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Author Topic: Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 5  (Read 358 times)

September 21, 2019, 05:19:26 AM
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Piggie Plumpkins meets “The Femcan-azons” motorcycle gang. Episode 5

The Conclusion

By morselman

When the gang leader and those few like minded members of her gang had at last slaked their lust with the uneaten remnant of Plumpkins’ body, the sturdily built Femcanazon approached the scene of debauchery and said with impatience “If you ‘ladies’ are quite finished, some of us are in the mood for his sweetbreads…”

This remark was greeted with fervent agreement from all of the by-standing Femcanazons. They eagerly commenced another boisterous game of craps to win claim over the most savory of Plumpkins’ remaining bits. After the raucous contest finally ended, each victor enthusiastically collected implements appropriate for the happy task ahead of her…

They surrounded the blubbering Plumpkins, eyeing him greedily. The sturdily built Femcanazon deftly sliced into his belly with her blade and pulled out the liver with a rusty pair of pliers, careful to keep it still connected and alive. She then proceeded to delicately toast it with her blowtorch, humming cheerfully.

Her companions each repeated the process with his kidneys, thymus, pancreas and testicles--happily chattering like giddy school girls, affectionately gathering around their horror struck victim as if he were their greatest heartthrob!       

Not wanting to be left out, the gang leader clamped her rusty pliers upon Plumpkins’ tuckered out wiener--pinching down hard on the tender tip and pulling outward mercilessly as she attentively caressed the shaft with her flame, char-broiling it until crispy. His screams and howls were met by her with “concerned” coos and tut-tuts of mock sympathy.

One by one, the torch cooked gourmet gobbets of Plumpkins were gobbled eagerly down femcan gobs until nought remained of his glands but satisfied grins on their faces. The exquisitely pretty and petite little Femcanazon then produced an enormous machete and declared “Now it’s desert time!”

She displayed her weapon to Plumpkins with gleeful flourish and whirled it down upon the top of his skull with all her strength--breaking it open like a soft boiled egg, exposing the brain! Then, picking up a blow torch and briskly brushing the flame over the moist quivering mass she declared with obvious pride “This is my speciality--piggie brain brûlée!”

As the jovial Femcanazons--spoons hand, all gathered around Plumpkins expectantly, he could hear his brain matter sizzle and pop while his consciousness inexorably faded away… 

The End.           
Fated to be Femcan fodder...