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May 04, 2019, 12:30:45 PM
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Roast Man ( Part I )

"So, Lawrence, I've heard you're good at guessing words, and at playing 'hangman' ? ", Vessy welcomed Jennifer and Lawrence at the doorstep of her house.

"Well, I'm not sure ... but maybe, if you say so ... " Lawrence answered timidly.
It was the first time his younger sister had successfully persuaded him to
come with her and visit her newest best friend Vessy at her house.

"Jennifer told me about it." Vessy enlightened him, as her visitors entered her antechamber.

Jennifer and Lawrence took off their shoes and changed into guest slippers.

Then Vessy pointed at the third door on the right side of her hallway: "Please, Lawrence, Jennifer, my living room is over there."

When Lawrence and Jennifer entered through that door Vessy had told them, Lawrence looked around and wondered: "Hmm, Vessy, are you sure that this here
is really your living room ? Because to me this room here looks like a very bizarre .... kitchen !?"

"Yeah, Lawrence, you're right, this here is indeed Vessy's kitchen !" Jennifer confirmed; then she pointed at a door on the other side of the room: "We've gotta
pass through Vessy's kitchen, and enter Vessy's living room through that door over there !"

Meanwhile, Vessy had entered her kitchen, too, and she smiled at Lawrence: "Hmm, Lawrence, feel free to look around in my kitchen ! If there's anything that
makes you wonder ..."

"Yeah, Vessy, there is indeed something strange over there !" Lawrence interrupted her and pointed at a massively oversized casserole, which he had noticed
on one of the sideboards of Vessy's bizarre kitchen.

Vessy got a more serious expression all of a sudden: "Oh no ! I forgot to stow away my big baking dish, which I use to cook my big meals !"

"Big ?" Lawrence giggled. "Big !? That's still an understatement, right, Vessy ? I mean, your so-called 'baking dish' over there is easily two meters long,
and one meter wide !? What on earth were you possibly hoping to cook inside it ?"

Vessy got more cheerful again, and laughed: "Ha ha ha, Lawrence, don't you worry !  Although I'd really love to , I'm not gonna use my big casserole to cook YOU !"

Jennifer cut in with laughter, too, and she pointed at Vessy's oven:  "Ha ha, of course you couldn't possibly cook my bro with it. Lawrence, look at Vessy's oven,
over there !"

Lawrence nodded: "Yeah, Jennifer, of course ! Now that I see it, it seems like Vessy's oven is just as tiny and as normal-sized, as any other regular
oven in most other 'normal' households. So therefore I suppose that even IF Vessy somehow ever managed to prepare me for cooking in that
gigantic casserole, I still wouldn't fit into her tiny oven !"

Jennifer had walked up to that door which connected the kitchen with Vessy's living room, and waved Lawrence and Vessy, to follow her: "Now, are we gonna play
'Hangman' with Lawrence, or no, Vessy ?"

Vessy answered: "Hmm, Jennifer, of course I'd love to play a game similar to 'Hangman' with Lawrence, but well, how can I put it in words ..."

Lawrence, who had just spotted yet another bizarre object in Vessy's kitchen - exactly, on the ceiling, interrupted her: "Vessy ?? Why on earth is there such
a huge canvas mounted on the ceiling of your kitchen ? Don't tell me you enjoy watching movies on that canvas, while you're lying on your back, with your face
turned up !? "

Vessy grabbed Lawrence' forearm: "It's a good thing you ask, Lawrence, because actually that canvas up there ... you see, I had planned to use it for my very
own variation of the 'Hangman' game, which I'd love to play with YOU !"

"Your own version of 'Hangman' ?" Lawrence wondered, and he walked up to Vessy's sideboard, whereon her gigantic casserole was placed. "In what other way
did you hope to play 'Hangman' with me, Vessy ?"

"Hmm, Lawrence, my own version of 'Hangman'," Vessy hesistated, and she followed Lawrence, such that now both were standing right beside her casserole.
"Well, my own variation of the 'Hangman' game is actually called 'ROAST MAN' ... !"

"R-R-R-ROAST MAN ?" Lawrence began to stammer, and he wondered why that strange canvas on the ceiling was placed almost perfectly parallel
two meters above Vessy's oversized casserole.

"Yeah, Lawrence, I'd love to play 'ROAST MAN' with YOU ! " Vessy touched Lawrence shoulder, as he was speechless. "Don't worry, Lawrence, 'Roast Man' is only a
quiz-like game which I invented, and it is very similar to 'Hangman' . All you have to do in order to avoid losing, is to guess the correct letters, which make
up that 'unknown word' which I'm gonna ask you !"

"Ok, Vessy, I got it." Lawrence nodded. "When Jennifer and I played 'Hangman', we used a piece of paper. We drew gallows, and then
a hanged stickman, in order to represent that unlucky guesser who had failed to guess all the correct characters of the 'unknown word'.
So as for your 'Roast Man' game, am I right to assume that you're gonna draw a stickman on a piece of paper, which represents the loser inside of
a big baking dish ... ?"

"No, Lawrence ! I came up with a much more exciting idea !" Vessy smiled at him. "You see, I thought that merely drawing a stickman one a piece of paper,
which represents YOU, as you lose, would've been way too boring and unsatisfying ! That's why I wanna play this good old quiz game
in a much more realistic and physical way ..."

Now also Jennifer walked up to where Lawrence and Vessy were standing, and she shook her head: "No, Vessy !?
Don't tell me ..."

