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Author Topic: Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 5  (Read 73 times)

August 01, 2018, 04:30:02 AM
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Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 5
by morselman

After being healed by the "tender ministrations" of the Jaguarazons, Plumpkins was finally judged ready for his next Ordeal. He had just spent a week in the "health spa from Hell"--soaking in tubs of scalding hot salt brine, lime juice and pepper oil to ensure all his wounds and burns would form into horrific looking and agonizingly painful scars.

He looked a wreck! But to his surprise, the amazons he encountered didn't look away in horror--they gazed at him with the sort of admiration normally given to a Hollywood heart throb! They eagerly crowded at his cage door, tittering and giggling among themselves. They followed close behind his every foot step when he was outside it, swooning over him as if they were all love struck teens...

It seemed that the more hideously injured and disfigured a piggie appeared, the more appealing Jaguarazons found him! "Your becoming quite a hit with the ladies, piggie." said the first beauty. She had accompanied Plumpkins during his entire time at the spa, personally supervising every single step of his treatment. "After your next Ordeal--you'll be even bigger than Elvis!" she quipped with a smirk, bringing gales of laughter from Plumpkins’ throng of admirers.

The day for the next Ordeal arrived all too soon. This time the playing field was occupied by two teams consisting of 25 amazons each. At the center was a large coal pit being enthusiastically pumped with air by the now familiar retinue of young coal tending girls--it glowed bright orange like a cauldron of fresh lava! A stone slab lay across the middle of the pit, serving as a blisteringly hot griddle!

Sobbing and trembling piteously, a stumbling, pleading, weak-kneed Plumpkins was prodded ruthlessly at spear point to the nearest end of the slab by a merry little band of Jaguarazons. Grinning and chuckling, they made jokes at Plumpkins’ expense, flashing each other amused glances as he reacted with alarm to their words. The heartless amazons then firmly tied thick rough ropes to each of his quivering wrists with enthusiastic glee.

The entire crowd rose up--countless amazons who had impatiently waited for an entire week to see the spectacle of a terrified Plumpkins suffering his next unendurable Ordeal were finally getting their long promised treat--you could cut their eager anticipation with a knife!

Queen Carnivora smiled down upon Plumpkins from her platform and said "My my my, but aren't you becoming a fetching little piggie--if I were still a young maiden I'd want you for myself!" The amazons all cheered in agreement and erupted into cat calling and whistling at Plumpkins. "Begin the piggie Tug-of-War!" she declared with a gleeful cackle.

The stone slab was slathered with lard, which sizzled and popped as it melted. 24 maidens a side took each rope and pulled until Plumpkins' arms were helplessly raised up to horizontal. They then pulled him toward the sputtering slab in unison as the first beauty jabbed her spear point deep into his backside, forcing him forward. "On you go, piggie" she said with relish. "The first team to pull you off the 'griddle slab' and onto their side of the coal pit wins."

The youngest beauty and her counterpart from the opposing team took up positions  across from each other over the coal pit. They each reached down with a leather gloved hand and pulled out from her side of the coals a flogging scourge made from 9 glowing hot strands of finely linked spiked chains. "These are to help us to convince you which side of the coals to step on!" the youngest beauty gaily declared and whirled the weapon over her head with a demonic flourish...

Despite frantic, desperate efforts to resist, Plumpkins was inexorably drawn toward his mercilessly decreed torment. Howling and weeping, he skittered onto the searing hot stone slab with a heart-wrenching cry of anguish--which quickly became frenzied yelping like a vigorously whipped puppy! His feet rapidly hopped about, running in place--each one springing up again and again endlessly as if they had minds of their own, trying with all its might to avoid the inescapable, unbearably extreme pain!

How the crowd loved it! The amazons were absolutely ecstatic--this was just exactly what they had been waiting for all week and Plumpkins didn't disappoint! He was so delightfully pitiful and his quailing cowardliness hit the cruel Jaguarazon funny bone precisely on target! They never before had such a wonderfully fun piggie to watch suffer! Each and every one of them utterly enjoyed witnessing Plumpkins’ body being ruthlessly destroyed for their entertainment.

