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Author Topic: Femcans-Giving (a holiday story)  (Read 867 times)

November 28, 2019, 02:26:14 AM
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Hey all,

Just felt like writing a little "holiday special" for Thanksgiving (with a large serving of incest!)

Hope you enjoy! ;D

by Todd Salt

Kyle, a healthy athletic 18 year old, was driving on the highway to his aunt's house for Thanksgiving.

He had a strange feeling about the holiday this year, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Of course, the whole holiday season had felt strange the past couple years since his father had passed away, under mysterious circumstances - the police never found a body and he was presumed dead.

Kyle had tried to be strong for his mom June, and his sister Bethany. They’d put on some weight immediately after the tragic disappearance, out of grief he figured. His mother had never remarried, although even with a few extra pounds she was still a very sexy MILF at the ripe age of 40.

Bethany, home from college for the holidays, was a real stunner too, having inherited her mom’s good looks. The weight she had put on went to all the right places of her shapely curves.

They were both in a jovial mood as they sped along the highway in the family SUV. Kyle was handling driving duties, and for some reason June and Bethany kept their eyes on him instead of their phones as they usually did during long drives.

“Looks like you’ve been keeping yourself in good shape, son” his mom observed.

“Thanks” muttered Kyle, surprised by the gratuitous compliment.

“Mmm, yeah bro!” his sister agreed, from the backseat.

He felt her right hand reach around the driver’s seat, groping his stomach.

“Hey, what the fuck!” exclaimed Kyle.

“Language!” his mother admonished him.

“I’m trying to drive!” he protested. “Get your hands off me, Beth! That tickles!”

But her hand wouldn’t relent from stroking his abdominal muscles.

“Feel that beef!” she said. “Damn, I bet the girls at school really go for you, bro. They’d probably go for you more if you had a little belly fat, though. That would be so much yummier.”

Kyle couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Why was his sister talking about him like this?

He took a hand off the wheel and swatted her away.

“Sorry, sis” he snorted. “But I’m not into incest.”

She laughed and reclined into the backseat, then took out her phone to do some texting.

“You’re really gross!” she snickered, scrolling through her social media. “Isn’t that really gross, mom?”

To Kyle’s surprise, he felt his mom’s hand on him now, resting atop and then lovingly squeezing his thigh.

“Your sister is just teasing, sweetie” she said. “I’m sure she’s just feeling a bit hungry, looking forward to this year’s Thanksgiving.”

“Huh?” said Kyle, his eyes involuntarily darting down to his mom’s probing fingers up and down his inner leg.

“She’s looking forward to the turkey” his mother giggled, licking her lips. “And when a woman is hungry, sweetie, all meat starts to look the same. Why, even a healthy young man’s leg could look like a drumstick…”

His mom and sister burst into laughter. Kyle tried to laugh along too, even though it wasn’t much of a joke to him and he didn’t know why his family was being so grabby towards him all of a sudden.

But then his mom’s phone chirped and she needed both hands to reply to a text message.

“Oh, it’s Aunt Carrie!” said June. “She wants to know how soon we’ll be there, I’ll just let her know…”

The text was from Kyle’s aunt Carrie, but unbeknownst to him, that wasn’t really what she was texting his mother about.

How their texts actually read was…











Meanwhile in the backseat, Kyle’s sister was scrolling through her girlfriends’ photos of Thanksgiving “turkeys” they were preparing for tomorrow’s big day.

Some girls were cooking actual turkeys, of course. But the photos Bethany paused her scrolling to look at in detail were the ones taken by her femcan friends, of their fathers, brothers and boyfriends, naked and all trussed up in giant roasting pans.

The ones who were still alive had eyes bulging wide with fear, usually with a red apple in their mouths to silence their screams. It really got Bethany wet, and for a moment she wondered if she could get away with diddling herself in the backseat before thinking better of it.

She was glad her mom decided to have Kyle’s conversion papers signed. Like her deceased father, Bethany’s brother had no idea that women had the option to legally declare the men in the lives to be meat, and the authorities would look the other way. That was the beauty of the femcans’ secret government takeover.

