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Chapter 9

When reaching the village, Cindy and Janice followed as Janice’s slave, with Sam’s gutted carcass draped over his shoulder, carried it into a large hut. Upon entering, Cindy saw a number of heavy wooden tables with dark stained surfaces and women wearing blood spattered leather aprons. Each table had a meat clever, a meat saw, and knives of various sizes hanging from hooks on the sides. All but four of the tables had men’s naked bodies lying on them that were in the process of being butchered – several of which had been reduced to a headless torso with upper thighs and being cut in half down the spine. One of the women pointed to an empty table and told Janice’s slave to dump Sam’s body on it and spread the legs. When this had been done, she glanced approvingly at the location of the hole in the left breast and congratulated Janice on having made an excellent kill. Janice said: “Not me Mary, he was brought down by Cindy and at a fairly long distance.” Mary looked a Cindy and said: “My, my, and on your first hunt, that is indeed impressive, please accept my heartiest congratulations.” “Thank you.” Cindy replied shyly as a strange feeling went through her from being praised for having taken the life of a young man in cold blood. And to make it even more strange, it had been said in a casual and indifferent manner as though bringing in a naked man’s lifeless and disemboweled body had no more significance than if it had been a basket of choice vegetables.

Mary looked at Sam’s face and said: “Well, well, I see he has what we call a ‘why on earth am I suddenly dead’ expression. This only occurs when death has been unexpected and instantaneous. We don’t get very many of these, and when we do, the hunter usually chooses for the expression to remain when the head is mounted, since it not only shows having been a clean kill, but something worthy of being proud. “Then that’s what I want.” Cindy said. “I think I would have chosen it anyway since I think it’s kind of funny looking.” “I’ll make a note of it.” Mary said. She then looked at Janice with a mischievous smile, and said: “If I’m not mistaken, Janice, I don’t think you have one of those.” “You know damn well I don’t!” Janice replied in a tone of mock annoyance. “But at least I have five to your three.” “That’s only because I always have to leave early so I can get back and be ready when our customers start arriving.” “You’re just looking for an excuse. I really don’t think any of your customers would complain if they had to wait awhile for your services.”

Although Cindy was enjoying the exchange, she was finding it difficult to comprehend such lighthearted banter going back and forth between two women who were not only talking about men being killed, and their heads mounted as hunting trophies, but taking place in a room where young men’s naked bodies were being butchered in an efficient manner that showed a well established routine. Mary looked between Sam’s legs, reached down, hefted his penis and scrotum, and asked: “How would you like these babies being cooked? The cock can be broiled, fried, roasted in an oven, or grilled over charcoal. The most popular method for balls when the outer membrane has been removed, is to be cut in slices, dipped in a semen flavored batter, and deep fried.” “That sounds great for his balls!” Cindy said in an enthusiastic manner. “And I think I’d like to have his cock grilled.” “No problem, I’ll make a note of it for the kitchen. You can pick them up this evening. The only other thing you need to decide is what state you want his cock being in when its mounted.” Cindy blushed, but in feeling a tingle of excitement said: “Well, uh, I’m somewhat curious to see what it looks like when, er.., erect.” “Erect it will be.” Mary said. “That is by far the most popular and especially for first kills.”

Mary looked at Janice and said: “I hear there are a lot more to be brought in.” “There is, well over half of those released had already been taken when we left, and there will surely be a lot more before the horn sounds.” Janice said. “It looks like you girls are going to be quite busy.” “That’s true, we’ll be working late tonight and most of tomorrow, but then we get a break from not having to process any more meat for a few days. Besides, when you’ve done it enough times, it’s not all that difficult to take them apart.” She paused and grinned while Janice rolled her eyes and said: “Here we go again!” Mary ignored Janice’s snide remark and said: “It’s trying to put one back together that can be a real pain.” Despite the unbelievable and shocking activity taking place around her, Cindy was unable to keep from giggling in genuine amusement.

After leaving the hut, Janice pointed to a large mound of earth that had a heavy wooden door in it. “As I said last night, that is where we store our meat. It stays cool enough inside to enable lasting over a week without spoiling. ”Even after all that had occurred, Cindy found it hard to comprehend Janice’s indifferent manner as though talking about storing meat from some type of livestock instead of that of human males. “Let’s go inside.” Janice said. She started walking toward the door, but stopped when hearing a loud, obviously male, high pitched scream being uttered. “This can wait.” She said. “Come on, I think you’ll enjoy this.”

More screams sounded as Cindy walked with Janice until coming to a group of women that were laughing, giggling, and pointing while looking at a naked young man being lashed by a whip. The whip was similar to the one Cindy had used on Robert except for being much larger. He was standing in a spread-eagle position with his hands tied by leather straps to an overhead beam and his widespread feet to stakes driven into the ground.

In addition to uttering an agonizing scream at each blow, the man’s body jerked and twisted in a manner that caused his pelvis to thrust forward. Cindy’s attention was almost immediately drawn to his penis and the bulges in his scrotum that flopped and jounced in wild gyrations. They soon became nonstop as both the frequency and force of the lashes steadily increased. It was not long until she was laughing and giggling at what to her were not only highly amusing, but also extremely exciting antics.

The severity of the lashes only stopped when the young man could endure no more, and he slumped into a semi-conscious state with his head hanging forward. “That guy’s cock and balls put on quite a show!” Cindy said while tears of mirth flowed down her cheeks. “I wonder what he did to disserve being whipped like that.” “Probably nothing.” Janice replied. “It’s not only exciting and satisfying to whip a slave into total submission but, as you just saw, it provides great entertainment for onlookers.” “What’s the mirror for?” Cindy asked when noticing a full-length mirror leaning against a tree. “It lets a mistress have a view of her slave’s front, and primarily his cock and balls which, as you said, put on quite a show.”

Janice took a final glance at the semi-conscious young man and asked: “Do you know how to ride a horse?” “I was raised in rural Oregon and have been riding for as long as I can remember.” Cindy said and then her face lit up. “Don’t tell me you have horses here also.” “Yes, we have a large number. A few were brought here many years ago and allowed to reproduce and become a sizable herd.  If I had to guess the reason, I’d say it’s because, even back then, girls and horses were a natural mix. I like to ride on the beach in the evening whenever possible, like now, so after we go by my hut to take care of my slave, we’ll go to the stable and you can select one you like.

After Janice’s slave had been tied spread-eagle on the floor of her hut, she and Cindy walked down yet another trail until coming to a stable and a fenced pasture where a number of horses were grazing. Janice uttered a shrill whistle, and a large black stallion perked up his ears, trotted to the fence, and nuzzled Janice as she reached around his neck to stroke the side of his head. “He’s magnificent,” Cindy said in a tone of genuine admiration. “Yes, it’s a shame human males can’t be like this – loyal and gentle with a big heart that matches his size. But enough about Midnight. There are some horses in the paddock out back, so let’s go select you’re mount.

When entering the paddock, Cindy’s attention was soon drawn to a large chestnut filly that shied away as she approached. “That’s Sally, but don’t let her gentle name fool you.” Janice said. “Jezebel would be more appropriate. Almost everyone I’ve seen trying to ride her has wound up being on her posterior.” Cinda said: “I like a horse with spirit.” She then made soothing sounds while approaching the filly in a non-threatening manner and, this time, succeeded in grasping the halter. “We have both western and English saddles.” Janice said. “I prefer bareback.” Cindy replied.  “Are you sure?” Janice asked. She then shrugged and said: “Well, it’s your bottom!”

At first, Sally was extremely skittish, but Cindy’s skilled and confident manner soon had her under control. When reaching a white sandy beach, it took only slight pressure of Cindy’s knees to cause Sally to break into a full gallop. In being a stallion, it didn’t required Janice doing anything more than loosing the reins for Midnight to take off in hot pursuit. Much to Cindy’s delight, Sally could truly fly, and it was only gradually that the gap was being closed. When Midnight pulled abreast, Sally found yet another gait and they ran side by side with neither gaining an advantage. As they continued this breathtaking pace, Cindy was enjoying the sound of pounding hoofs, the wind on her face, and her hair streaming behind. In leaning forward, she was also enjoying the way her clitoris and vulva, which had remained wet and swollen from all that had occurred on this exciting and highly eventful day, were being rhythmically ground into Sally’s back.  When they finally slowed to a canter, she felt extremely refreshed from what had been an exhilarating ride.

Later, as they were walking back to the village, Janice said: “Not only did you control Sally in a way I would not have thought possible, but that’s the first time Midnight has ever been challenged. Your skill in riding matches that of your archery.” “I have to give Sally credit for that.” Cindy replied. “All I did was go along for the ride.” “Well, I know better but, be that as it may, I think both of us have worked up quite an appetite. Your kill’s cock and balls should be ready by now, so let’s go by the kitchen and pick up our meals.”

When entering the kitchen, they were greeted with the pleasing aroma and sizzling sounds of meat being cooked. A woman standing behind the serving counter smiled at Cindy and said: “Congratulations on making a kill today. We’re still cooking some of the cocks and balls that were taken. but I think yours are ready, let me check.” She glanced at a list and said: “Yep, number twelve. They’re being kept warm in an oven along with quite a few others. I’ll get them for you.” She opened the door of a large oven that had several rows of pans inside sitting on shelves.

She put on a pair of heavy mittens and pulled out a pan with the number twelve etched on the front, put the contents in a bowl, and handed it to Cindy. “Thank you.” Cindy said with her excitement surging when seeing the swollen and golden-brown head of Sam’s grilled penis protruding from a mound of what might have been mistaken for chicken nuggets if she hadn’t known different. “It’s been a long time since we’ve had this many cocks and balls to cook after a hunt,” the woman said. “Believe it or not, I’ve almost seen enough of them for awhile.” “Yes, the take was well above average.” Janice said. “I was going to have my slave put down in a few days, but it looks like he’ll get a reprieve for a week or so. But for now, I’m hungry and in the mood for some ribs.”