The teams began pulling with all their might, stretching out Plumpkins’ arms until they threatened to pop from his shoulders! He gave out a horrified groan of agony and alarm--his panicked glances to each side were greeted with fearsomely determined amazon team members--each gritting her teeth in maximum exertion and digging her feet in hard for maximum traction as she applied her entire strength to tugging the rope within her grasp!

The youngest beauty and her opponent then began to energetically apply their scorching flails upon Plumpkins, each fiercely attempting to drive him off the slab in the intended direction as if he were a recalcitrant mule. Every strike of the red hot spiked chains added to the scarification of his helpless flesh--driving the amazon audience absolutely mad with torrid desire! They began chanting “Scar him--scar him--scar him again!” at each ruinous wound!

Plumpkins began to feel faint, his field of vision contracting into a tunnel as he began to mercifully lose consciousness--but suddenly something powerful grabbed his mind and forced him to remain awake. He looked up and saw Queen Carnivora--she was glaring down at him and seemed to be rapidly chanting the words of a spell! She then let out a bloodcurdling scream as her eyes rolled back into her head and raised up her hands toward the Goddess.

The statute of the Jaguar Goddess became alive before Plumpkins’ horrified eyes! A leering grin of diabolical cruelty was on her face as she reached down and crushingly gripped Plumpkins as if he was a bug. He felt himself lifted up as his spirit was seemingly yanked out from his body, leaving it still suffering on the slab. The Goddess dangled him over her ferocious maw, and setting him upon her tongue--swallowed him down whole with a satisfied gulp!   

There is an Amerindian tradition of the “Vision Quest” wherein pain serves to transport the supplicant’s consciousness into the spirit realm. Many tribes had such rituals, most notably The Dakota People with their “Sun Dance” wherein the vision seeker is dangled by leather strands attached to sharp barbs penetrating their flesh.

Queen Carnivora was witch, sorceress and High Priestess of piggie Sacrifice, and easily as powerful as any tribal shaman, witch doctor or medicine man, perhaps made even more so by her service to the Jaguar Goddess. She had used her magic upon Plumpkins to launch him into a vision before he could faint into oblivion, and cheat her out of enjoying Plumpkins’ sufferings from the ongoing Ordeal!
Plumpkins slid down the throat of the Goddess and splashed into her stomach’s pool of digestive acid! It seared him with unendurable pain--the worst he had ever felt, even at the hands of the Jaguarazons! The words of Queen Carnivora suddenly thundered into his mind “As punishment for attempting to escape the Ordeal by losing consciousness--just when we all were having such fun--you shall endure the torment’s of being digested alive by the Jaguar Goddess!”

She emitted a cackling laugh of totally unbridled evil! “Did you really think my magic so feeble that I wouldn’t be capable of controlling your mental experience? Jaguarazon magic is ancient and quite powerful over piggie minds! Inflicting inescapable pain via the ability to ‘guide’ a piggie on a ‘Vision Quest’ through all the torments of Hell is one of my specialties! In this case you shall enjoy a trip along the entire digestive system of the Goddess--remaining fully aware and fully feeling all the sensations right to the very end!”

Plumpkins began to frantically splash about the searing juice as he felt along the squishy stomach wall in an impossible attempt to escape. The Queen then filled the cavity with an eerie pail glow, to allow Plumpkins to see how hopelessly he was trapped. It was emitted by a hovering orb containing the live image of Queen Carnivora as she watched his frantic efforts. “Ooooh--this is just going to be toooo good!” she cried out joyously!  Then an unending gale of her shrieking, cackling laughter began, which seemingly would be accompanying Plumpkins for the entire time he was to suffer under her spell…                         
August 03, 2018, 04:29:16 PM
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August 03, 2018, 10:12:32 PM
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