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Author Topic: THE ISLAND (Final Chapters)  (Read 593 times)

April 08, 2019, 10:14:03 AM
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Chapter 15

Robert’s beating had been so severe that it took until almost lunchtime before he regained enough strength of being able to walk, unsteadily, to their hut. After slowly managing to eat his meal, Cindy lost no time in tying him on the floor while ignoring his mummering protest. His weaken condition made it more difficult to stimulate an erection, but by skillfully using her mouth, one was finally achieved, and she quickly tied it at the base to keep it that way. It might have been thought that Robert’s weakened condition would have resulted in Cindy treating him with less severity. But, with her excitement and pride remaining high from having so utterly defeated the much larger and stronger body of a naked male, the opposite was the case that was demonstrated when, with great gusto, she lashed his helpless and conveniently offered sex with such savagery that, once again, he became unconscious and was unaware of her, while staring with rapt fixation at the mounted head and sex organs of a young man she had both known and slain, riding Robert’s rigid penis in such a heighten frenzy that, after multiple intense orgasms, she lay on his chest for almost an hour before finally getting up. 

It was while Cindy was laying on Robert that he finally regained consciousness, but even though being aware of her soft breasts pressing against his chest, and his penis fully embedded within her warm and wet vagina, his exhausted and extremely painful state was of such extent, he was incapable of feeling any pleasure.
When Cindy finally disengaged from Robert, she untied his still erect penis and was surprised in seeing that, instead of gushing expected thick streams of semen she had been prepared to catch in her mouth, only a small amount meekly flowed out. But even this caused her to feel a surge of pride because surely, his body’s inability to perform this manly function had to be the result of the devastating punishment she had administered. In seeing he was now awake, she stood up and dangled the small whip above his face and said: “You can blame Sam for any pain this one caused you also. She then lay on her comfortable bed to rest and, although remaining somewhat fatigued, she was experiencing a high degree of blissful contentment.

The next two days were uneventful for Cindy. That is, if having prolonged sessions that were severely excruciating for Robert and highly exciting and erotic for her could, by now, be considered uneventful. The third day, however, proved to be an unbelievably exciting one. Janice came by that morning and asked Cindy if she would like to watch some males being hung. An excited look came on her face and she squealed: “Would I ever!” Later, when leaving with Janice and going to the same area where Jordan had met his fate, Cindy was greeted by the sight of twelve trembling, naked young men with hands tied behind their backs. And, as it had been with Jordan, they were standing on sections of upright tree trunks. All of them had a noose around their neck, but none of the ropes were over the wooden beam above them. That was soon remedied, however, when several women started throwing the ropes over the beam that were then pulled tight and tied to stakes driven in the ground - leaving the victims standing on tiptoes with their heads cocked at an angle.

While this was taking place, a woman started handing out small cubes of wood with numbers on them. Cindy asked what they were for, and Janice said it was to select the women who would pull away the wedges being used for holding the supports upright. When the noose around the neck of the last victim had been pulled tight, a mummer of anticipation began going through the crowd of women that had gathered to watch. But it died down when seeing the woman that had handed out the numbered cubes walking toward them. She was holding a glass bowl that held similar looking cubes, and when reaching them, she stopped and said: “Is everyone ready?” An enthusiastic cheer went up that then subsided when the woman, while looking away, reached in the bowl, took out a cube, looked at it, and called out a number that was followed by hearing a feminine sounding squeal of delight.

The lighthearted process continued until all selections had been made and, although Cindy’s number had not been called, she was filled with both excitement and anticipation. The twelve happy winners sat on the same bench as had Cindy and Janice with each one being opposite the young male they would hang by pulling on ropes laying at their feet. The woman in charge that had handled the drawing seemed to be waiting on something, but with everything appearing to be in readiness, Cindy had no idea what it might be. It would only be at later hangings she would know the purpose of such a delay was nothing more than to allow suspense to build.

And a building of suspense there was indeed. When the woman that had conducted the drawing raised her right arm, a hush came over the cheerful crowd. But when she started counting down from ten, she was joined by others that grew in volume as the numbers decreased. When reaching zero, a loud cheer went up as the supports fell forward in unison and leaving twelve naked young men hanging by their necks. Moments later, their legs started thrashing to such extent it caused limp penises and scrotums to give an appearance of becoming frantic when suddenly being confronted with impending death.

The sound of women laughter becoming increasingly louder that, despite twelve frantically struggling naked young men slowly dying in a terrifying and agonizing manner, the atmosphere had become quite festive. And, even though this was Cindy’s first time of watching more than one naked man being hung, as had happened during that occasion, she was soon gleefully laughing with the others to such an extent that, once again, tears of mirth flowed freely down her cheeks. And, she did this while feeling no sympathy for the hapless young men slowly dying before her.

As had happened with Jordan, it was only gradually that the struggles began to diminish and coinciding with faces turning a purplish color, and tongues, which had become swollen, protruding from partially open mouths. After hanging motionless for a few moments, Cindy held her breath in anticipation. Her excitement surged when the young men’s bodies started trembling and jerking, and it exploded in unbounded joy and delight when seeing penises beginning to swell and becoming erect, and as Jordan’s had done, start spewing thick streams of semen.

Also, as it had been with Jordan, it was only after the milky colored ejaculations subsided that the death throes gradually diminished until, after a few spasmodic twitches, the lifeless male bodies again hung motionless and, this time, they stayed that way. But like it had also been with Jordan, their penises remained erect. The only difference this time, other than the number being hung, was that the entire incredible episode was being accompanied by the sound of women laughing to such extent that it had been almost deafening. A small group of amused women had been present when Jordan had been hung, but it had been nowhere near the extent of the enthusiastic gaiety being demonstrated.

The almost carnival like atmosphere remained high as the women that had pulled away the wedges, walked up to their lifeless victims, tied nylon cords around the base of penises and scrotums, returned to their seats, and started pulling and releasing the cords to make the bodies swing higher and higher. Cindy’s laughter became almost hysterical as she watched what, to her, was an extremely funny and exciting spectacle. It did not take long before she became awed at the heights being reached. She thought she had made Jordan’s body go fairly high, but it was nothing compared to what she was watching now. The bodies were going so high that, like a swing being pumped to a maximum, they would hesitate when reaching the top, the ropes would become slack and  the victims would fall a short distance before being violently jerked in a manner that caused limp arms and legs to flail about in a number of ways: all of which a group of highly amused women thought were extremely comical – including Cindy.

When the swinging contest came to an end, Cindy had no idea how the winner would be selected since many of the bodies appeared to have been reaching the same heights. She wondered if it had something to do with style points being awarded, or maybe it was nothing more than eeny-meany-miny-mo. But it didn’t seem to matter a great deal since the winner standing, taking a bow, and receiving a round of applause appeared to be the only prize being awarded. Regardless of how the winner had been chosen, however, the hilarious episode had been extremely exciting and amusing to watch.

The activity that followed the swinging contest, seemed to serve the purpose of emphasizing that, despite all the gaiety and amusement being enjoyed, the one and only purpose for young men being slain - a purpose Cindy no longer found difficult to comprehend, but one she had come to view as being truly valid. It started with six wooden tubs being brought out and placed on the ground between the now cooling bodies. Three women Cindy recognized as workers in the processing hut, wearing leather aprons and carrying knives with seriated edges, walked up to the lifeless bodies, and in an almost casual manner, sliced open abdomens, and although not doing it with the speed of the middle-aged woman, disemboweled them by cutting at various places and then pulling everything out in a single mass and dropping it into the nearest tub – the only difference being the men hanging by their necks instead of upside-down.

With three women working, all the bodies were disemboweled in a relatively short period of time - leaving the whiteness of bones alternating with the redness of glistening meat being visible inside empty cavities. When the women finished, Cindy was both surprised and thrilled to see that, even after all of this, the young men’s penises remained erect.

At this point, women started leaving - including Janice. But Cindy stayed to see what would happen next, and she did not have long to wait. A woman leading a horse came into view around the bend of a wide trail through the forest. The horse was pulling a large wooden platform on skids and was being led toward the lifeless bodies. When the platform was beneath a young man hanging at one end, the horse was halted. Two women came up, untied the rope from the stake, and lowered the limp body onto the wooden surface. They removed the noose from his neck, pushed him on his back and spread his legs. The procedure was repeated with the next victim, and it did not take long until all twelve lay on their backs in a pile. But it had been done in a manner that made Cindy wonder if they had been deliberately positioned so that spread legs were visible and in so doing, putting the highly noticeable objects between them on prominent display. The washtubs were put in the front of the sled, and when it started being pulled toward the village, Cindy walked behind and giggled whenever the sled jarred when hitting rough places and causing still erect penises to wobble and oval bulges in scrotums to jiggle.

However, despite walking behind lifeless and disemboweled bodies of twelve naked young men piled on top of one another – all having exciting and amusing erections, Cindy soon found herself giving them little notice. Instead, her thoughts turned to visualizing some of the more exciting scenes she had recently witnessed, such as; naked young men hanging by their necks while kicking in frantic desperation and causing limp manhood to thrash about in highly degrading ways that she and other women found being both exciting and extremely amusing; lifeless male bodies swinging to unbelievable heights being caused by women pulling on cords tied around conveniently offered genitals.

But the scene that came with increasing frequency was in seeing lifeless bodies rapidly jerking in death throes while erect penises gushed thick white streams of semen. And it was in visualizing this highly erotic and exciting scene, over and over, that caused a tingling between her legs (a tingling that had been with her since the very start) to become yet another sensation of a raging fire. It was for this reason that she quickened her pace, walked past the horse pulling its lifeless load of cooling meat, and when reaching her hut, hurried inside.