"Yeah, Jennifer !" Vessy nodded. "If we seriously wanna 'play' 'Roast Man' with Lawrence, he needs to get undressed first, then climb
into my casserole for big meals, and lie on his back, with his face turned up !"

Listening to how Vessy was seriously hoping to get a chance of playing 'Roast man' with him, caused Lawrence to feel slightly startled,
so he cut in:  "Yeah, Vessy, ha, ha, good joke !? Are you serious ? So you expect me to undress and climb into your monstrous baking dish here voluntarily ..."

"Of course you mustn't climb into my casserole right away, Lawrence !" Vessy looked at him with an excited expression. "First off, you've gotta take a
thorough shower , so you're gonna be perfectly clean - before we can even begin to dream of preparing you for ..."

"WHAT THE -" Lawrence couldn't stop himself from shouting unbelievingly. "Preparing me for WHAT, Vessy !?"
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Roast Man - Part 2

Vessy hesitated to answer, but then she reassured Lawrence: "Again, Lawrence ! Don't worry ! I really only wanna play 'Roast Man' with you, a harmless quiz game !
Now look up at the canvas on the ceiling !"

Vessy pressed a button on what looked like a little tablet PC, which caused the canvas on the ceiling to be turned on.
On the canvas, Lawrence could see a well-designed game window, and at first glance it was obvious for Lawrence that it resembled a 'hangman'-like quiz game.
There were 5 yellow questionmarks strung together, which obviously represented the 'unknown' quiz word:

? ? ? ? ?

"See, Lawrence, why don't you wanna play a test game first ?" Vessy suggested. "You only gotta tell me which letter you wanna guess, then I can input it on my tablet,
and then the game will automatically show you whether the quiz word contains the letter or not."

"Ok, Vessy, let me guess a first letter ..." Lawrence agreed. "Let's try a ' T ' !"

Vessy input the 'T', and a moment later - accompanied by an optimistically ringing sound effect - the canvas on the ceiling
confirmed that the 'unknown word' the player was supposed to decipher , contained the letter 'T':

T ? ? T ?

Lawrence smiled: "This 'Roast Man' game of yours looks like a lot of fun, Vessy. It would be even better, if I didn't need to put my head back,
because staring at the ceiling like I'm doing now is unpleasent to my neck ..."

Vessy smiled: "I agree, putting one's head back only so the player can see the canvas on the ceiling is certainly unpleasant !
So now you also see why I positioned my special baking dish for big meals so perfectly parallel under the canvas !
Just wait and see, Lawrence !
Once you're gonna lie on your back, inside my big casserole, and with your face turned up, you'll have an easier time staring up at the canvas , which displays the 'Roast Man' game.
Unlike now, your neck will be totally relaxed as you look up !"

"Oh yeah, Vessy, now I can easily understand why you put your big casserole on this sideboard here !" Lawrence agreed. "Just let me guess one more letter !"

"Of course, Lawrence, just tell me what character you wanna guess !"

"Ok, Vessy, I only wanna see what happens, if I guess a wrong letter. So this time I wanna guess that the 'unknown word' contains an 'X ' !"

Vessy input an 'X' on her tablet, and a moment later, an unpleasant buzzing sound signaled, that the quiz word didn't contain any ' X '.

Instead, what appeared on the game screen right under the quiz word, was a very bizarre instruction:
"The player made his first wrong guess.
Therefore, the quiz master may now punish the player - by fastening his right wrist and arm to those iron rings,
which are welded on the right side of your preferred baking dish for big meals !"

Jennifer stared up at the canvas with an excited mien, too : "Wow, Vessy, that crazy 'Roast man' game you have here , it's quite interesting !
It even suggests an appropriate punishment for the player automatically, for when he guessed a wrong letter !"

"Yeah, Jennifer, it's really practical !" Vessy smiled. "Of course, since my game here is called 'Roast Man' instead of 'Hangman' ..."

Lawrence interrupted her: "Oh, I see, Vessy. So as for your 'Roast Man' game here - I suppose every time the player makes a wrong guess, they're
gonna be tied up more and more, until they're eventually ready to be pushed into an oven and cooked ?"

"Yeah, Lawrence, exactly !" Vessy nodded, and with a cheerful expression on her face she said: "When we're gonna play 'Roast Man',
you're gonna be comparable to that stickman of the original 'hangman' games, who was gradually brought
closer and closer to his fate of being hanged, each time the player had guessed a wrong letter !"

A few moments of mutual silence followed, then, after some pondering, Lawrence nodded: "Hmm, I guess it's gonna be ok, now that you've convinced me
that  'Roast Man' is really nothing else but an entertaining quiz - combined with sort of a ... tie-up game ?!"

Both Jennifer and Vessy nodded: "Yeah, pretty much ..."

Lawrence wondered: "But how, Vessy, could you possibly have known, that I enjoy getting tied up and being made helpless ... ?"

"Sorry, Lawrence." Jennifer interupted him. "There was that party some weeks ago, both Vessy and I had drunk too much wine, so I was very talkative.
And that was when I told Vessy about your secret, of how much you've often told me that you would ENJOY being the sub in ANY sort of a
tie-up game - no matter how bizarre ."

Lawrence just mumbled: "Oh, so that's how Vessy knew ..."

"Hmm, Lawrence ..." Vessy came closer to him, and she put both hands on his shoulders, as she looked into his eyes. "How about it ? Do you think the
'Roast Man' game I suggested - and which I would LOVE to play with you - is one of those tie-up games you've always wanted to experience ?"

