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Author Topic: How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten  (Read 572 times)

November 24, 2018, 09:01:35 PM
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Part I:

A few months ago, a beautiful girl moved into that old house at the end of the alley.
Since she happened to attend the same college course as Lawrence' younger sister Jennifer,
it hadn't taken too long for her and Jennifer to become best friends.
Lawrence' hadn't come to know much about her, other than seeing and greeting her every now and then at the local supermarket.

Now the day had finally come when Jennifer had persuaded her older brother to come with her, because she wanted to introduce him
to that girl.
"Vessy, right ? That's her name ? I remember you called her 'Vessy', whenever you were talking to her on your phone." Lawrence asked
Jennifer, as they were about to approach Vessy's garden gate.
"Yeah, Lawrence, her name is Vessy." Jennifer answered. "Let's hurry on, the gate to her mansion is over there !"
Once they had arrived at Vessy's garden gate, they saw a newspaper box with a nameplate.
"Vescenda Pueris ?!" Lawrence read the name aloud. "What a wonderful name ! So that's her full name, right, Jennifer ?"
"Yeah, Lawrence. 'Vescenda Pueris' is Vessy's full name." Jennifer nooded. "But she prefers it if we just call her 'Vessy', ok, Lawrence ?"
"Will do, Jennifer !"

"Hi, Jennifer !" They heard Vessy's voice through the intercom. "I've left the garden gate open, so you can just come in, k ?"
Jennifer opened the garden gate, then walked up to the frontdoor of Vessy's house, and Lawrence followed her.
Vessy opened the door from the inside, and welcomed her visitors with an smile:
"Oh hi ! Jennifer !
Is this your brother !? Lawrence ?!"
"Yeah, this time he finally agreed to come with me." Jennifer nodded.
Vessy answered: "Both of you: Come in ! Here you can take off your outdoor shoes, and use those guest slippers.
Right when you rang the doorbell, I was vacuuming my living room."

Jennifer and Lawrence began to take off their shoes, and Vessy pointed at the third door to the right of the corridor:
"I'm gonna go ahead to the living room and prepare some soft drinks, ok ?"
Lawrence, who was generally a little bit timid in the presence of overwhelmingly pretty girls like Vessy, just nodded: "Oh, thank you ..."

A minute later, Jennifer and Lawrence entered Vessy's living room.
There was a couch with a coffee table in front of it.
"Oh please, Jennifer, Lawrence, take your seats." They heard Vessy's voice, which was coming from a room nearby.

A few moments later, after Lawrence and Jennifer had sat down on Vessy's couch, Vessy came into the room.
She was carrying two transparent tumblers in her hands, and they were filled with some unknown sort of juice.

"Here, Jennifer, this is yours." Vessy held one of the tumblers out to Jennifer. "It's elderberry juice."
"Oh thank you so much, Vessy ! You know I absolutely love elderberry juice !" Jennifer took the glass.

Since Lawrence was sitting near the other end of the couch, too far away for Vessy to give him his glass of elderberry juice, too,
Vessy turned and decided to walk around her coffee table. "Just you wait and remain seated, Lawrence ! I'm gonna give you your juice, too !"

However, right before Vessy had completed her walk around the coffee table ...
... she stumbled over the cable of her vacuum cleaner.
She stumbled forward, and therefore all of that elderberry juice she had planned on bringing to Lawrence got spilled all over him instead !

"Oh no ! What a mishap !!" Vessy looked at Lawrence, whom she had just 'baptized' with elderberry juice, and she had a terrified look in her eyes.
Then she said: "Oh Lawrence ! I didn't mean to- How can I ever make up for ..."

"Nevermind, Vessy !" Lawrence stood up, and he smiled at her - in order to signal that he wasn't gonna blame her. "Don't worry !
I'm all fine, really ! I'm only a little bit wet now."

"But just look at what I've done to you !" Vessy was close to weeping. "Really, all of this is so embarassing to me. Now the juice is gonna stick
on you and you're gonna smell like elderberries for the rest of the afternoon !"

"Don't you worry, Vessy." Lawrence affirmed again that he had already forgiven Vessy's mishap. "However, if I could take a shower and wash ..."

