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Author Topic: Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 6  (Read 494 times)

August 12, 2019, 12:08:53 PM
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“Can you come around to mine today?” his Aunt asked. “Yes of course, what time?” “Would about midday suit you?”“Yes, I can make that, I haven’t got anything in my diary for today.”“Lovely” said his Aunt, and having given Bella the address, she rang off.
Still shaky from the conversation she had just had with Andy’s Aunt, Bella immediately called Alicia, “Hi hun, I have just had Andy’s fucking Aunt on the phone, she wants me to do a memorial service for him - I’m still shaking now!” “Don’t panic Bel, you can do it, you’re a pro”“I know, but his Aunt for heaven’s sake!!” “You will be fine, when are you going to see her?” “Today! At midday” “Ok, I will be round later tonight and we can talk. Then we can have some fun teasing the fat one!” said Alicia, they both laughed and Alicia rang off. When Bella got home she took the shopping from the boot and went inside. After putting the groceries away, she went to the stair cupboard door and opened it, there sat Andy in his cage, “Good boy” Bella said in an excited tone. “You have eaten all the food I left you and just look how plump you’re getting!  It’s only been a week and you look positively scrumptious! Just another week and you will be good and ready for ROASTING!!” she said with excitement. Andy’s little cock stood to attention when Bella said that. Andy still thinking that this was all a game and that he would be returning to his former height at the end of the week. “Bel, do I still have to put on more weight, can’t we just pretend I’m still getting fat? I’m fed up with just eating chocolate cake and biscuits! Can’t I have something a little healthier?  It’s going to take me at least six months to lose what I have gained so far!!” “Do you want us to do the role-play or not!? I told you that if we are going to do it for you, then it had to be done properly! And that means you eating everything I give you for another week, Ok”? Said Bella in a slightly demanding tone. “And besides, I have promised you that at the end of the role-play the weight will simply fall off”. Yes, it will just fall of your bones when you have been slow-roasted in my oven for a few hours, she thought. Her nipples stiffened at the thought. “Ok” said Andy, “I still want you to do the role-play” “Excellent” said Bella. “Now just hold on piglet wile I get you a nice big slice of chocolate cake” and off she went to the kitchen. She returned with a huge chocolate cake decorated with thick sugar icing and smarties pressed into it. “Now eat up, I don’t want to see a scrap left when I come back!” Bella opened the padlock on the cage and opening the door she put the cake down in front of Andy, before she locked the cage and stood back to admire Andy’s rounding body. With a smile she said “I have got to go out and see a client, I had a phone call while I was out. An Aunt who has lost her nephew at sea wants me to do a tribute at his memorial”. This went straight over Andy’s head of course, but it amused Bella to think that this bundle of ever-increasing plumpness in front of her was the very nephew she was referring to.  “Alicia is coming round tonight and if you’re a good little piggy we will give you a show”. With that Bella went up the stairs to put on some appropriate clothes to meet a client.
By 11.30 she was ready and she took the short drive into town. As she pulled up at the address she had been given, she gave her hair a quick flick in the mirror before getting out of the car. She was suited and booted and ready for the meeting, wearing a black pencil skirt that was just above the knee, red stilettos, a nice white blouse and a red jacket; she had also put on a nice pair of black stockings. She looked amazing! As she always did when visiting a family. Bella walked to the door and rang the bell. After a few moments the door opened, Bella was slightly taken aback by what she saw in front of her, it was a glamorous lady who looked as though she was in her early fifties. She knew from what Andy had said that she was seventy, but she looked so much younger.  She wore a tight-fitting flowery dress, white stilettos and tan stockings. She had short dark brown hair with white necklace and earrings. She was actually quite hot! “Oh, hello dear” said the woman in a cheery voice. “Mrs Toon?” asked Bella. “Oh, call me Bessie” said the lady, “And you must be the lovely Bella. Please – do come in dear.” Bella walked into the house and waited for Bessie to close the door, “This way my love” she said as she walked along the passage. From behind Bella could see the shapely calves Andy had talked about, and she couldn’t help noticing a very shapely bottom under that tight dress. She also spotted the faint lines of a suspender belt holding up her tan stockings. Wow she thought, this is some lady for her age.“Do sit down dear, would you like a cup of tea”? “Lovely, yes please” replied Bella. After making the tea, Bessie sat down opposite Bella. She looked over at Bella and said “Now I will get straight to the point dear, about my nephew. I know he’s not dead dear, at least not yet anyway…” she said with a chuckle. Bella’s heart started pounding at hearing this and her palms started to sweat.