Lawrence nodded, and he turned to face his sister: "How about you, Jennifer ? It depends on you. If you tell me now,
that not only Vessy, but also YOU wanna play 'Roast Man' with me, I'm gonna rush to take my shower immediately ..."

"Oh, Lawrence !" Jennifer affirmed, "OF COURSE I'd love to play 'Roast Man' with you, too, Lawrence !"

Lawrence still hesitated, and looked around once more.

Then he pointed at Vessy's oven: "Vessy, before I agree to playing 'Roast Man' according to your terms, please confirm that once I'm all tied up in your casserole,
you aren't gonna use magic and shrink me to such a size that I'd fit into your oven !?"

Vessy laughed: "Ha ha, how the heck would I wanna do THAT !? Of course I can't use magic ! So you have my word, I won't shrink you to make you fit into my oven, either !"

Jennifer giggled, too, and Lawrence mumbled something along the lines: "ok then ...".

Then he turned around and rushed to the door which connected the kitchen with Vessy's hallway.
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Roast Man - Part 3

"The door to my shower room is opposite the kitchen door." Vessy informed him. "Please come back perfectly clean, so we can  start playing 'Roast Man' with you !"

While Vessy and Jennifer were about to leave the kitchen through that door which led to the living room, Lawrence had arrived in Vessy's shower room.

He undressed, and then he took a shower - just as Vessy had ordered him.
As Lawrence was taking his shower, he wondered why the shower gel he used seemed to affect his skin like some sort of an abrasive acid,
because pouring it all over himself proved to remove not only his body hair, but even his hair roots.
It wasn't that big of a deal, though, because shaving all of his body hair daily had always been one of Lawrence' habits, anyways.

Several minutes later, Lawrence returned to Vessy's kitchen.

He was perfectly clean, perfectly bald, and also perfectly naked - with nothing else but a towel wrapped around his genital area.

Right after he had walked up to Vessy's big casserole, Vessy and Jennifer returned to the kitchen.

"Oh, Lawrence, it's so great to see you're ready to climb into my baking dish for BIG meals !" Vessy quickly walked up to him.

"Yeah, seeing you like that ... " Jennifer smiled, "Now I can hardly wait to play 'Roast Man' with you, either, Lawrence !"

"I see you must've  applied something like butter to the inner walls of this casserole here already ?" Lawrence remarked, and the lustful tension inside him
kept on growing rapidly.

Before Lawrence was given a chance to react, Vessy had already grabbed the towel which he had wrapped around his genital area, and pulled it away within a second.

Lawrence blushed, but he also began to breathe lustfully,  as he stammered: "W-w-was THAT really necessary, Vessy ? Couldn't I just keep that towel and ... "

"No, Lawrence, I wanna play 'Roast Man' with you as realistically as possible." Vessy answered. "In order to play 'Roast Man' according to all of its rules,
it is very important that YOU - Lawrence - the player -
must pretend to be our willing ' prey ', who is perfectly prepared to end up cooked in my oven , if you happen to LOSE the game !"

"Ok, ok, Vessy" Lawrence mumbled, and for whatever reason unbeknownst to him he couldn't stop his own dick from growing harder and harder.
He braced up, and climbed bravely into Vessy's oversized casserole.

He lied down, on his back, and then, as he stared up at the canvas on the ceiling, he remarked "You know, Vessy, now that I'm lying here, I've gotta admit
that I find my situation extremely ... arousing ... to put it mildly ..." . And he exhaled lustfully.

Jennifer came very close to the side of the casserole, which contained Lawrence, and looking at his massively
hardened dick, she said : "It's great to know that you really DO enjoy playing 'Roast Man' with us !"

"Yeah, Jennifer" Vessy agreed. "But there's one more thing we've gotta do before we can start playing.
I seriously wanna baste your bro with some of those delicious, magical cooking oils I've stored in my cellar first.
So please stay here by his side, Jennifer. "

"Of course, Vessy." Jennifer answered.

Vessy left the kitchen, while Jennifer stayed right beside that big casserole, wherein Lawrence was lying on his back.

Jennifer touched his cheek gently: "Don't be afraid, Lawrence. Vessy really only wants to play 'Roast Man' with you, as realistically as she possibly can ..."

Lawrence cut in: "But of course she's gonna stop the game, once the game screen on the canvas tells her to go on and cook me for real, right, Jennifer ?"

"Of course, Lawrence, of course !" Jennifer giggled. "Remember that Vessy's oven is actually much too tiny anyways, and there's absolutely no way you could
fit inside, so well ..."

Lawrence turned his head to the side, so he could see Vessy's oven, and agreed: "Yeah, Jennifer. You know what ? I only agreed to playing 'Roast Man'
in the role of Vessy's 'prey', because I had seen that Vessy's oven is too small to contain me  ..."

Vessy, who had just come back to the kitchen, carrying a canister of magical cooking oil, laughed out loud: "Ha ha ha, Lawrence , I still can't believe you deemed
me capable and crazy enough to cook you and eat you for real !?"

"Wanna take a brush, too, Jennifer, and help me baste your bro with some of this magical cooking oil here ?" Vessy put the canister on the sideboard, right next
to the casserole which contained Lawrence.

"Oh I'd love to give you a hand at that !" Jennifer nodded.

Vessy and Jennifer took brushes and began to 'paint' Vessy's magical cooking oil all over Lawrence' entire body, and Lawrence enjoyed the sensation of the movement
of the brushes on his skin.

Two minutes later, Vessy's magical cooking oil had been applied to Lawrence' entire naked body, from his head, to his toes.