When they approached Cindy’s hut a short time later, she saw a skull over the door and said: “It looks like someone made a mistake.” “No, that’s the skull from the male we roasted last night.” Janice said. “It’s tradition for skulls over our doors to be those of slaves, but it’s not a steadfast rule. Since this male was a rather belligerent acquaintance of yours, I thought you might like having it up there since it will probably be awhile before your slave is going to be put down.” A strange feeling went through Cindy as she looked at the grinning skull of a man she had known whose gaping eye sockets appeared to be gazing at her. But her continued resentment toward him caused her to also have a feeling of pleasure and pride. “Thanks Janice!” She said. “I will definitely like having that bastard’s skull over my door!”

“I’m glad you’re pleased.” Janice said. “Oh, don’t let the condition of your slave’s cock and balls stop you from enjoying yourself tonight. Despite being extremely vulnerable to pain, a male’s sex organs can be subjected to an amazing amount of punishment without causing permanent damage. But, with that being said, try to keep from getting carried away and overdoing it. We need for him to be able to walk tomorrow.  Well, I’ll see you in the morning. Have fun tonight and be sure to enjoy your meal.” Janice winked and then left before Cindy had a chance to ask why Robert should be able to walk the next day.

Cindy entered her hut and looked at Robert lying spread-eagle on the floor. The size of his flaccid penis appeared to be almost normal and the bruises much improved. His scrotum, however, was still badly discolored and swollen. “Did you have a nice day today. She said in a cheerful tone as she put her bowl on the table and set Robert’s on the floor. He hesitated a moment and then said: “Uh, my day has not been nice at all, uh, ma’am.” In addition to my balls hurting a lot, lying tied like this on a hard floor all day, and being unable to move, has been extremely uncomfortable. I’m aching all over.” “Oh you poor thing!” Cindy said in a tone of mock concern. “You know, I’ve been wondering what you would look like with a spit coming out of your mouth and revolving over red-hot coals while still alive. Perhaps you would prefer that instead of being forced to endure such terrible treatment. All I have to do is say the word, and it can be arranged.” A look of panic came on Robert’s face, and he said in a desperate tone: “Please ma’am, please not that, I promise not to complain anymore!”

Cindy was only bluffing, but in enjoying the moment, continued keeping a stern look on her face despite finding it increasingly difficult to keep from laughing. “Well, maybe this time, I’ll settle for giving you another kick in the balls.” She then gaped in surprise when he scrunched his eyes closed with his face registering a look of dread.  He was obviously anticipating being savagely kicked again but remained silent. She found it hard to comprehend having such total control over a member of the opposite sex who was much larger and stronger. Despite being hard to comprehend, however, she felt a wave of exhilarating pleasure and pride. “Open your eyes slave.” She said while still using a stern tone. “I just remembered Janice telling me that we need you to be able to walk tomorrow, so I’ll have to give you a reprieve this time. But so help me, I’d better not hear any more whining. Is that understood?” “Ye.., yes ma’am,” Robert said while being unsure if he should feel relief or not. “That’s better, now that we’ve got that settled, I’ll untie you so we can eat.”
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Chapter 10

When Robert had been untied, it was with some difficulty that he crawled to his bowl. Cindy sat at the table and felt a wave of excitement when looking in her own bowl and seeing the grilled and strutted head of Sam’s penis with a partially open hole. A partially open hole that was pointing at her in a tantalizing manner. She picked up one of the crispy looking pieces of battered deep fried testicle, looked at it for a moment, put it in her mouth and, much to her delight, discovered that it had been cooked to perfection with the crunchy and flaky batter adding to the pleasant taste of a meat whose pleasing texture and taste she had only discovered the previous night.  The skinless shaft of Sam’s penis became increasingly visible as the crisp pieces of fried testicle gradually diminished, and it thrilled her to see that, in addition to being swollen and golden brown, grill marks were running down each side.

Up to this point, Cindy had said nothing about what she had been eating, and, in being unable to tell what the nugget looking pieces were, Robert had given little notice while solemnly munching his own unappetizing meal. But that would soon change, and she was mischievously trying to decide how best to get the most out of what was sure to be a stunned and quite amusing reaction when he saw what remained in her bowl.

It was only by chance that Robert chose this time to start to say something and then stop after becoming unsure of how it might be received. “What is it?” She said. “Speak up!” “I, uh.., I’ve been wondering about something all day, uh.., ma’am, but I’m afraid it might cause you to become angry.” He said while looking at the floor. Cindy glared at him and said: “I’ll definitely get angry if you don’t say what it is, so you might as well take a chance and ask.” Robert swallowed hard and said: “I, uh, ma’am, uh, I’ve been wondering if that woman was just kidding this morning about you, uh.., you eating Frank’s cock and balls last night, and then uh…, uh, about mine being cooked and you eating them also. I mean, uh.., it’s hard to believe something like that could actually happen, so I thought she was probably only joking, uh.., ma’am.”

Instead of being angry, Cindy couldn’t believe her good fortune, and she immediately knew how what she had been contemplating was going to be handled. It was with difficulty that she managed to maintain her composure and keep a straight face. “You saw Frank being gutted and roasted alive last night, so what makes it so hard to believe that I ate his cock and balls? And what about the rest of him? What reason did you think he was being roasted if he wasn’t going to be eaten?” “Well, uh, ma’am, since we were forced to watch those horrible things being done to him but didn’t, uh, didn’t see what happened afterward, I thought maybe it was some type of terrible punishment being done because of him cursing a lot and calling them ‘bitches’. I mean, even if a man’s body was roasted, his meat would be tough and not very good to eat and, although, uh, I don’t know about balls, but surely a cock would not be very edible.”

Cindy displayed an evil smile and said: “Well, I’ve got news for you buster! Men’s roasted bodies are not only good to eat, but their meat is extremely tender, juicy, and delicious to the point of surpassing any other type of meat I’ve ever tasted. This is true for your balls also, and as far as your cocks are concerned, when cooked, they become an unbelievable delicacy – especially the head. I say this from experience because I did indeed eat Frank’s roasted cock and balls last night. I also ate a piece of his ass that almost melted in my mouth. There are a lot of men being held captive on this island and, like you, all of them are naked. Some, also like you, are slaves, and the rest are being held in a number of compounds. But the one thing all have in common is, sooner or later, they will be killed, cooked, and eaten by the women on this island. In fact, the meat of human males is the only kind of meat these women eat. The bacon you saw me eating this morning came from some guy’s tummy.”

Cindy smiled when seeing a dumfounded expression on Robert’s face that was rapidly turning pale and said: “Yes, that also includes you, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change it. You’ve become nothing more than meat on the hoof destined for slaughter. And yes, when that time arrives, your cock and balls will be cooked, and I’m going to have the extreme pleasure of eating them. The only choice you have is in what method your death will occur. If you behave and be an obedient slave, it will be fast and fairly painless, but if not, you’ll end up being gutted and riding a spit over red hot coals while still alive – just like Frank. And don’t even think about trying to escape. This is a small island, and they have dogs that can be used for tracking, so you would be quickly caught. Janice told me that becoming a live roast immediately after being caught is the penalty for any male trying to escape.

It might help you to grasp the extent of the total disregard these women have for a man’s life if I tell you what happened today. A large group of naked men were turned loose in the woods this morning and then hunted. That’s what the bows and arrows Janice had this morning were for. Well, to make a long story short, Sam was one of the men and, by pure chance, he came close to a blind Janice and I were in. I shot an arrow through his heart, and he was dead before hitting the ground. We carried him out hanging from a pole in the same way I’m sure you seen pictures of being done with a deer or some other large animal. We then hung him up by his feet from the branch of a tree, and I gutted him like he was indeed a deer. This was done at a place where women were doing the same thing to a lot of other naked guy’s that had been killed.”

The skeptical look that came on Robert’s face made it obvious he was highly doubtful of her being able to bring herself to kill Sam, or any other man for that matter - to say nothing of doing the latter grisly activity. “I can tell by the look on your face that you don’t believe me.” Cindy said. “But that doesn’t really matter. You also won’t believe me when I tell you that I’ve just finished eating Sam’s balls that had been sliced and deep fried, or what I said about me eating Frank’s roasted cock and balls last night. But I think it will be extremely difficult for you not to believe this.”  With that, she reached in the bowl and, holding it by the root, held up Sam’s penis that, in being swollen and appearing to be partially-erect, stood upright except for curving sideways with grill marks on the shaft being highly noticeable.

Cindy found the dumbfounded expression on Robert’s face that had replaced his previous look of skepticism being priceless, and this time, she was unable to keep from laughing. She started making the swollen penis flop heavily back and forth in a taunting manner and said: “This is Sam’s cock and, as you can see, it’s been grilled to perfection. I know you can’t tell whether or not it was actually his, but you surely can’t deny that this is a human penis. Isn’t that so?” When Robert failed to respond, she said in a loud tone: “I said, can you deny that this is a human penis!” The sharpness of her voice jolted Robert out of his stupor. “Uh.., no ma’am, I uh.., I can’t deny that it’s a human penis.” 

“It is indeed.” Cindy said while continuing to flop Sam’s penis back and forth. She soon started giggling at what, to her, was proving to be a very amusing and exciting activity. In addition, she was also experiencing a pleasing feeling of pride at treating that which was, by far, the most male part of a man’s body in such a demeaning manner. At the time, however, she was unaware of also becoming damp. She glanced at Robert and saw his face had turned almost crimson. It was obvious that seeing her taunting a man’s penis was embarrassing him, yet he appeared unable to divert his gaze. In wanting to tease him further she said, I never knew that playing with my food could be so much fun. I’m definitely going to do this with your cock after it’s been cooked, and then, I’m going to eat it - like this.”

Cindy turned Sam’s penis around and, without hesitating, took a large bite from the severed end, and once again, she started chewing the meat from the shaft of a human penis. And, even though, this time in knowing what to expect, she once again found herself being amazed at how this most male of all organs could be so tender, delectable, and full of delicious juices. She had intended to eat it in front of Robert in a taunting manner, but when taking additional bites, she became so caught up in enjoying a fantastic and erotically exciting meat that she gave him little notice. She was also uttering moans of pleasure without being aware of them. This time, however, she became aware of becoming increasingly wet, and a tingling between her legs becoming extreme.