Of course, it did raise suspicions when a lot of men all disappeared around Thanksgiving every year. Maybe someday the men could be let in on the secret, if they could be trusted to behave themselves, that is.


Kyle rang the front doorbell of his Aunt Carrie’s house out in the country, and seconds later the door swung open to reveal his Aunt Carrie herself.

“Hey, sis!” his mom exclaimed.

“Aunt Carrie!!” his sister yipped.

“Oooooohh! Welcome, you guuuuuuys!” she sang cheerfully.

Kyle’s aunt was a few years younger than his mom, with a voluptuous hourglass figure she usually kept packed into tight-fitting dresses. Her deep cleavage had been the subject of many adolescent masturbation sessions for Kyle and he still felt a twinge in his pants as well as a pang of guilt whenever he saw her as an adult.

They entered the foyer and after his aunt gave his mom and sister friendly, familial hugs and kisses on the cheeks, she went in for the kill on Kyle - shamelessly squashing her big boobs against his firm chest and kissing him quite brazenly on the mouth.

Her lips tasted of liquor, but that was no excuse. Kyle was sure that his mom or sister would express some objection to his aunt’s behavior, but they just laughed as she pressed her buxom body into his.

Kyle realized he was getting a hard-on and worse than that, his aunt could definitely feel it. He wasn’t entirely shocked by her behavior though, as his aunt had been flirty towards him in the past - not only was Carrie still single, she’d always exclusively dated young men around his age - although they never seemed to last, and she was always putting on weight after every breakup. For years, his mom had jokingly called her his “Aunt Maneater.”

What did shock him, however, was when he felt his aunt’s hand reaching down to grab his buttocks!

“Hey!” shouted Kyle, pulling himself away from her.

“Ooops!” she said. “Sorry, it's the holidays and I just couldn’t help wanting to snack on some buns!”

June playfully slapped her shoulder.

“Sis, you are awful! How can you just goose my son like that?”

“He’s not a goose, mom” giggled Bethany. “He’s a turkey!”

What the hell was going on here, wondered Kyle as the three women laughed merrily.

“Look how cute my nephew is” said Carrie, “Looking so embarrassed with those bright red cheeks!”

She winked at him and then turned away on her high heels. Kyle couldn’t help admiring the sway of her hips and the bounce of her big round buttcheeks as she lead them into the house.

“Come on in here, and say hi to everyone!” she urged.

The new arrivals made their way to the living room.

“Everyone, look who’s here!” she said to the various other family members gathered on the couches, scrolling through their phones or watching TV.

“Hiiiiiiiiiii!” greeted a dozen female voices in unison.

Kyle was dumbfounded to look around and realize that all in attendance at this year’s Thanksgiving gathering were…women! Apparently not a single other husband, brother, father or even male cousin had been invited.

And even as the various women in his family got up to hug and kiss his mom and sister, Kyle found that the women of his family were all staring at him - with a strange look he’d never seen before.

It was almost a look of sexual arousal, although he knew that couldn’t be the case. Even though the women of Kyle’s family were a great-looking bunch, especially the cute cousins he had around his own age (who were also in attendance), they couldn’t have all suddenly developed incestuous feelings towards him out of nowhere, could they?

No, the look they were all giving him was almost one of…hunger. With their widened eyes and quickened breath, they were looking at him like he was the Thanksgiving turkey, just brought out to the dining table…Some of them were even licking their lips, like his mother had done in the car.

That couldn’t be the case either, right…?

But as they took turns standing up and coming over to him, it was even more of a grope-fest than his aunt had given him in the foyer. One by one, his every female family member was crushing her breasts against his chest, pinching his butt, stroking his legs, feeling up his arms and taking little love nibbles at his neck and shoulders.

“Mmmmm! Soooooooo yummy!!” his hot cousin Kelly moaned, before giving his earlobe a little lick.

Kyle’s hard-on was back with a vengeance, and the women all knew it, too, from the way it obviously tented forward in his pants. Still, none of them were disgusted like they should be - instead, they pointed at it and whispered to each other, smirking and looking hungrier than ever.

“Come, sit down” his Aunt Carrie instructed, guiding him over to an empty spot on the couch.