"Ok, Lawrence, no more waiting !" Vessy stepped back, laid her brush aside, and then she took her little tablet-PC, which controlled what was to
be displayed on that canvas on the ceiling, two meters above Lawrence upturned face.

Lawrence heard a faint ringing sound effect, and the very next moment the canvas above him displayed the game screen of 'Roast Man'.

"Is it really ok, Jennifer, if I ask him to guess a very difficult word ?" Vessy wondered.

"Yeah, Vessy, I've told you already he's really good at this sort of quiz games." Jennifer smiled, and she licked her lips.

Vessy giggled: "Don't tell me you're already getting hungry and thus want your bro to lose FAST !?"

With a stern mien, Jennifer answered: "Please, Vessy, spare me your macabre jokes !"

"Oh , sure, I will,"  Vessy nodded, and a moment later, she said "Ok then, Lawrence, are you ready to play ?  Here is your first unknown word you've gotta guess !"

Lawrence kept on staring at the canvas on the ceiling, while breathing excitedly, and he saw those 10 questionmarks, which  hid the correct letters which made up the
'Unknown Word' he was supposed to decipher:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

"Hmm, ok Vessy. My first guess is that the 'unknown word' contains an 'E' !" Lawrence agreed to play.

Vessy input an 'E', and a moment later, a ringing sound produced by the game confirmed, that 'E' was indeed one of those letters
the 'unknown word' contained:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? E

Jennifer smiled: "See, Vessy !? I've told you he's good at guessing the correct letters !"

"Did you just hint that unless we come up with a more difficult 'unknown word',  we won't have a really good roast for dinner !?" Vessy giggled.

For whatever reason, listening to Vessy's macabre jokes aroused Lawrence bigtime, and his cock grew even harder.
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Roast Man (Part 4)

Then Lawrence guessed a second letter: "Ok, next let me guess a 'T' , Vessy !"

Vessy smiled cheerfully, and input Lawrence' guess on her tablet: "Ok, let's try a 'T' !"

Unfortunately, this time Lawrence' guess was wrong, and a low buzzing sound effect was played by the program.

Lawrence' breathing accelerated,  as he got more and more excited from staring up at the game screen on the canvas.
Just like before, when he had only been testing the functionality of the game, the following
instructions were displayed under the 'unknown word' :

"The player made his first wrong guess.
Therefore, the quiz master may now punish the player - by fastening his right wrist and arm to those iron rings
which are welded on the right side of your preferred baking dish for big meals !"

The next sensation Lawrence felt was that Vessy had already grabbed his right arm.
She quickly began to tie thick ropes and straps around his wrist and elbow, and with a cheerful expression on her face she remarked:
"Lawrence ! 'Roast Man' is so much more exciting to play with a real guy in my pot, than I had ever figured it to be in my dreams !"

A few moments later, Vessy had skilfully tied Lawrence' right arm to some of those metallic rings, which were welded on the
right vertical wand of her big casserole (wherein Lawrence was lying on his back).

"Ok, Vessy, seems you've come up with a really difficult word." Lawrence got ready to guess a new letter. "Well then, how about an 'S' ?

Vessy input Lawrence' latest guess for a character - an 'S'.

Lawrence eyes widened in response to hearing the low buzzing sound effect, which signaled that his guess was wrong again.

"Sorry, Lawrence, but the 'unknown word' doesn't contain any 'S' , either !" Jennifer remarked, and then she looked up at the canvas.

Of course, since Lawrence had made a bad guess again, the game screen on the canvas above him suggested a new punishment,
and Jennifer read it aloud:

"The player made his second wrong guess.
Therefore, the quiz master may now punish the player - by fastening his left wrist and arm to those iron rings
which are welded on the left side of your preferred baking dish for big meals !"

Lawrence' excitement increased even more, when he felt Vessy grab his left arm, and asked: "Wow, Vessy, what crazy kind of a word
did you come up with ? At this rate , I'm afraid I'm gonna be tied up completely and ready to be pushed into your oven really soon !?"

"Hmm, Lawrence, don't worry. It's only the second time you guessed a wrong letter." Vessy smiled at him.

Then Vessy took some more ropes and straps, and she began to tie up and immobilize Lawrence' left arm, too.
As she was doing that, Lawrence couldn't help but stare at her with an increasingly excited expresion on his face, and he found that
she was gorgeous.

Once Vessy had skillfully tied up Lawrence left arm, too, she asked: "Hmm, Lawrence, please let me confirm I tied up your upper body properly.
Please test whether the bonds I used are really firm and disable you from sitting up."

Lawrence did as Vessy had instructed him, but not even by using all of his muscle power was it possible for him to weaken the ropes and
restraints Vessy had used to tie him up, or to break free from them. Then he answered: "No way, Vessy, I can't move my arms at all, and much less so sit up.
Seems like you really tied me down into your casserole perfectly, Vessy !"

Vessy grinned: "Yeah, it's great to know you can't escape from my big baking dish ! You know, Lawrence, just in case ..."

While Lawrence arousal, which was caused by listening to Vessy's macabre insinuations, had reached a new maximum,
Jennifer couldn't help but interrupt Vessy, and with a playful grin on her face she licked her lips "Yeah, Vessy, it's a pity he won't fit into your oven ..."

"Ok, Vessy." Lawrence turned his face upwards again, to stare at the canvas which displayed the game, "Maybe there are more vowels in
that 'unknown word' you want me to guess !  So therefore, my next guess for a letter is a 'U' !"

Vessy input the 'U', and a cheerful sound effect confirmed that the 'unknown word' did indeed contain a 'U':
? ? U ? ? ? ? ? ? E

"What a relief !" Lawrence smiled.

