janice jounced Robert’s testicles several times and said while again ignoring his moans: “My, my, you are indeed lucky, you’re going to have the opportunity to enjoy yet another delicious and fantastic meal after these delicacies have been cooked up.”
Since both of Janice’s and Cindy’s attention had been directed toward Robert’s genitals, they failed to notice a look of stunned shock and disbelief come on his face which then drained of color. It was only when he toppled backward with his head making a loud thud when hitting the floor that they looked at him. Janice laughed and said: “Apparently, you failed to inform him of his eventual fate. If I had to guess, I‘d say he wasn’t overly enthused when hearing what it’s going to be. Well, we’ve got a hunt to go to. Help me drag him over there so we can tie him up.

Robert was once again tied spread-eagle on the floor, and he was still unconscious when Cindy and Janice each slung a bow across their backs, hung a quiver of arrows over a shoulder, and walked outside. In seeing Janice’s slave holding a leather bag, Cindy asked: “Is he going with us?” “Only to the area we use for field dressing kills. If we’re successful in bringing one down, he’ll carry the carcass back to the village.”  Her slave obediently followed them as they walked down a path winding through the tropical forest.

Cindy looked at Janice and said: “I was quite impressed when going into the kitchen. It looked quite modern and expensive. If you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious of how all of those things were obtained.” “Well we prefer making our own items whenever possible, but we have no qualms in purchasing whatever else we might need when taking trips to large islands. And since we always have a large number of males around, there are always some that are capable of putting things together. As for funds, in being tourists, most males we capture carry large amounts of cash in their wallets, and since no longer having a need for it, it would be folly not to take it for ourselves. You’d be surprised how quickly it adds up. We always have more than enough to purchase whatever we need”

“Is there anything you haven’t found a solution for?” Cindy asked good-naturedly. “Not that I know of.” Janice replied in a like manner. They continued down the path until coming to a large area that had been cleared except for large trees that had ropes hanging from pulleys attached to lower branches.  Janice pointed to a group of naked men being watched by several women and said to her slave: “Wait over there with the other slaves until we return. And make sure that bag doesn’t get misplaced or your hide will be used to make a replacement.” “Yes mistress.” He said without showing any emotion and walked toward the group.

“We’re going to a location that has proven successful to me several times in past hunts,” Janice said as they started down a narrow path going deeper into the forest. “I just hope someone hasn’t gotten there first.” “Just how does the hunt work?” Cindy asked. “Surely you don’t let naked men just roam around in the woods.” “No, we don’t let them do that. The males we’re going to hunt today were taken from a compound this morning and taken to a designated area deep in the forest.”

“They’ve been told they’re going to become prey and be hunted, and they are given several hours to look for places to hide which is what is happening now. A horn will be sounded shortly that will be the signal for the hunt to begin. A second horn will sound this afternoon to signal coming to an end.”

“I see.” Cindy said. “But if they’re allowed to find places to hide, any that are not killed will still be out there in the woods.” “Not very long.” Janice said. ‘They’ve been told that after the second horn sounds, all survivors are to start back, and any that don’t return will be considered trying to escape. They know full well what that would mean which is why in all the hunts we’ve conducted, there has yet to be a male that wasn’t either carried out or walked out. After the ending horn sounds, to keep any from getting lost, it will periodically be blown to enable them knowing which direction to go. Hopefully, if we spot one, he’ll be one of those having to be carried out. The place I’m talking about is just ahead.”

Janice led Cindy into a grove of trees, glanced around and said: “Good, no one beat us to it. This not only provides concealment for us but gives a clear view of that small opening the path goes through. The undergrowth you see on each side not only goes a long way in both directions but is so thick a male would be extremely hesitant to try going through it even if he wasn’t naked.”

“All of this serves as a funnel that forces a male coming in this direction to use that narrow opening to get past.” Cindy asked: “Why would one be coming this way if they’ve all found places to hide?” Janice said: The purpose for giving them time to find places to hide is to make hunting them being more challenging and enjoyable. But since the primary purpose of the hunt is to obtain meat, a method is used to offset their advantage of being allowed to find places of concealment. We hunt in pairs that are assigned to two different types of groups. Those in one group, like us, will wait in blinds. The hunters in the other group will be looking for tracks and other signs showing where a male might be hiding.”