To say that Robert suffered an extremely painful and prolonged ordeal before the fire was finally extinguished, would be a gross understatement.

When Cindy awoke the next morning, she lay in bed to relish a blissful contentment while finding it hard to believe that waking up and feeling fantastic had become a daily routine. Her thoughts drifted to the previous day, and she found herself wondering how watching young men being hung could have excited and aroused her to such an excessive degree. Her overall opinion of herself was that, deep inside, she hadn’t changed all that much. Yet, she would not only become excited and aroused when subjecting Robert to excruciating pain, sometimes two and three times a day, but she had laughed, almost hysterically, when watching naked young men being hung, and in so doing, had given no thought, whatsoever, of how terrified they must have been when suffering slow and agonizing deaths.

Could she have become a sadist and not realize it? Cindy shook her head and quickly rejected this notion. No, she was still basically the same girl she had always been. Yes, she was sure of that. The only difference was that she had not only come to know and understand her innermost feelings, but she now agreed with the arguments Janice had given when saying their treatment of males was only doing what was intended. But to Cindy, the most convincing argument, by far, was: What other explanation could there be for the flesh of human males being so extraordinarily tender and delicious, especially that of them that is the very essence of being male, if it was not intended for being cooked and eaten by women.

Cindy’s thoughts were interrupted when hearing Robert utter a soft moan. She glanced at him and saw that, although still asleep, he was squirming in a fitful way that made his limp penis flip and jiggle. He was obviously having a bad dream, and she giggled in wondering what nature it might be. In so doing, she thought of a great, although somewhat naughty, way to wake him. She got up, walked silently to pick up her small whip, lashed it across his genitals, and laughed at the way he screamed and jerked when being jolted awake in a rather unpleasant manner. “Wake up sleepyhead,” she laughed as he looked around in bewildered confusion. He remained confused as she got dressed and went to get their breakfast.

Other than making Robert suffer yet another excruciating ordeal, ordeals that had become daily routines, Cindy’s day was uneventful. That is, it was uneventful until Janice came to her hut and said in a disgusted tone: “I’ve always been fairly successful in choosing a slave, but this latest one has been a complete disaster. He starts blubbering whenever I look at him, and I’ve had all I can take. Well, he won’t be blubbering when a spit comes out of his mouth tonight.  He’s caused me so much frustration, I don’t even know if eating his roasted cock and balls will make up for it, but I’m going to give it a damn good try. But one thing for sure, that bastard’s skull will not be over my door. I don’t want anything around to remind me of his sorry ass. Keeping the one that’s up there now will do just fine since it’s a much better reminder of how a slave should behave. Well I’ve got some arrangements to make. I’ll stop by for you when it’s time to go and see him getting what he deserves. See you later.” Janice turned and left without giving Cindy a chance to do anything but listen. In only listening, however, she had become extremely excited. In fact, when Janice arrived as darkness was approaching, it was the first time Cindy had become damp before even leaving for an event.
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Chapter 16

Later, when walking with Janice down the same path they had taken on her first night, Cindy was so filled with excitement that she gave little thought to where she was. She barely noticed grinning skulls on bamboo post reflecting reddish glow of alternating torches. The latter, however, was due to these items having become a common sight. When native drums started sounding, however, the rhythmic beat brought back a remembrance of that exciting and eventful first night, and in so doing, it came as a shock when realizing all the exciting things she had experienced in a relatively short amount of time.  So much had happened that it seemed as if months had passed since walking with Janice down this same path. Even when entering the bamboo fenced enclosure, and seeing the wooden seating, it still seemed as though months had passed since she and Janice had sat in them.

But her excitement returned when seeing Janice’s young slave tied spread-eagle on the heavy wooden table with a large bed of glowing coals beyond him. It was of such extent that it caused her to lose all thought of wondering about the passage of time. When taking a seat next to Janice, her attention stayed focused on the naked youth who was sobbing uncontrollably. Most of the women around them thought his crying was amusing, but Janice only mumbled under her breath. It was only when he started uttering horrific screams when the woman that had disemboweled Frank, while still alive, started doing the same to him that Janice chuckled and said: “Now that, I can enjoy!” This time, Cindy not only felt no queasiness when seeing intestines and internal organs being methodically removed from a young man’s living body, she was watching it being done while feeling a great deal of excitement.

The boy’s agonizing screams only stopped when the spit entered his esophagus and emerge from his mouth. But as it had been with Frank, when the pointed end was unscrewed, loud moans could be heard. By the time he started revolving over red hot coals, Cindy found it hard to believe the extent she had become wet. And she became even wetter, while watching the degrading yet highly amusing and exciting activity taking place between his revolving legs. When death finally came after suffering unbelievable agony, Cindy stared intently when his penis started to swell and causing the movement becoming increasingly pronounced and heavier as he continued to turn. Her excited attention became so fixed that she unknowingly started rubbing a strutted nipple with one hand while the other massaged the wet and swollen folds between her legs. This time, however, in having seen this incredible and exciting spectacle occur on a lifeless male body when being roasted, she did not gape in disbelief. But in knowing what was going to occur, her excited anticipation was rapidly building. When his penis became strutted and rigid to the fullest extent possible, her teeming emotions had become almost unbearable.

The spit stopped revolving with the body facing up, and in knowing what to expect, Cindy’s flashing eyes were glued on the extremely strutted head from which juices were bubbling and sputtering from a gaping hole. When steam started spewing out, she increased the intensity of rubbing between her legs and stared intently for the slightest change. When the steam mixed with sputtering juices became milky in color, her extremely swollen clitoris started getting all of the attention, and even though still being a novice at watching such an extraordinary phenomenon, her timing couldn’t have been better to such a point that when boiling semen and steam erupted with extreme force, they were still spewing when she uttered a loud cry, and jerked as her vagina exploded in a massive orgasm. This time, however, instead of being embarrassed as had happened previously, when finally recovering from the exhilarating throes, she looked at Janice while displaying a wide grin, felt he top of her head, and said: “Whew! It’s still there. I thought it might have really come off this time!”

Janice and Cindy were later walking behind the youth’s roasted and still spitted body being carried, feet first, along the path to the picnic area. It was golden brown and wet with cooked juices that glistened and reflected the reddish glow of torch light. Cindy was enjoying the fantastic aroma of roasted human male meat. She was also enjoying looking at the strutted head of the youth’s still rigid penis pointing in her direction and dripping juices from a gaping hole. But her attention on this exciting object was interrupted when Janice said: “That asshole definitely made a much better live roast than he did a slave. The one I got to replace him is twenty-two. This one was only eighteen, and I knew I might be taking a chance in picking one that young. But I never dreamed he would turn out being so utterly pathetic. Well, being eighteen didn’t keep him from having a fairly impressive package, so I’m going to let him make a rather tasty contribution for all the trouble and frustration he caused!

When, after enjoying a delicious meal and being amused at the spiteful way Janice had eaten her slave’s roasted penis and testicles, Cindy’s excitement from watching another human male being roasted while still alive on a revolving spit, remained extremely high. And when entering her hut, Robert cringed when seeing a look of wildness on her face. He had come to know that such looks meant he was going to suffer an exceptionally severe and agonizing ordeal. But although knowing it would be extremely painful, he had no idea the severity of the prolonged lashing of his penis and testicles would be the most vicious of any he had been forced to endure. It would be of such extent that, in addition to twisting and bucking from excruciating pain being savagely administered to his thrashing sex organs, he was afraid of suffocating from the intensity of her wet and swollen folds pressing against his nose and mouth that, although uttering shrill screams, they were being muffled.
 When it was finally over, and Cindy was riding his rigid penis in a manner that was almost in an uncontrollable frenzy, he lost track of the number of times she cried out and fell forward on his heaving chest, only to soon be riding him again with such force his pelvis was constantly jarring. When her last massive climax finally exploded within her, even with his penis being tightly tied and having become quite numb, he felt her vagina clamp around it with a force he didn’t know possible for what he had thought was one of the more delicate parts of a woman’s body. It had clamped on him before, but never with such intense pressure.
The next day was Cindy’s and Janice’s turn to use their slaves for taking meat to the lions. When entering the storage room, Robert gave little notice to the sides of meat hanging from hooks as he walked to the back and, in showing no emotion, picked up a heavy bloodstained woven basket. Janice’s new slave, however, stopped and gaped in disbelief in finding it almost beyond his ability to comprehend what his eyes were seeing. It was only when Janice barked at him that he stumbled after Robert and, although gagging when seeing what was in the baskets, he quickly diverted his gaze and managed to pick one up without losing the contents of his stomach.
When arriving at their destination, it was Janice’s slave and not Robert that was having difficulty carrying his load. But, when feeding the female lions, as he had done on previous occasions, Robert did it while imagining it was his body being ferociously eaten instead of men’s severed arms and lower legs.           

As Janice and Cindy watched the lionesses gorging themselves on human male meat, Cindy said: “I’ve been wondering about something. I think it would be a lot of fun to hunt males from horseback. Has that ever been done?” Janice shrugged her shoulders and said: “It would be rather unwieldy and dangerous to have a lot of women riding around in the woods. And even if it could be coordinated in some way, there are very few of us that are skilled in both riding and archery. In fact, I can think of only you and myself that would not be more of a danger to themselves than their prey. But you’re right. It would indeed be a lot of fun. Let me think about it and see what I can come up with.”