"Good job, Lawrence !" Jennifer nodded.

"Ok then, so I'm gonna make another guess." Lawrence replied. "Please, Vessy, input an 'O' for me."

Vessy smiled, and input Lawrence' guess of an 'O' on her tablet-PC.

But ... Hearing that unmistakable low buzzing sound , quickly made it clear to Lawrence, that his guess had been wrong again !

All three players of 'Roast Man' - Jennifer, Vessy and Lawrence stared up at the game screen, to find out what kind of punishment the game was going to suggest this time ...

... and Jennifer read it aloud:

"The player made his third wrong guess.
Therefore, the quiz master may now punish the player - by fastening both of his ankles and legs to those iron rings,
which are welded on the sides of your preferred baking dish for big meals !"

With a delighted expression on her face, Vessy invited Jennifer: "Maybe you wanna lend me hand with tying up Lawrence' legs, too !?"

Jennifer nodded: "Yeah, of course.", and both gorgeous girls took several more ropes and straps which had been lying on the sideboard.

Then they began to tie up and restrain Lawrence' last remaining limbs , which hadn't been immobilized already earlier - his legs.

Lawrence, whose upper body was now already so severly restrained that he could lift his head only a few inches, wondered: "Hmm, Vessy ? I'm surprised that your 'Roast Man'
game ordered you tie up both of my legs as a punishment for only one wrong guess ?"

"Yeah, Lawrence, I guess that's just the way 'Roast Man' was programmed ..." Vessy nodded. "I seriously hope you're still enjoying all of this ...!? "

"OF COURSE , Vessy, OF COURSE !" Lawrence replied. "Let me assure you ! This game of 'Roast Man' we're playing here - it's actually the most sensual and most exciting
tie-up game I've EVER experienced !"

"Oh thanks, Lawrence, for complimenting me like that." Vessy smiled back at Lawrence face, which by now had a super-excited expression.

Moments later, Jennifer and Vessy had finished tying up Lawrence' legs, too, and Vessy asked: "Ok, Lawrence, now please try to bust out from those bonds we just used
to tie up your legs. I only wanna see whether they're gonna be firm enough and won't break, if you tried to shake them off !"

Lawrence obeyed Vessy's command, and using all of his muscle power, he tried to break free from all of those ropes, straps and chains Jennifer and Vessy had used to tie him
down into that casserole, wherein he was lying. Then he answered: "Well, let me congratulate you, Jennifer, Vessy !
You've really managed to restrain me so thoroughly, that I can't move any of my limbs, neither my arms, nor my legs, at all !"

"Oh that's just great, Lawrence !" Vessy exclaimed, with a delighted expression on her face, and she licked her lips: "It's just great to know that
you absolutely can't escape from my baking dish for 'big meals' any longer !"
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Roast Man - Part 5

"Yeah, Vessy, escaping is really impossible for me now." Lawrence exhaled lustfully. "You know what, Vessy ? Now I'm seriously wondering what other part of my
body is left, which could be tied up as a punishment for my failure to guess a correct character ?"

"Well, Lawrence, I don't know what sort of punishment the game is going to suggest next time, either !" Vessy grinned.

And Jennifer giggled: "Maybe next time you make a wrong guess, Lawrence, the game won't order us to tie you up at all ?"

Lawrence got curious: "You mean, Jennifer, maybe it's gonna instruct you to put me into Vessy's oven ?"

Vessy laughed: "Ha ha, yeah, I suppose that's entirely possible, Lawrence !"

"Oh how lucky I am, Vessy, that your oven is too tiny and I won't fit inside !" Lawrence giggled playfully, and then, with excitement in his eyes, he looked up at
the canvas above him: "Ok, Vessy. Here is the next letter I wanna guess: It's an 'R' !"

Vessy hastily input an 'R' on her tablet-PC, and an optimistic sound effect confirmed that Lawrence' guess had been good,
and the canvas on the ceiling displayed, how many letters of the 'unknown word' Lawrence had already managed to decipher:

? ? U ? ? ? R ? ? E

"Good job, Lawrence !" Jennifer commented.

A few moments of mutual silence followed, as Lawrence was visibly desperate to figure out what kind of a strange 'unknown word' Vessy had picked for him to guess, and
both Jennifer and Vessy watched him with excitement, as he was pondering.

Then, Lawrence broke the silence: "Hmm, sorry Vessy, but I still have absolutely no idea what other letters make up your 'unknown word'."

"Well then, Lawrence, why don't you just try to guess another letter ?" Jennifer smiled at him, with a cheerful expression on her face.

"Ok, Jennifer ..." Lawrence hesitated, but then he braced up: "Ok, Vessy ! But before I make my next guess, please, Vessy, promise me you're gonna stop this game
and free me, if the game tells you to impose some sort of a punishment on me which you can't implement !"

"Of course, Lawrence." Vessy encouraged him again. "If the game tells me to put you into my oven and if we find that you do not even fit inside, we will
of course stop the game and free you !"

"A-a-and " Lawrence stumbled, "Y-you aren't gonna cut me into smaller pieces of meat, in order to MAKE me fit into your oven, either ? Right, Vessy !?"

"Ha ha ha, of course I won't cut you into pieces, either !" Vessy laughed out loud. "So please, Lawrence. Calm down !"

And also Jennifer encouraged him: "There really isn't anything for you to worry about, Lawrence ! So please, just make your next guess !"

