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Author Topic: Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020 Episode 2  (Read 294 times)

November 13, 2019, 01:59:15 AM
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Piggie Plumpkins at FemcanCon 2020
By morselman

Episode 2…

“Rise and shine piggie!” the security femcan said as she tripped the latch on the cage’s floor, opening a trap door. Plumpkins spilled out, every joint of his body aching with agonizing stiffness. His lower body felt raw as if he had been skinned alive! She glared at him fiercely, gave him a sharp kick into his ribs with a powerful leg then roughly yanked him to his feet so hard his arm almost left it’s shoulder socket.                                     

“You got to be made ready for today’s festivities, piggie--no time for dawdlin'!” She  fastened a belly chain unbearably tight around his waist and harshly cuffed his wrists to it. A pronged dog training collar was placed on his neck. She pulled up so it continuously dug deep into his flesh no matter what he did. Using full strength swings of her riding crop she prodded him forward, haranguing him all the while. “You got an appointment to keep piggie--I mean to see you make it!”

She kept him moving at double time through the hotel corridor, despite the soles of his feet having been beaten to a pulp by her the night before. It was early morning, and most of the guests were still in their rooms. Only hotel staff were treated to the humiliating spectacle--a nude manacled piggie being relentlessly driven almost to death like a faltering mule at the hand of a ferocious, absolutely heartless big black femcan mule skinner.

Finally they halted at the entrance of a vendor stall set up as a tattoo parlour. She pushed him in with a shove and nodded to the staff of femcan artists. “We gonna get you inked, piggie...” she said as they strapped him down to a bench. Soon Plumpkins was being poked none too gently with countless needles over his entire body. The security femcan left him in their “tender” care and made her way to back to her room.

When they were done, he was allowed to rise and look at himself in the mirror. The tattoo artists chuckled with glee, exchanging high fives for a job well done as Plumpkins gasped in utter horror. His entire body was marked everywhere as if he were a butcher shop diagram! Dashed lines depicted every single cut of meat with each section appropriately labeled--from “rib roast” to “rolled rump”!

With perfect timing, the security femcan returned--emitting a whistle of admiration, then bursting into a hardy laugh at the sight of Plumpkins. He turned toward her with a sulking pout and was about to voice a whiny complaint when the words caught in his throat.

Instead of her uniform, the security femcan was now dressed in a skin tight leopard-spot Lycra catsuit with a tight waist narrowing bustier, fully displaying the thick ultra-voluptuousness of her enormous body--astonishingly large breasts, pleasingly plump buttocks, large drumstick thighs and full spectacularly shaped calves, all of it combining into a jaw dropping, erotically proportioned obesity.

Topping it all off, her face was meticulously made up--resulting in a stern, no nonsense kind of attractiveness that absolutely took Plumpkins’ breath away. He gawked in astonished admiration, jaw agape and penis aroused. “WHAAACKKK!!!” A bright red hand print covered a full half of Plumpkins’ rapidly swelling face. “KEEP YOUR PERVERT PEEPERS TO YOURSELF!!!” the security femcan snapped, her face now contorted into a sneer of utter disgust!

She grabbed the chain to his collar, yanked it up tight and rained rapid-fire full strength slaps with the front and back of her hand across his cheeks, punctuating each word as she raged “DON’T--YOU--EVER--THINK--I’D--EVER--WANT--A--DISGUSTIN'--MISERABLE--PATHETIC--LITTLE--PIG--LIKE--YOU--EVER--LOOKIN’--AT--ME!!!”

Her temper finally spent, she led the dazed, swollen faced Plumpkins firmly out into the corridor--now a hive of activity filled with countless femcans wearing uniforms, outfits and costumes. The Concierge femcan was there to greet them. She was once again wearing the dominatrix outfit, but now her glorious red hair was pulled back from her face--tied into a pony tail hanging down to the waist, fully displaying her flawless porcelain complexion. “I see our piggie is ready for a busy day of cosplay. Very nice!” she said.

“But tattoos are permanent!” Plumpkins wailed “I can’t go through life looking like this!” Both femcans burst out into laughter. “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that for long piggie!” The Concierge femcan said with a wink to the security femcan. “Now then, let’s go mingle with the guests, shall we?”