When only the swollen head remained, her eyes flashed with excitement as she looked intently at the strutted shape. When slipping it almost all the way in her mouth, she closed her eyes when running her tongue over the smooth surface, flicking it back and forth across the open hole, and sucking out yummy juices. Then, when taking a bite from the rounded end, she once again discovered the remarkable tenderness, juiciness, and fantastic flavor of an amazing meat that, even though having already been discovered, she was finding it hard to believe anything could be so incredibly delectable. Also, she unknowingly began to moan with extreme pleasure while slowly chewing and savoring a fantastic delicacy.

The delightful and exciting process was repeated when she slipped the remaining portion into her mouth. It was only gradually that she recovered from what had been a thrilling experience and looked at Robert who was gaping at her with an expression registering total disbelief. “Fantastic!” She murmured while wiping her chin that had become wet with juices. “As I told Janice last night, the only thing wrong with a man’s cock is that it can’t be a lot bigger - especially the head that is, by far, the most fantastic of all.”

With her unbelievably delicious and sensuous meal no longer being a distraction, other than an exciting and delightful memory, Cindy became acutely aware of having become sexually aroused to an extremely high degree that, in being added to still feeling the lingering effects of experiencing one exciting and erotic event after another that had begun when standing over Sam’s lifeless body, had generated another sensation of what seemed to have become a fire raging between her legs. Only, this time, it was even greater than what had occurred the previous night. “Go lay on the floor and spread!” she said in a tone that expressed a sense of urgency.

The command caused a wave of dread to pass through Robert that only increased when looking at Cindy and seeing her eyes flashing to an extent of seeming to make them sparkle. She also had a look of wildness about her that, since he had never been around a woman that had been sexually aroused, he didn’t recognize it for what it was, and it left him being totally bewildered and even more apprehensive. But, in spite of this, his fear of her had become so great that he started to slowly crawl toward where he had been directed. But his slow pace increased dramatically when she yelled: “Move.., you stupid asshole!”

Cindy wasted no time in tying Robert on the floor in a spread-eagle position and then rapidly removed her dress and panties which, in seeing her standing naked, resulted in his penis beginning to stir despite being on the verge of panic. Cindy’s highly aroused state surged even higher when seeing it starting to grow, and she gave no thought to her nakedness as she stood above him with legs spread and providing a clear view of the wet and swollen folds that lay between. Her face registered a look of longing and exhilaration as she stared intently at the object receiving her undivided attention as it continued to swell until becoming fully erect.

Her actions were almost frantic when tying the leather strap tightly around the base of his penis and scrotum. When sitting back, she was thrilled in seeing, as before, that being tied had caused the shaft to become even more rigid, and the head more strutted which caused the hole to gape even wider. The thought came to her that it gave an appearance of having become enraged and defiant. She giggled in knowing how deceiving this appearance truly was, since being in this state made it even more venerable to receive what was to come.

And, come it did. She grabbed the small leather whip, sat on his face, and it was not long until Robert was once again bucking and thrashing underneath her while uttering high pitched screams mixed with being muffled as Cindy ground her swollen and extremely wet vulva back and forth across his nose and mouth. His rigid penis lost any appearance of being defiant as it bounced and thrashed about in wild abandon along with his testicles jouncing rapidly while being lashed by a force exceeding any they had received the previous night. But, although being more severe than the night before, the attack ended sooner. The reduced time, however, had nothing to do with her remembering what Janice had said, but because after experiencing an orgasm while grinding on his face, it had not been sufficient to dampen the sensation of a raging fire taking place between her legs. If anything, it had become more intense.

It was for this reason that Cindy dropped the whip, turned around, impaled herself on Robert’s still rampant erection, and rode it at such a feverish pace that her breast, with engorged nipples, jiggled and jounced in a manner that gave an appearance of being in a frenzy. It did not take long for her to reach an intense orgasm and then, when the exhilarating waves finally subsided, fall forward on his chest while keeping him embedded.  Once again, Robert’s tightly tied and battered penis resulted in him experiencing far more pain than pleasure. In addition, he had again become frustrated when an ejaculation had been triggered but his released semen failed to make it past where the urethra had been tightly closed. But this time, in knowing whose soft breasts were pressing against his bare chest, and whose vagina in which his penis remained embedded, enabled him to experience at least some degree of pleasure.

Cindy’s heightened arousal, however, had been of such a degree that she was soon riding Robert again in yet another frenzy that resulted in her reaching another orgasm that was even more intense. It required three more repetitions, however, before her vagina seemed to explode and send out wave after wave of incredible and exhilarating ecstasy that, after finally receding, left her physically drained yet feeling a fulfilling contentment as though floating in a state of dreamlike bliss. It took quite some time for her to gain enough strength to sit up and disengage herself from Robert, and when looking at his penis, saw that it had not only lost none of its rigid enormity, but seemed to have swollen even more from being used to such a savage degree.

She leaned over, kissed the strutted head, and said: “I thought you were good last night fellow, but you really outdid yourself this time!” She then began untying the leather strip and, once again, when it became loose, a thick, ropelike stream of semen erupted from the tip that was followed by others of gradually decreasing intensity. Robert’s penis then quickly wilted and was soon flaccid although remaining somewhat swollen. But in spite of the punishment it had received, it became erect again when being sucked, licked, and lightly chewed with a great deal of gusto.

If Robert had been anticipating any change in Cindy’s attitude toward him, he was sadly disappointed when, after finely taking his penis from her mouth, she said: “I’m going to bed now, and you had better do nothing to wake me.” She was soon sleeping soundly, but what little sleep Robert managed to get was again troubled and fitful. He was, however, asleep when Cindy awoke feeling extremely refreshed in a way she had never known before. After putting on fresh clothing, she went out to get something to eat.

As Cindy was walking toward the kitchen, she stopped when hearing Janice calling. “I’m glad I caught you Cindy.” Janice said when coming closer. “I’d like to show you where we store our meat while we have time.” She then looked at Cindy closer and said: “I see you enjoyed yourself immensely last night. You have that glow a woman only has after having achieved a total sexual fulfillment. It was present to some extent yesterday morning, but nothing like this!”

“I didn’t know it was that obvious.” Cindy said while blushing. “But yes, I feel absolutely fantastic in an extremely contented way. I can’t believe how horny I was last night. After eating Sam’s balls and his cock, my pussy felt like it was on fire and then, when I was whipping Robert’s cock and balls while grinding my pussy in his face, it got even more intense. Even when I came, it didn’t do a whole lot to quench it, so I started fucking him, and even though cuming again and again, it seemed like I just couldn’t fuck him enough. It sure is great that a man’s cock stays hard when tightly tied no matter how much it’s being used, because I used the hell out of it. I think I came at least five times when fucking him, and I still can’t believe the last one. It was totally fantastic. I felt as though the top of my head was going to come off.”

“it’s called a ‘maxi’.” Janice said. “Having one of those not only requires being extremely aroused, but occurs after multiple orgasms of increasing intensity. You had been horny for a large part of yesterday from all you had done and then, eating your kill’s cock and balls just added to it. And then whipping your slave’s cock and balls put you over the top. I know, because it not only still happens to me after making a kill and dining on his cock and balls, but most hunters I’ve talked about this with do the same, so you surly aren’t alone.”

When they reached the large mound of earth where meat was being stored, Janice opened the heavy wooden door, and when she flipped a switch, the interior was illuminated by a subdued yet adequate lighting. In seeing a look of surprise on Cindy’s face, she said: “They’re low voltage bulbs hooked up to a bank of car batteries. The batteries are recharged when needed by a hand cranked generator – slave powered of course. All of this was installed by a male that had been an electrician.” Cindy laughed and said: “Once again, I’m amazed, but I’m curious as to how the electrician was paid for his services.” “It was before my time, but I’ve been told he was especially delicious.” Janice replied while displaying a mischievous grin: “Well, let’s go inside.”

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Chapter 11

When entering the meat storage room, Cindy barely noticed the walls and ceiling being made from heavy logs. Her attention was immediately drawn to the astonishing sight of half torsos with upper thighs of human male bodies that gave an eerie appearance of being small sides of beef hanging in rows from meat hooks. “We don’t schedule a hunt until the storage room is almost empty, so the majority of these were taken yesterday.” Janice said. “The two sides over there that have been skinned are those of your kill.” How can you tell?” Cindy asked. “Only first kills are skinned, and all the hunters except for you have had at least one. In case it may have slipped your mind, the hide from the chest of a first kill is tanned and placed underneath the trophy. If the hide of the chest is going to be removed, it’s much easier to simply skin the entire torso.” “Good grief.” Cindy gasped. “With all that’s been going on, it did indeed slip my mind.”

A strange feeling came over Cindy as she looked at the two large pieces of meat hanging from steel hooks. Images flashed in her mind of Sam engaged in various activities; diving and swimming in a pool, playfully tussling with Frank and Robert, holding a can of beer and laughing while swapping jokes and tall tales. And also, looking at her with a leering expression on his face. Despite killing and disemboweling Sam, the day before, the impact of the purpose for what she had done was, only now, becoming readily apparent. The simple act of releasing an arrow, had had the devastating result of rendering a healthy young man, a young man she had known, into becoming two pieces of meat hanging inert with others, all of whom, in less than twenty-four hours, had also been healthy young men.

“Seeing a bunch of naked, dead guys hanging by their feet and being gutted yesterday was weird, but I think this is even weirder.” Cindy said in an amazed tone. “It seems to emphasize young men’s bodies becoming nothing more than meat intended to be cooked and eaten.” “It surely does!” Janice said. “And, since this is only part of the take, it will soon be emphasized a great deal more. There are still more bodies to be processed, and by this evening, not only will the empty rows be filled, but some of the meat will have to be stacked on pallets next to the walls until there is enough room for being hung also. Well, let’s go to the kitchen. I’m sure you’re hungry after being so active last night. Oh, by the way, I forgot to return your picture you asked me to put in my bag for safe keeping. I’ll give it to you when we get outside.”