"Of course you can use my shower and wash off the elderberry juice from your body !" Vessy interrupted Lawrence. "So let me tell you how you're
gonna find my shower room !
First, you've gotta leave this living room here.
Then, in the hallway, you've gotta turn right and then take the second door to the left of the corridor ..."

Since Vessy had suddenly stopped her explanation, Lawrence walked up to the door of the living room, which led to the hallway. "Ok, Vessy,
so the second room to the left is gonna be the shower room ?"

"No, Lawrence. Actually, that's how you're gonna end up in my kitchen. But it's still ok if you enter through that second door on the left side,
because in order to arrive in the shower room you've gotta pass through my kitchen !"

"Ok, now I understand. So ok, Vessy, Jennifer ?" Lawrence said, as he was leaving the living room, "I'm on my way to Vessy's shower room now, ok ?"

Vessy and Jennifer stayed behind, in the living room, and they began their amicable chat.
November 24, 2018, 09:02:33 PM
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Part II:

Five minutes later, Lawrence returned from taking his shower. He was naked, but he had a large bath towel wrapped around his crotch when he entered the living room.

"Oh , hi, Lawrence ! Welcome back !" both Vessy and Jennifer smiled at him. "I hope you enjoyed the shower -"

"Yeah, Vessy, Jennifer, it's all fine now. I managed to wash off all of that elderberry juice." Lawrence nodded, and a
few moments of mutual silence followed.

Then, Lawrence suddenly came up with a question: "Well, Vessy, I've been wondering ..."

"Wondering about what, Lawrence ?" Vessy looked at him with a coy expression on her face. "Oh, now I see, Lawrence ! You aren't wearing anything !
You probably wanna have a new shirt and some new trousers, because you can hardly wear your old clothes which I spoiled with the elderberry juice !"

"Hmm, Vessy, you're right in that it would be great if you had some clothes for me, too, but that's not what I wanted to ask you ..." Lawrence had a curious expression on his face.

"Well then, what is it ?" Vessy asked.

"Ok, Vessy. So what I was really wondering about was something I saw when I passed through your kitchen ..."

"Now that you mention it, I've gotta admit I've never seen Vessy's kitchen myself, either." Jennifer interrupted her brother.

"Yeah, I know Jennifer, I haven't shown you my kitchen yet." Vessy got off the couch and walked up to the door which connected the living room with the hallway.

Lawrence, of course still half-naked and with nothing else but a bath towel wrapped around his crotch, tried to specify more precisely what
he had seen in Vessy's kitchen: "Well, Vessy. You know what made me wonder ? It's your oven ! You see-"

"My oven ! What's so special about my oven ?" Vessy giggled, as she had arrived at the door. Then she said: "Both of you ? Jennifer, Lawrence ?
Why don't you just follow me, so I can show you my kitchen !"

"Ok, that's a good idea." Jennifer agreed.

A few moments later, all three of them - Jennifer, Lawrence and Vessy - entered through the second door on the left side, such that they came to stand in Vessy's kitchen.

Right after Vessy had turned on the light, Lawrence pointed at Vessy's oven: "You see, Vessy ? Is that thing over there really your oven !?"

Vessy nodded "Yeah, it is, Lawrence. Why do you think it's so special ? "

Now Jennifer , who was seeing Vessy's kitchen for the first time, too, exclaimed: "Oh WOW ! Vessy ! What an amazing kitchen you have ! Everything inside here is so large !
The cabinets ! The sideboards ! That baking-dish over there ! And especially that oven over there !"

"Yeah, Vessy, I've gotta agree with Jennifer. Your oven is really large !"  Lawrence nodded. "The way it looks to me, I'd estimate your oven must measure at least 3 meters in width,
and more than 1 meter in height."

"Do you really think my oven is so large ?" Vessy asked back.

"Yes, Vessy, it's really too large, if you ask me. " Jennifer giggled. "Because why the heck would anybody need to have such a gigantic oven as yours ?-"

"Ok, Jennifer, since you really wanna know why I need my big oven, I wanna tell you." Vessy nodded. "I need my big oven, because for me it's the only way to roast
my single most favourite meal !"