The FemcanCon attendees were dressed in a bewildering selection of costumes. Most common were were chef uniforms and kitchen staff outfits, some with large billowy and fluffy chef hats, some with the tall pleaded euro style chef hats. Also represented were comic, TV and movie heroines such as Wonder Woman and Xena. And of course, there were countless furries, kawaii anime and manga female characters. Plumpkins couldn’t help but notice that many were quite hot looking, and he began to stare.

The security femcan noticed immediately and became absolutely furious. “Eyes front pig!” she barked. Yanking his collar close, she struck hard across his face with her crop. “Nobody likes bein' ogled by a perverted little piggie!”

But the corridors, lobby and activity areas soon became filled with more and more femcans in sexier and sexier outfits--many of them invited pros that were absolutely gorgeous femcan models, singers and actresses. Plumpkins couldn’t help himself from stealing furtive glances. Each time the security femcan caught him she became more enraged. “STOP LEERIN'!!!” she shouted and rained rapid fire crop blows upon him. Soon she was watching him like a hawk, her face stern and fuming--ready to strike him at the least sign of straying eyes.

What was worse, Plumpkins had become fiercely aroused--his naked erection in plain sight of everyone. The Concierge femcan soon noticed and gave his genitals a sharp crack with her crop. “Nobody wants to see that pathetic little thing get exited.” she sneered. Presently she became Plumpkins’ “penis police” and was alert for the slightest twitch of arousal, responding both with a wicked crop and a withering tongue--her contemptuous, belittling remarks within earshot of all were so humiliating that Plumpkins turned absolutely beat red from head to toe, cringing with unendurable embarrassment as diverted guests looked in on the source of all the fuss. 

The situation became truly desperate when a group of extremely fetching femcans became highly interested in Plumpkins and his butcher shop diagram tattoos. They walked over to examine him more closely and converse with his two femcan keepers. Soon he was surrounded by a bevy of beauties who seemed to find him absolutely fascinating, and were greatly amused by his struggles to avoid the ire of his keepers. It quickly became great sport to tease and taunt him with mock affection and sarcastically suggestive remarks. The intoxicatingly sweet smell of them and sound of their lovely voices drove Plumpkins crazy with desire--even if couldn’t dare look at them.       

Before long it had all just became too much for Plumpkins and despite his best efforts he suddenly erupted into a uncontrollable orgasm--ejaculating so strongly that he almost fainted. To everyone’s horror, a speck of spunk actually landed on one of the nearby femcans!

The security femcan wordlessly exploded--absolutely speechless with rage!!! She grabbed him, furiously dragging him back to the torture room and roughly fastened him down tight to a rack belly up with his legs spread wide--completely exposing his helpless genitals and inner thighs. Without fanfare she grabbed two enormous knotted floggers and commenced to rain down a relentless rampage of blows upon the target of her fury with both hands! “WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!” Her jaw was clenched so tight she couldn’t speak--only grunts of effort were emitted as she poured all her strength into each whistling strike of her scourges. 

“YEEEEEEIIIIIIGH!!! YEEEEEEIIIIIIGH!!! YEEEEEEIIIIIIGH!!!” Plumpkins screeched over and over, utterly terrified. Soon his inner thighs and crotch resembled a pile of chopped liver, but still she didn’t stop.

The rest of the femcans had followed them in and crowded around the doorway to watch the spectacle. The Concierge femcan gave instructions to the kitchen staff with her cellphone, and soon a waitress arrived with a steaming liquid filled carafe.

At last the security femcan exhausted her fury and dropped her weapons. She then promptly stepped over to Plumpkins’ side and forcefully plopped her enormous butt sideways upon his chest, covering it from neck to crotch. She then vigorously shifted and twisted to better settle the maximum amount of her weight upon him. She was determined to continue his punishment…her strength might be spent, but her anger certainly wasn’t! Plumpkins felt the air being implacably pressed from his lungs, as he desperately struggled to gasp in even the slightest breath.

The Concierge femcan walked over next to Plumpkins’ ruined crotch and poured her carafe’s contents into his wounds. “I had the kitchen whip up a scalding hot salt and lemon juice brine to help you heal up, piggie…” she said with rich sarcasm. Having no breath available for screaming, Plumpkins mercifully fainted.

End of episode 2.
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