Cindy again selected scrambled eggs, bacon, and tropical fruit for her breakfast, and after picking up a bowl for Robert, she went back to her hut. Robert was awake when she entered and, in continuing to be in an excellent mood, she simply untied him and allowed him to eat in silence. But as she finished eating, she couldn’t resist an urge to tease, so she picked up a final strip of bacon, broke it in a way to cause a noticeable snap and said: “Isn’t it remarkable that they can get bacon this crisp from a guy’s tummy? I hope I’ll be able to get a few pieces from yours after you’ve been put down.” Robert’s only response was in turning deathly pale. Cindy then handed him the picture Janice had taken and said: “Take a look at this. Maybe now you’ll believe me.”

Cindy started laughing when seeing a stupefied expression of disbelief coming on his face, and when being able to stop she said: “Well?” When Robert made no reply while continuing to gape at the picture, she said in a louder tone: “Well, what do you think?” This time he was able to tear his gaze away and ask: “Uh.., ma’am?” Cindy said: “Does this convince you that I killed Sam and gutted his naked body yesterday?” “Uh.., yes ma’am. It’s uh.., hard to believe you could do something like that, but yes,  I’m convinced.” Before she could taunt Robert further, Cindy heard Janice calling from outside. “That’s Janice, she has something planned for today that we will need you to help us with. That means you won’t have to spend another day lying on the floor. Let’s go.”

Janice and her slave were waiting when Cindy and Robert came out. “Are you ready?” Janice asked. “In a jiffy.” Cindy said. “I want to show my slave something first.” She pointed to the skull over the door, and said to Robert: “That’s Frank’s skull. Your skull will replace it after you’ve been put down.”

 “I see you like to tease your slave.” Janice said as they were walking through the village while her slave and Robert followed at a respectable distance. Cindy laughed and said: “Yes, I loved the look that came on his face when I told him his skull was going to wind up being over my door. But the expression he had when I showed him the picture you took was priceless. I wish you had been there.” “Oh, I think we’ll see one that might top it.” Janice said. “We’re going to stop by the processing hut.” “Really?” Cindy squealed. “This is going to be great!" When they reached the processing hut, Janice told her slave to count slowly to one hundered and then come in.  She then said to Cindy: “Making them wait lets us get inside and be ready to see your slave’s reaction to what is sure to be quite a surprise.”

It was Cindy, however, that was taken aback when entering the hut and seeing the atmosphere being far different than the day before. Not only was there a great deal more activity with women busily engaged in butchering young men’s bodies at every table, but along the wall on one side of the room, other bodies were hanging from hooks that pierced their ankles. Their open unseeing eyes gave an appearance of patiently waiting their turn to be dismembered. And, on the opposite wall, half torsos were stacked on pallets that were ready to be taken outside. In addition, a number of severed heads, also with open unseeing eyes, sat upright on long shelves. In spite of having been here the day before, Cindy found the scene hard to comprehend in an eerie, yet exciting sort of way. The only downside was that there were no sex organs to be seen since all had been removed and cooked the previous night.

“You’re going to miss the show if you don’t turn around.” Janice said when seeing Cindy looking about in wonderment. Cindy almost did miss the show, but she turned as Robert entered and was greeted by seeing him suddenly stop and start gaping with his mouth hanging open, and his eyes expressing a look of total shock and disbelief.  But despite what, to her, was an extremely comical reaction exceeding what she had anticipated, being in the presence of other women enabled her to maintain some composure, and she called out: “Don’t stand there gawking slave! You were told to follow Janice’s slave and do what he does!” The harshness of her tone was sufficient to break Robert from his trance-like daze, and she felt a sense of pride in demonstrating such control as he meekly followed Janice’s slave who had obviously done this before.

But despite giving an order, Cindy had no idea of what it entailed, and it was in being curious that caused her to pay particular attention as Janice’s slave walked to the far end of the room and, in showing no emotion, he picked up a large bloodstained woven basket. Her curiosity increased when Robert approach a second basket, and when seeing what was inside, he started gagging. But when a woman standing nearby growled: “You better not throw up in here slave!” He managed to gain some control and, while keeping his eyes diverted, picked up the basket. Although Cindy didn’t gag, her stomach took a turn when the baskets came close enough for her to see they had been filled with men’s severed arms and lower legs cut off above the knee.

“I almost lost my breakfast back there.” Cindy said when they were outside. “What on earth are we going to do with all of those guy’s arms and legs? “Just wait and see.” Janice replied. “I want it to be a surprise.”

Janice’s slave was having no difficulty, but Robert was straining with his load when, after walking a considerable distance dawn a wide path thru the tropical forest, they came to a wooden structure that, from behind, Cindy was unable to determine what it was. It was only after walking up a ramp that she saw the structure was, in fact, rows of wooden seating resembling a small stadium facing a tall cliff. The edge of the first row sat on top of a high stone wall that continued beyond the stadium-like structure, and then                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             curved toward the cliff that resulted in making a sizable enclosure.

Large rocks lay at the base of the cliff, and the entrance of a cave could be seen. A gate, made from heavy wooden bars, was hanging from a rope above the entrance whose obvious purpose was to be lowered for keepimg something inside. But Cindy had no clue as to what that ‘something’ might be.

The question, however, was soon answered when Janice took a conk shell horn from a post and blew a deep resonate tone. Cindy gaped in surprise when several large female lions ambled from the cave. They were followed by others until a total of thirty could be seen. “Aren’t they magnificent,” Janice said with pride. “Yes, they are indeed, but why on earth are you keeping lions here?” Cindy asked while trying to come to grips with looking at a large number of lions on a tropical island. Janice said: “Well, our arena isn’t the Roman Coliseum, but it suits our needs.” “Coliseum?” Cindy asked and then gasped when making the connection: “Do you mean like feeding people to lions?” “Well, if you consider males being people, the answer is yes. But to be more precise, it’s being fed to lionesses.”

“But I thought you said the fate of all males brought here was to be killed and eaten by you and the other women.” Janice shrugged and said: “I know that’s what you thought I implied. The vast majority are indeed eaten by us, but I believe I only said that all the males would be killed and eaten without mentioning who would be doing it. Whenever we evaluate a new group of captives, sometimes, one or two are culled for not measuring up to our rather rigid standards. These are kept in a separate compound, and when a sufficient number has been accumulated to make it entertaining, they’re brought here for, uh.., disposal. As to ‘why’, it’s quite exciting to watch a bunch of naked males running around in panic and being savagely brought down and ripped apart by hungry lionesses in ways that are often quite comical.”

Before Cindy could reply, Janice looked around and said: “What’s the matter with your slave? He looks like he’s in some kind of a trance.” Cindy turned and saw Janice’s slave starting to throw the severed limbs in his basket to the lions, but Robert was standing with a faraway look on his face which did indeed give an appearance of being in a trance. “I’m not sure.” Cindy said. “But one night a few months ago, he had too much to drink, and started talking about how he would often fantasize about being killed and eaten by lions. Since wanting something like that is so totally absurd, I felt sure he was joking and didn’t give it much thought. But looking at him now, as hard as it is to believe, maybe he wasn’t joking after all.”

Janice laughed and said: “Well, I’ve seen so much total dumbness in males, that nothing about them surprises me, although, I must admit, this comes damn close. It’s not unusual for some, even though screaming and thrashing about when being whipped, to actually seem to want their cocks and balls being tortured by women. We’ve also had a few, aftter being told their eventual fate, have admitted to often fantasizing of being killed, cooked and eaten by women. But, this is a first for hearing of one of them wanting to be killed and eaten by lions,” Janice looked at Robert and barked: “Don’t stand there gawking slave! Start feeding those kittens, or you just might be joining them.” The harshness of her tone brought Robert back to reality, and he quickly started throwing the severed arms and legs to the large, ferocious looking, female lions that were savagely gorging themselves on the flesh of human males.

Later, when walking back to the village, Janice chuckled and said: “I wonder what that dumb ass would do if he actually found himself being face to face with our lionesses. We can put him in with the next group of culls if you would like to find out.” “That’s an interesting thought.” Cindy replied with a giggle. “But I think I prefer his cock and balls being in my female tummy, instead of a lioness’s.” Janice laughed and said: “Well, it’s just a suggestion. Let me know if you happen to change your mind. There is something planned this afternoon I think you will enjoy, so I’ll come by for you after lunch.”

During lunch, Cindy teased Robert about eating ‘some guy’s ass’ while she munched on a tender and juicy slice of roasted buttock. But instead of getting a reaction she had expected, he seemed strangely distant. “What’s the matter with you, slave?” She barked. “Uh, I, uh, I was just thinking about the lions we saw, uh, ma’am.” “Were you by chance thinking about being killed and eaten by them? I don’t know if you remember, but one night when you had gotten a bit tipsy, you told me this was something you would often fantasize about happening to you. Quite a remarkable coincidence, don’t you think?”

Cindy then giggled and said: “Well, it might be of interest for you to know what Janice told me. She said that, in addition to feeding the lionesses guy’s arms and legs, they sometimes put groups of naked men in there and watch them being savagely slaughtered and eaten. That sounds kind of gruesome to me, but she said it’s something they not only enjoy, but that it’s extremely amusing. She also said, if I wanted, your sorry ass could be put in with the next group. I told her I preferred being the one to eat your cock and balls, but to show I’m not totally heartless, I might consider changing my mind if that’s what you really want.”

Robert had indeed been thinking about being killed and eaten by the lions. Since early childhood, he had often fantasized about this very thing, and he would become extremely aroused to the point of thinking this might actually be an exciting way to die. But, in finding himself confronted by the possibility of it actually taking place if requested, he became hesitant and said: “Uh, uh, that’s just something, uh, I’ve thought about at times, uh, ma’am.” “Do you have any idea how totally weird it is to even think about such a ridiculous thing?” Cindy asked. “Janice is right. “You males are dumb, dumb, dumb!” Before she could continue, Janice knocked, came in, and said: “Let’s get your slave tied so we can go see something I think you will enjoy.”