"Ok, Jennifer, ok, Vessy ..." Lawrence calmed down, as he looked up at the canvas which displayed the game screen. "Hmm, I think that there are also plenty of words which
contain the letter 'L' ?"

Lawrence noticed that out of nowhere - and within an instant - Vessy facial expression changed from moderately cheerful, to outright positively
enthusiastic, and she licked her lips ! "Really, Lawrence ? Can I really input your guess of an 'L' !?"

"Yeah, Vessy," Lawrence confirmed. "Please input an 'L' !"

Vessy's eyes widened, she input the 'L' Lawrence had guessed, and ...

... the next thing all 3 of them heard was that uncannily low buzzing sound , which had typically always been the consequence of a WRONG guess, and
of course, this was also the case this time.

All 3 players of 'Roast Man' - Lawrence, Jennifer and Vessy - stared up at the canvas on the ceiling with excitement,
and Vessy began to read aloud, what the game instructed her - the Quiz Master - to do next:

"Congratulations, Quiz Master, you won the game !

You won the game, because you managed to come up with a word the player wasn't able to guess,
and which caused him to guess wrong characters four times !

Since you won the game, Quiz Master, you also deserve to win a truly delicious prize !

Therefore, you may now put a gag into your prey's mouth, push him (or her) into your oven , and go on to roast him (or her) for real !

Enjoy your meal !

And in the footer:


Thanks for playing 'Roast Man',  we hope you enjoyed it very much. And please, leave a 'like' on our bacefook profile: ##Some_Url## ... etc etc
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Roast Man - Part 6

While Lawrence was left startled and speechless, after he had learnt  what the 'game' expected Vessy to do,
Vessy herself exclaimed enthusiastically: "Oh yeah Jennifer ! We did it ! Now we may really go on and roast your bro for real !"

"Oh yeah, Vessy, that's just wonderful !" Jennifer had an uncannily cheerful expression on her face, too, and as she licked her lips,
Jennifer said: "I'm sure Lawrence is gonna taste really good, once we've turned him into a 'Roast Man' !"

Lawrence was overwhelmed by massive sexual excitement - which was the involuntary response of his body to watching Vessy and Jennifer CRAVE to roast him
- but for now, he was of course still certain they were only pretending to be so happy.

Vessy took a little apple and brought it closer to Lawrence' upturned face: "Please, Lawrence, I've gotta use this to gag you now, so you won't
scream when we cook you. So please say 'AAH!'"

Lawrence tried to reply to Vessy: "A-a-a- ..." , but whatever he had been trying to stutter was cut short, because Vessy quickly embraced the opportunity
and pushed the sweet little apple she'd been holding firmly into Lawrence mouth !

Now Lawrence quickly realized that Vessy had gagged him for real, and no matter how hard he tried to spit out that little apple,
it proved to be impossible. Maybe Vessy had put superglue on the apple, in order to make sure that Lawrence had absolutely no chance of spitting
it out or removing it from inside his mouth cavity.

So there he was, lying naked on his back inside Vessy's big casserole, he was completely tied up and immoblized to such a point that he had absolutely no chance
of escaping.
And now that Vessy had pushed an apple into his mouth, which functionned as a perfect gag,  "M-m-m-" was the only sort of 'noise' Lawrence was able to produce, in
order to comment his situation.

Lawrence experienced the situation wherein he had ended up as unprecedentedly arousing and exciting. He kept on breathing aggravetedly, but still lustfully,
through his nostrils, and his dick had grown so big it was likely to explode in the next couple of moments ...

"Oh, Jennifer, thanks that you brought your bro with you this time !" Vessy turned to face Jennifer. "Now I can hardly wait to bring him to my oven !
And I guarantee you , that Lawrence is gonna be really delicious, ONCE WE'VE COOKED HIM !"

Jennifer closed her eyes, and she smiled: "Yeah, Vessy, now that I imagine how delicious he's gonna look, once we've cooked him, I've gotta
admit it makes my mouth water ..."

Within an instant, Lawrence' facial expession changed from that of someone who was ecstatic  - to that of someone who was startled, but of course,
since he was so perfectly immobilized and gagged, he had no way of escaping from the whole situation.

Vessy suggested: "Well then, Jennifer ? Will you help me bring him to my oven and push him inside ?"

"Yeah, Vessy," Jennifer agreed. "Let's drive Lawrence to your oven, and cook him for dinner !"

Now Lawrence got really startled all of a sudden, he lifted his head slightly and turned it to the side, to look at Vessy's oven, and to himself he thought: "They cannot possibly
be serious ... Sure they must be joking ... I'm never gonna fit into that tiny oven over there ... !?".

The next thing Lawrence heard was the click of something like a lever, which sounded like someone had stepped on it and released the brakes of the wheels of an antiquated vehicle.

Then he saw Vessy say: "Yeah, Jennifer, let's drive this wonderful catch here to my oven quickly !", and the very next moment Lawrence noticed that the whole kitchen
around him had began to move and rotate.
It took Lawrence a few moments more to realize , that it wasn't so much the kitchen, but in fact only himself, who was in the process of being moved -
alongside that casserole wherein he was lying, and which had been placed on Vessy's sideboard.

Vessy giggled and explained: "Yeah, Lawrence, this may come as a surprise to you, but this whole sideboard here whereon we've prepared you for cooking - it's in fact a drivable table !"

Both girls grabbed one of the handles that were attached to Vessy's drivable table, and began to drive it through Vessy's kitchen.

