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Author Topic: Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 5  (Read 566 times)

August 12, 2019, 12:04:55 PM
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It took the officer just three minutes to fit the bulb and after shutting the boot she said, “There you go ladies, I hope the rest of your trip is a pleasant one” After both thanking the officer they got back in the car and were on their way.
“Fuck, that was close!!!” said Alicia as they left the services. “I know, when she pushed the suitcase aside a little bit of wee came out!” replied Bella. They talked about their close call with the police for most of the way back to Bella’s- they pulled into Hay mill Lane car park at 3.45am.  After quickly swapping the suitcase and the rest of their belongings from the hire car into Alicia’s -not forgetting the syringe and the latex gloves they had used. They locked the hire car and drove the short distance to Bella’s. It was 3.56when they pulled on to Bella’s drive and they wasted no time getting Andy into the house. They took him out of the suitcase and laid him on the couch wrapped in a blanket, they would wait for him to come round and then tell him that he had agreed for them to shrink him after they promised to role-play his fantasy for a couple of weeks if he agreed. That way it would be much easier to fatten him up as he would think it was all role-play. “He looks quite cute now he’s all shrunk, don’t you think?” said Bella, “Yes, definitely – he’s like the size of a one year old now” replied Alicia and they both laughed. “He will be even more cute after he’s been fattened up for a couple of weeks” said Bella. “All that plumpness” said Alicia with a smile, “he will look like a little cherub!” she added.
After another hour Andy started to come round, he looked confused as he shook his head. “Where am I?” he said in a groggy voice and then when he realised how tall Bella and Alicia looked, he sat bolt upright with a look of pure disbelief on his face. “What the fuck happened, why you are so big, what happened to me?” he said. “Don’t you remember sweetie” Bella replied. “Remember what?” said Andy looking very worried. “Alicia and I came to see you in Scotland and told you that if you were willing to be shrunk we would bring you back to my house and role-play your fantasy for two weeks” “And I agreed?” said Andy, not quite believing what he was hearing. “Well yes dummy! Otherwise why would you be sitting on my sofa all shrunk like you are? Anyway, it’s not permanent” she lied. “You will grow back to your normal height in about fourteen days’ time”. “I will?!” said Andy, the relief clear in his voice. “Yes” said Alicia. “You agreed to be shrunk so that the role-play would be more realistic for you! That way we can put you in a cage and fatten you up and pretend we are going to roast you up for dinner”. Andy cock stiffened when she said that. “I’m not sure I want to be locked in a cage” said Andy tentatively. “Oh sweetie, it will be fun!! What’s the point of letting us shrink you to make it more realistic, if we don’t keep you in a cage and feed you loads of chocolate cake and banana bread to make you plump” said Bella. “Well I suppose so, but I don’t want to get too fat, I have just lost loads and I don’t want to put it all back on!!!”  “You will have to put weight on sweetie; otherwise there is no point in doing the role-play. But you will soon lose it again I promise!! At the end of the two weeks all the weight that you have gained will come off in no time” Bella said in an encouraging tone. Andy didn’t realise that what Bella actually meant was that he would lose the weight as they carved and ate the meat off of his bones after he had been in the oven roasting to perfection for a few hours. Bella looked over to Alicia and gave her a wink, “Yes Andy, like Bella says, the weight will just come right off”.  Andy conceded - “Ok I suppose so. You two have gone to a lot of trouble to role-play my fantasy for me and make it as real as possible” said Andy. “Oh, we will make it very realistic sweetie” replied Bella, getting slightly moist at the thought.
What a stupid twat thought Bella, as she walked towards the cupboard door under the stairs to reveal Andy’s temporary home. “Tadaaaaa, there you go Andy, your home for the next two weeks”. Inside was a cage, the type you would keep a dog in. It had a dog bed in it and a blanket and there was easily enough room for Andy to lie down and stretch out. All in all, it actually looked quite comfortable. “Right, in you get Andy we need to start fattening you up. We only have two weeks, and you need to be fat and juicy by then ready for roasting” Bella said – motioning him inside.  They were eager to get him fattened up as they had planned to roast him for Sunday dinner on the 10th March - that gave them two weeks to give him as much fattening food as possible. On the 8th they would feed Andy his last meal, that would allow his digestive system to pretty much empty its self by the 10th. Then, on the 9th they would do some prep as he needed to be in the oven early Sunday morning - how early would depend on how much weight he had gained. It would take 20 minutes a pound plus another 20 minutes to roast him properly. They would periodically weigh him over the next two weeks and make the calculation nearer the day. They had planned to sit down for dinner at 5.00pm, so they knew he would have to be roasting in the oven for most of the day.
Andy got off the sofa and walked over to the cage, his little cock slightly erect from the excitement of having his fantasy finally played out. He got in the cage and sat down on the bed. “Whilst Alicia watched over Andy, Bella went to the kitchen and returned with two chocolate cakes she had brought from Waitrose and half a loaf of banana bread. “Right my little munch kin, Alicia and I are going to bed to get some sleep, we have been up forever.  When we come back later, we want to see all this food gone, and you a little plumper! Do you understand Andy?” Andy nodded and Bella padlocked the cage and shut the cupboard door before she and Alicia went to bed. They lay in bed for a while discussing all the things they needed to do, Bella planned to check the news on computer as soon as they’d had some sleep. The authorities would probably be searching for Andy by now and they needed to keep on top of how that panned out. After ten minutes or so they fell asleep, they were both exhausted.