Later, after leaving the village, Janice and Cindy were walking down a wooded path when Cindy saw a naked man ahead in a large cleared area. He was standing in an awkward position on what looked to be a tree stump. When getting closer, she could not only see that he had a noose of a rope around his neck, but recognized who he was. “Good grief! That’s Jordan. Is he going to be hanged?” “Yes.” Janice said. “We usually hang them in groups of twelve, but since there’s no need for additional meat for a few days, it’s just going to be him.” “But why him?” Cindy asked. “He’s always been extremely polite and has a very gentle nature to such extent, I can’t see him doing anything to deserve being singled out for something like this.  He’s nothing like Frank or Sam and has always treated me with respect.”

Janice shrugged and said: “He was not singled out for anything he did, and how he treated you would not have been an issue, even if we had known. I’m sure you’ve noticed that all the males you’ve seen here are very young. That’s because one of our requirements for a male being selected is for him to be under thirty. And that’s pushing it. The vast majority are under twenty-five and some, even in their teens. They must be fully mature, however, so they have to be at least eighteen.  Since this male is much older, we think it likely the quality of his meat would be somewhat in question. We don’t know for sure, but since there’s a plentiful supply of meat that we do know the quality, why bother taking a chance.”

“We considered putting him with the culls being accumulated for feeding our lionesses, but since he’s not very agile, seeing him quickly brought down would add little to the entertainment, so there’s no reason to keep him around. We could, of course, just put him in with the lions at the next feeding, but I thought giving you the opportunity to see him being hung would be much better. This also enables you receiving a side benefit I’m sure you will enjoy. We later decided that he will indeed be cooked and eaten by us. His meat should at least be good enough for making a decent stew, so that will be one of the items being served in the kitchen this afternoon – that is, except for his cock and balls. These will be given to you and, in so doing, it will enable us to find out whether or not age makes a difference in the quality of these particular items. That is the side benefit I mentioned.”

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Chapter 12

Cindy’s concern for Jordan vanished, and in feeling a tingling of excitement, she said: “I’m going to be given his cock and balls?” She then paused. “But why me? I’ve already eaten Frank’s and Sam’s, and I don’t want to be given any special privileges just because I’m new here.” “It has nothing to do with you being new.” Janice said. “You earned the cock and balls of the second male with an arrow, but the reason for getting this male’s is the same as why you were given those of the first one. In having played a role in him being here, you’re considered deserving of what hangs between his legs. I assure you, everyone is in full agreement with this.”

It was for this reason that, as Cindy came closer, her primary attention was directed, in an appraising manner, toward Jordan’s penis and the bulges in his scrotum that, in hanging out of a thick triangle of pubic hair, were all the more noticeable. And, in so doing, she was pleased to see that, although somewhat smaller than Robert’s or Frank’s, they were larger than Sam’s had been and, all in all, quite impressive. When finally taking her eyes away from Jordan’s exposed manhood, she could see that the rope had been pulled tight over a wooden beam being supported by a heavy post on each end, in a manner that forced him to stand on his toes with his head cocked at an angle.

His hands were tied behind his back, and she could now see that, instead of standing on a stump, it was a short section of a large diameter log. Janice led Cindy to a row of wooden benches where women were sitting or standing behind. After taking places directly in front of him, Janice said: “I think you will find yourself being surprised, in an exciting and amusing way, when seeing what happens to a male when he’s being hung.” “How’s that?” Cindy asked. “Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, and even if I did, I don’t think you would believe it. You’ll just have to see for yourself.”

Janice reached down, picked up the end of a rope, handed it to Cindy, and said: “Would you care to do the honors? It’s difficult to tell from here, but a piece of wood has been cut at an angle from the bottom of the section of tree trunk he’s standing on, and it’s being held upright by the cut off piece being used as a wedge that’s attached to this rope. All you have to do is give a firm yank, and he’ll be dancing in air.”

A strange feeling went through Cindy as she looked at the rope in her hands. She had killed Sam and was now being given the opportunity to kill Jordan also. But although resentment had been her reason for taking Sam’s life, she felt none toward Jordan who had always treated her with politeness and respect. Could she bring herself to take his life also? She looked at his face and saw that he appeared to have recognized her and had a pleading look in his eyes. He was also trying to say something, but the tightness of the noose around his neck prevented him from being able to utter anything other than unintelligible gurgles.

Her gaze, almost instinctively, settled on the objects hanging from his thick patch of pubic hair and, in so doing, the manner she had regarded him in the past suddenly had no meaning. It didn’t matter that he had always treated her with politeness and respect. The only thing that mattered to her now was that the objects between his legs clearly showed being male and, for this reason alone, was deserving of being slain and become meat to be cooked and eaten – such was the manner that, even though not realizing it at the time, Cindy had, in just a few days, come to view a member of the opposite sex. A wave of excitement swept over her, and she said to Janice while trying to sound casual: “Well, if he’s going to be hung, I might as well be the one to do it.”

Cindy once again looked at Jordan’s pleading eyes and then called out to him while displaying a mischievous grin: “Sorry Jordan, but I’m afraid it’s time for you to die.” With her excitement surging, she hesitated a moment in anticipation, and then pulled on the rope. The support he was standing on fell forward and, in taking his feet with it a short distance, caused his body to swing back and forth. The tightness of the rope prevented a quick death that would have occurred if he had been allowed to drop several feet and break his neck. But now, his weight was causing the noose to gradually tighten that resulted in him being slowly strangled and making a gagging sound. His legs started kicking in frantic and hopeless desperation, and Cindy’s attention was quickly drawn to Jordan’s limp penis and scrotum that were thrashing jouncing in wild gyrations as though being in a frenzy. It was of such extent that, not only did she find herself having no sympathy for his suffering, she was soon laughing with such glee that tears started rolling down her cheeks.

It was only gradually that Jordan’s desperate struggles began to diminish that coincided with his face turning a purplish color, and his tongue, which had become swollen, protruding from his mouth. He finally hung motionless, but then, his body suddenly started jerking, and Cindy gaped in amazement when not only seeing this, but his penis starting to swell until becoming erect and spewing a continues stream of semen. It was only after the white stream subsided that his jerking gradually diminished until, after a few spasmodic twitches, he once again hung motionless. And this time, he stayed that way. His penis, however, remained fully erect.

“Good grief!” Cindy exclaimed. “How on earth could he have gotten horny when being hung - to say nothing of actually getting hard and squirting cum.” “I thought that would surprise you.” Janice said with a chuckle. “It happens to all of them which is the reason, other than obtaining meat, we like to hang them in groups. It’s quite amusing to see their cocks getting hard and start spewing. We don’t know what causes it, but I don’t see how it has anything to do with them becoming sexually aroused since they’re either dead or at least almost dead when it occurs. So, whatever the cause, it’s one thing I can’t attribute simply to males being dumb. It has to be some type of internal bodily function being triggered by death. But, with this being said, I think it’s yet another example of their inferiority being demonstrated when, even in death, their naked bodies, and cocks and balls in particular, seem almost eager to humiliate themselves before women while we giggle and laugh. But, enough of that. Would you like to have some fun before we go?” “I’m always ready to have some fun. But in what way?” Cindy asked.

Janice picked up a roll of heavy nylon cord and said: “Take this and tie it tightly around the base of his cock and balls and then unwind it while returning here. Oh, and feel free to play with him if you find yourself having the desire.” Cindy was curious as to the purpose of the cord, but she was becoming accustomed to Janice’s mysterious ways so, without asking any questions, she got up and started walking toward Jordan’s lifeless body that was still spouting an erection. And with his erect penis receiving most of her attention, she soon found herself indeed wanting to play.

When reaching Jordan, Cindy looked at his face whose open eyes appeared to be gazing at her in a manner as though still alive, and she started talking to him as if he were indeed still alive. She giggled and said: “Hi Jordan, what have you been up to lately other than your cock? You know? You’ve always been such a nice guy, I’ve often thought I’d like to see more of you. And now I have, and although this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind at the time, I’m quite pleased it turned out being in this way. I never dreamed your cock and balls were so big - especially your cock. In fact, I’d say that right now, it’s definitely your most outstanding feature. And that bush of yours is so thick I can’t even see where it’s attached. But your big cock reminds me of something, you’ve always treated me in a proper and respectful way, but I’ve often wondered if the thought ever crossed your mind of what it would be like to fuck me? Does your cock sticking out and pointing at me make that a yes? Would you like for me to touch it?” Cindy reached down, ran her fingers lightly over the smooth surface of his penis while paying particular attention to the velvety soft features of the swollen head. She playfully batted it back and forth, then squeezed the shaft, and said: “Humm, even though it’s sticking out straight, it’s not as rigid as Robert’s gets when he becomes hard. Maybe giving you a blow job will help.”

Cindy felt no embarrassment when she dropped to her knees, looked at the head of Jordan’s erect penis, and said: “Do you know some cum is dripping from your cock? It’s a shame to let it go to waste.” She leaned forward, took his penis in her mouth and started sucking while moving her head back and forth to make it slide in and out. When withdrawing, she looked up at him and said: “You know? The taste of a man’s cum isn’t bad at all. It’s definitely something I could learn to enjoy”. She cupped his scrotum, squeezed his testicles, rolled them about, and then jounced them a few times in an appraising manner and said: “Your balls have a nice feel and heft to them. I think they’ll cook up just fine. What? You didn’t know? Well yes, they’re going to be cooked along with your fat cock, and then the shy and proper girl you knew is going to eat them. I don’t know if you ever thought about me eating it, but if you did, never in your wildest dreams would it have been in the way I’m going to do it - that’s for sure. Frank’s and Sam’s were absolutely fantastic. I don’t know what effect being older will have on your cock and balls, but tonight, I’m going to find out. Well, Janice has something else planned for you, so I’d better start doing what she asked.”