His cousin Abby, another babe, plopped down beside him with a drink in hand.

“Here, you probably want something to take the edge off after such a long drive, right?”

Smelling the alcohol, Kyle let her hand him the glass and took a gulp. He did need something to drink, though it wasn’t the drive that had put him on edge.

Abby reached out and tilted the end of his glass up, almost choking Kyle as he was forced to gulp it down.

“Good boy” his cousin giggled.

Looking around the living room, Kyle saw that all the women were watching to make sure he’d taken the drink. Only then did they start to turn their attention away from him, chatting amongst each other to catch up on the latest about their jobs, their boyfriends, their favorite TV shows and so on.

Abby started asking him about his plans for college, but as Kyle began answering her questions he found it increasingly difficult to put each sentence together. His speech became slurred, and the room was beginning to spin. How strong had that drink been, anyway? And why did it look so different from everyone else’s?

It occurred to him he should ask how it was possible that he was the only man present for the annual family Thanksgiving gathering.

But he never got the chance, as the room began to grow dim and Kyle fell into a deep slumber with the women’s high-pitched voices humming in his ears.

(continued next post)
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November 28, 2019, 02:26:41 AM
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(continued from previous post)

Over the next several hours, Kyle had an intense series of strange dreams.

First he dreamed that his family was stripping his clothes off, right on the couch where he’d fallen asleep. Part of his brain understood that he must be dreaming, and that he was dreaming about this because of all the strange treatment from his family.

But what was more, he also had a full erection as they stripped him naked. And more perversely, the women of his family couldn’t keep their hands off it. His mother, his sister, his aunt, his hot cousins and their mothers, all of them took turns squeezing and fondling his cock and balls. Kyle was leaking precum all over himself, and the women kept slurping it off his cock like a runny ice cream cone.

Kyle knew his dreams had been influenced by Thanksgiving too, since he also imagined that as this was going on, the females of his family kept talking about him like he was food. Not just how his cock and balls would be delicious, but how his arms and legs and entire body would be succulent meat for tomorrow’s feast.

And in his dream, Kyle’s mother and sister took him to his aunt’s backyard, where they shaved all the hair from his body and ran a hose up his anus to wash out his insides. That part of the dream wasn’t nearly so pleasant.

The last part of his dream was more enjoyable than that, at least. Kyle imagined he was brought down to his aunt’s basement and left to soak in a giant hot tub overnight. Oddly enough, the water was thick and viscous and smelled of herbs and spices, like some kind of marinade.


The next day, Kyle woke up from his long sleep into a true nightmare.

He was back upstairs, but this time in his aunt's kitchen, hogtied and in a giant cooking pan, naked!

He was also, in fact, shaved completely bald.

Realizing that his dreams had come true, Kyle tried to scream. But the apple lodged in his mouth cut out any hopes of him making protests.

Gathered around the kitchen island, the females of his family were clad only in white aprons and nothing else. Kyle felt brushes moving along his body, and realized he was being basted.

His mom, aunt and sister stepped in front of his view and leaned forward, their pendulous breasts nearly spilling out the tops of their tight, low-cut aprons.

“Good morning, sweetie” his mom said in a warm, motherly voice.

“More like, ‘Good Afternoon’!” his sister laughed. “Happy Thanksgiving, bro!”

Kyle tried again to scream through the apple in his mouth, but to no avail.

His Aunt Carrie ran her tongue along the upper row of her gleaming white teeth.

“Mmm-mm! You look so good, nephew, I could just eat you up!”

As everyone in the room laughed, Kyle looked up pleadingly at his mom for some kind of explanation. Being his mother, June sensed this and gently stroked his cheek.

“There there, sweetie. You know what’s happening, don’t you? Your aunt Carrie, your sister and I - all of us here, we’re going to have you for our Thanksgiving dinner today. I know it must seem strange, dear, but you’ve grown into such a delicious looking hunk of man that we just couldn’t resist.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have walked around the house so much in just your boxer shorts, bro!” laughed Bethany. “You were just lookin’ too yummy, ya kinda asked for it!”

June wiped the tears from her son’s eyes.