"Your favourite meal, Vessy ?" Lawrence had an excited expression on his face. "What could it be, your favourite meal ?"

"Roast human, of course !" Vessy smiled at Lawrence, and she licked her lips. "What else ?"

All of a sudden, Jennifer's facial expression had turned as white as chalk, and she looked as terrified as someone who had just seen a ghost in real life.

"Wh-wh-wh-what Vessy ??" Jennifer began to stutter. "Did you j-j-just say you aquired your big oven only because you need it to roast ... men ?"

"Yeah, that's exactly what I said." Vessy enlightened her. "Jennifer ? Why do you look so terrified all of a sudden ?"

"WHAT THE HECK, VESSY !!" Jennifer shouted. "Are you crazy ? How can you possibly say this so calmly, like if- you know-"

A few moments of mutual silence followed.

Since Jennifer , who had just learnt that her best friend Vessy was quite possibly an insane cannibal, was so speechless, it was Lawrence who broke the silence:
"But HOW, Vessy ? How can you possibly cook a man in your big oven ?
I can't believe you weren't just joking, ok ? It's obvious you must've been joking , right !"

"No, Lawrence !" Vessy interrupted him. "I wasn't joking. As you can see, my big oven is right there, and of course it's a real oven , too !"
November 24, 2018, 09:03:28 PM
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Part III:

While Jennifer was still much too shocked to react to the situation, all of a sudden Lawrence felt his own dick growing harder and harder.

When Lawrence turned his head to face one of Vessy's baking-dishs, which was placed on one of the sideboards, he asked: "Hmm, Vessy, that huge baking-dish over there ?
Is that the thing you use when you cook a man ?"

"Yeah, Lawrence, exactly !" Vessy looked into Lawrence' eyes. "As you can see, it's easily long a wide enough to contain a man who's lying on his back."

Lawrence walked up to the sideboard, whereon Vessy's big baking dish was placed, then turned around and faced Vessy. "V-v-vessy ? May I ask you something ...?"

Now also Vessy walked up to the big baking dish: "What is it, Lawrence ?"

"Well, how do I put it in words , Vessy ?" Lawrence began to mutter. "Are there any special requirements to the body of a man you would enjoy eating so much, that you'd call it
your favourite meal ? I'm only asking this , because well, as you can see ..."

"Yes Lawrence, what can I see ?" now Vessy had a really excited expression in her eyes-

Lawrence took a deep breath, then he asked: "Well, you see, when it comes to my own body - I'm really only as beefy as an average man can be.
So, let's just assume I was going to climb into your big baking dish voluntarily. Do you think I could turn out good enough for you to eat, if you cooked me ?"

"Of COURSE, Lawrence !!!" Vessy exclaimed loudly & delightfully. "I'd absolutely LOVE to roast you in my oven and EAT you !
I'm sure you'd be absolutely delicious !"

"VESSY !? What the heck -" Jennifer shouted at her.

Vessy responded: "I don't get it why you're so upset, all of a sudden, Jennifer ?
Of course I'm not an insane serial killer, Jennifer !
So let me enlighten both of you, Jennifer , Lawrence: The only kind of men I ever roast and eat, are those very few ones who come to me and volunteer to become my food !
You know, although I may be a real cannibal,  I still do have my ethics, too !
That's why I wouldn't ever wanna cook and eat anyone against their will , or without them consenting entirely to becoming my meal !"

Now that Vessy had made it so clear that the men she had cooked and eaten had actually allowed this to happen to them voluntarily, also Jennifer's mien
brightened up.
Then Jennifer looked at her older brother: "Lawrence ? Now isn't that a true relief for us ?
Vessy will only cook and eat those men and boys who are stupid enough to volunteer.
So there's no need for us to worry any longer, that Vessy is insane and was secretly plotting to slaughter and cook the two of us , right !"

Ever since Vessy had revealed to Lawrence that she would 'absolutely LOVE' to eat him, Lawrence' dick had grown as big and hard as rock.
Then, gathering all of his courage, he quickly climbed into Vessy's baking dish and lied down.
Now he was lying on his back, inside Vessy's massively oversized baking dish, with his legs stretched out.
"Lying here, in your casserole ..." Lawrence giggled, as he was staring at the ceiling. "It feels like I'm lying in a coffin."