 “Let me explain myself” she continued, “I have known Carol for a few years, you know the scientist that supplied the drug you used to shrink my nephew with!  Don’t worry dear, you’re not in any trouble! Your face does look quite the picture though!” observing Bella’s shock at hearing that his Aunt knew about them shrinking him. Bella sat in stunned silence whilst Andy’s Aunt went on. “You see Bella, about four months ago I was having lunch with Carol and she mentioned something that made my ears prick up, she told me that she had a friend called Alicia that in turn had a friend called Bella and that they had been friends with a man for some twenty years who had a fetish for being roasted and eaten by women, after being fattened up.  She also told me that he had got that fetish from his Aunt, who used to pinch his cheek and tell him that she could just eat him all up. Well when she told me that I instantly remembered doing the very same thing to my nephew Andrew! So, I asked Carol to find out more about who this man was. Now I can tell you my dear, I nearly creamed in my knickers when I found out that it was my very own nephew Andy. After some discussion with Carol, I got her to suggest to Alicia that they persuade you that it would be a good idea to shrink Andy and carryout his fetish for real. The rest dear, you know. I having been kept up to date by Carol who has been in touch with you regarding the plan – I understand she is also invited to join you when Andy is ready for eating!  May I say dear what a very impressive job you have done so far, covering your track at every stage of the plan, as you have. You, my dear Bella, are a very clever lady!!”
After hearing what Andy’s Aunt had said Bella took pause before she finally responded, the realisation slowly dawning on her. “So, you were in on it all along, don’t you care about your own nephew?” “Not really dear! You see I myself ended up developing a fetish as time went on, especially as he grew into his late teens and started to develop those muscles. Every time I saw him I would imagine what he would taste like having been slow roasted in my oven; it would make me very wet down below and I would have to masturbate when I got home imagining sliding him into the oven.  I always thought he would make a lovely Sunday roast”. “But he’s family!” said Bella. “Only by marriage, there is no blood connection! If I had not married his mother’s brother then we wouldn’t be related at all, and let’s face it - we have all fantasised about a younger man! I’d like to bet even you have” Bella smiled and had to agree with her.“The only difference is you look at a younger man and fantasise about making love to him, and most young men I do too.  Whereas when it comes to my nephew, I fantasise about him roasting in my oven and eating him up for dinner!”  “So, what happens now” Bella asked. “Well dear I would like to think you would formally invite me to dinner on Sunday the 10th!” “Of course, you’re invited! There will be plenty of him for the four of us. I wonder what he will taste like.”Bella pondered.“Delicious dear!!You see when Carol had perfected the shrinking formula she tracked down two of her former boyfriends that had been particularly cruel to her and shrank them. She then brought them back here and after a little plumping up we prepped and roasted them, then ate them for dinner, they were delicious!!” she said, rubbing her hands together and licking her ruby red lips. “Wow” said Bella. “Mind you, they were quite a bit younger than Andy is in fairness, and their meat was nice and tender. I mean my nephew is no spring chicken, but that’s nothing a nice slow roasting won’t take care off” and they both laughed. I have a little souvenir from one of the men we ate, would you like to see it?” “Oh yes please” said Bella. Bessie got up and went to her bedroom, returning with an object about eight inches long; on closer inspection Bella recognised it as a bone. “It’s a bone” she said. “Yes, dear it is, to be precise it’s a femur, or thigh bone, and it makes for a superb dildo! You see the hip joint ball, the way it curves to one side?” “Yes” said Bella, “Well when you’re using it all you have to do is twist it and it contacts your G spot, and it’s guaranteed to make you squirt every time!! I would recommend you using one of my nephews to try it” “I certainly will” said Bella excitedly. “And you can have his other one” Bella continued. “I would like that very much dear. I can’t count the number of times I have fucked myself with this one imagining it was my nephew’s, after I had eaten all the meat off it”. They both laughed.
“I have to ask and I hope you don’t find me rude, but how do you stay looking so young? Andy said you were seventy?”Bessie replied, “Well, when my husband died, he left me quite a wealthy woman, so I had a little work done”. “Well you do look beautiful; I would mistake you for someone in their fifties”. “Thank you my dear and talking of wealth I have a little something for you” said Bessie, passing Bella an envelope. “What is it?” she asked. “Just a little something for your troubles dear”. “I don’t want any money!” Bella responded, going to hand back the envelope. “Nonsense – I’ll hear nothing of it, you have put in a lot of hard work and run up what I would imagine to be considerable expenses going to Scotland and all, I don’t want you to be out of pocket!” “If you insist, thank you” Bella said with a smile, putting the envelope in her handbag. “Now dear, when can I see him, how’s he doing? Getting fat, I hope” the excitement clear on her face. “He’s doing well” Bella reassured her,“ he’s put on 5Ib already in a week! And you can come round any time you want; his face will be an absolute picture when he sees you!”“Lovely, are you free tomorrow?” “Yes, I have nothing booked for tomorrow so you can come round anytime” said Bella. “Can we say11.00am? to which Bella confirmed “Perfect.  Thinking about it, how are we going to tell Andy you have been in on it without spooking him? I mean he thinks it’s only Alicia and I that are involved?”. “Good point dear, well I can simply say that I was talking to you at the family party you and Andy had attended, and I mentioned to you that I used to tell him that I could eat him up and you had told me that it had started his fetish. Then you had contacted me when you had shrunk him and asked me to come round to make the role-play a bit more special for him” said Bessie. “That sounds feasible” Bella replied.