“You see, sweetie, mommy is a femcan. That just means ‘female cannibal.’ All of us women in the family are, now. Your aunt was the one who got us all started on it…Starting with me, when she suggested we eat your father a couple years back.”

Kyle couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and his eyes darted over to his aunt with pure shock and horror.

His aunt Carrie simply smiled, and winked at him again.

“He was delicious” she said with an evil grin. “Didn’t you think so, sis?”

“Your father gave me more pleasure as a meal than he ever did as a husband” his mother said matter-of-factly. “And now you’re going to give your body to the women of this family, just as he did. It will bring us all so very close together, and you’ll be part of us forever. Doesn’t that sound nice, sweetie?”

“Like father, like son!” he heard his cousin Kelly laugh. “At least, I hope so…flavor-wise!”

Kyle’s mother kissed him on the forehead. He looked over to his sister, staring at him with the eyes of a predator. Had she really eaten their own father, two years earlier?

“Okay” said Bethany, “Enough of this lovey-dovey stuff! Let’s get him ready!”

A cheer went up around the room and Kyle felt terrified of what their words could mean. He didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Without warning, the helpless young man felt a funnel get shoved up his ass and within seconds, a half-dozen female hands were shoving a mixture of breadcrumbs, onions, celery and other vegetables up into his stomach.

He was being stuffed like a turkey.

Howling into his apple-gag, Kyle almost lost consciousness again through the pain of his culinary anal rape that seemed to last for hours. All the while every inch of his bare shaven skin was coated with oil and butter.

One of his cousins put on some music, and the women resumed their chattering as they went about the grotesque preparations for their cannibal feast.

Whenever the ladies passed in front of Kyle, he could see the bubble butts of his cute cousins - not to mention his sister - poking out from behind their aprons. Even the older ladies’ rumps were a nice eyefull - full and plump. And when someone stood facing directly away from him, Kyle also got some good glimpses of puffy, meaty pussy lips in between the legs of his family’s younger, fitter females.

None of it was enough to keep his mind from the pain, however.

After what felt like an eternity, they finished their preparations just as Kyle heard a beeping sound.

“The oven’s ready!” his aunt exclaimed happily.

“All right!” his sister said. “Time to roast his ass!”

Kyle’s heart sank into his stomach, now full of stuffing.

“You didn’t put the temperature up too high, did you sis?” his mother asked.

“No way” she answered. “I remember it went way too fast last year. Kyle’s going to be a nice slow-cooker!”

It took several women to carry him into the industrial-sized oven his aunt had installed in her kitchen. Once the door slammed shut, it felt almost comfortable, like a sauna.

But only for a few seconds. Then, his skin began to sizzle and he could smell himself cooking.

The next several hours were spent in hellish agony as Kyle slow-cooked to death, occasionally being granted a minute’s reprieve when he was taken out to be basted in his own juices. His various cousins took turns both coating him with their brushes, while teasing him with silly questions.

“Having fun in there, cuz?” giggled Abby.

“Too bad you can’t watch the game with us while you cook” laughed Kelly. “But even if we brought the TV in here, we’d never be able to fit everyone!”

“Don’t worry” said Abby, lovingly running the basting-brush across her cousin’s reddening buttocks. “We’ll give you your own personal halftime show soon! Okay, back you go!”

They pushed him back into the oven and slammed the door shut. But true to their word, a few minutes later they returned along with his sister.

Kyle watched through the steamy glass oven door as Kelly, Abby and his sister Bethany gave him cute little waves, then proceeded to make out with each other - squeezing each others firm young tits through their aprons, and swirling their tongues in each other’s mouths.

In spite of the pain, Kyle felt his erection throb in the juices of his cooking pan as he watched his cousin Abby pop her big grapefruit tits out the top of her apron. His cousin Kelly bent forward to kiss and suck her nipples, while his own sister dropped to her knees and stuck her face into Kelly’s ass to eat her pussy while rubbing her own clit.

All three girls were looking at Kyle the entire time they did this, and he began to get the impression that it was watching him being cooked alive that was really getting them off.