"Is this really happening ? What a lucky day !!" Vessy exclaimed, as she stretched out her hand to grab the bath towel which was still hiding Lawrence' dick. "If you're
really serious about letting me cook and eat you, you aren't gonna need this towel anymore !"

Before Lawrence could react, Vessy had already removed the towel, so now Lawrence was lying completely naked in front of Vessy - inside her baking dish.

Vessy's oversized baking dish also had some metallic rings and loops which were attached to its sidewalls, and which could be used easily to tie down the limbs of any person who
had climbed into Vessy's baking dish voluntarily.

Now that Lawrence' massive boner had been completely exposed to both Vessy and Jennifer, he remarked: "Well then, as you can see now, Vessy, listening to how you said that
you'd love cooking and eating ME,  - it turned me on so bigtime, Vessy ! Right now, I'm actually so aroused I believe I'd probably enjoy being cooked by you, for real !"

"Well , Lawrence. Isn't it a lucky coincidence that you just took a shower and are therefore so perfectly clean I can tie you up and prepare you for my oven - right away ?" Vessy

Then Vessy , who was almost enthusiastic now, grabbed the left ankle of Lawrence, who was lying in Vessy's oversized baking dish - right in front of her. "Jennifer, maybe you wanna
come over here and help me to tie up your big bro and prepare him for my oven, too ?"

Although Jennifer still wasn't quite content to how things had turned out so suddenly and unexpectedly, she followed Vessy's invitation to help her.
So therefore also Jennifer walked up to that huge baking dish, which contained Lawrence: "Hey, big bro ? Are you even aware of how silly your previous suggestion really was ?
Like when you said you would enjoy it if we cooked you for real !?"

"I'm so sorry , Jennifer, but up until now I've never told you about this secret and intimate fantasy of mine ." Lawrence responded. "But right now you've gotta believe me when
I tell you that I'd absolutely love you - if you were to cook and eat me, together with your friend Vessy !"

Now also Jennifer's eyes widened - in response to having learnt about Lawrence' secret longterm wish he had always had, apparently, and so she sighed: "Ok Lawrence, if ending up
cooked and eaten is really what you've always been dreaming of, I don't see any more reasons for why I should talk Vessy out of her desire to cook and eat you, either !"

A few moments later, all four of Lawrence' limbs - both of his ankles as well as both of his wrists - had been tied to metallic rings which were attached to the sidewalls
of the baking dish so firmly, that Vessy asked him to confirm: "Ok Lawrence ! I wanna see whether we tied you up properly. So maybe you wanna try to sit up and escape from my special
baking dish for big meals ?"

Lawrence tried to do what Vessy had suggested, but the bonds which tied him down into Vessy's big baking dish were much too strong and proved to be unbreakable. "Well , Vessy,
Jennifer, let me congratulate you ! Seems like you've tied me up so well, that I cannot move my arms , nor my legs, nor my upper body at all !"
November 24, 2018, 09:04:16 PM
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Part IV:

Seeing her bro tied up like that, in such a helpless situation, made Jennifer wonder: "Hmm Vessy, there's one thing I've been wondering about ? Hadn't you told me before that
the only kind of men and boys you enjoyed cooking and eating were those who agreed ? So why did we need to tie him up, if he volunteered anyways ?"

"Yeah, Jennifer, why do you ask ?" Vessy nodded. "I will always only cook and eat those, who volunteer - just like your bro Lawrence right here and right now agreed to let us
cook and eat him, too !"

"Yeah, Vessy ! Jennifer !" Lawrence moaned in response to Vessy's confirmation of what she was intending to do to him. "Please, don't you ever dare to doubt me again,
when I'm telling you: Being cooked and eaten by the two gorgeous ones of you is indeed my greatest wish !"

Now Jennifer got tears in her eyes: "But Lawrence ! Please , think again ! How can you possibly expect me to agree with all of this !?
I mean I'm your sister , right , and of course I LOVE you ! How could I ever ... ever ... " she sobbed, as she was looking at her big bro, who was all tied up in front of her.
He was absolutely helpless, and only seconds away of being pushed into Vessy's big oven.