“When a male is spotted, one of the hunters will try to get close enough without being seen to bring him down, but since he will be extremely wary of the slightest movement or sound, it often results in him being flushed and running toward the other hunter who is waiting on the other side. But, since hitting a fast-moving target is not only difficult, there is often only a brief moment for taking a clear shot that results in many of them getting away.”
“In addition, each pair is limited to a single kill, so after making one, the hunters will start looking for other hiding places while making a lot of noise. This results in more being flushed and fleeing in terror and, quite often, running past an occupied blind.”

“You’d be surprised at how many will panic when just hearing hunters in the area and will run even though they haven’t been seen. We alternate hunting in each of the groups, so everyone will have an opportunity to participate in each type. This is why, in addition to the males that succeed in remaining hidden for the entire hunt, there will be others running around in panic, and as I’ve said, this blind is an excellent location. Two of the males whose heads you saw hanging on my wall came through that opening with me standing in this very spot.”

It was only a short while later that the sound of a horn being blown was heard in the distance. “The hunt has begun.” Janice said. “Any male we see is fair game.” For the next few hours, however, the only male that had been seen was a squirrel chasing a female that prompted Janice to say: “They’re all alike, aren’t they?” Cindy was starting to get bored when Janice whispered, “I thought I heard something. Go ahead and notch an arrow so you’ll be ready if one comes toward us.”

Despite the excitement that had come over her the night before and resulted in her doing the things she had done to Robert, Cindy was still convinced she wouldn’t be able to bring herself to try and kill a man in cold blood. But instead of saying anything that might divert Janice’s attention at a critical time, she did as asked. At first, Cindy heard nothing but birds chirping, but when a brief flash of something moving caught her eye, she stared through the opening. Although looking intently, however, she was startled when a naked man suddenly burst into view.

He was running quite fast while looking back over a shoulder that prevented her from seeing his face. But, even if he had been looking forward, she would have given his face little notice since her attention was drawn, almost immediately, to the frantic activity taking place between his pounding legs. Although being amused, she felt no desire to kill him and started to tell Janice to take the shot. Before she could do this, however, Janice put her fingers to her mouth and uttered a shrill whistle that caused the man to stop and look in their direction in a confused manner.

But he was not the only one that had become confused. In standing still and facing them, Cindy saw a familiar face. “Good grief, that’s Sam!” she said. “How on earth can he be here?” But, a moment later, something came over her, and without consciously realizing what she was doing, Cindy took a sideways stance, raised her bow while pulling the arrow back its full length, leaned her head to look down the shaft, point it at the center of his chest, and as a result of hours of practice, tilted the arrow upward after judging the distance and trajectory.

At the moment of reaching the angle that hours of practice told her to be correct, her fingers slid smoothly from the taunt bowstring. And, also as a result of hours of practice, she knew at the moment of release that her aim had been true. Her aim had indeed been true in archery standards where being slightly off still hits within a bulls-eye. So, instead of hitting Sam in the center of his chest where she had aimed, it was only by chance that it struck him the left and plunged through the center of his heart.

Cindy felt as though being in a dream as she watched Sam continuing to stand with the feathered end of an arrow, protruding from his left breast, being the only indication of something traumatic having occurred. A moment later, however, he toppled backward and made a thud when hitting the ground in a manner that caused her to grasp the devastating reality of what she had just done.

Before it could be contemplated, however, she was surprised when his body began to jerk in violent spasms that cause his limp penis, protruding from a thatch of pubic hair, to start flopping and his testicles to jounce about in his scrotum. Janice said in an admiring tone: “Excellent shot Cindy! He was dead before he hit the ground. They only jerk like that when death has been instantaneous.”

