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Author Topic: Femcan Story Be carefull what you wish for part 8  (Read 219 times)

August 12, 2019, 12:25:09 PM
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Over the next few days Andy gained another five pounds, this made a total of ten pounds of weight he had gained while being fattened up, this was a lot considering after he had been shrunk he had only weighed twenty pounds. He was now thirty pounds and the size of a large turkey. The women were over the moon with the results!! On Friday they fed him for the last time, telling him that it would be better if his digestive system was empty when he returned to his normal height. On Saturday afternoon Bella took Andy out of the cage. “I have a little job for you sweetie” she said leading Andy into the Kitchen. After closing the blinds, she lifted him up and sat him on worktop by the sink. On the opposite work surface was a large bag of fresh vegetables of all kinds that Bella had bought that morning. “Right sweetie, I want you to prep the veg for tomorrows’ dinner” she said, putting the veg alongside Andy and turning on the tap. She then gave him a little scraping knife and instructed him to get to work. “How much do I need to do?” asked Andy with little hint of protest. “Enough for four” Bella replied. “It’s only fair that you prep the veg after all the effort we have put in over the last two weeks” she continued. “Four!!” said Andy. “Yes, there will be me, Alicia, your Aunt and you of course!!” “Ok” said Andy as he got to work.
Bella sat at the little round table and watched him. It amused her greatly that Andy was unwittingly preparing the very vegetables that were going to accompany him on the dinner table the next day. The sense of power it gave her was immense. She salivated has she imagined what he was going to look like in her oven and how he would taste after being cooked to perfection. Then she thought of all the fun she and Alicia were going to have with the first part of his prep later on that evening. After Andy had finished the veg, Bella put the veg in saucepans and filled them with water. After putting them on the hob she put Andy back in his cage.
Alicia arrived at 7pm that evening and after putting Andy on his lead they took him out of the cage and sat him on the couch - Alicia one side and Bella the other. “I have something to tell you Andy” Bella said with a smile.  She reached for the TV remote and switched on the TV, she had recorded the news bulletin that had stated that the search for him had been called off and that they would likely never find him. Andy sat transfixed to the TV as the news reader spoke, not being able to believe what he was hearing, confused as to why his clothes had been found beside the lock. When the news reader had finished Andy looked at Bella in disbelief. She explained to Andy what had really taken place and that he was going to be slow roasted and eaten the next day, but she missed out the part his Aunt had played in all of this, as they had something else planned for her eatery. “But why?” Andy said in a fearful tone. Bella then explained in detail how she wanted to get rid of him and how he pissed her off and that she couldn’t risk him talking about her. She explained that for years she had not liked him and that this was the perfect way to finally be rid of him with no trace of evidence. “You don’t have to do this Bel!” Andy said in desperation. “We do Andy, you see the shrinking process is irreversible, we lied about you growing back to normal height so that we could trick you into getting fattened up ready for the oven and you fell for it you dumb twat” she said as both women laughed. Andy began to beg them not to do this and to spare him. But they just ignored him putting a piece of duct tape over his mouth to silence him; Bella then picked him up and took him up to the bathroom. She put him in the bath and turned on the shower, and then as Alicia held Andy down Bella shaved every inch of his body from head to toe. “Perfect” said Bella as she looked him over to see if she had missed any hair.“Right let’s get him cleaned out!!” said Bella as she reached for a device that she used on herself prior to having anal sex. “We don’t want any little accidents when you are in the oven, now do we” she said. Alicia held Andy in a bent over position and Andy winced as Bella inserted the nozzle into his ass and squeezed out the contents of the device into his bowels. Andy’s ass hole was a quarter of its former size and the nozzle was the size of a large dildo to him. Little came out but water as he had not eaten anything for two days, but Bella repeated the process a few times, more to humiliate Andy than anything else. After drying him off, he was taken down stairs and put back in the cage with the tape still fixed firmly over his mouth. “See you in the morning, bright and early, you have to roast for some time!” Bella said as she locked the cage and shut the door.