"Jennifer," Lawrence looked into her eyes. "you know why we couldn't ever become one in a more traditional way , right, I mean - like most other ordinary lovers can ?
It's exactly because you are my sister , and I am you're brother, that we cannot become one simply by intercourse.
So therefore, the only other way for me to become a part of you, sister, such that we'll always be together ..."

Jennifer interrupted him by covering his mouth with her palm: "Psst, Lawrence ! Now I understand ! I've heard enough of this !
Now that I know your reasoning for why you volunteered to become a meal for me and Vessy, all of my inhibitions are gone.
So if I eat you, we'll always be together, right, big bro ?"

"Yeah, Jennifer, if you were to eat me, I'd always be a part of you , in the most literal sense ... "

"Oh Lawrence ! This is so romantic !" Jennifer smiled. "Ok then. Now I'm just as convinced as Vessy, that I really do want to eat you , Lawrence !"

"Luckily I still have a canister which contains enough special & spicy cooking oil to brush Lawrence' whole body, so I'm gonna be back from my cellar in a minute,
k, Jennifer ?" Vessy left the kitchen.

Vessy came back with the canister, and moments later both Jennifer and Vessy had taken broad brushes to 'paint' Lawrence' whole body - from his toes to his head -
with Vessy's special & spicy cooking oil.

"How did you brew this special cooking oil of yours, Vessy ? It's got a mouthwatering smell ! " Jennifer wanted to know.

"Well, Jennifer, I used an old recipe my deceased grandma had left me." Vessy enlightened Jennifer.

Jennifer giggled: "Don't tell me your grandma was a witch ?"

Vessy smiled: " Well, to be honest, she really was a witch. In fact - if we didn't have this magic spicy cooking oil here,  preparing a tasty looking boy like your bro
for cooking would've been a much more tedious task !"

Once Jennifer and Vessy had finished 'painting' and pouring the 'magic' spicy cooking oil all over Lawrence, Vessy licked her lips: "Yeah, now we're almost done !"

Jennifer made one step back, too: "Is there anything left, Vessy ?"

"Now we only gotta gag your brother with something, before we can put him into my oven !" Vessy grabbed both a dictaphone with her left hand, and a little red apple with her right
hand , and she held it in her hand - only one inch away from Lawrence' upturned face.
While Lawrence was inhaling and exhaling unprecedentedally lustfully, due to the realization of his greatest dream, he somehow managed to nod: "Vessy ! All of this is so EXCITING !"

Vessy laughed: "Of course Lawrence, it always is ! It always is exciting for those who've come to me and allowed themselves to be prepared for my oven !
I guess if there weren't any guys like you, Lawrence, who get aroused so much by the idea of being prepared for cooking, I never would've learnt to know how
delicious well-roasted guys really taste !"

Then Vessy , who was still holding that apple she intended to use for gagging Lawrence, asked:
"Ok then, Lawrence !?
This is your very last chance to change your mind, Lawrence !
Once I've stuffed this apple into your mouth, you aren't gonna able to talk. Then, we will definitely cook you in my oven !
So therefore, I'm gonna use this dictaphone here to record your final confirmation, that you are indeed consenting to being cooked and eaten by me and Jennifer !"

Vessy turned on her dictaphone, and Lawrence agreed:
"Yes, Vessy, Jennifer !
Please ! I'd love this so much !
Cook me in your oven and eat me !
I'm giving you my consent !"

Vessy stopped the dictaphone:
"Thanks Lawrence for confirming your decision !
Although I've been keeping my habit of eating men a secret until now  - of course - I still wanna make sure.
It's because the possibility can never be ruled out that sooner or later the police or a good detective will find out about my preferred diet.
And if they find out, I think it will be a good thing if I can prove that those guys I ate did indeed agree and give me their full consent ."

"Yeah, Vessy." Jennifer nodded. "Now that I think about it, I've gotta agree with you.
Cooking and eating someone without their consent would definitely need to be classified as a barbaric act of murder.
However, cooking and eating someone who perfectly agreed and gave their full consent in advance - I think it's ok, so it shouldn't be punishable whatsoever."