Cindy looked in wonder as Sam’s body continued to jerk until gradually diminishing and laying still. It was only then the strange spell that had come over her was broken. “Good grief! I just killed a man!” She gasped. “Indeed you did.” Janice said. “For someone who said she couldn’t bring herself to do it, you certainly didn’t hesitate when the opportunity came. I must say, I’m extremely impressed in seeing a champion archer in action. That was a remarkable shot. It was a fairly long distance and you hit him in the heart. I consider myself being pretty good, but I always wait for them to come closer.” “I didn’t even know exactly where his heart was.” Cindy said. “I was aiming at the center of his chest.” “Well, being slightly off at that distance is still a remarkable shot, and one you should be proud of. Even if the arrow had hit on the other side, death might not have been instantaneous, but he wouldn’t have lasted very long. Any hit in that area is always fatal. Well, let’s go over and take a look at your handiwork.”

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Chapter 8

As they walked toward Sam’s lifeless body, Cindy said: “He was one of the men on the sailboat. His name was Sam. What on earth was he doing out here? Was he trying to escape?” Janice shook her head and said: “No, he wasn’t trying to escape. I forgot to mention that he was put in with the group selected to be hunted. Apparently, he had been flushed and was more concerned with what might be behind him than what lay ahead.”

“It’s a common mistake many of them make, and for most, like him, they never get the opportunity to make another one. It’s a remarkable coincidence of you being the one to bring him down.” “I wasn’t kidding when I said I didn’t think I would be able to shoot at a man,” Cindy said. “But something came over me when I recognized him. I don’t know how it happened, but believe it or not, I don’t think I even realized what I was doing until after he was laying out there dead. Maybe it had something to do with me seeing what happened to Frank last night.”

“Sam wasn’t as bad as Frank, but he would glance at me in ways that made it obvious of what he was thinking, so maybe when seeing him, something inside of me was saying that he also deserved to die. That’s the only explanation I can give, but even though it happened, I still find it hard to believe that I’ve actually killed him.” “Well it doesn’t really matter, one way or the other, what caused you to shoot.” Janice said. “The only thing that matters is that you did indeed shoot and made an outstanding kill!”

When they reached Sam’s body. He was lying sprawled on his back like a discarded doll, and a strange feeling came over Cindy when looking at his face. It was registering a look of stunned surprise. His eyes remained open and appeared to gaze blankly ahead. But her strange feeling changed to excitement when Janice walked up to him, lifted his limp penis with her toe, flipped it up into his pubic hair to better display both it and his scrotum, and said: “These don’t compare to your slave’s or the cock and balls you ate last night, but the size is not bad at all. You’ve going to be able to enjoy another delightful meal tonight.”

“I’ve been so caught up I forgot all about that!” Cindy said in an enthused tone. “Am I really going to eat them tonight?” Janice said: “Most definitely, the kitchen always makes a special effort after a hunt to ensure all the cocks and balls that have been taken will be cooked. They will be somewhat different from what you had last night, however. His ball sac and the skin from his cock will be removed and then tanned so they can be stuffed and mounted beneath his head, along with the pubic hair. “Oh my! I’d forgotten about that also.” Cindy squealed in delight! “Sam’s mounted head along with his cock and balls are going to be hanging on my wall! That’s absolutely fantastic!”

She then paused and said: “It won’t really be his balls if I’m going to eat them, but just looking at his sac with artificial balls inside will be exciting.” Janice smiled and said: “Actually, an important part of his balls will indeed be in the sac. The outer membranes will be removed and also tanned. They will then be stuffed and put back into the sac. Also, I think you will be pleased to know that the cocks are stuffed with a material that almost duplicates the feel of actual flesh. The same is true for the balls which are coated with a slick substance. When it comes to this part of a male body, when stuffed, we want them to look and feel as realistic as possible. Well, this fellow surely isn’t going to be walking out on his own, so let’s find a pole to use for carrying him.”