It was later that evening that Janice came to Cindy’s hut and said: “Well, its’ been arranged. In the morning, two of our more athletic males are going to be released in the woods. They will be told they are going to be hunted by women on horseback and using dogs to track them. This will not only require trying to conceal their trail, but also putting as much distance as possible between themselves and our starting point. We’ll begin hunting right after lunch, but one thing I’m going to insist on is that you use a western saddle.” “No problem!” Cindy said while finding it hard to control her enthusiasm. “I wouldn’t think of riding bareback while galloping through the woods. This is going to be fantastic! Thanks a lot Janice!” “You’re welcome.” Janice replied and then added: “But I should be thanking you since this is your idea. Oh! Since it will just be you and me and not a regular hunt, it would be unfair for us to get the cocks and balls of these males. They can be stuffed and mounted, along with the heads, and become our trophies, but the meat will go to the women that are next on the list to receive the cocks and balls of non-slaves.”

The next morning, Cindy watched another group of slaves being ‘put down’ and disemboweled by the same kindly looking woman as before. Although again finding the experience being exciting in an eerie way, her thoughts were primarily directed toward the upcoming hunt. It was for this reason that, after lunch, she was in a high-spirited mood as she and Janice were trotting along a trail that led to where two naked young men had been released that morning. Both she and Janice had a bow slung across their back, and a quiver of arrows hanging from saddle horns. When arriving at their destination, a woman holding two beagles on leashes was waiting. When they dismounted, Cindy petted the friendly hounds and asked Janice in an amused tone: “Are these some of the ferocious attack dogs you were telling me about?” “Oh, we have some that are indeed ferocious, but when it comes to tracking, Betty and Susan can’t be beat.” “Why does it not surprise me that they’re girls.” Cindy said with a laugh.

When the dogs were released, they quickly picked up a scent and took off running while uttering deep throated howls. Cindy and Janice started after them in a gallop. In addition to ducking under low hanging branches, Cindy had to constantly look ahead to be ready when Sally would have to jump over logs and other obstructions. The fast pace ended, however, when the dogs lost the scent at a stream. Janice and Cindy each took a dog and started searching both sides going upstream until coming to a high waterfall. It was cascading over a shear rock face that could not have been climbed by naked men with no rock-climbing equipment.

They returned to where the dogs had lost the scent and started searching both sides going downstream. After traveling a considerable distance without success, Janice noticed a low branch hanging over the stream and called out to Cindy: “That branch looks like it’s strong enough to hold them, and they might have pulled themselves up and crawled along it to the trunk. If we let the dogs sniff around the base of the tree, I’ll bet we’ll pick up the trail again.”

“Damn, I thought I had the bastards figured had out!” Janice said a short time later when the dogs failed to find a scent. “Maybe they’re hiding up there.” Cindy said while looking up at an extremely dense canopy high above, “It’s so thick we could be looking right at them and not know it. Wait a minute, I think I see what might be a patch of skin through a small opening up there towards the top. Come take a look.” “It’s hard to tell, but it could be one of them.” Janice said after Cindy had pointed out a small opening in the leaves. “But it’s worth taking a shot if you think you can get an arrow through that tiny space.” “I’ll give it a try.” Cindy said. She took her bow and an arrow, aimed at the small opening in the leaves, and when the target became fixed, her fingers slid from the taunt bowstring. The released arrow missed the opening slightly, and although going through what looked to be heavy foliage, it failed to hit anything solid enough to impede its flight. That is, nothing impeded the flight until the steel point of the arrow embedded itself deep in the chest of a young man that was clinging to a large limb.

Although unable to see what had happened, a thrill went through Cindy when hearing a cry of anguish. But her joy faded when nothing happened afterward. “Well, you definitely hit one of them.” Janice said while looking up. “But we’ll never get the bastard down if he’s gotten hung up on something up there.” Cindy’s dismay increased as several minutes passed. She was about to give up when a snapping sound was heard that was soon followed by others until a man’s naked body broke through the high canopy, bounced off a limb, and fell a short distance before hitting another. More and more limbs were struck before he hit the ground with a loud thud. He then lay motionless on his side in a sprawled position. Open unseeing eyes gave clear evidence of him no longer being alive. “Once again, I find myself being amazed at your archery skills.” Janice said as she dismounted. “That was an excellent shot.” “Thanks!” Cindy said with excited enthusiasm as she also dismounted. “For a minute, I was afraid you were right about him getting hung-up on something and no way of getting him down.”

“Well, when he did come down, it was in a rather spectacular manner,” Janice said while walking up to the lifeless body. She lifted the sideways dangling penis with a toe and said: “Not bad at all, this fat cock and those plump balls will make some lucky woman a delicious meal tonight.” She then put a foot on the young man’s hip and, in an indifferent manner, shoved him on his back with such force that it caused his penis to flop from one side to the other. “My.., my..!” she said. “Come take a look at your kill. I think this fellow is what women in the outside world would call being quite a ‘hunk’!” Cindy beamed with pride and excitement when she looked and saw that Janice was right. By almost any woman’s standards, this was indeed a ‘hunk’ lying before her with a handsome face, thick neck, broad shoulders, large well developed chest, washboard abs merging into a flat abdomen, and of primary importance, an extremely impressive penis lying sideways in a bushy thatch of pubic hair, and also, equally impressive oval bulges visible within a loose scrotum hanging between his smooth and muscular thighs. There could be little doubt that, whenever walking on a beach, he had received many lingering and admiring glances from women of all ages.

“Get the rope from your saddlebag.” Janice said after giving Cindy time to admire her impressive kill. “We need to get him hung, bled out, and gutted, before we can start looking for the other one.” After being handed a rope, Janice tied one end around the young man’s left ankle, tossed it over a low limb, looped the other end around Midnight’s saddle horn, and used the horse to pull the body up until it was suspended with his right leg, bent back at the knee and hanging sideways in a manner that gave an unobstructed view of the underside of his long, thick penis and bulging scrotum dangling upside-down in a highly demeaning manner.

After the rope had been secured, Cindy, in no longer needing to be given instructions, used a sharp knife to make two small but deep cuts in each side of the neck and then sliced both wrists. While waiting for the blood to drain from the lifeless body, she amused herself by playing with the limp penis and rolling the testicles within the scrotum. In so doing, she was soon feeling a variety of teeming emotions; a strange yet exciting feeling of unreality of the naked body of an unknown man hanging lifeless before her as she mischievously played with his impressive sex organs; experiencing a pleasing feeling of fierce pride at having reduced such a large and muscular young man’s body, that was more than twice her size, succumbing to such degrading treatment; and last but not least, a growing sense of heightened excitement that was purely sexual to such a point that she became extremely wet while having an intense tingling sensation between her legs.

After the body had drained of blood, Cindy took a knife, and with her excitement surging, sliced open the abdomen, and started removing internal organs. As had happened when doing this with Sam, she experienced a strange feeling of eeriness as she disemboweled the naked body of a human male. A human male that she had caused to become lifeless. When finished, she was once again in an excited daze. Her excitement continued when she washed her blood covered hands and arms in the stream. It surged even higher when she proudly posed for a picture standing next to her kill while reaching around a thigh and, as she had done with Sam, rested a hand on his scrotum. She then led Sally next to what had become a disemboweled carcass and, with Janice’s help, draped it over the horse’s broad back with legs splayed and providing a clear view of what dangled between. After securing him with leather straps attached to the back of the saddle, Cindy mounted and then reached back to squeeze a plump buttock.

“I guess the only thing to do is continue searching downstream.” Janice said after she had also mounted. “I’ve been looking up in the tree while you were working, and I can’t see any sign of the other one. As they were starting to leave, however, one of the dogs had wandered off a short distance and uttered an excited howl and started off to soon be joined by the other. “The bastard must have climbed out along another limb and dropped off instead of coming down the trunk,” Janice said. “I have to admit, for a male, that’s being fairly clever, and it almost worked. Well, let’s go find him.”

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Chapter 17

Janice and Cindy rode after the barking hounds, and after traveling a considerable distance, they came to a large area of dense undergrowth. The dogs cautiously entered the heavy foliage and soon started barking excitedly in a manner indicating their quarry had been located. “I guess he’s not so clever after all.” Janice said. “Although I don’t know how we’re going to get him out of there. “If I knew he was going to pull a stunt like this, I would have brought one of the Dobermans.” Cindy said: “Well at least we know where he is. I’ll try to get Sally in there and see if I can flush him out.”

Sally was reluctant to enter what appeared to be a dense thicket, but when finally doing so at Cindy’s calm urging, it was found the vegetation had no brambles and parted fairly easily. When they reached the barking dogs, Sally was startled and reared up when a naked man suddenly broke from a well concealed hiding place and started running franticly while making thrashing sounds. “Here he comes, Janice!” Cindy cried out as she spurred her horse in pursuit. “Good work!” Janice said when Cindy and Sally emerged from the undergrowth. “Let’s just go fast enough to keep him in sight until he tires.” She then called out: “Tally-ho, the chase is on!”

To Cindy, the chase was quite thrilling. And, although having no difficulty in keeping their quarry in sight, following a naked man fleeing in desperate panic and knowing she would soon see him lying lifeless, proved to be an exciting adventure. Despite being a hopeless endeavor from the start, the man’s fear filled adrenalin enabled him to run a considerable distance before his frantic pace began to slacken. “You’re the one that flushed him, so you deserve bringing him down.” Janice said as they slowed to a canter. Although tempted, Cindy shook her head and said: “No, we’ll stick to our agreement that each of us would make a kill.”

