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Author Topic: Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 7  (Read 216 times)

August 12, 2019, 12:19:56 PM
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“Now dear, about his memorial service, I have booked the village hall for 1.00pm on Monday the 11th. The day after we have him for dinner! I will let you do all the arranging as you knew him better than most, just let me know tomorrow how much your fees are and I will settle up with you”.“Ok” Bella said as she got up and turned for the door. “Oh dear, I almost forgot” and she went into the kitchen and returned with a huge chocolate cake she had made. “Just a little something to help fatten him up” handing the cake to Bella. “Fabulous!” said Bella. They headed for the door and Bella stepped out turning around. “Well, it’s been lovely to meet you dear” Bessie said, reaching out to shake her hand. “You too, see you tomorrow at 11.00” Bella replied, smiling warmly. “Ok dear, take care”. When Bella got home she opened Andy’s cage and gave him the cake his Aunt had made. “This is a special cake Andy; it was made especially for you to make you fat”. She said with a grin. “Now eat up!!”She headed upstairs with her hand bag and took out the envelope Andy’s Aunt had given her, she opened it and pulled out a wad of crisp new twenty-pound notes held together neatly with a rubber band. Fuck me she thought as she started to count it. There was a £1000 there, she couldn’t believe it, not only was she going to have the pleasure of getting rid of the butter ball down stairs, but she felt like she was getting paid to do so and with his own Aunt’s endorsement, it was even better. Later that evening Alicia came over and as promised they gave him a show. It ended in the usual, way with Andy being made to lick their pussies clean.
The next day at 10.50 Andy’s Aunt arrived at Bella’s house and rang the doorbell, feeling slightly nervous she headed to the door to open it. “Hello Bessie, please come in”. “Hello dear” said his Aunt as she stepped inside. “Right, where is the little porker” Bessie said as she walked into the living room and placed her handbag on the couch together with a large round tin she had brought with her. “He’s under the stairs” Bella replied walking towards the cupboard.“Are you ready for this?” Bella said, “Oh yes dear, I can’t wait” and with that she opened the door. Andy looked out of the cage and was visibly surprised to see his Aunt looking back at him. “Well, well, what do we have here!!” said his Aunt licking her lips and rubbing her hands together. “Aunt Bessie, what are you doing here?” Andy asked “. “Well my dear nephew, I have come to see how you’re getting on, and I can see by the look off your plump little body that you’re coming along very nicely, just a bit more plumping up and you will be good and ready for roasting!!” she said excitedly. Andy`s little cock stiffened at hearing his Aunt say this, and felt his little round cheeks go red with embarrassment. “My, my, look at that hard little cock of yours! It looks like a chipolata!! We will have to draw straws to see who gets to eat that when the time comes”. “It’s only role-play Aunty, they are not going to eat me really” Andy said with a hint of nervousness in his voice. “Of course, dear” his Aunt replied. She knew full well that in less than a week they would be feasting on his roasted meat.
“Can you take him out of the cage dear, so I can have a good look at him” asked Bessie. “Of course,” said Bella, “but we will have to close the curtains, just in case someone sees him.” With that Bella shut the curtains, then after picking up the lead she opened the cage door and put it on Andy. “Out you come, so your Aunt can have a good look at you” Bella said, giving the lead a tug. Once out of the cage his Aunt looked him over, pinching him here and there and feeling his fat little body. “My, my” she said as she pinched at his chubby arms and legs. “You have done a wonderful job of fattening him up so far dear, just a little more plumping up and he will be ready for the oven!!” she exclaimed. A chill ran down Andy’s spine on hearing his Aunt say that. “It’s only role-play” Andy re-affirmed as his Aunt slowly licked her lips. “I know dear nephew, I know” she lied. “We are just having some fun with you that’s all, you did say to Bella that you wanted the role-play to be realistic didn’t you!!?” “Well yes” replied Andy. “Well then, that’s what we are doing, just making it as realistic as possible for you” his Aunt said reassuringly, not wanting to spook Andy and put the fattening process at risk. “Just another few days until Sunday dear nephew and you will return to your normal height and we can celebrate with a nice Sunday dinner.” “How did you know about Bella doing the role-play with me?” Andy asked in a confused tone. His Aunt then told him the made-up story she and Bella had talked about when they had met the day before.“Aunty has brought a little something for you” she cooed as she reached for the round tin and took the lid off of it. Inside was an enormous chocolate cake with thick icing and smarties on the top in the shape of the witches’ candy house in Hansel and Gretel. “Ok, you can go back in the cage now dear, and I want you to start eating this nice cake I have made for you - Aunty wants to see you through the bars eating the cake and getting fat” she said. She was  wanting the vision of her nephew eating whilst in the cage, firmly planting in her brain for her little sessions she was going to have with the thigh bone when she got home from now till Sunday. Bella then took Andy’s lead and led him back into the cage. His Aunt followed with the cake and after Bella had put him in, his Aunt placed the cake in front of him, and as she closed the door and locked it she instructed him to eat, telling him that he needed to get fatter. As his Aunt looked at Andy in the cage, Bella made her excuses to go for a pee. With Bella gone, Andy looked out at his Aunt and said, “Sometimes I think they are really going to roast me Aunt Bessie, the way they look at me and the things they say.”“Nonsense dear, I would not let them do that to you, I will be here on Sunday to make sure you’re taken care of properly my dear”. Andy not realising the meaning of what his Aunt had just said, smiled back at his Aunt and thanked her. As Bella came back down the stairs, Bessie stood up. “Well it’s time to go” and picking up her handbag and empty tin, she made her way to the door. “Ok dear, I will see you on Sunday, bright and early” she said as she kissed Bella on the cheek. “Ok” said Bella, “look forward to seeing you then” and Bessie left.