Cindy picked up the roll of nylon cord, and after giving Jordan’s penis a hard slap and laughing at the way it flailed back and forth, she tied the end of the cord around the base of the shaft and under his scrotum. She then unrolled it while walking back to Janice. “What do you want me to do?” She asked after sitting down. “Use the cord to make him swing back and forth.” Janice said. “We always have a contest when a group is being hung to see who can make one go the highest.” “You’re right.” Cindy said with a giggle. “This is going to be fun.” She pulled on the cord until Jordan’s body moved forward several feet, released it so he could swing back, and pulled to increase momentum as he was coming forward once again.

When continuing, Cindy soon had Jordan’s body reaching a height she would not have thought possible. When she finally dropped the cord and watched his swinging gradually diminish, she said, “I think I could have made him go even higher, but I was afraid of pulling his cock and balls slap off.” Janice laughed and said: “We’ve had some pretty fierce competitions in the past, and I’ve yet to see that happen. But I must admit, you did quite well for a first time.” She then looked at the sky and said: “We need to go to the stable if we’re going to take a ride on the beach before sunset. I’m sure you want to work up an appetite before eating this fellow’s cock and balls. Unless requested otherwise, when cut off and cooked as a package, they’ll be roasted so let me know if you prefer something else.”  “I’ve always liked roasted meat.” Cindy said with a girlish giggle while looking at Jordan’s erect penis that was pointing at her in what she thought to be an inviting manner.

“Thanks Janice, that was indeed an exciting experience.” Cindy said as they were walking toward the stable. “I’m also feeling quite proud about killing Jordan, although I don’t really know why, since everything had already been arranged when we got there. But, despite that, I pulled the rope that resulted in him being hung, and that makes me feel proud. I think it might be that not only him being someone I had known, but also, I’ve now killed a man that was a lot older than me. I think I agree with you about a male’s inferiority being demonstrated, not only when they are hung but even after they’re dead and their cocks getting hard and start spewing cum.”

“Jordan had always given an impression of being in control, in a calm and dignified manner. But there was certainly nothing remotely dignified in the way he was kicking and making his cock and balls flop all over the place. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, his cock getting hard and squirting in front of us and a bunch of women was just about the most undignified thing I can imagine. I still find it hard to comprehend, even if he was dead, his body doing something as demeaning as that while all of us were watching and laughing. Well, after seeing that, any respect I had had for him is gone. When thinking about it though, it’s good to get that out of the way. I mean, it would be kind of hard to feel respect for a guy while I’m eating his roasted cock and balls.” “You’ve got a point’” Janice said with a laugh. “I’ve never had any respect whatsoever for a male, but if it ever should occur in some way, I’m sure it would vanish as soon as I started munching on the delicacies that had hung between his legs – after being cooked of course.” A great deal of laughter ensued as they continued walking toward the stable.

Cindy was still feeling the refreshing effects from yet another exhilarating ride as she entered her hut while carrying a tray holding her and Robert’s meals. She was also feeling a great deal of erotic excitement that had been generated while walking from the kitchen and looking at the items on the tray. In addition to a bowl containing Robert’s usual meal, there was another bowl filled with stew and a wooden spoon lying next to it. But it was a bowl holding Jordan’s penis and scrotum, roasted to a golden brown, that had been the objects receiving her primary attention. And it was while looking at them, that was not only the reason for her excitement, but for her panties becoming wet
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Chapter 13

“Hi slave!” Cindy called in a cheerful tone when entering her hut. “I’ll untie you as soon as I put this down. Robert had been expecting being teased again, and he was surprised when Cindy set the tray on the table, put his bowl on the floor, and after untying him, she started eating while remaining silent except when commenting, several times, on how delicious the stew was. He felt it was too good to last, and such was the case when she stopped eating and said: “Oh, by the way. I hanged Jordan this afternoon. Well, not all by myself. He was naked of course, and he already had a noose around his neck and his hands tied behind him when I got there. But I pulled away a support that caused the section of a tree trunk he was standing on to fall forward and leaving him handing in the air. He started kicking like you wouldn’t believe, and his cock and balls were thrashing about to such an extent, they were almost a blur. I started laughing so hard that tears were running down my cheeks. But that’s not the best part. Did you know that when a guy is hanged, his cock gets hard and starts squirting cum? I wouldn’t have believed it possible, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, but that’s what actually happened. With him being a lot older than any of the guys they capture and bring here, the women thought his meat might be somewhat tough, so they’ve cut it up in chunks for making a stew.”

Cindy used her spoon to pick up a wet and dark brown cube shaped piece of meat and said: “But I must say, Jordan makes an extremely delicious stew!” She laughed at the look of stunned dismay that came on Robert’s face but, this time, she didn’t start a taunting dialogue. Instead, she finished eating the stew by holding up each spoonful for him to see, and then, seductively, slipped it into her mouth and chewing slowly while uttering exaggerated moans of pleasure. When finished, she said: “When it comes to stew, Jordan makes the best I’ve ever tasted by far. But, when I said he was used for making stew, I might have been a little misleading, because a part of him was cooked in a more traditional way. At least in a more traditional way on this wonderful island. She reached into the bowl containing Jordan’s roasted sex organs, put her hand around the penis and held it and the scrotum up. (It should be noted that when Jordan’s penis had been cooked, age had had no effect on it becoming swollen as though being partially erect. In fact, it had been to such a degree that, even with the weight of the testicles, it stood upright although curving sideways to some extent.)

Cindy gave Robert a mischievous grin and said: “Yes, these were Jordan’s. He was almost as well hung as you, don’t you think? Look how far the root goes past the sac. It doesn’t have skin on it because all of this was inside of him. If I hadn’t already seen the root of Frank’s cock after it had been cut out of him, I would have never dreamed that there was a lot more to a guy’s cock than meets the eye.” She giggled and then continued: “Well, I’ve been given the opportunity to find out whether or not age has any effect on the quality of an older man’s roasted cock and balls, so since this is a scientific endeavor of sorts, I’d better get started.” She put the scrotum to her mouth, took a large bite through the skin and into one of the testicles, and chewed while displaying a satisfied look of pleasure. “Well,” she said after swallowing, “as far as his balls are concerned, age doesn’t make any difference at all. That one is every bit as good as Frank’s and Sam’s were.”

Cindy continued eating in an enthusiastic manner, and when the first testicle had been consumed, she put her thumb and index finger into the half eaten scrotum, pinched the end of the spermatic cord of the remaining oval shaped male reproductive gland, pulled it out, swung it back and forth, and said: “I bet you didn’t know that this is what a guy’s ball looks like when out of the sac. Is that right?” Robert was not only in a state of dismay, but his cheeks were burning from being extremely embarrassed. He had experienced these same emotions the previous night while watching Cindy eating Sam’s cooked penis but, this time, he was able to respond without being prodded and he stammered: “Uh.., uh, yes ma’am, uh, I’ve never, uh, never seen a man’s ball, uh, outside a sac, uh.., until now.” “Well, take a good look,” she said while making the slick and shiny testicle swing in a circle. “I think I’m going to do this with one of yours when the time comes, but of course, you won’t be around to see it. And since you want be around to see me eat it either, I’ll show you how I plan on doing it.”

Cindy tilted her head, held up the dangling testicle, slowly lowered it into her open mouth, seductively bit off part of the rounded end and chewed in a contented manner. After mischievously showing Robert what the interior of Jordan’s testicle looked like, it was eaten in a similar manner. Then, after using her teeth to tear off what remained of the scrotum, she ate that also.

Cindy then turned her undivided attention to Jordan’s roasted penis. She held it upright by the root, and, like she had done with Sam’s the night before, started making it flop heavily from side to side. She continued for several minutes while not only enjoying the degrading yet exciting activity, but when seeing Robert’s face become an even deeper shade of red, she said: “As I said last night, I’m going to do this with your cock when the time comes. I think it’s kind of funny how, even though you guys are extremely proud of your cocks, how easily they lend themselves to being humiliated, which makes me extremely glad I’m a girl. Oh, by the way, I gave Jordan a blow job today while he was still hanging from the noose around his neck, but in being dead, I’m afraid he didn’t get to enjoy it. But even though he was dead, his cock stayed hard, so I went up to him and played with it. Some of his cum was dripping from the hole, so I did this.”

Cindy raised Jordan’s penis to her mouth and, in a sensuous way, started pushing it in a manner that caused her soft lips to form around the flared surface of the head as it entered. When the prominent ridge disappeared, she started sucking while moving the shaft in and out. When withdrawn, she smacked her lips, and said: “Well, there’s surely nothing wrong with how delicious the cooked juices in his cock are, but now comes the acid test.”

She turned the penis around, took a bite from the root, slowly chewed, and with her face registering a look of ecstasy, cried out: “Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Every bit as good! You might have been older Jordan my boy, but it had no effect whatsoever on the meat of your cock.”  After this, Cindy’s actions almost duplicated what had happened the night before. She soon became so caught up in enjoying an incredibly delicious and erotically exciting meat to the point that Robert was not only given little notice, but she was again unaware of uttering moans of extreme pleasure. But, as before, she was somewhat aware of becoming increasingly wet and a tingling in her vagina that was growing in intensity.

When only the swollen head remained, her eyes flashed with excitement when looking at the strutted features. She then closed her eyes when slipping it almost all the way in her mouth, running her tongue over the smooth surface, sliding it across the open hole, sucking out delicious juices, and then, when taking a bite from the tip, becoming thrilled when yet again, chewing an amazing meat of remarkable tenderness, juiciness, and flavor that, although having eaten two others in as many nights, she was still finding it hard to believe that anything could be so incredibly delightful. This time however, she had been even more aware of the profound significance of what was in her mouth, and as a result, an even greater exhilarating feeling of erotic excitement was being added to the delightful ecstasy of savoring a fantastic delicacy.

Despite trying to make the head of Jordan’s penis last as long as possible by taking small bites and chewing slowly, it was soon only a blissful memory, and Cindy was left experiencing another dreamy and exciting reverie. This time, however, she recovered sooner than the previous night and ordered Robert to assume the position for being tied. Even though both dread and fear was surging through him, the urgent sharpness of her tone caused him to quickly obey. After he had been tied, Cindy removed her clothing, stood above him while providing a clear view of her nakedness, and in so doing, her highly aroused state surged higher when seeing him, once again, become erect without being touched. But this time, in noticing the extent of his extreme anxiety as it had occurred, although being highly aroused, she also found herself feeling an amusing yet genuine disdain toward him in being a male.