At that moment, the exhausted man stumbled and fell on his hands and knees which gave Janice time to halt Midnight, pull her bow over her head while reaching for an arrow. She had the arrow drawn and aimed by the time he staggered to his feet, and when released a moment later, the razor-sharp point plunged into his back between the shoulder blades. He uttered a loud cry and fell forward to lay unmoving on his stomach. Cindy giggled when seeing the underside of his downward pointing penis and scrotum being visible between widespread legs. She then said: “It’s time for me to congratulate you for making an excellent shot.”

“Well, it looks like you got yourself a ‘hunk’ also.” Cindy said in an admiring tone after the young man had been turned on his back. “I guess you’re right, although not to the extent of yours – especially his cock and balls.” Janice replied. “But he’s one of my better-looking kills and definitely deserves becoming a trophy. I’ve got to remember to thank Debby for selecting these two impressive males for us to hunt.” Janice took a rope from her saddle bag, tied one end around an ankle, and used Midnight to drag the limp body under a low branch of a nearby tree, and he was soon hanging in the same degrading manner as had Cindy’s now cooling victim.

While waiting for the body to bleed, Janice let Cindy amuse herself by once again playing with the limp penis and testicles of a naked young man hanging lifeless before her. After this, Janice sliced open the abdomen, cut through both sides of the breastbone, pulled it out, and removed the intestines and internal organs in a large mass. “I need you to show me how to do that.” Cindy said. “I will after you’ve had a little more practice.” Janice replied.

The women in the village had seen so many young men’s naked bodies being brought in, that they gave them little notice. But this changed when Janice and Cindy rode by with their impressive kills. In being the first time for seeing bodies draped over the rumps of horses, every woman they passed, stopped and looked with amused expressions as they rode by.
When the bodies had been carried into the processing hut, they were asked what cuts they would like to be cooked for their evening meal, and both decided on a grilled breast. They then left to enjoy another exhilarating ride on the beach. And since Cindy stopped by the stable to remove her western saddle, she again enjoyed an extremely pleasing and erotic sensation as her wet, swollen vulva and engorged clitoris were being rhythmically ground back and forth on Sally’s bare back.

Later, Cindy’s pride and sexual excitement surged to extreme heights when eating the tender and delicious grilled breast of the handsome and muscular young man that had fallen victim to her well-placed arrow. In addition, while telling a dismayed Robert what she and Janice had done and then showing him the picture of her standing proudly beside the disemboweled body of her kill, it resulted in causing her to visualize graphic and highly exciting images of what had occurred. When seeing the way her eyes were flashing with excitement, Robert found himself filled with dread in knowing he was going to suffer an excruciating ordeal exceeding those he was being forced to endure on a daily basis. Yet, despite this extreme dread, after being tied spread-eagle on the floor, he was unable to keep from again becoming erect when looking at Cindy standing naked above him. The ordeal he was forced to endure afterward had indeed been extremely excruciating and prolonged.

On the following morning, Cindy was still feeling the exciting effects of the previous day. It was of such extent that she gave an appearance of seeming to glow when Janice came to her hut and said: “I’ve been telling others about your archery skills, but I’m afraid there are a lot of skeptics. If it’s ok with you, I’d like you to give a demonstration.” Cindy felt uncomfortable when hearing this. She felt it might give an appearance of her trying to show off which didn’t appeal to her in the least, but she owed a great deal to Janice who, for some reason, seemed quite eager for the event to take place.

“Well, if some targets are set up, I’ll give it a try, but I’m afraid it would be somewhat boring to watch.” Cindy said in an unenthusiastic tone.  “Oh, I have something in mind that I don’t think will be boring for either you or the spectators.” Janice said. “What if your targets are flesh and blood?” “What!” Cindy exclaimed. “I know the meat of pigs is used to feed males, and if you’re talking about me shooting some of them the answer is no. I’ve never killed an animal, and I don’t intend to start now.”  “That’s not true.” Janice said with a mischievous smile, “I saw you kill an animal just yesterday, and he wasn’t your first. They are animals you know. And I don’t mean just acting like them.”

“You want me to use a man as a target?” Cindy asked. “Shooting one in a hunt is one thing, but killing a guy tied to a post or something, not only would not be a challenge, but not very entertaining to watch.” “What if it’s more than one, and they are not being tied to anything?” Janice asked. Cindy paused and then said: “If they’re not tied to anything, they would be able to run. I think I remember telling you that I’ve never shot at a moving target, and if they’re running, I’d probably miss and end up being embarrassed.” “Let me explain.” Janice said. “They will not be running, and although they will be moving, it will be quite slow. It will be at a fairly long distance of slightly more than the first male you brought down so, although somewhat lengthy, it should not be considered excessive – at least not excessive for you. It will, however, look to be quite excessive for those that will be watching.”

“If you agree, instead of hanging another twelve males tomorrow as had been planned, they’ll be taken to the arena where we keep the lionesses. The gate will be closed to keep them inside the cave. Ropes will have been dropped over the cliff, and the males will be told they’re going to be shot at with arrows and killed unless they can climb up and make it over the top. You will be standing in the first row and will not begin shooting until they start climbing. As I said, it’s a fair distance so it will present a challenge to see how many you can bring down in what will be a somewhat limited time frame. Oh, and to make it even more of a challenge, you will only have thirteen arrows. Well, what do you think of the idea?”

Cindy was so stunned that it took a while for her to reply. But during this time, the thought of killing up to twelve naked men with arrows had an appeal that was becoming increasingly exciting to contemplate. When finally answering, she tried to appear nonchalant, but the attempt was betrayed by her eyes seeming to sparkle with excitement. “Well, I’ll give it a try if that’s what you want.” She said. “I just hope I don’t make a fool of myself.” “I’m sure that want happen.” Janice said with obvious delight. “I think there might be some friendly wagering going on in trying to guess how many will be laying at the bottom of the cliff when it’s over. After seeing you in action, I’m going to bet on it being all of them. Well I’ve got some arrangements to make. I’ll come by for you in the morning.

After Janice left, Cindy found herself tingling with excitement. (Yes, such was the extraordinary extent of how much this young woman had changed in a remarkably short time.) As the day wore on, however, she became increasingly apprehensive. It had nothing to do with having any concern at the thought of killing twelve young men in cold blood in what would be nothing more than a bizarre spectator sport, but rather in being afraid she might end up being embarrassed. She had always been nervous when participating in a match with her college team but had managed to control the butterflies in her stomach and concentrate on the targets. But she had never performed alone in front of not only a large audience, but one she desperately wanted to please.

It was for this reason that Cindy’s stomach was churning the next morning as she walked with Janice down a path they had traveled many times, but never when being accompanied by a group of cheerful women. When reaching the arena, it didn’t help when seeing a much larger group had already arrived. It also didn’t help that, when standing at the place where she would be performing her deadly deeds, she had to wait while even more cheerful women came in, and although she had looked at the cliff many times when feeding the lions, it had never seemed so far away. When the last of the women finally arrived, it looked like the entire village had turned out which didn’t help Cindy’s anxiety in the least. But when twelve frighten naked young men accompanied by several women holding leashes to fierce looking dogs came into view, she felt a strange sensation of such extent it helped to overcome some of her apprehension. The sensation came from realizing that, in a very short time, she would not only be seeing at least some of these men lying dead at the base of the cliff, but they would have become dead because of her.

The men were covering themselves with their hands while looking around in bewildered confusion, and their faces were glowing with acute embarrassment. Their reactions only served to enhance the strange sensation Cindy was feeling. She might not be able to kill all of them, but surly some, and those that fell victim would no longer be capable of feeling embarrassment or, for that matter, capable of feeling anything ever again. And later today, their young male bodies will become nothing more than sides of meat hanging in the storage room with others and, in so doing, destined to be cooked and eaten by women.
It soon became apparent that these men had no awareness of why they were here until a woman walked up and, in a loud voice, announced what was going to happen. The explanation was quite brief. She paused a moment and then said: “When hearing a horn, you will run to the cliff and start climbing one of the ropes. I advise doing it as fast as possible because, while you’re on a rope, an extremely skilled woman is going to be shooting at you with very sharp, steel pointed arrows.” The woman then turned and walked away while red faces started turning pale and, for some, hands covering genitals falling away in dismay to hang limply at their sides while forgetting all thoughts of modesty.

Even though Cindy had known what to expect, she was surprised when a horn sounded much sooner than anticipated.  Apparently, it was felt that no time should be wasted, or maybe it was an attempt to catch her off guard and make her task more difficult. After a brief startled moment, the men started running toward the cliff, and it was only then she noticed each one had a black circle painted between their shoulder blades. Despite the circumstances, she was soon enjoying the amusing sight of bouncing, rippling motion of plump buttocks, and although unable to see, it took little imagination to visualize the even more amusing activity taking place between their legs. If fact, the distraction caught her being unprepared when the fastest men reached the cliff and started frantically climbing ropes.
But Cindy quickly recovered, and she took her bow, notched an arrow, and pulled it back full length. Once again, hours of practice controlled her actions so that, without giving conscious thought, the arrow was soon in flight. A loud cheer went up when the sharp point plunged into the circle on one of the men’s back. He uttered a loud scream that ended abruptly when hitting rocks at the base of the cliff.

In hearing the agonizing cry, the other men started desperately trying to climb faster. But it made little difference when, a moment later, another scream was cut short when hitting the rocks. Cindy was somewhat surprised in having little difficulty as more and more terrified men fell victim to her deadly aim and joined others lying sprawled at the base of the cliff. In fact, her growing confidence became such that she mischievously began waiting until a man was almost at the top of the cliff before letting an arrow fly.