The next morning Bella and Alicia were up at 5am sharp - given the weight Andy was now, he had to be in the oven no later than 6am, that meant that they had an hour to get ready and have some fun with him. After they had showered they both dressed in stockings and suspender belts, then putting on G-strings and black high heels, Bella picked up the glass dildo and they went down stairs. Andy’s little cock grew hard at the sight of the two women as they opened his cage, despite his pending demise.  After getting Andy out of the cage and putting his collar on Bella ripped the tape from his mouth, Andy winced in pain as she did this and he immediately started begging them to spare him. “Shut the fuck up turkey boy, or the tape goes back on” Bella said firmly. “Besides, there will be plenty of time for you to beg as we slowly slide you into the oven and you start to roast”, they both laughed. Andy just stood there quietly sobbing, “just think in a short time you will be going into the very same oven that you installed for me and I must thank you for preparing all the veg that is going to accompany you on our dinner plates later this evening!!” The two women laughed even louder at that.“Now, as it’s your last day we are going to give you a little show before you go into the oven” said Alicia. And with that they tied Andy’s lead firmly around the coffee table leg in the lounge and Bella sat on the swivel chair opposite, she opened her legs wide and raised her heels onto the chair. Andy looked on, his eyes wide open at the sight before him. Alicia then holding the glass dildo slowly inserted it into Bella’s already moist pussy causing her to moan with pleasure as the dildo slowly slid in to the hilt and Alicia started working it in and out. As the pace grew quicker Andy could see Bella’s pussy juices building up at the base of the glass dildo and it wasn’t long before she came in a massive orgasm and as Alicia pulled out the dildo Bella squirted juices that reached Andy covering him in her sticky pussy cream. “Fuck that was good!!” said Bella as she got up and swapped places with Alicia. Mindful of the time and how long Andy would have to be in the oven, Bella quickly got to work on Alicia and in no time she was also squirting her juices in Andy’s direction. They then untied Andy and took it in turns to hold him by the lead while they made him clean them both up using his tongue.“Take a good look at our pussies Andy, they will be the last you ever see” said Bella and they laughed.
After closing the blinds in the kitchen, they picked Andy up and took him into the kitchen and while Alicia turned the oven on Bella plonked him on the counter next to the oven. “What are you doing” Andy asked Alicia. “Just pre-heating my lovely” she said with a smile. “Please, please don’t roast me for dinner!!” Andy begged. “I don’t really want he be eaten!!” “That’s what’s known as tough titties, as that’s exactly what we are going to do, now shut the fuck up and save your begging for the oven!!” Bella chastised. She then opened the cupboard above the oven and took out a huge roasting pan, it was brand new. “I brought this especially for you Andy, do you like it?” she said with a smile. “No please don’t do this, please spare me!!” Andy said in desperation. Bella chose to ignore him as she picked him up and Alicia helped bind his arms and legs together with meat string, the type butchers use to hold joints of meat together. It was like rope to Andy at his reduced size and very strong. She put him in the roasting pan belly down and reaching underneath him she drew his legs up and tied his knees to his elbows. “Perfect” said Bella as she looked him over. Andy was now in the pan with his legs tucked under him in a sort of kneeling position.“Right, let’s get the little porker oiled up” said Bella excitedly. All the time Andy was begging for his life to be spared. But they just laughed at him and told him it would all be over very soon. They then proceeded to massage olive oil all over him, getting it in every nook and cranny until he shone, then they sprinkled him with salt and pepper. “Right let’s get him in” said Alicia opening the oven door. Bella had cleaned the glass so that he could see them looking in at him from inside and they could see him. They had only put the oven on low as they just wanted him to experience the oven and not harm him at this point, as they had another surprise for him in a few minutes.
Alicia put the oven gloves on and pulled out the top rack leaving enough room for Andy to go in. After putting the rack in the sink, she then slid the bottom rack out just enough to put the roasting pan containing Andy in. All the time Andy was pleading and begging to be spared. They just laughed at him and told him to man up and accept his fate. Then they both licked their lips as they slowly slid Andy all the way in to the oven. “No! Please don’t do this to me!!You always said you loved me Bel” pleaded Andy. “I did once, but the only love I have for you now is the pleasure I am going to take, watching you slowly roast before eating you” she laughed. With that they slowly closed the door and peered in at him, the temperature was hot but not enough to harm him, but Andy didn’t know that. Bella went into the living room leaving Alicia to torment him, she picked up her phone and dialled a number, when the person answered it, she simply said come in five minutes before hanging up, immediately returning to the kitchen. They both bent over teasing Andy with their asses and telling him to take a good look as it was the last chance he would ever have.