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Author Topic: Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 4  (Read 403 times)

August 14, 2019, 03:21:52 AM
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Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 4
By morselman

Finally--after every inch of Plumpkins’ hapless flesh possessed the savory patina of a crunchy caramelized crust--the last cook-flame nozzle was stilled and he was removed from the Roasting Rig to be strapped down upon the rough work bench that served as buffet table.

Plumpkins exhausted breaths were whimpering, moaning sobs of agonized anguish as he beheld the horrifically irreversible destruction the Femcanazons had gleefully wrought upon his ruined body. But the dismay at this sight paled in comparison to his reaction at seeing the entire lip smacking Femcanazon gang eyeing him with mouths voraciously salivating.

Each ogling gang member held a fork and the cutting utensil of her choice--carving knife, butcher knife, steak knife, chef knife and even meat cleaver--and did they ever tuck into Plumpkins with gusto! The claims and entitlements established previously by their contentious gambling all fell by the wayside as they quickly fell into a feeding frenzy--ferociously squabbling over every morsel of him like a pack of ravenous she wolves!

Plumpkins watched in utter horror as each and every one of his precious irreplaceable body parts were relentlessly carved away--only to rapidly vanish inside famished femcan gullets! The sound of their chewing gnashing teeth and grunting appreciation of his flavor rose to a deafening crescendo, nearly drowning out Plumpkins’ piteous screaming and howling for mercy.
Suddenly, a fork wielded by the exquisitely pretty and petite little Femcanazon plunged deep into Plumpkins’ tongue, briefly silencing him. She deftly sliced it out with a swift stroke of her steak knife and gobbled the morsel down whole--winking with a mischievous grin at Plumpkins’ stunned expression!

The tasty tumult came to a sudden stop when the gang leader raised her hand to call a halt. Every scrap of Plumpkins that could be sliced away without removing anything vital for survival had been devoured and was now being lovingly digested within contented Femcanazon bellies. He was now little more than a head and torso--even his buttocks had been sculpted right down to the pelvic bone.

The gang leader surveyed the damage with a lusty leering smirk. “Nothing makes me so horny as a belly full of freshly cooked piggie and seeing the living remainder still breathing on the platter!”

The gang members all burst out laughing and nodding with boisterous remarks like “Here we go again!”

To Plumpkins’ astonishment she firmly grasped his member and began to vigorously massage it. “Your boy-bits have remained undamaged on purpose--I insisted upon it!”     

Her grin broadened as he stiffened. She caressed the bare skeletal remains of his arms and legs still attached to his torso. “I must confess--I have a raging fetish for half devoured piggies!” She straddled Plumpkins and inserted his erection into her moist pussy...   
Fated to be Femcan fodder...