A great deal of laughing and cheering had been taking place during all of this, but Cindy managed to keep it from being a distraction. When only one man remained, she let him reach the top of the cliff and was starting to pull himself over the edge before scoring a perfect bullseye in the black circle on his back. Although uttering a scream during his long fall, it was drowned out by a cheering that eclipsed all others. When he lay sprawled at the base of the cliff with his likewise lifeless companions, a spontaneous applause broke out which caused Cindy to turn and give a tentative wave while blushing profusely.

It was only when turning back that Cindy was able to take in the full magnitude of what she had done. All of the young men that, only a short time before, had been alive and experiencing embarrassment and then extreme fear,  now lay broken and lifeless at the base of the cliff. And since most of them had landed on their backs, the limp genitals they had earlier attempted to conceal, were now not only being put on prominent display, but laying in thick patches of pubic hair that made them even more noticeable. A feeling of unreality swept over Cindy in realizing she had just ended the lives of twelve young men with remarkable ease. But as her eyes went from one sprawled body after another, a surge of thrilling excitement seemed to explode within her that was accompanied by experiencing an exhilarating feeling of feminine power and pride.

Janice stood close by, but in wanting her young friend to enjoy this moment to the fullest, she waited a respectful time before offering enthusiastic congratulations. “I knew you were good.” She said. “But I never expected anything like this! You hit every circle but two, and both of those were missed by only several inches. Three of them looked to be in the very center. Well I won my wager that if you killed all twelve, and did not need the extra arrow, you would be able to choose the cock and balls from any one of them for your meal tonight, and believe me, no one will argue that you don’t justly deserve them. That was an extremely impressive, exhilarating, and exciting performance we all enjoyed to the fullest.” Janice glanced at the cliff and said with a laugh: “Except for those jokers laying over there I guess, but I don’t think any of them will complain. Well, let’s go over and take a closer look at your handiwork so you can select the cock and balls you would like to dine on tonight.
Cindy’s excitement surged even higher when hearing that, tonight, she would not only be enjoying the delightful cooked penis and testicles of yet another young man she had slain, but that she could choose the ones she would prefer eating. While walking toward the cliff with Janice, it felt as though her feet were hardly touching the ground. When coming closer, however, the harsh reality of what had occurred became readily apparent. The men’s faces clearly registered the expressions they had been experiencing at the moment of death. Gaping mouths uttering silent screams combined with wide staring eyes expressing what could only be described as looks of sheer terror.

The realization she had been responsible for causing these young men to experience such utter horror, while plunging to their deaths, had a sobering effect on Cindy’s buoyant mood. But, it soon returned when she started going from one body to another, while looking intently between their legs, in trying to decide on which sex organs she would choose to become her evening meal. And, in so doing, she felt an exciting urge to reach down, squeeze limp shafts, and roll testicles about within scrotums. But she didn’t want to give an appearance of being overly greedy by trying to determine texture and quality so, with some difficulty, she resisted the temptation.

It was for this reason she passed bodies with impressive manhood and, when finally making a selection, chose a penis of average size whose only notable feature was the flared head having a prominent ridge she thought looked to be quite appealing. It was only then that she reached down to touch and did so with extreme excitement and enthusiasm. In so doing, her swollen and wet vulva and strutted clitoris became even more so as she fondled the still warm penis and testicles of her lifeless victim.

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Chapter 18

Cindy heard a noise, and when turning her head, she saw twelve women with their slaves approaching. She stepped back and looked with pride as each slave picked up a body, swung it over a shoulder in the same manner Janice’s slave had done with Sam, and started walking toward a gate in the stone wall beneath the stands. Cindy followed, and a feeling of pride and excitement surged through her, when seeing arms swinging limply back and forth and faces on bobbing heads slapping against bare backs. After passing through the gate, the slaves carried their burdens to the same horse drawn sled, and her pride and excitement continued as she watched the limp bodies being laid on top of each other although, this time, it was being done in a haphazard manner.
When looking at the sled as it was being pulled away, Cindy’s excitement and pride surged even higher when seeing a pile of naked young men, lying on top of one another, in a manner that caused the extent of what she had done becoming even more apparent. All of those muscular, male bodies were dead, and it had been her hand that had not only ended their lives, but in a highly dramatic and exciting manner. And in so doing, she was now looking at what, essentially, has become nothing more than a pile of fresh meat that would soon be hanging from steel hooks in the storage room. She reached between her legs and without feeling any embarrassment whatsoever, started rubbing and it did not take long to reach an orgasm. It was not overly intense, but nevertheless, was quite satisfying.
Later that day, Cindy went to get her exciting meal and Robert’s rather bland one. She had yet to tell him what she had done, but when sitting at the table, she reached into her bowl and picked up the penis and testicle filled scrotum she had chosen. They had been roasted to a golden-brown perfection and she said in a casual tone: “I killed the guy these came from this morning along with eleven other naked guys. It was at the arena where we feed the lions. But the lions were kept in the cave, and I shot them in their backs with arrows while they were climbing up ropes and trying to reach the top of the cliff.”

Robert’s only reaction was to gawk at her with a dumbfounded expression indicating he didn’t know if she was joking or not.  “I bet you find this hard to believe.” Cindy said. “Maybe this picture Janice took will help to convince you. She was standing behind me, so you can see me aiming at one of the men climbing up a rope. None made it to the top so they’re all dead. You can also see one falling that I had shot only moments before the picture was taken. The guys I had already killed are lying at the bottom of the cliff. Let’s see, I’ve now shot fourteen guys with arrows and, counting hanging Jordan, that makes fifteen naked men I’ve killed. Pretty impressive for a mere girl, don’t you think?”

Robert was unable to do anything but gape at the graphic picture with a stupefied expression on his face.  Cindy was no longer giving him any notice, however, since her undivided attention was being directed at the golden-brown scrotum from which she had taken a large bite and was relishing a building excitement as she slowly chewed a delicious mouthful of roasted human testicle.

Her excitement continued to build as she ate the wonderful tasting oval shaped male glands while expressing genuine sounds of pleasure. She then started at the severed end of the swollen shaft, and her surging emotions were at a fever pitch when reaching the strutted head that she slowly chewed while uttering moans of pure ecstasy and still finding it hard to believe anything could be so utterly delectable. It would be an understatement to say that when finished, a wetness was flowing quite freely between her legs.

Robert could only watch in dismay as Cindy, with a great deal of enthusiasm, was eating a man’s roasted sex organs. But for reasons he could not begin to fathom, seeing a cooked human penis and testicles meekly succumbing to being eaten by a beautiful young woman, had caused his own penis to become erect as if offering itself to her as well. When she finally finished her fantastic meal, Cindy’s flashing eyes looked at him, and he trembled with dread in knowing what lay ahead. But this time, in being resigned to his fate, without being told, he crawled across the floor, lay on his back, and submissively assumed a spread-eagle position for being tied. When seeing this, Cindy feels a surge of pride – her feminine power and superiority never questioned. If Robert’s motive for this meek submission had been in thinking it might result in being treated with less severity, he was in for a sad disappointment. When his excruciating ordeal had finally ended, his throat was ragged from the intensity of his shrill screams.

The next morning, one of the women that worked in the kitchen came by Cindy’s hut and said: “Your name is next on the list to receive a non-slave’s cock and balls. I assume you want them cooked the usual way, but I need to make sure.” “I don’t understand.” Cindy said. “You know that I ate a guy’s cock and balls only yesterday since you cooked them, and they were absolutely fantastic.” “Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed them.” The woman replied. “But those don’t count. You earned them by your remarkable performance, so you’re still next on the list.” “Then please cook them the usual way,” Cindy said with a great deal of enthusiasm while finding it hard to believe her amazing good fortune. As the woman was leaving, she turned and said: “Oh by the way, it might interest you to know the cock and balls you will be eating were taken from one of the males you killed yesterday.”

It goes without saying that Cindy enjoyed yet another exhilarating and highly erotic experience while eating the delicious roasted sex organs of yet another young man she had slain. And although not thinking of it at the time, this made a total of five human penises and ten testicles she had eaten that had fallen victim to her feminine hand - four of which had been killed with arrows. It also goes without saying that afterward, she enjoyed an exhilarating and highly erotic experience of another type, although it was far from being enjoyable for Robert.

Cindy’s young life continued being filled with happiness and excitement. In addition to subjecting Robert to daily (and sometimes more often) agonizing ordeals for him and exhilarating enjoyment and excitement for her. She also took him out every fifth day to be lashed savagely as he screamed and withered while standing tied in a spread-eagle position. And as usual, these sessions only ended when he was limply hanging in an unconscious state with bowed head.

 The addition of a second hunting trophy hanging on her wall served to add a great deal to her happiness, pride, and excitement. The young man’s handsome head, and his extremely impressive penis that, like Sam’s, had been mounted fully erect and was of such enormity that this alone, added a great deal to her enthusiasm along with a pleasing feeling of feminine pride.

As days passed, Cindy enjoyed watching more slaves being ‘put down’ by the kindly looking woman. And, of special delight, there were two more occasions where she experienced extreme amusement and heightened sexual excitement while watching twelve naked young men kicking in desperation when being hung, and then, even though no longer alive, seeing their bodies starting to jerk, and penises becoming erect and start spewing semen. And finally, she experienced the thrilling and highly erotic excitement while three unfortunate young men, randomly selected from a group of arriving captives, being impaled on spits while still alive and suffering slow and excruciating deaths while revolving over red hot coals.