This suspicion was confirmed when after each of them orgasmed and blew him kisses goodbye, he saw his aunt Carrie return to pull up a chair in front of the oven door. She’d brought a cucumber, and started fucking herself with it through one open-mouthed orgasm after another while she watched her nephew bake to a crispy golden brown.

Eventually the heat got to be too much, and Kyle was truly one dead bird.


Later, around the dining table, all could agree that it was truly the best Thanksgiving ever. Every woman in Kyle’s family ate him until they could eat no more, picking clean every bit of meat from his carcass they could find. Eventually he was just a desiccated human skeleton at the center of the dining room table, surrounded by smaller, mostly-empty serving plates of sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and the like.

June had the honors of carving her own son, and made sure everyone got equal portions. Some cousins were more partial to leg meat, while others preferred the drumsticks, and that was fine. There was more than enough Kyle to go around, and plenty of gravy to pour over his savory cuts.

“Ooof” said Abby, patting her bulging belly. “I think I’m gonna need to go on a diet after this!”

Kelly looked down at her own tummy hanging over the elastic waistband of her sweat pants.

“Oh my gosh, I know! I was planning to eat my boyfriend next month, but now I think I may need to push that back a few weeks!”

Bethany let out a loud belch, and although everyone around the table laughed, her mother still shot her a look.

“Say ‘excuse me,’ sweetie.”

“Sorry mom” she replied sheepishly. “‘Scuse me! Kyle just tastes so good, I think I was scarfing him down too fast!”

June understood. Her son was scrumptious. It was funny to think of all the times she’d pinched his little cheeks as a boy, thinking he looked so cute that she wanted to gobble him up. And now, here he was on “Turkey Day,” having his ‘cheeks’ sliced up as delicious rump roast. Gobble gobble, indeed. Her son was back where he belonged…Inside his mommy’s belly!

Kyle’s cock and balls were an especially exquisite delicacy, and fortunately for the family, he’d been well-endowed enough for every woman at the table to share a little bite of his lengthy, girthy meat. Some of them had never tried roasted cock before, and all around the table was a chorus of orgasmic moaning at how it was the most delicious cut of all.

The food coma set in not long afterwards, as every woman lounged about the house on her phone, scrolling through her friends’ Thanksgiving or “Friendsgiving” photos while loudly belching up the occasional aftertaste of Kyle, as the TV blared on mindlessly.

And of course, every woman stopped to linger longest on the photos not of birds, but Thanksgiving longpigs…of men and boys like Kyle, who’d given their flesh for another great Femcans-Giving.

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November 28, 2019, 02:13:33 PM
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November 28, 2019, 02:58:48 PM
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This story is brilliant, it is everything I love in a femcan story!!! Very well done!!! I would love to read more stories like this with Mother and Aunt .
Mabey one were they secretly fatten him a little. I would of loved if his mom and Aunt would have fucked each other with the cucumber while he was slowly roasting in the oven. But once again BRILLIANT WORK!!!
November 29, 2019, 11:57:34 AM
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This story is brilliant, it is everything I love in a femcan story!!! Very well done!!! I would love to read more stories like this with Mother and Aunt .
Mabey one were they secretly fatten him a little. I would of loved if his mom and Aunt would have fucked each other with the cucumber while he was slowly roasting in the oven. But once again BRILLIANT WORK!!!

I did not make this story as long or detailed as it could have been, because I only wrote it in a day and wanted to get it posted before Thanksgiving, lol. But, I will go back and revise/expand it at some point so maybe then I can bring mom in on that cucumber action, it's a nice idea ;D
November 29, 2019, 11:18:24 PM
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I also love it great story
December 05, 2019, 11:07:49 AM
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Although the story is Brilliant I cant wait for your revisions, Especially if his mom joins his aunt and they fuck each other. Him slowly roasting in the hot oven as he watches his Mom getting fucked by his Aunt as she looks at him and talkes to him. Watching the cucumber slide in and out of the very place he came out of. Him also having a clear view of the hole his digested remains will evenyualy slide out of.   
January 04, 2020, 10:00:07 PM
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Totatly awesome I truly enjoyed the story and am strangely jealous hope to read more like this thank you
Chris Meatboi