“Dumb, dumb, dumb!” Cindy said to herself a short time later when tying the base of Robert’s penis to keep it in a rigid state during what lay ahead. And what lay ahead was not long in coming when, once again, his erect penis was bouncing about in wild abandon along with his testicles jouncing rapidly from being whipped, with extreme force, as he bucked and withered beneath her and uttering high pitched screams. Screams that were mixed with becoming muffled as she ground her wet and swollen vulva back and forth across his nose and mouth. This time, however, in wanting to build her desire even higher, she had three orgasms before turning around and aggressively impaling herself on his rampant erection and riding it to a climax that, although exhilarating, was far from enough. And, as had happened the night before, it required multiple orgasms of increasing intensity before her vagina again seemed to explode in reaching the ultimate of female climaxes that Janice had referred to as being a ‘maxi’.

After recovering from her blissful state enough to untie Robert’s erection, instead of watching it spew yet another pent-up ejaculation, Cindy quickly took it in her mouth that rapidly filled with the thick and creamy substance. After swallowing, she smacked her lips and said:
“I told Jordan after he was dead that I thought I could come to like this stuff, and indeed I have. It’s really quite tasty. Well, good night and remember to do nothing that might wake me.”

Once again, Cindy was soon sleeping soundly. Robert, however, in addition to what had become a nightly ordeal of suffering continuing agony in his tormented sex organs, he had been left wondering why Cindy would have spoken to Jordan if he was dead.

The next morning, Cindy again awoke feeling extremely refreshed. She lay for a while relishing the same satisfying contentment she had experience yesterday morning, and she smiled in knowing that it would stay with her, in a blissful way, throughout the day. While eating breakfast, she remained mostly silent, but when finished, she looked at Robert and said: “Well, three down, and one to go.” “Uh, ma’am?” He asked in a bewildered tone. She smiled wickedly and said: “There were four sets of cocks and balls on the sailboat. Three are now inside me and becoming part of my female body.”
She then looked directly between his legs and said: “So, three down and one set to go. Are you looking forward to your cock and balls becoming part of me also?  Although trying to answer, Robert was only able to utter: “I.., uh.., I…, I…”  Cindy found herself being amused when hearing him stammer and, in wanting to tease him more, she said: “I just thought of something. When considering their function, instead of being distributed evenly all over me, maybe most of your cocks and balls will wind up being here and here!” She said while pointing at her breasts and then between her legs. Cindy then paused a moment and said: “Now that I think of it, some of your cum, is already inside of me and becoming part of me, and unless you do something stupid, a lot more is going to be doing the same. Other than laughing at the befuddled look that came on his face, Cindy was content to stop teasing and, after tying him on the floor, she went out to explore the village.

In the days that followed, things began to settle into somewhat of a routine. A routine that, for Cindy, was filled with exhilarating happiness and excitement and, for Robert, experiencing extreme anxiety, dread, and agony from being forced to suffer excruciating pain on a daily basis. It might have been thought that, in no longer having the opportunity of eating men’s cooked sex organs on a daily basis, she would have become less aroused, and as a result, Robert would have been treated with less severity. But, unfortunately for him, her newly discovered sexual freedom not only resulted in little change in his agonizing sessions, but in not having her days filled with other activities, they were not limited to being done only at night.

Something that helped to keep Cindy’s excitement remaining high was in being told that half of the body from a male killed in a hunt was reserved for the two-woman team that made the kill. Therefore, she and Janice would share the meat from one of the sides of Sam’s butchered carcass. It was in this way Cindy found that, even though not matching the excitement of dining on his cooked penis and testicles, eating tender and delicious meat taken from the body of a young man she had not only known but had also killed, resulted in creating a great deal of erotic excitement. And when nothing of him remained, eating tender and delicious meat she knew had come from a human male had an erotic flair of its own.

While still eating meat from Sam’s body, Cindy found herself experiencing another type of enjoyment in addition to that of a sexual nature. Since both she and Robert had known him, she enjoyed having a great deal of fun by teasing and tormenting Robert when eating Sam’s cooked meat. On one occasion, when eating a thick and tender slice of his buttock, she said: “Did you know that Sam would look at me in ways that made it obvious he was thinking about getting a piece of my ass? Well, he never dreamed that, one day, I was not only going to get a piece of his ass, but in a far more lasting manner.”

Cindy also experienced a great deal of amusement when eating several of Sam’s ribs, and each time after gnawing one clean, she would casually drop it on the table so that it would make a loud clunk. But what she enjoyed most was when eating one of Sam’s breast. In addition to creating an erotic excitement second only to what his sex organs had done, she found it was also second only to them in being extremely juicy, tender and delicious.

When eating Sam’s breast, she teased Robert while chewing around the outside until only the areola and the small, although extremely strutted, nipple remained that she sucked, flicked back and forth with her tongue, put it in her mouth, slowly chewed in a seductive manner, and when swallowed, she said: “Well, Sam’s breast wasn’t as fantastic as his cock and balls but, all in all, it was very delicious in an exciting kind of way. Janice told me that when a slave is put down, in addition to his cock and balls, a mistress can request other parts of him. So.., I’m definitely going to eat one of your breasts and save the nipple for last and do what I just did with Sam’s. I’ve also decided on getting some bacon  from your tummy, some meat from an inner thigh, some of your ribs, and of course, I’m definitely going to have a thick slice of your ass in a far different way than how I’ve been getting it now, although, for some reason, you don’t seem to be enjoying your cock being inside me nearly as much as I have…, even though it’s something you’ve been wanting for a long time. I guess that’s what’s meant by the saying of being careful of what you wish for because you might get it”
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Chapter 14

As days passed, Robert became increasingly resigned to the dreadful fate he knew awaited him. At first, even when seeing Cindy eating, with a great deal of excitement, a grilled human penis she said had been Sam’s and then a roasted penis and testicles, still in the scrotum, she said had been Jordan’s, he found it hard to believe the extent of the atrocious activity that she said was being done by the women on this island. But that doubt came to a shocking end when entering the processing hut and seeing young men’s naked bodies being butchered in a well-organized manner.

This realization had only been reinforced when, a few days later, he and Janice’s slave again went to get baskets of men’s severed arms and lower legs for feeding the lions. But, instead of going to the processing hut as before, they went to the place where meat was being stored. And, despite what he had witnessed on that previous occasion, the sight of half torsos and upper thighs of human males hanging in rows in a manner that not only showed intended for only one appalling purpose, but of such quantity that the enormity of what was taking place on this island was no longer being questioned.
It had been these events that resulted in Robert realizing his days were indeed numbered and, since he could see no hope of a reprieve, resulted in him becoming increasingly resigned to what was inevitable. The only choice he had was in doing everything possible to avoid suffering the unbelievable horrors that had befallen his friend Frank. If he could manage this, and if his end would be quick and fairly painless as Cindy had said, although having no desire to die, if it was inevitable then that would be a far better way for it to occur. But each time, however, when periodically feeding the lions, an almost mesmerizing feeling would come over him and cause him to ponder a possible alternative. But, whenever contemplating asking for this method of death, his courage would fail even though it meant continuing to suffer excruciating agony each day.

Ten days after Cindy had killed Sam, the supply of meat taken in the hunt was almost depleted, and the time arrived to resume putting down slaves for their meat but mainly, from men being held in the compounds. Since Janice had kept her slave longer than planned, she chose him to be in the first group scheduled to be put down. When the time arrived, Cindy went with Janice to watch how it was going to be done. Upon reaching the processing hut, they walked behind it where a group of women observers were standing. The first thought that came to Cindy was that being ‘put upside-down’ would be a more appropriate term for what she saw. Twelve naked young men with hands tied behind their backs were hanging by their feet from a heavy overhead beam with a wooden tub beneath each one. Their legs were spread, and their eyes displayed looks of fear. But, in knowing pleading would not only be useless, but could result in suffering a far more horrendous death, they all remained silent.

Janice’s slave was hanging at the nearest end of the row, and after waiting a few minutes, a gentle looking, middle-age, woman wearing a leather apron and carrying a large knife with a seriated blade, walked up to him, grabbed a handful of hair, pulled his head back and, without hesitating, slit his bared throat while being careful to avoid being splattered as a thick gush of blood spewed out. She continued down the row, and in less than a minute, the other slaves had received the same deadly treatment. Despite being shocked by the suddenness in which it occurred, the thing that struck Cindy the most, was not so much the speed in which twelve naked young men had been slaughtered, but in seeing a kindly looking woman taking their lives while showing no more emotion than if she had been picking fruit.

Being shocked, however, had no effect on preventing Cindy from experiencing a strange feeling of eerie, yet exciting fascination, when the bodies began to convulse and cause limp penises to flip and jiggle along with bulges in scrotums jouncing in every direction. Blood that had been coming out in pulsing spurts from slit throats gradually diminished in intensity until becoming steady streams running into the wooden tubs. After what seemed to be a long time, the intensity of the death throes decreased into shudders and then twitched a few times. The lifeless bodies then hung motionless with open eyes giving an appearance of gazing uncaringly into the distance.

Cindy continued having an eerie yet exciting feeling as she watched the woman again start with Janice’s slave and, in a nonchalant manner, slice his abdomen open, reverse the knife and use the seriated edge to cut down both sides of the breastbone, pull it out and toss it aside, reach inside to cut at various places, and then, instead of removing individual organs, pull everything out in one large tangled mass - leaving an empty and glistening interior. Cindy’s eerie yet exciting feeling became even more intense when looking at him. She had seen this strong young man doing many things from showing no emotion when carrying bloodstained baskets, filled with men’s severed arms and lower legs and doing the same when carrying Sam’s lifeless body draped over one of his shoulders, to screaming in pain and thrashing about as Janice whipped his sex organs with extreme force. And now, he had become nothing more than a gutted carcass hanging before her with open unseeing eyes. The woman continued down the row in such a fast and efficient manner, that the end was soon reached - leaving disemboweled carcasses that only a short time before had been healthy young men trembling with fear. The woman had given an appearance of being so unconcerned, that the only indication of having done anything of a deadly nature, were her arms and apron being covered with the brightness of fresh blood.

