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Author Topic: Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 4  (Read 139 times)

August 12, 2019, 11:58:55 AM
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Having walked quickly back to the car, Bella drove the short distance to the pickup point.  Alicia had donned some latex gloves and had put the exact amount of the drug into the syringe and was crouched down in the back of the car so that Andy wouldn’t see her. They waited and as Bella saw Andy come into view her heart started to pound in her chest – she couldn’t quite believe they were getting away with it.  So far.  Andy approached the car and got into the passenger seat not noticing Alicia in the back. “Hi sweetie” he said, leaning over to kiss Bella on the cheek. Alicia knew she had to work fast and took that opportunity to sit up, lunging forward and plunging the syringe into Andy’s neck, emptying the contents into him. It all happened so quickly and within seconds he was unconscious, slumped in the passenger seat. Bella too put on a pair of latex gloves and taking Andy’s phone out of her hand bag, she turned it on.  She used a cloth to wipe it clean of any fingerprints whilst Alicia opened up Andy’s hand, and between them, using his forefinger, they typed the following message: ‘I’m so sorry, but I just can’t go on any longer.  Please forgive me.’  They selected a number of Andy’s family and friends including themselves and Bella smiled as she pressed send. She then used Andy’s thumb to turn off the phone, closing the case, she put it to one side.
Andy had started to shrink, and the co-conspirators looked on in amazement and laughed as he shrunk down to the desired height. Once the shrinking process was complete, they wasted no time in getting Andy’s clothes off.  Bella went through his jeans pockets and pulled out a wad of cash and the phone that she had given him. She counted the money- there was £465.00 in total so she retrieved the £300.00 she had given him for the room and carefully returned what was left to his pocket. “Are you robbing him Bel?” joked Alicia. “No this is my fucker Al, I gave him this for the room, I’m not going to leave it here! There’s money in his pocket, so it won’t appear as if he has been robbed” “You’re just so bloody clever” said Alicia, planting a victorious smacker on her lips.  “Right, pass him over to me Bel” Alicia said. Bella picked Andy up and passed him over to Alicia in the back. “Fuck me B, he is so light now he is shrunk” said Alicia with a wicked smile. “We will soon have him nice and plumped - a couple of weeks is all it’ll take” she laughed. “Mmm, yep - plump and juicy” Bella said, licking her lips, “Can’t wait to see the look on his face as we slide him into the oven…”. Alicia unzipped the suitcase that she’d moved from the boot to the back seat and placed Andy inside on a folded-up blanket, she then zipped it back up leaving it open a couple of inches so that he could breathe.
Meanwhile Bella had put Andy’s phone in the back pocket of his jeans, being careful not to smudge his fingerprints. They needed it to look like Andy was the last person to use the phone, just in case it was checked for prints. She then carefully folded them up along with the rest of Andy’s clothes and passed them to Alicia, “Ok, nip over the road and step over the barrier then leave them where we agreed” she said and Alicia looked out to see if the coast was clear before getting out of the car and walking over the road. She stepped over the barrier and walked to the spot they had agreed on, putting Andy’s boots down, she carefully placed his clothes on top. She quickly returned to the car and after getting the suitcase off the back seat she put it in the boot and got in the front with Bella. “Right, let’s get the fuck out of here” Alicia said, snapping her gloves off, and off they set for home.
The trip went well and they were nearly home, it was 2.40am and they had just passed junction 16 on the M6 and were about 3 miles north of Keel services.  Alicia had fallen asleep having driven some of the way back. All of a sudden Bella could see blue flashing lights in the rear-view mirror, “Fuck fuck, fuck!!!” she said “Ali - wake up there is a Police car behind us” Alicia rubbed her eyes. “What?  Fuck!  Stay calm Bel, deep breaths.  You know the plan, we’ve talked about this.” The police car slowed down in front of them and gestured for them to pull over onto the hard shoulder. “Just stay calm” repeated Alicia “we can so pull this off.” The police car had pulled up just in front of them and a female traffic officer had got out and was walking towards the car. Their hearts pounding in their chests, they both felt sick as Bella wound down the window. “Good morning ladies” said the officer, “Was I speeding?” asked Bella. “No” said the police officer “you have got a back light out - Keel services are just down the road.  We’ll follow you there where you can replace the bulb and be on your way” “Ok, goodness, thank you – it’s a good job you spotted it, the warning light hasn’t come on” Bella replied.  They drove carefully to the services as the police car followed them. “Fuck, what if they find him?” said Bella whose heart was still racing, “Don’t worry B, they won’t find him, it will be fine, just don’t panic!!” As they pulled into the services the police car was still following them and as Bella pulled into a parking space, the police car pulled up alongside and the officer got out and approached the car, Bella once again wound down the window. “Have you got a bulb kit?” asked the female officer, “I don’t know it’s a hire car” Bella replied. “There will be one in the glove box, all car hire firms are required to put them in the cars” said the officer. “Alicia reached forward and opened the glove box and retrieved the bulb kit. “Do you know how to replace the bulb?” the officer asked, both Bella and Alicia had to admit that they didn’t know how to replace the bulb–it was a ‘boy job’ as they called it. “No problem” said the officer, “pop the boot and I will do it for you”. Fear rose in them again as Bella popped the boot. The two of them got out of the car and went to the back as the officer opened the boot. As the woman leaned in, she had to slide the suitcase containing Andy to one side in order to gain access to the back of the light cluster. Both Bella and Alicia crossed their fingers behind their backs and prayed that Andy would remain unconscious.  Shit, if he woke up the game would be over and the two would likely go to prison.