Sam’s body was soon hanging from his hands and knees tied to the trunk of a small tree that had been cut down. He was being carried by Janice leading the way and Cindy holding the other end. His face was toward Cindy, and his open eyes appeared to be looking at her as his head swung loosely back and forth. The motion had caused his tongue to dangle from his mouth. It was not his tongue, however, but his limp penis lying sideways that was the object of her undivided and excited attention.
A short while later, Cindy could hardly believe the bizarre scene that greeted her when reaching the cleared area where Janice had left her slave. Numerous ropes that, earlier, had hung empty from pulleys attached to lower branches now held men’s lifeless and naked bodies hanging by their feet and appearing to gaze uncaringly ahead. Most were in varying stages of being disemboweled by women whose hands and arms were covered with blood. Other lifeless and naked bodies were laying on the ground and appearing content to wait until being attended to while others, like Sam, were being carried in while hanging from poles in a similar manner.
It seemed as though everywhere she looked Cindy’s attention was drawn to the undersides of numerous limp penises and scrotums dangling in triangles of pubic hair from between spread legs. It was to such extent that she found it hard to believe that, until yesterday, she had only seen a few drawings of this part of a man’s body.

Cindy was looking around with her mouth open that only ended when hearing Janice say: “Well, well, it looks like it’s going to be a successful hunt. I’d say that at least half of those released this morning have been taken already, and there are surely others yet to be brought in. Well, let’s carry this fellow to an empty pulley.”
After Sam’s limp carcass had been lowered to the ground, Janice said: “While I untie him, get one of those spreader bars from that pile so we can get him hung up. Since you made the kill, it will be your job to field dress him, but since this is your first time, I’ll instruct you on how it’s done. The fun part is over, and the messy part is about to begin, but if you’re like me, you will find this part being somewhat fun also.

Janice had just finished untying Sam’s body from the pole when Cindy returned holding a metal spreader bar that had a ring in the center and a sharp pointed hook on each end. Janice took the bar, tied the rope to the ring in the center and said: “I’ll show you how to do the first one and you can do the other.” She reached down, picked up Sam’s left foot, and used the sharp point on one of the hooks to pierce his ankle between the bone and Achilles’ tendon.

“Okay Cindy, your turn, just feel the bone in his ankle with your hand and stick the hook in back of it. Any other place and it will tear out.” Cindy felt slightly queasy when she hesitantly picked up Sam’s right foot, felt for the bone, lifted the other end of the bar, and placed the point of the hook where instructed. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, pushed down on his ankle, and was surprised at the ease in which the hook went through. “Very good.” Janice said. “Now help me pull the rope and we’ll get this guy off the ground.”

When Sam was hanging upside-down, and the rope tied to a stake to keep him suspended, Cindy walked to his front. A feeling of excitement and pride swept through her as she looked at the underside of his penis and scrotum dangling in his pubic hair at eye level, and, in so doing, found herself unable to resist reaching out and playfully flipping, jouncing, and making fun of them for a few minutes.

A mischievous thought came to her, and she lifted the limp penis, pointed the flared head toward her, and said: “Hello little Sam, have you been doing anything interesting lately?” She then started wiggling it, and said in a squeaky voice: “No ma’am, I’ve just been hanging around.”

Janice started laughing but stopped and glared at her slave that had just walked up. “It’s about time you showed up!” She said in a stern tone. “I’m sorry mistress.” He said with his face registering a look of fear. “I came as soon as I noticed you were here.” “Well your inattention will result in an extended session with my whip tonight. Now put that bag down and sit over there.” When her slave had quickly complied, Janice said: “Well, let’s get to work.” She reached in the bag, pulled out a roll of leather, spread it on the ground to reveal an assortment of knives in individual pockets, selected a knife, and said: “The first thing we need to do is drain the blood from his body. The quickest way is to simply slit his throat, but when the head is going to be mounted, it requires taking the skin of the entire neck, so I’ll make a small incision to cut the jugular vain and carotid artery on each side of the neck.  After being tanned, the incision will be stitched so that it’s barely noticeable.”