Of all the ways she had seen naked young men dying, this last method was, by far, the most exciting. Especially when seeing limp penises starting to swell until becoming rigid and then spewing steam and boiling semen. She found these exciting events not only highly erotic, but in so doing, appearing to make a final offering to confirm the role of becoming meat to be consumed by her and other members of a far superior sex.

In fact, Cindy’s life had been filled with so much thrilling excitement and happiness, she failed to realize how quickly time was passing. It came as somewhat of a surprised one day when, after riding on the beach, she was walking back with Janice who remarked that it would soon be time for her slave to be ‘put down’. She then said: “We have accumulated enough culls to make an exciting and amusing spectacle of being put into the arena with the lionesses. It’s scheduled for the day after tomorrow. I don’t think you’ve said if you’ve made a decision on your slave being with them, but the timing would be good since he won’t be around much longer anyway. Frankly, I’d like to see what that asshole, who seems to think he actually wants to die in this manner, would do if actually coming face to face with our pets.”

Cindy laughed and said: “I’d like to find out also, but I also like the thought of eating his roasted fat cock and plump balls. It’s tempting though, and I’ll give it some thought.” “Sounds good.” Janice said. “Since your slave’s time is almost up either way, it won’t matter if his balls get damaged. A lot of us like to subject slaves that are soon going to be ‘put down’ to, shall we say, somewhat more intense sessions than usual. If you’re interested, I’ll tell you a method you can use that’s a favorite for many of us, including myself. I especially enjoyed doing it to that useless creature I chose to be roasted on a spit.” Cindy said she was interested so Janice proceeded to tell her what that particular method would entail. When it had been explained, a smile came on Cindy’s face that could only be described as sinister.

When Robert was laying spread-eagle on the floor that night with his penis tied in an erect state, he was anticipating his sex organs being severely beaten with her small leather whip. Instead of picking up the whip, however, she reached for a small box, and said: “No whipping tonight lucky boy.” She then sat between his spread legs where he was unable to see as she picked up and opened a plastic box.

Inside was an alcohol-soaked cotton pad that had a number of thick, four-inch-long needles sticking in it. She pulled Robert’s rigid penis toward her, withdrew a needle, and said, “Let’s see now, where should I begin? I think the head would be a good place, don’t you?” In having no idea what she was talking about, Robert made no reply, but he suddenly uttered a shrill scream as a needle entered the head of his penis at the v-shaped apex underneath and exited in front of the flared ridge. Before he had time to recover, he uttered another scream as a second needle pierced the head going sideways.

Robert’s screams increased in intensity as she started sticking needles through the shaft and alternating from being pierced going sideways and then upward through the urethra and out the top. But when she started pushing a needle into his left testicle going lengthwise, his screams became shrill shrieks at such high pitch that it didn’t seem possible of being uttered by an adult male. His shrieks continued unabated as more needles followed until both testicles resembled pin cushions. His agony became so excruciating that he passed out about the same time as Cindy was running out of needles.

“Didn’t enjoy that huh?” Cindy said to an unconscious Robert. “Well I sure did! Janice said this would be both exciting and a lot of fun, and she was right on both counts. But it has made me horny as hell, so I guess I’ll have to pull these lovely needles out, so I can do something about it. But, I won’t you to also enjoy them being removed.”

Cindy reached for a pitcher of water and, gleefully, poured the entire contents on his face. Robert was shocked back to consciousness while sputtering and coughing that soon became loud moans from feeling severe pain from needles embedded in what, by far, were the most sensitive parts of his male body. But, once again, he started uttering shrill shrieks when Cindy started to slowly pull needles from his testicles. This time, however, he passed-out much sooner, and Cindy allowed him to remain unconscious while not only removing the remaining needles, but when mounting his rigid penis and riding it in a wild frenzy. It was only when falling forward onto his chest after experiencing a fifth exhilarating orgasm that he slowly began to recover.

When Robert awoke the next morning, his penis, and especially his testicles, continued to throb, and it was only gradually that it subsided into becoming a dull ache. But, despite his diminishing pain, Robert found himself becoming increasingly concerned at the way Cindy kept giving him lingering glances. The looks did not appear threatening, but she seemed to be contemplating something that would involve him, and if so, whatever it might be, it would surely would not be good for him. Especially after what she had done to him the previous night that, by far, exceeded any agony she had inflicted on him in the past.

In this respect, Robert was correct. Cindy was giving serious thought as to what his fate would be. She was indeed curious to see how he would react if actually being confronted by the lionesses the following day, but she also wanted to enjoy the pleasure and excitement of eating his impressive manhood and other parts of his body. And, in addition, she was finding it strange to look at him and know that, one way or another, he would soon be dead. Instead of causing any sadness or concern, however, she found the awareness being somewhat pleasing and exciting to contemplate.

Later in the day, Cindy saw Janice and told her that, although seriously tempted to see what he would do, she couldn’t quite bring herself to decide on having her slave being put in the arena. Janice suggested taking him along and tying him to a tree. If at any time while watching the event, if Cindy decided to have him being put in with the others, a signal could be given to several women Janice would have standing by. Cindy thought this was a great idea.

The concerns Robert had felt the previous day, increased as he followed Cindy and Janice along a path through the forest. He had walked down this path many times while carrying a bloodstained basket. But, this time, he was not carrying a basket, and a number of cheerful women were walking the same way and many looking at him in a questioning, yet amusing manner. Something definitely was going on, but what? The only thing he knew was that they were walking toward the arena where the lionesses were kept.

Cindy had told him that, occasionally, groups of men were put in the arena for women to watch being killed and eaten by the beast, and after he had admitted that being killed and eaten by lions had been a longtime fantasy of his, she had laughed and said she might consider him being included the next time it was done. Had she been telling the truth? And if so, was this actually going to be his fate after fantasizing about it for so many years?
The thought made a cold chill go through him. Since early childhood, he had believed this was something he really wanted. But if so, why was he suddenly afraid? It didn’t help when, after arriving at the arena, he was tied to a tree outside while Janice and Cindy, along with other women, went up the ramp and entered – leaving him alone to wonder what his fate was going to be.

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Chapter 19

When entering the arena, Cindy saw a group of naked men standing in a rectangular cage that had been made from bamboo. It was located a short distance in front of the cave entrance which would force the men, when fleeing from the lions, to run directly toward where she and the other women were sitting. Several women holding dogs stood close by to discourage attempts to break out.  After taking her seat, Cindy found the cheerful atmosphere around her being difficult to contemplate.

It was remarkably similar to being in a college football stadium prior to the start of a big game. But this was a game straight out of ancient Rome and would have bloody and devastating consequences for these men who, like those she had killed, in not knowing their fate were both bewildered and highly embarrassed. A few had hands in front of them, but most stood facing away so that only their backs were visible. This didn’t prevent faces from glowing red however when looking back over their shoulders in trying to see what was going to happen.

When the arena appeared to be filled to capacity, a hush went over the crowd when the women holding the dogs departed. The arena quieted to a whisper signifying the building of anticipation. Cindy then felt a strange thrill when seeing the heavy gate that had been keeping the lions within their cave starting to rise. She held her breath when hearing a horn being sounded. Janice had told her the lions had not been fed for several days which became apparent when they emerged much sooner than at any other time she had witnessed in the past.

When seeing living prey, they crouched with hunched shoulders and started stalking. With most of the men’s attention being directed at the women in the stands, they did not react at first to the approaching danger. But, when it was noticed, pandemonium erupted, and although the bamboo cage had been made in a fairly sturdy manner, the side opposite the lions collapsed from the onslaught that crashed against it as men fell and climbed over one another in a panicked and desperate attempt to flee.

The lionesses lunged forward in pursuit, and despite the shocking circumstances, Cindy’s attention was immediately drawn to the wild activity taking place between men’s legs as they ran franticly in her direction. At the time, however, she was unaware of starting to giggle. When seeing a lioness rapidly closing on a man that was at the back of the group, she looked intently while holding her breath. He glanced over his shoulder just as the lioness was starting to leap and he made a desperate attempt to jump sideways. He succeeded in not being hit directly by her lunge, but it made little difference as the much faster cat struck him with a claws extended paw.
The blow was of such force that he flew through the air and tumbled limply on the ground as though suddenly being transformed into a rag doll. When coming to a stop, he lay sprawled on his back with his head bent at an unnatural angle. The lioness sank her teeth into a leg and started dragging her lifeless victim away. Another lioness came up, grabbed the other leg with her mouth and tried to pull him away. The contest that followed proved to be quite fierce, and as they yanked his now widespread legs in opposite directions, his limp penis flopped about wildly while his testicles jounced rapidly within his scrotum.   
Cindy soon found herself laughing openly at the amusing and frantic activity of his limp manhood. The two lionesses yanked and pulled with such force that his body began to rip apart lengthwise - starting between the legs and becoming increasingly longer as the tear worked up his abdomen. The skin of his sex organs remained attached to one side with the penis and testicles to the other. As the split in the abdomen became increasingly wider, the penis was pulled sideways with the skin being pealed from it until it was pulled free, and it, along with testicles being yanked from the scrotum, once again resumed their frenzied activity.

His intestines spilled out when one side was completely ripped off at the waist. With the body now in two pieces, the lions trotted off in different directions - one carrying the leg attached to a torn portion of the abdomen that was trailing a length of intestine, and the other carrying the leg that was attached to what remained of the abdomen and the upper body that was being drug on the ground. The man’s open eyes appeared to stare blankly upward while arms trailed limply behind. The leg to which only half of the abdomen was attached, however, could still be identified as belonging to a male body since it was this side that contained a skinless, jiggling and flipping penis and shiny testicles dancing from the ends of spermatic cords as the female lion trotted away.