With his face turned towards Vessy's tiny oven, Lawrence wondered why Vessy and Jennifer didn't even bother driving him and his casserole anywhere close to it.
Instead, what they really did, was to drive him to that door which connected the kitchen with Vessy's hallway.

As Vessy opened the door, Lawrence relaxed his neck and laid his head back onto the glossy inner surface of Vessy's big casserole again.

Vessy and Jennifer pushed that drivable table whereon he was lying, through the door which led to the hallway.

As Jennifer and Vessy were driving him through Vessy's hallway, Lawrence began to wonder where the heck they were going to bring him ?

Eventually, Jennifer opened one of the doors on the right side of Vessy's hallway, and Vessy said: "Yeah, Jennifer. That's where it is !
That's my secret room where we've gotta bring our BIG and MOST DELICIOUS meals !"

However impeded Lawrence' breathing had been due to the apple in his mouth, it accelerated even more as his nervousness increased. "What was going on ?", "How could he
even have ended up in such a bizarre situation ?" - these were the kinds of thoughts which were buzzing through Lawrence' mind, and which made him feel disconcerting.
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Roast Man - Part 7

A moment later, Vessy and Jennifer had successfully pushed that drivable table with Lawrence into Vessy's 'secret room for big meals'.

They closed the door of the room behind them.

Vessy raised her left arm and pointed at a strange object: "Yeah, Lawrence, maybe you wanna raise your head slightly so you can see what we have over there !"

Lawrence did as Vessy had instructed him to do, and within an instant his eyes widened in disbelief, just as his whole countenance changed from being merely 'startled',
to being outright 'terrified' !

Lawrence realized that the strange object Vessy had told him to look at turned out to be an oven !

However, it wasn't only an average-sized oven, like that one he had seen in Vessy's kitchen.

No, the oven in Vessy's 'secret room', was easily three meters wide, and more than one meter high !

It became painfully obvious to Lawrence, that he and his casserole, wherein Vessy and Jennifer had prepared him for cooking,
was EASILY going to fit inside Vessy's MONSTROUS oven, which she'd been hiding in her 'secret room for big meals' !

With an unprecedentedly startled expression on his face, Lawrence looked at Vessy, and he began to shake his head violently to express his disagreement,
which was accompanied by the only kind of alarming 'M-M-M' sounds he was able to produce.

Vessy pointed at her monstrous oven: "Jennifer ? Please go ahead and open the oven door !
Now I really don't wanna waste any more time !"

Jennifer opened the oven door, just as Vessy had instructed her, and then both Vessy and Jennifer grabbed one of the handles that were welded to
the outside of that big casserole, which contained Lawrence.
Now he was not only shaking his head in disbelief and had a shocked expression on his face, but he was also squirming desperately
and trying to break free from his restraints - but of course it was futile !

"Let's count up to 3, and then push him in !" Vessy commanded, and then she and Jennifer began to count:
" ... 1 "
" ... 2 "
" ... 3 !! " and with that, Vessy and Jennifer just pushed that big casserole which contained Lawrence into Vessy's special oven for 'big meals'.

Lawrence realized it hadn't been heated yet. He turned his head slightly to the side, to look at Jennifer and Vessy, and he saw them
waving him goodbye.
Jennifer also threw a kiss at him , saying: "Thanks, Lawrence, for playing 'Roast Man' with us !", and Vessy said: "Don't be afraid, Lawrence !
We're gonna roast you to death at a high temperature, so you won't need to suffer for very long before you die !"

Hearing Vessy say: "... you die !" caused Lawrence' dumbfounded and terrified eyes to widen even more, but at the same time his hard dick was almost ready to explode.

Then Vessy shut the oven window, and Lawrence - regardless of how genuinely scared he was by now - exhaled lustfully, because deep inside him, and unknown
even to himself, his twisted mind was beginning to enjoy the prospect of ending up as food for Jennifer and Vessy , too.

Almost like Lawrence' had accepted his fate, his squirming and attempts to break free calmed down, as he had reconfirmed for himself that escape was impossible, anyways.

All he could do now, was to lie inescapably inside Vessy's big casserole, inside Vessy's oven for 'big meals', and look outside through the oven window - dumbfounded.

There , outside, he saw Vessy and Jennifer peeking in at him with with a mysterious grin on their faces, while he was thinking to himself "Sure they must've
been joking and won't cook me now ? I mean 'Roast Man' was supposed to be only a harmless quiz , right !?"

However, Lawrence faint hope that all of this was still 'only' a game, soon faded, when he saw Jennifer reaching out her hand towards the oven controls, and she said: "Vessy ? What would be a good temperature to roast him to death really fast ?"

Licking her lips visibly for the prey inside her oven, Vessy instructed her: "Try 420 F, Jennifer."

With no way to prevent his sister from doing so from inside the oven, Lawrence was helpless and doomed to watch Jennifer turn the oven knobs and program the oven to heat up its
inside to 420 F !

As the lights inside the oven - all around Lawrence - went on, and the oven instantly began to heat up - he would've loved to express his consternation, but of course with the apple gagging him that wasn't possible,
and, instinctively, Lawrence began to squirm and struggle and try to break free from his restraints, once more.

Jennifer, on the other hand, she just peeked in on him with a smile, and she teased him: "Lawrence, I hope you're gonna enjoy being baked to death in the hottest sauna
you've ever experienced in your lifetime !"

Vessy asked: "Hmm, Jennifer, what would you prefer: Are we gonna go back to my living room and let him roast here, in my oven, alone ?
Or shall I pull up some chairs in front of the oven , so we can watch him bake ?"