Cindy watched Janice make a small but deep cut on each side of Sam’s neck from which heavy streams of blood ran down his face and onto the ground. Janice handed the knife to Cindy and said: “The next thing is to slit his wrists. I’ll let you do that since it’s quite simple. Just cut deep.” This time, Cindy’s excitement had reached a point that she felt no queasiness whatsoever as she sliced both of Sam’s wrists from which blood also flowed. “Let’s get something to eat while he bleeds out.” Janice said and started walking toward a table in the distance that held trays piled with tropical fruit and slices of cooked meat.

They were soon sitting on the ground and holding wooden bowls. “This meat is delicious.” Cindy said. “What part of their bodies does it come from?” “It’s the inner thigh and one of the better cuts which is saying something since all parts of their bodies are delicious,” Janice replied. “You haven’t tasted the wine yet. Take a sip.”  Cindy’s face registered a look of surprise as she picked up a wooden cup and took a sip of a dark red liquid and said: “That’s the best wine I’ve ever tasted. Is it made here on the island?” “Yes.” Janice said. “We use a method handed down from one generation to another using various types of fruit.”

Cindy looked around and said: “It makes me feel kind of strange, in an exciting sort of way, to be sitting here in leisure as though having a picnic, and sipping wine while looking at naked dead guys, hanging upside-down from trees, and being gutted like they were a deer or something. Do you feel that way?” “No, not in the way you mean.” Janice said. “I’ve seen it so many times that I’ve become accustomed to it. I do, however, find it quite satisfying when seeing a large number of naked and lifeless male bodies, hanging by their feet in a degrading manner, and being field dressed by the women that had caused them to become lifeless, serves to exemplify how inferior they truly are. Well, I think your kill should be ready by now, so let’s get to work.”
Cindy’s excitement increased as she looked at Sam’s dead body while walking toward him, and, in seeing him hanging naked with his penis and scrotum dangling upside-down in a noticeable yet humbling manner, it did indeed give an appearance of being inferior. A surge of pride swept through her in realizing she had been the cause. When they reached him, Janice selected a knife, handed it to Cindy, and said: “Use this to cut him open. Start at his pubis and go down to the breast bone. But don’t cut so deep that it might nick an intestine.”

Cindy’s teeming emotions had reached such a height that they overcame any reluctance or queasiness she might have otherwise experienced, as she took the knife, thrust the point into Sam’s pubis below the pubic hair, and sliced downward to his rib cage - leaving a long, red gash. Laying down the knife and doing as Janice instructed, she hooked her fingers in each side of the slit and pulled his abdominal wall open to reveal a tightly packed coil of intestines. She thrust both hands deep into the pinkish grey mass, pulled out the tangle of rope like organs, and stepped back as they fell out into a pile on the ground and making a squishing plop.
His stomach had been pulled out and hung on his chest. She sliced through the esophagus, and the stomach made a loud splat when falling into the pile of human entrails. Then, with Janice carefully showing her what to do, she reached inside, grasped the large intestine just below where it connected with the anus, squeezed firmly to close it, and cut it lose.

A strange feeling of eeriness came over Cindy as she reached into Sam’s interior again and again to cut out internal organs until all had been removed. During this time, she briefly studied some of the various organs as they lay in her hand which only served to increase the eeriness of disemboweling the naked body of a man she had not only known, but had actually killed - this had been especially true when holding his heart with the hole made by her arrow being clearly visible. At the conclusion, her hands and forearms were covered with blood. She was in an excited daze when stepping back and seeing his backbone and ribs gleaming inside a now empty abdominal cavity.

Janice reached into her bag, pulled out a Polaroid camera and said: “I always bring my camera on hunts. Stand next to your kill so I can take a picture of this rememberable event.” “Cindy stood next to Sam’s body, reached around his thigh, and rested her hand on his scrotum in a possessive manner. Her face seemed to glow as it registered a look of excitement and pride of which both were truly genuine. “Perfect,” Janice said when looking at the developed image. “This one’s for you but let me take another for myself.”

After taking a second picture and putting her camera back in the bag, Janice said: “Congratulations on an excellent job Cindy. It’s hard to believe the progress you’ve made in such a short time. You got off to a good start in training your slave, and now you’ve killed your first male and reduced his body into becoming nothing more than an empty carcass ready to be butchered, cooked, and eaten.”