Cindy had uttered a startled gasp when seeing the man struck down and killed with such sudden and awesome force. She then watched in spellbinding amazement as his body was being savagely ripped apart. Instead of being appalled or sickened, however, she found it strangely fascinating, and even though the episode had lasted no more than several minutes, she had been filled with excitement and yes.., even amusement.
The activity on the field soon became a wild turmoil as one terrified man after another fell victim. Cindy became so caught up that she, along with other women, was soon cheering and laughing with increasing intensity each time a frantically running man was brought down in ways that, to them, were often quite comical. She found special delight when seeing, as had the first man, others making desperate attempts of trying to jump out of the way – only to be struck in midflight by much quicker reactions of the huge cats.

The hunger of the lionesses apparently made them unwilling to share and, as had happened with the first victim, fierce battles for possession took place that resulted in more bodies being torn apart with extreme ferocity. Cindy watched with mesmerizing fascination while experiencing feelings of both heightened excitement and amusement when seeing naked men being savagely killed and ripped into pieces in a manner that clearly demonstrated the awesome power of female lions.

Some men were killed outright while others that were less fortunate had to endure the agony of their bodies being torn apart while still alive. Even large and muscular men succumbed to such fates with remarkable ease. In addition, Cindy soon found herself experiencing an eerie sensation at seeing only bloody pieces of meat and internal organs being all that remained of what, shortly before, had been human males fleeing in panic.

It did not take long until all had fallen victim to the savage onslaught. ‘Total carnage’ are the only words that would come close to describing what had occurred. Many areas of the field were covered with dark red stains that were littered with parts of bodies – some were recognizable, but the majority were just bloody pieces of meat along with tangled lengths of intestines and other internal organs. Very little remained that could be identified as being human except for severed heads lying about. And as had been the case with the men she had killed in this same arena, open unseeing eyes and gaping mouths uttering silent screams gave clear evidence of the terror being experienced at the moments of death.

In addition, young men’s decapitated heads scattered haphazardly across the field was a sight Cindy found being especially eerie, but at the same time, it was also in a way she found strangely pleasing to observe. And even though she would not have thought it possible, when the carnage was reaching a climax, she found herself not only experiencing exhilaration, fascination, and extreme excitement, but was even laughing when watching naked men being brutally slain, often in ways that were quite amusing, and then bodies being disemboweled and savagely reduced to bloody pieces of meat.

A large part of her excitement and enjoyment came from seeing the highly amusing and humiliating antics of sex organs as men ran in wild panic, and also the way that, even in death, penises and testicles with in scrotums continued to flop and jounce as lifeless bodies were being carried or ripped apart. One scene, in particular, that made a vivid impression was in seeing a trotting lioness carrying the lower half of a body with a length of intestine trailing from the torn midsection, and the penis and testicles flopping and jouncing in constant motion.

The witnessing of the unbelievable magnitude of such savage brutality being suffered by naked members of the opposite sex, had caused another emotion to awaken within her that, at the time, she was not consciously aware of the full extent it was having on her. She had become so engrossed in watching the fascinating spectacle that she wasn’t even aware of the nipples on her breasts becoming swollen. The same was true for a tingling sensation between her legs that was steadily increasing in intensity. It was not long before she unconsciously started lightly stroking her left breast while, at the same time, reaching down to rub her swollen clitoris and wet vulva. It was only after experiencing an orgasm that she became aware of the extent in which she had become aroused.

Cindy’s only reaction was to giggle at what she had unknowingly done, but she didn’t give it much thought while continuing to watch, with intense fascination, the bloody activity taking place before her. When the lionesses gradually stopped fighting each other and started gorging on what was a plentiful supply of bloody pieces of meat littering the field, she was finding it difficult to comprehend, in an exciting way, that those scattered remains had, only a short while ago, been healthy young men in the prime of life. She and the other women fell silent when watching the intriguing sight of parts of human male bodies being eaten by ferocious female beasts, but a cheer went up each time a set of sex organs were ripped off and gulped down. It seemed that, even though quite small, female lions seemed to have a fondness for this part of a male body – something Cindy could readily identify with.

She soon became aware that some of the women around her were openly masturbating. The spectators had become so silent that the only discernable sounds were the ripping of flesh and splintering of bones. These sounds were being accompanied by unique moans women utter when caught up in exhilarating throes of approaching orgasms, and in addition there were also equally unique cries women utter when vaginas seem to explode in sending out waves of thrilling ecstasy. To Cindy, the sounds played together in a pleasingly sadistic, sensual harmony, and she shamelessly joined in and was soon making these same uniquely female utterances as she experienced several exciting climaxes of building intensity.

It was only when the lions settled down and started eating that Cindy remembered Robert being tied to a tree outside. The realization caused her to have a sudden impulse, and she leaned over to Janice and said: “Oh, what the hell, let’s have the bastard put in there and see what happens. Janice gave a signal, and a few minutes later, Robert was shoved through a door in the stone wall with such force that he went sprawling. When getting on his hands and knees, his face registered a look of horror when seeing a large lioness, no more than ten feet away, looking at him and uttering menacing growls. He looked around in desperation, and franticly reached for a broken femur that had a splintered pelvic bone being held in place by a bloody chunk of meat. Even if it hadn’t been known, the identity of the gender of his makeshift club was readily apparent. Attached to the piece of meat was a limp, lower half of a skinless penis that jiggled, as did a shiny testicle dangling from a spermatic cord.

Robert staggered to his feet and swung his improvised club in a threatening manner with such force that the testicle broke free and, surprisingly, hit the lioness in her eye that caused her to hesitate. In seeing the hesitation, he started running in panic only to find himself suddenly being confronted by another lioness. He darted in another direction, and continued running while, again and again, dodging to avoid threatening lions. He finally found a space next to the stone wall where there were no lions in the immediate vicinity, and he leaned against the wall while breathing heavily and was relieved when seeing he was being given little notice by the lionesses.

Cindy and Janice, along with other women, had been laughing almost hysterically as they watched Robert’s panicked and frantic activity. “Why wasn’t he attacked?” Cindy asked as tears of mirth flowed down her cheeks. “Did you notice they only became threating when he came close and then lost interest as soon as he ran away? Their only concerned was in protecting the meat they were eating. Unlike males, lions only kill when they are hungry or are being threatened and, as you have seen, they can be extremely ferocious when they’re hungry. But since they had sufficient meat when he was put in with them, he was in no danger as long as he kept a distance. Well, since he is in no apparent danger, we might as well get him out of there.”

Janice smiled and said: “This is indeed a fortunate turn of events. We found out what he would do when actually being confronted by our lionesses, and now you will still be able to dine on his cock and balls and other parts of him. This has definitely turned out to be a win, win situation. Oh, speaking of eating his cock and balls, a group of slaves are going to be put down in the morning, and if you like, he can be with them. You can keep him a few more days if you want, but if it’s done tomorrow, we can go to a compound this afternoon where you can select a new one. I’m quite sure you’ll want another slave being handy when you finish eating that sorry asshole’s impressive package.”

“Let’s do it tomorrow:” Cindy said without hesitating. “You evidently don’t need to give it a great deal of thought.” Janice said with a laugh. “Well, when you go to the kitchen tonight, tell them your slave is going to be ‘put down’ in the morning. They will give you a large hypodermic syringe and a jar of marinade that works wonders on their balls if injected and staying in them overnight. It’s hard to improve on perfection, so it doesn’t seem to have much effect on cocks, but it’s fun to inject them also if for no other reason than it burns like hell and makes them scream and scream in a manner that’s hard to believe!” Cindy’s only reaction was to giggle.

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Chapter 20

When they were getting up to leave, Cindy hesitated and said: “Uh.., when it’s time for him to be put down, do you think I might be allowed to slit his throat? Janice laughed and said: “My, my, how you’ve changed! Yes, my dear girl, you can slit his throat.” Cindy’s excitement was surging when they left the arena and started walking toward the village. A short time later, she giggled and said: “You know, at first, I thought this would be so bloody and disgusting that I would close my eyes, but instead, it turned out to be extremely exciting in a way I would have never dreamed possible. And, that’s not all, in addition to the excitement, I became so aroused, I started rubbing myself and had several orgasms!” “These events are always quite entertaining.” Janice said. “It was a lot more than just entertaining!” Cindy squealed. “That’s the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot when considering all of the thrilling things I seen and done since arriving on this marvelous island. I got so caught up that I didn’t know how horny I had become until, without even realizing it, I started rubbing myself and had an orgasm. And, when seeing other women doing the same, I started rubbing again and had several more. It was utterly fantastic!” “Yes, I know, I also had several orgasms.” Janice said without mentioning how much she had enjoyed watching her young companion’s enthusiastic reactions. As Janice and Cindy continued walking toward the village, Robert was feeling utter chagrin as he walked behind them with his head bowed in shame.

That afternoon, Cindy went with Janice to a compound where she selected a new slave. He was twenty and fairly handsome with blond hair and a large muscular physique, and although not matching Robert in the size of his endowment, it was, nevertheless, impressive.

When Cindy and Robert finished their meal that evening, she told him to lie on the floor, and although this was something he had been expecting, he was somewhat confused that, instead of her usual demanding tone, it had been said in a rather mild manner. In fact, her manner toward him had been somewhat different ever since leaving the arena. He had expected being berated unmercifully after humiliating himself to such a profound degree. But except for a few snide remarks, it had not been mentioned.