“I can’t believe how fast that woman worked.” Cindy said as the limp bodies were being taken down and carried into the processing hut. “I think she gutted those twelve guys faster than it took me to do just one!” “Well, she’s been doing this for over twenty years.” Janice replied. “I asked her a while back how many slaves she had put down, and her reply was that she had lost count a long time ago. I did a rough estimate based on our average rate for slaves being put down and came up with over ten thousand.” “Good grief!” Cindy said in a shocked tone. “It’s hard to believe she has actually killed and gutted the bodies of thousands of young men.” “You wouldn’t find it hard to believe if you had seen her doing it as many times as I have.” Janice said. She then turned and watched her slave’s body being carried into the hut and said: “Well, he was a good slave, even if he had become somewhat boring. But I assure you, there will be nothing boring about what he’ll be providing for my meal tonight. Oh! When you get to your hut, there should be several surprises waiting for you.” Cindy knew the only answer she would get would be ‘wait and see’ so she didn’t bother to ask what the surprises might be.

It was for this reason that Cindy was filled with curiosity when reaching her hut. When going inside, a wave of excitement and pride swept through her when seeing on the wall beyond where Robert lay, a polished wooden plaque with Sam’s mounted head and sex organs on it. In addition, the tanned hide taken from his chest was stretched underneath. She paid no attention to Robert lying spread-eagle on the floor as she walked passed him to get a closer look. When reaching it, she was thrilled to see that the look of stunned surprise, that had come on Sam’s face at the moment of death, had been captured to perfection. And with his eyes being open, his head looked as though it could still be alive in an extremely eerie way. But despite the superb and incredibly lifelike workmanship, the mounted head of a young man she had both known and killed, received only brief notice before her attention was directed to what was underneath.

Sam’s penis had indeed been mounted fully erect and was sticking out of a thick triangle of pubic hair. It was of such extent that the hole at the tip of the strutted head gaped open. Cindy’s excitement surged as she ran her fingers lightly along the smoothness of the shaft, around the prominent ridge of the head, and then over its flared and velvety surface. As far as she could tell, being tanned had done nothing to keep his penis from feeling the same as Robert’s did when erect. Her excitement became a thrill when squeezing the shaft and finding that, as Janice had said, the material used for stuffing a penis did indeed have the feel of actual flesh. Not only could she tell no difference from what Robert’s felt like when being squeezed while erect, but the head bulged larger and making the hole open even wider in the same manner as his would also do. After exploring every intimate detail of Sam’s penis, she cupped the scrotum and, when rolling the oval shapes inside, found they also felt quite real in having the same slickness and firmness as did Robert’s testicles. It was only when feeling a spermatic cord that she remembered Janice saying the outer membranes and attachments were indeed real. Needless to say, this recollection only served to increase her erotic excitement.

The only reason Cindy finally turned away from her exciting trophy, was because she had become quite wet, and although not feeling as if a fire was raging between her legs, she was experiencing a tingling of such magnitude that it needed immediate attention if possible. And since it was indeed possible, she lost no time in going to Robert. It was only a short time later that the hut’s interior reverberated with the sounds of his high-pitched screams as he thrashed and withered as she lashed his sex organs while sitting on his face and grinding back and forth. But when she impaled herself on his tightly tied erection, she was able to look directly at her incredibly exciting trophy, and in so doing, not only added to the intensity in the manner that she rode him, but also the intensity of experiencing multiple orgasms.

Later as Cindy was getting dressed, in addition to enjoying the serenity of a woman having achieved sexual satisfaction, she was also enjoying the lingering taste of Robert’s semen. She saw a leather bag, like the one Janice used, lying next to a wall. When looking inside, she saw two leather whips. One was large like the one she had seen a woman using to severely lash a slave. The other was small like the one she had been using on Robert. Although delighted, she wondered why she was being given a second small whip. She didn’t give it much thought, however, and with Robert remaining tied, she left to go and thank Janice for what indeed had been exciting surprises.

When reaching Janice’s hut, Cindy heard loud screams coming from inside. But they soon stopped, and she knocked on the door. When Janice called out for her to come in, Cindy entered and saw a naked young man tied spread-eagle on the floor.  He appeared to be in his late teens, and in addition to sobbing, his erect penis and scrotum with a leather strap tied around them were highly inflamed. Cindy laughed and said: “Well, I see it didn’t take you long to find a replacement.” “We keep males selected to become possible slaves in a separate compound, so I picked this one out several days ago.” Janice said. “I was just introducing him to what it means to become my slave. But I’m not going to fuck him until after eating my old one’s cock and balls this evening. I always get quite horny whenever eating these delicacies from any male, but especially, when they’re from a slave that has just been put down. I don’t want to do anything that might dampen my orgasms.” She then looked at her new slave who was still sobbing and said in a stern tone: “If you think that was bad buster, just wait until tonight, and you’ll really find out what it’s all about!” She then looked at Cindy and said: “I’m tired of listening to this blubbering asshole. Let’s go outside.” 

When they were outside, Cindy said: “I just came by to thank you for the wonderful surprises. The workmanship on the trophy is superb. Sam’s head looks like he could actually be alive, and they did a remarkable job in keeping that funny look on his face that the woman in the processing hut said was a ‘why on earth am I suddenly dead’ expression. You were right about his cock and balls being stuffed with materials that feel like the real thing. And I love the softness of the leather bag. It’s going to come in quite handy for carrying things. I’m anxious to try out the big whip. In fact, I think I’m going to use it tomorrow morning. The only thing I’m wondering about is why a small whip was included when I already have one.” “I think you will find that the leather used for making the whips and the bag having a great deal of significance,” Janice said. “The leather used in making the whips came from the back of the male whose mounted head is hanging on your wall, and the hide of the older male you hung was used for making the bag.”  Cindy clapped her hands in delight and squealed: “That’s fantastic. It makes me feel tingly just thinking about it. I’m going to have a lot of fun using the whips on my slave and letting him know that the leather was made from a guy’s hide that had been his friend.”

That evening, when Cindy untied Robert to eat his meal, and as she was walking toward the table, she stopped when hearing him uttering a loud gasp. She looked back and started laughing when seeing him staring, in stunned disbelief, at the mounted head and sex organs of not only a human male, but one he recognized. Cindy had assumed he had seen the trophy earlier when it was being put on the wall, but she then realized that, with him lying tied on the floor and unable to see directly behind him, if he had not seen it when being brought in, he would have known women were doing something behind him, but he would have been unaware of what it was. Needless to say, she teased Robert unmercifully while they ate their meals. Later, after being tied on the floor for their nightly session, Cindy decided the time was not right to introduce him to her new whip, so she used the old one to lash his penis and testicles with extreme enthusiasm. When once again riding his erection in a frenzy, her gaze remained fixed on her highly erotic and exciting new trophy that again resulted in multiple orgasms of extreme intensity.
The next morning, after finishing their breakfast, Cindy took Robert to the area where she had seen a slave being whipped. And, after tying him in a standing spread-eagle position, she pulled the large whip from her bag, shook the mass of long leather strips in front of his face, and laughed at the look of panic that came on it. “What do you think of my new toy?” she asked. “Don’t you just love the smell of recently tanned leather? Well, if my new plaything causes you any pain, you can blame it on Sam because the leather was made from his hide. So, you see, although I’ll be the one using it, in a way, it’s going to be Sam that brings the pain. Oh, you can also blame Jordan for helping. This leather bag was made from his hide. It’s kind of nice to still have a friend and your favorite uncle close by in a way, don’t you think?”

 Robert was so dismayed he made no reply, and Cindy wasn’t expecting one as she walked behind him, raised her right arm high, swung the whip diagonally across his back with extreme force and thrilled when hearing him uttering a shrill scream while giving a twisting jerk. Without allowing him time to recover, she lashed his buttocks going in the opposite direction that brought an equally dramatic and exciting reaction. Robert’s violent twisting and jerking, along with the sounds of his high-pitched screams, only served to increase Cindy’s adrenalin that resulted in both the force and speed of her lashes to increase. And although the soft leather in the whip did not cut his skin, it wasn’t long until his entire back and buttocks had turned a bright red of such intensity they almost appeared to glow.

In being able to see his front in the full-length mirror, Cindy was soon laughing joyously at the way his constant jerking and twisting was making his penis and scrotum thrash about in such wild gyrations they almost became a blur. A group of laughing and giggling women that had gathered and were watching Robert humiliating his manhood before them, helped a great deal in keeping Cindy’s enthusiasm at a fevered pitch. The intensity of his beating continued unabated - even when Robert’s struggles and cries of pain began to weaken. It was only when his knees buckled, and his head fell forward that, after several more brutal lashes bringing no response, Cindy stopped her assault, stepped back, and in feeling a surge of excitement and pride, admired the results of her rather dramatic handiwork. It was only then she became aware of her right arm being extremely fatigued that, due to the excessive degree of her excitement, she had not even been conscious of becoming tired.

When walking to Robert’s front, Cindy’s excitement and pride surged even higher when seeing him hanging limp and his head bowed in a manner that showed having passed out completely. In knowing he would have to recover before taking him back, she tried to decide on how to pass the time. But, when looking between his legs, the realization came that, despite all the things she had done to his penis and testicles, she had done practically nothing with them when flaccid. And with this realization, she knew in what amusing and exciting ways she would pass the time. It proved to be both when, after dropping to her knees to put his manhood at eye level, she was soon laughing and giggling at the comical and exciting activity his limp penis was performing when being, jiggled, flipped, and slapped. When jouncing his testicles and rolling them about within his scrotum, her pride increased when finding that being squeezed with extreme force brought no response.