“I still don’t know what’s come over me.” Cindy said in a tone of wonder. “But whatever it is, it turned out to be an exciting experience in a strange sort of way. And that’s not all. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but instead of being grossed out, I’m also feeling quite horny. How on earth can I get horny while gutting a dead man’s body? Is something wrong with me?”

“If there is, you have a lot of company.” Janice said. “It happens to all of us which I think is caused by a number of things, such as the lingering excitement of making a kill, the prey being a naked male, a feeling of feminine pride in proving yourself superior, and in no small part, having his cock and balls dangling meekly in front of you’re face the entire time.”

“Well, whatever it is.” Cindy said. “I’m glad I’m not alone.” She then pointed to the pile of Sam’s internal organs lying on the ground and said: “What do we do with these?” “We leave them here.” Janice said. “The slaves of hunters that don’t make a kill will collect what is edible such as livers, and kidneys. Intestines, when cut into strips and fried, make a crisp and tasty snack to munch on. We also use them for sausage casing. And the prostate glands and seminal vesicles make an excellent semen flavored dip. Whatever remains will be left for wildlife to feed upon. We can leave as soon as you wash the blood off your hands and arms in that stream.”
A short while later, they were walking behind Janice’s slave who was carrying Sam’s body draped over his right shoulder. Cindy’s pride remained high as she watched Sam’s limp arms swinging back and forth and the degrading way his bobbing head caused his face to continually slap against the slave’s bare back.

Her enthusiastic mood was only enhanced at the meek and obedient manner of Janice’s large and muscular slave as he carried a man’s naked and lifeless body while showing no more emotion than if carrying a sack of grain. “I’m impressed at how well behaved your slave is.” She said. “Yes, he’s been one of my better ones. But, like all good things, it has to come to an end.  I’m going to have him put down in a few days, and I will have to start training a new one.”
Cindy was shocked when hearing this, and a strange feeling went through her when looking at the young man walking in front of her and realizing his healthy, masculine young body would soon not only be dead, but become nothing more than pieces of butchered meat putting off a pleasing aroma while being cooked in the kitchen.
Her attention, however, was soon drawn to the way the mounds of his buttocks moved as he walked, and she said: “His plump ass looks delicious! When the time comes, would it be possible for me to have a thick slice of it?” It took Janice a few minutes to stop laughing, but when she did, she said in a merry tone: “Most assuredly, if fact, I’ll see to it that one entire cheek is reserved for us to share.” “That would be great.” Cindy said as she looked at the bouncing object being casually discussed while visualizing carving a juicy roasted slice from it.

(Note: I would like to thank pr_squared for his enjoyable hunt stories that have caused me to become intrigued with the idea of naked men being released in wooded areas, hunted by women and, after being killed, field dressed, butchered, and becoming meat to be cooked and eaten – also by women.)

(To be continued)
April 02, 2019, 03:51:32 PM
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This is such a great story, but I gotta ask, have you revised it recently? Because I already have a saved version of it that you've posted elsewhere, and there seem to have been some edits made.
April 02, 2019, 10:48:04 PM
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I’m glad you think it is a great story, and yes, it is the same story I previously posted on Cannibal Planet and Pulptoon. But after both changed, it did not transfer to the new Cannibal Planet, so I decided to post it again, primarily, for new members to read, and since my latest version of Word has a “read aloud” feature, I decided to use it before being posted. And when doing this, I found it hard to believe how many careless blunders I had previously made that I failed to catch when, supposedly, proofreading it. I also revised some parts that I thought sounded better. The reason for so many chapters Instead of just five parts is because, as I’m sure you are aware, is a single posting now being limited to less than 20,000 characters. So even though it is the same story, I hope it is now more enjoyable to read.
September 25, 2019, 12:12:50 AM
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I loved the story!! Especially the live roast on the spit and trophy heads. Hopefully one of the men can be turned into a skin rug   ;)
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