Even the way Cindy looked at him since then had been somewhat different. It wasn’t something he could quite put his finger on, but it was definitely different. She would have a slight smile with her face registering a mischievous look as though keeping some type of a secret while, at the same time, her eyes would sparkle with excitement. At first, he attributed it to the aftereffects of what she had seen in the arena that she had obviously enjoyed to a profound degree. But instead of fading as the day went on, if anything, it became even more prevalent. One major difference, however, was her treating him in a less harsh manner than usual - instead of being the exact opposite that he had been expecting after his disgraceful performance.

Cindy’s harshness returned with a vengeance, however, when he was lying spread-eagle on the floor with his penis tightly tied in an erect state. She deliberately let him see what she was doing when taking a large syringe with a wicked looking needle and filled it with a dark liquid. His shrill screams exceeded even those of the previous night when, starting at the head of his erection and going down the shaft on both sides and then deep into the root, she slowly injected the liquid which caused a searing pain that felt like being on fire – only much worse. His screams became high pitched shrieks when she did the same to both testicles.

Once again, his agony became so unbearable that he lapsed into unconsciousness before she finished injecting his other testicle. This time, Cindy let him remain this way as she rode his penis again and again in a wild frenzy. It was only after she was asleep that he began to regain consciousness, and although experiencing severe pain, he managed to keep his moans low enough to keep from waking her. It was only gradually that the throbbing pain began to ease. Cindy had not told him what the dark liquid was, so he had no reason to suspect the purpose was for anything other than another devious method of causing him to suffer extreme agony.     

The next morning, Robert had almost recovered, but he was mystified when Cindy left him tied to the floor while eating her breakfast without bringing him anything. He was also mystified in her being in a buoyant mood much greater than usual while looking at him with eyes that flashed with excitement in a strange and mysterious way. In addition, she seemed to be paying an unusual amount of attention to his penis and testicles. He wasn’t able to give it much thought, however. Cindy was still eating when two stern looking women entered, and without speaking, untied the ropes holding him on the floor, bound his hands behind his back, and with each firmly holding an arm, escorted him to the door. He looked back at Cindy in desperation, but her only reaction was to smile sweetly and say: “Don’t worry, I’ll be seeing you in a little while!”

Later, Cindy felt as though she was in a dream as she excitedly walked with Janice to the processing hut. When going to the back, the last of twelve slaves was being pulled up by a rope to hang upside-down with spread legs and join eleven doomed companions hanging in a like manner. Their hands were tied behind their backs, and all were clearly afraid but remained silent - except for Robert. He was first in the row and was sobbing with tears flowing from his eyes. Wooden tubs were being put under each one.

The middle-aged woman walked up to Cindy and without saying anything, handed her a sharp knife. Cindy was trembling with excitement as she approached Robert and stood behind him. In knowing she was there, he gasped in a pleading tone: “Please..!, Please…!” These were the last words he would ever say. Cindy grabbed his hair, pulled his head back, and said softly: “Goodbye Robert”. This was the first time she had said his name to him since arriving at the island, but before being able to even realize it, Cindy sliced the sharp blade of the knife deeply across his bared throat. She quickly stepped to one side as a thick gush of blood spewed out, and although being overwhelmed with teeming emotions, she managed to hand the knife, whose blade was now bright red, to the woman who started down the row and doing the same to the other slaves.

Cindy did not see the others being slain, however. Her attention was fixed on Robert as his body began to jerk spasmodically in a manner that made his large flaccid penis jiggle and flip, and his testicles to jounce, all of which caused her to giggle while, at the same time, feeling an extreme amount of excitement. These highly enjoyable emotions within her only increased when seeing blood that had been spewing out in pulsing spurts gradually diminish until becoming a steady stream. And while this had been occurring, his jerking movements gradually decreased in intensity until becoming shudders and then, after twitching a few times, he hung motionless with open eyes appearing to gaze blankly in her direction. Although Cindy was not thinking of it at the time, she had now killed sixteen naked men.

Cindy’s exhilaration, excitement, and feminine pride surged when the middle-aged woman walked up to Robert’s lifeless body and, as she had seen her do many times, slice open his abdomen, remove his breastbone, reach inside to cut at various places, then pull everything out in one mass - leaving an empty and glistening interior. The women moved to the next body, but Cindy continued looking at Robert. And, in so doing, in addition to her heightened emotions remaining unchanged, she not only felt an eeriness far more profound than any previously known, but it was in a pleasing way. 

Not only had she dated Robert for several years, but in a way, she had been living with him, in an intimate manner, since arriving at this island. She had seen him doing countless things ranging from displaying happiness, blushing in embarrassment, to watching him violently bucking and thrashing while screaming in agony being caused by her, and now, he was nothing more than a disemboweled carcass, hanging inert with open eyes appearing to gaze at her, but with a blankness showing no awareness.

Instead of diminishing as the day went on, Cindy’s heightened emotions not only remained high, but surged to a new level when sitting at her table and looking at Robert’s golden-brown roasted penis and bulging scrotum laying in a bowl. Like all the others she had eaten, the shaft had become swollen in a manner of giving an appearance of being semi-erect and there was a surprising length of skinless root extending beyond the scrotum. Her new slave sat on the floor eating his meager meal, but she gave him no notice. Her hand almost trembled as she reached down, grasped the lower part of his penis, held it up, and looked at how the weight of his testicles caused the thick shaft to curve sideways.

She had done the same with the roasted sex organs of other men, even other men she had known, and in so doing, had become extremely aroused and excited. But none of those previous emotions came close to reaching the height of what she was now experiencing. She heard her new slave uttering a gasp of surprise when seeing what was in her hand, but she didn’t even glance at him.

Cindy’s excitement reached ecstatic proportions when, in the manner she  had teasingly told Robert she was going to do to his roasted sex organs, she bit through the scrotum and into a testicle, and while being chewed, finding that being filled with marinade did improve the taste, and with extreme enthusiasm, she continued eating until it was gone. She pulled the remaining testicle out of the half-eaten scrotum, and while dangling it by the spermatic cord, laughed while swinging it back and forth and then in a circle. Then tilting her head back, she lowered it into her open mouth, bit off the lower half and relished the delicious taste and texture of a marinated human testicle.

After eating the remainder of Robert’s testicle, she chewed and swallowed what remained of his scrotum after tearing it off with her teeth. Her excitement surged to a new high when holding Robert’s penis up by the root and giggled while, in a demeaning and playful manner, started making it flop from side to side. Then turning it around, she put the swollen head to her partially open lips and, in a sensuous way, pushed the flared shape in and out while sucking out delightful tasting juices.

Her eyes flashed with exhilarating anticipation when she turned his penis back around, took a bite from the severed end of the root, and when chewing, her face registered a look of ecstasy while, at the same time, uttering moans of extreme pleasure. Her expression and moans remained unabated as she continued slowly eating up the swollen shaft until only the head remained.

She closed her eyes as she slipped it into her mouth, ran her tongue over the flared surface, over the strutted ridge, into the open hole, sucked out delicious juices, bit off the rounded end, and became thrilled and uttering even louder moans when chewing an amazing meat of such remarkable tenderness, juiciness, and flavor that, even though having eaten others, still finding it hard to believe anything could be so incredibly fantastic. In wanting to savor this incredible delicacy as long as possible, she took only small bites and chewed slowly, and when it was finally gone, she was in a state of such dreamy and exciting ecstasy of a magnitude that far surpassed all others.

In addition to this, Cindy had been becoming increasingly wet while a tingling sensation in her vagina had been steadily growing in intensity until seeming to become yet another raging fire. These reactions within her had always occurred each time she had eaten a man’s cooked sex organs - but they had never existed in such heightened extremes.

Her new slave, while watching a beautiful young woman playing with and then eating the cooked testicles and penis of a human male (It is noted that although all men, when arriving at the island, had been told their eventual fate was to be killed, cooked, and eaten by the women, they had not, however, been told that it also included their genitals.) he had been shocked and dismayed. In addition, he was also feeling an acute embarrassment to such an extent that his blushing face had become extremely red.

When Cindy finished eating her exciting and fantastically delicious meal, she had a wild look on her face and her eyes flashed with such intensity that it caused her slave to become extremely apprehensive. But it was not to such extent that he moved quickly enough when being told, in an urgent tone, to lay spread-eagle on the floor. It was only when being roughly shoved with her foot and her screaming, “move you fucking bastard”, that he complied. Needless to say, he received an extremely severe, prolonged, and excruciating introduction into what being a slave to this beautiful young woman would entail. 

The following day, a strange feeling went through Cindy as she stood in front of her hut and looked at Robert’s skull that had just been placed over her door. Despite all that had occurred, she was finding it difficult to relate the two large hollow eye sockets and grinning teeth filled jaws with the young man she had known for such a long time. Her thoughts turned to Jordan’s sailboat that had led to bringing this all about.  She had been on that boat with four men – all of them now dead. And she had not only seen them die, but had killed three with her own hand. And in addition, she had eaten their cooked penises and testicles that had now become part of her young female body.

Permanent reminders of three of these men remained for her to gaze upon whenever desired. The most prominent being the mounted head and sex organs of the first one she had slain hanging on her wall, along with the tanned hide taken from his chest. And in addition to the skull over her door, a darker one due to having become somewhat weathered, was sitting on a shelf inside. Yes, looking at Robert’s skull made her feel strange, but it also made her feel extremely proud – and excited. She glanced at the door. Well, she could do something about the excitement. Her new slave was lying naked and tied spread-eagle on the floor. Her eyes began to sparkle mischievously as she opened the door and went inside.