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Author Topic: Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 1  (Read 962 times)

August 12, 2019, 11:47:38 AM
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                                                                               Be careful what you wish for part 1

Bella and Andy had been friends for years, they went away for weekends and on occasion went on holiday together and although they had sex from time to time and had even dated once for a short time, their relationship was mostly platonic.  Andy had an unusual fetish and, as really close friends, he had confided in Bella some years earlier, telling her in great detail about his fantasy.
It had all started when he was about six and his Aunt Bessie would visit, she’d always pinch his cheek telling him that she could just eat him all up. This stuck in Andy’s mind and as he grew older it evolved, and he loved the idea of being locked in a small cage where he’d be fattened up by a woman until he was ready to be roasted up in her oven and become her dinner.  Although he’d told Bella that he would never really want it to happen in real life, he just loved the fantasy – just the thought aroused him massively. Although Bella thought it rather odd and was not into the fetish, she told Andy that it was probably not as odd as some she’d come across. Andy had said to Bella on several occasions, usually after a few drinks, that he wished she would role-play his fantasy with him; she always declined but said she would maybe write him a story about his fetish one day.  So far, she had not.
Bella liked both men and women sexually and had met Alicia when Andy had introduced them to each other a couple of years earlier. They were instantly attracted to each other; they were both strong women - tall brunettes and confident, self-assured and sassy, physically similar too, both beautifully curvy.  Having established a chemistry that neither of them could deny, Alicia would stay at Bella’s occasionally and they always looked forward to spending the night together. Bella had mentioned Andy’s fetish to Alicia about six months previously and they had talked about role-playing it for him one night in bed. They found that talking about how they might put a plan in place turned them both on. Alicia lent over to Bella and as she kissed her she reached for the curved glass dildo in the bedside cabinet. Pushing Bella gently back on to the bed, she slowly pushed the dildo deep into Bella’s moist pussy and she moaned with pleasure as Alicia worked the dildo in and out of her soaking wet lips and as she did so she began softly speaking to Bella– it was almost a whisper.
“Imagine having that much power over Andy, locking him up in a cage that he can barely move in and feeding him nothing but chocolate cake and biscuits, fattening him up until he is plump and juicy ready for the oven…teasing him about what we are going to do to him once he is fat enough. Whilst we’re prepping him for the oven, he’ll be begging us to free him, can you imagine the look on his face as we slowly slide him into the hot oven when he finally realises that he really is going to be roasted up and become our dinner.”
Whether it was the soft passionate voice of Alicia describing Andy’s demise or the dildo deep in her pussy massaging her G spot or a combination of both, something stirred in Bella and for the first time she took pleasure at the thought of doing such a thing to Andy. As Alicia reached the part where the smell of Andy’s roasting meat filled the kitchen, Bella exploded with an almighty orgasm, hot cum covering Alicia’s hand. It was the most intense orgasm Bella had ever experienced, and as she lay back on the bed exhausted from what she had just experienced, Alicia lent in and kissed her passionately.
“So, Bella, would you like to do that to Andy? “Alicia said. Bella laughed, “We couldn’t, he’s too big for the oven” she joked. “We would just have to shrink him” said Alicia with a wicked glint in her eye. “How? That’s impossible” replied Bella with a laugh. “I know someone that can make it possible” said Alicia, “she has been researching the science behind reducing things in size for many years, scientists have perfected a number of ways to do it, all of them top secret of course, and with Andy at say, two feet tall, he would be very easy to handle… and when trussed up would fit perfectly in a roasting pan and into the oven.  Just think how much fun we would have teasing him as he gets fatter and fatter in the cage and how utterly delicious he will taste when roasted up to a lovely golden brown, and all that crackling…..mmm” Alicia licked her lips as she said this.
“Stop it Alicia, it’s making my mouth water thinking about it” Said Bella. “Besides even if it was possible to shrink him, we would never get away with it, he would be missed!!!”
“Oh, he would be missed, but if we planned it properly no one would know where he had gone nor would they suspect us of any involvement in his disappearance!!! Besides, there would be nothing left of him apart from a few bones and we could easily dispose of them in your log burner in the garden – ironic that he bought it for you!” Alicia said with a wicked giggle. “Well he does piss me off quite often and if I’m honest about it I don’t really like him that much, in fact I only stay friends with him because he knows too much about me and could fuck my business up if he blabbed about what I sometimes get up to.  If we actually did this I would finally be rid of him and wouldn’t have to pretend to like him anymore.” Said Bella. “Perfect” said Alicia.
“Thinking about it, he suffers with depression from time to time, or so he says” explained Bella. “I was never really convinced about him being depressed, but we could use that to our advantage. I’m sure I could persuade him to go to the doctors and say his depression has returned. If he did that the doctor would give him a sick note and he could have time off work,” “Brilliant” said Alicia ‘You’re a bloody genius!!!”. “Wait, that’s not all said Bella. “If the doctor and his family and friends knew that he was suffering from depression and his car was found in a secluded spot, say by a fast-flowing river with the keys still in the ignition, it would be assumed that he had drowned himself and the fact that his body would never be found would point to it having been washed down river and out to sea.” “As I said, you are a fucking genius Bella” said Alicia.
“I have heard that people that drown themselves often leave their clothes neatly folded up on the river bank or on the beach; that would make it look even more convincing” said Alicia. “Hmmm, yes, I remember hearing that too” Bella replied. “If we shrink him his clothes would simply fall off of him and we could just fold them up and leave them on the river bank”. For the next hour Alicia and Bella planned the finer details of how they were going to lure Andy to a secluded spot and shrink him before bringing him back to Bella’s to be fattened up until he’s plump enough for roasting.
The following Friday Bella arranged to meet Andy at their local pub for the usual early doors drink. Bella arrived just before Andy and got the drinks in and went outside to their usual spot, Andy wasn’t far behind and pecked her on the cheek before sitting down. “What a week I’ve had…. it’s been manic at work” said Andy. Bella seized the opportunity this gave her to plant the seed. “You do look tired sweetie - are you ok, you seem a bit stressed out?” “I am a bit Bell” said Andy. “You should go and see the doctor and tell her that you’re feeling stressed, maybe have some time off. You don’t want to get into the state you have been in the past where you had to have months off, if you nip it in the bud and just take a couple of weeks off I’m sure you will be fine.” “Do you think so sweetie?” said Andy - “yes, I do” she replied.
Now Bella had planted the seed, she needed to cultivate it and spent the next two hours persuading Andy that it would be a good move to take a bit of time off work. By the time Bella was ready to go home Andy had promised to go and see the Doctor first thing on Monday morning. They said their goodbyes and Bella went home feeling very satisfied with herself. As soon as she got home she rang Alicia and excitedly told her that the first stage of their plan had been put into action. “You clever girl” said Alicia and they continued to chat for an hour about how much fun they were going to have plumping Andy up.
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Wow perfect story hoping to read more
Chris Meatboi