They resurfaced at 3.00 pm and went down stairs to check on Andy, “Good afternoon piglet, how you doing? I see you have eaten all the food we put in for you!! Good boy!! If you keep this up we will soon have you nice and fat!” said Bella. “I need a pee” said Andy in desperation. “Ok, but you need to put on this collar and lead and Alicia will take you to the toilet, after that you can have a shower” “Do you really have to put a lead on me?!” Andy protested. “If you want the role-play then you will have to do as we say!! Ok?” Alicia snapped, “Ok, ok” Andy replied. “Good, now hold still while I get this collar on you” after un-locking the cage and reaching into Andy. Alicia put the collar on him and secured it with a small padlock before attaching the lead. “Ok, out you come”, she instructed.  He did as he was told and she led him up the stairs. Bella needed to check the news, and with Andy up stairs and out the way she went to her computer and logged in, and after a little digging she found what she was looking for. Perfect!! She thought as she read the news article. The police had been informed the night before when his eldest sister had read the text that he was ending his life, and she had called his Mother, who then informed her that he had gone to Scotland for a few days. His sister had then contacted the police in Scotland and told them about the text she had received, who in turn did a search of the area and found Andy’s belongings where Alicia had placed them. The article went on to say they were doing a full search of the area, but a local expert had said that if he had jumped into the water when the falls were in full flow that there was little or no chance of finding his body as the current would have carried it out to sea.  It also said that foul play was not suspected and that the police were not looking for anyone else in connection with his disappearance. YES!!! Bella thought as she closed the article. She would keep an eye on the news for the next few days to see how things developed.
When Alicia bought Andy back down, they locked him back up in the cage making sure he had plenty of cake and biscuits and instructed him to eat them all. With that done Bella ushered Alicia up the stairs and excitedly told her about the news article she’d just read. “Brilliant” said Alicia jumping up and down on the spot. “Shhhhhhh” said Bella, putting a finger to her lips and laughing, “He will hear you!! He’s not to know of any of this, if he thinks this is anything other than role-play he will likely refuse to eat and it will make it alot more difficult for us to get him fattened up”. “Ok” Alicia whispered. After that Bella went for a shower and Alicia left for home. Alicia came back the next morning to follow Bella to Derby to return the hire car.
Bella continued to check the news over the next few day and on the third day she discovered the best news - after three days, the search had been called off. The news reader said that the authorities had announced there was very little if not no chance of finding Andy and that the search had been officially ended. Bella was over the moon and rang Alicia to tell her the news.   Over the next week they had a set routine, when Bella got up in the morning she would shower, after which she would go down stairs and put the collar and lead on Andy, she would take him up to the toilet to do his business and then give him a shower before locking him back up, instructing him to eat whatever she had placed in his cage. To further encourage him to eat, on the nights Alicia stayed they would use the glass dildo to fuck each other in front of his cage, teasing him about fattening him up and how they were so looking forward to slow roasting him and eating him up for dinner. Always wearing stockings and stilettos to heighten the experience, after they had finished they would put the lead on Andy before taking him out of his cage. They would take it in turns, while one of them held on to the lead the other would bend over on all fours with her arse in the air and instruct Andy to use his tongue to clean all of the cum out of their pussies. The sense of power they felt grew as time went on. Bella in particular felt the power intensify; on the odd occasions that she had pangs of guilt she would put them to the back of her mind by thinking of all the times Andy had pissed her off. She also used past experiences of men she had known that had fucked her over, to justify what they were doing to him. It was as if Andy was paying the price for all the sins of the men who had ever disrespected her in any way.
One morning after she had showered and seen to Andy she placed more food in his cage and told him to eat it all by the time she got back, telling him she had to go out and buy more cake. Fattening Andy up was costing her a fortune, she thought as she put her coat on. “But it will all be worth it in the end” she said to herself as she headed out of the door, locking it behind her she got in her car and set off for the coop. After buying more chocolate cake and biscuits she put the shopping in the boot and jumped in the car. Just then her phone rang, “Hello, Bella Speaking” “Hello, my name is Bessie Toon, Andy’s Aunt”. Bella’ s heart skipped a beat when she realised who she was speaking to! “Oh, hello there, what can I do for you? Bella replied in a slightly surprised tone. “I have been given your number by Andy’s family, I have offered to arrange a memorial service in his memory, I thought it the right thing to do under the circumstances, as they didn’t find his body, I thought it the next best thing. I was told that you are a civil celebrant and that you knew Andy very well”. “Yes, I am and I did know Andy for over twenty years” Bella replied, still shaking slightly.“I suppose you know more about him than most, so I thought you might do the eulogy” Andy’s Aunt suggested. “Yes of course” said Bella. “Nothing fancy, just a little get together as a way of saying goodbye, and to give us all some closure. I have hired the village hall out in the village and thought we could get-together to discuss one or two details” “Yes that would be fine, where would you like to meet” asked Bella.