Jennifer laughed: "Ha ha ha, Vessy, you know how much I've always enjoyed  watching a helpless living prey being baked to death inside your oven ! Watching the prey suffer and struggle , as it begins to feel the heat - it TURNS ME ON SO BIGTIME, like nothing else !"

Listening to how watching him suffer and being cooked was something , which managed to amuse Jennifer, no - something which TURNED HER ON,
Lawrence' struggles and futile attempts to break free came to an abrupt end.
Regardless of how horribly he was going to die here, inside Vessy's oven, soon - the fact that the person he'd always loved most - Jennifer -
was going to be TURNED ON from WATCHING him suffer, turned out to be very soothing to his soul.

Vessy pulled up two chairs in front of her oven, so she and Jennifer sat down and watched their prey - Lawrence - as he was going to be turned into food by the heat of the oven.

It didn't take too long, and soon Lawrence felt that the air inside the oven - all around him - was getting hotter and hotter at an alarming rate, but
for now he still remained calm and motionless.

Several more minutes ticked away, as the oven heated up, and Vessy said: "You know what, Jennifer. Your bro is a really patient and obedient prey !"

"Yeah, he really is." Jennifer giggled. "I'm wondering how long he's gonna be able to remain calm and pretend not to suffer from the heat !"

Having heard Jennifer's last remark, Lawrence suddenly realized that not only the heat of the air around him, but also the temperature of the casserole which contained HIM had increased to such a point, that he was beginning to sense painful burns on his skin.

And only now, Lawrence' suffering from being baked to death was about to begin for real !

Instinctively, Lawrence' whole body began to squirm and struggle to break free by itself.

Lawrence was no longer able to control his body, or to remain calm voluntarily and display a happy facial expression while suffering that horrible fate Vessy and Jennifer
had determined for him.

Lawrence felt the pain of getting burned by the hot casserole wherein he was lying on his skin.

He felt the pain of getting his airways being cooked from the inside , whenever he inhaled the hot air, which was still getting hotter and hotter !

All the squirming and and attempts of his body to break free, as he was in the process of being baked to death, proved to be futile.

With a facial expression, distorted from the horrible pain Lawrence was experiencing now, he turned his head slightly to the side to look at his cooks, through the oven window, and ...

Meanwhile, as they'd been watching Lawrence squirm inside the oven - both of them - Vessy and Jennifer - had begun to slobber over his fate,
and to finger each other's pussies to increase their own lust levels to new heights.

"Oh this is SOO HOT to watch ..." Vessy mumbled, and Jennifer teased their prey through the oven window: "Ha ha ha, Lawrence, now please tell me again, how much you enjoy playing
tie-up games like Vessy's 'Roast Man' !? "

Of course Lawrence was no longer in any position which would've enabled him to talk back, and so the only thing left for him to do was
to keep on lying silently in Vessy's baking dish for big meals, and endure as he was being baked to death, and a few moments
later he also stopped to squirm and struggle, as he had resigned himself to his fate.

It only took a few minutes more of being baked inside Vessy's oven at 420 F, until also Lawrence' faint and desperate whimpering
came to an abrupt end:
Everything went black for him, as a super-massive (classical) heat-stroke caused him to fall into a coma,
from which he wasn't going to awaken ... ever again !

"Hmm, seems like the most painful and most gruesome part of playing 'Roast Man' is over for our prey, Jennifer ..." Vessy grinned triumphantly.

Jennifer calmed down from that lust-induced trance , which watching Lawrence bake and suffer had inflicted on her, and she smiled: "Yeah, Vessy, seems like it's finally over now for him !"

Vessy asked rhetorically: "How can you say this so calmly, Jennifer ? Wasn't he your beloved brother ? Aren't you gonna feel any sort of guilt or remorse, when
you're gonna eat him , together with me ?"

"Guilt ? Remorse ? Regrets ?" Jennifer smiled at her best friend Vessy, with a coy expression on her face. "You're right, Vessy. Probably I'd feel guilty - if Lawrence hadn't ever
told me that he had often fantasized of being cooked and eaten by the one person he loved most ..."

"I suppose that when he revealed that to you, the person he loved was 'You', Jennifer ?" Vessy asked.

"Yeah, Vessy, it was indeed I." Jennifer got up from her chair. "So to come back to your original question about guilt and remorse , Vessy: No, I won't feel guilty.
Actually, quite the opposite is true. I'm actually gonna feel proud for having had an older brother, who loved me to the point that he allowed himself to become MY MEAL !"

"Yeah, Jennifer, you're probably right." Vessy agreed. "As for me, I haven't really known much about your brother, or about how loving he used to be.
That's why cooking him in my oven wasn't that much of a big deal for me, because unlike you, I never had any strong emotional bonds with him."

As Jennifer and Vessy left the secret room for 'big meals', where they had pushed Lawrence into Vessy's oven and watched him squirm as he was baked to death.
Jennifer said: "This was such a great experience, Vessy ! And I'm sure Lawrence is gonna be delicious ! "

Vessy agreed: "Yeah, Jennifer, there's no doubt he'll taste really good !"

Several hours later, after Lawrence had been roasted to perfection inside Vessy's oven for 'Big Meals', Vessy, Jennifer,
and several more of their friends whom they had invited in the meantime, enjoyed eating Lawrence' meat for dinner.

Afterwards , they all agreed that he'd been delicious, and as for Vessy and Jennifer, Lawrence had not only satisfied their hunger for his meat,
but also their genuinely sadistic desire to watch him suffer , as he was being baked to death inside Vessy's oven for 'big meals' ...

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