Vessy laid the dictaphone aside, then brought the red apple closer to Lawrence' face, such that the apple almost touched Lawrence' lips:
"Ok Lawrence !?
Do you have any last words ?"

"No, Vessy, go ahead !" Lawrence moaned lustfully. "I can hardly wait to- MMMMMM !"

Before Lawrence had finished giving his answer, Vessy had pushed the red apple firmly into Lawrence' mouth .
Also, because the apple also had some drops of superglue on it, Lawrence had absolutely no chance of spitting it out, either.

Jennifer asked: "But how are we gonna get this huge baking dish with Lawrence into your oven ? I'm afraid he's too heavy to-"

"Don't you worry, Jennifer ! This sideboard here is actually a drivable table with wheels attached to its bottom corners.
We only gotta unlock the breaks like this ..." Vessy stepped on some kind of a lever which was attached to the wheels, which caused the wheels to be unlocked. "And voila ...!
Now we can drive your bro to my oven and push him in effortlessly !"

"How practical, Vessy !" Jennifer smiled. "Seems like all of the devices in your kitchen are so perfectly designed that cooking Lawrence is gonna be easier than I expected."

Jennifer went ahead and opened the gigantic oven door. "The rails on the sidewalls of your oven will make it easy to push him in, too."

"Yeah, Jennifer, cooking your bro isn't gonna be a big deal. It's really easy to do !" Vessy nodded. "Now you only gotta come here and help me push him into my oven !"

A few moments later, both Jennifer and Vessy had grabbed a handle which was attached to the sidewall of the big baking dish which contained Lawrence.

Jennifer giggled: "I'm gonna count to 3, and then we'll use our full strength and push you into Vessy's oven, Lawrence !"

"MMMM !" was the only comment Lawrence was capable of, since Vessy had stuffed an apple into his mouth, and he was smiling delightfully.

A few moments later, Jennifer had counted up to "3 !", and then she and Vessy just pushed the big baking dish which contained Lawrence into Vessy's big oven.

Jennifer's and Lawrence' eyes met for the last time before the oven door would be closed, as she waved him goodbye, with a lovely smile on her face:
"I'm really hoping you're gonna enjoy being cooked just as much as you've always imagined it in your fantasy !
And also , big bro , I'm excited whether you're really gonna taste as delicious as Vessy said, once you're cooked !
Bye bye , Lawrence !"

Then Jennifer shut the oven door, while Lawrence who watched her doing so from inside the oven , exhaled lustfully.

Now Lawrence was lying on his back, in Vessy's oversized special baking dish for 'big' meals, inside of Vessy's oven, but the oven heat hadn't been turned on yet.

Lawrence turned his head slightly to the side, such that he could see Vessy's and Jennifer's adorable faces through the oven window, and merely the thought that these two
angels out there were going to cook and enjoy him in the most intimate way possible, caused Lawrence to breathe lustfully, over and over, and his cock grew harder and harder.

Before they turned on the oven heat, Vessy pulled up two chairs in front of the oven: "This way we can watch him bake, Jennifer.
However, I can easily understand if you wouldn't wanna watch him suffer, since he's actually your bro, right  ?"

"What are you talking about , Vessy ? Of course I wanna watch him cook ! I'm excited how long he's gonna last !" Jennifer laughed, and she reached out for the oven controls. "Vessy,
since I've got no experience with this : What do you think would be a good temperature to roast my bro ?"

Vessy enlightened Jennifer: "Hmm Jennifer. Depending on how hungry you are, if you wanna you can choose to roast Lawrence to death quickly, and at a high temperature. Otherwise ..."

"Ok Vessy, I really AM getting hungry, so ..." Jennifer turned the oven control: "So how about if we cook him at 440 F ?"

"Hmm, Jennifer, even at a high temperature like that we've gotta cook your bro for at least 6 hours, before he's gonna be done and we can eat him." Venny informed her.

"That's fine with me, Vessy." Jennifer agreed, and then she turned the oven control such that the the oven was programmed to heat up to 440 F.

Now both Jennifer and Vessy took their seats on those collapsible chairs which Vessy had brought , and which she had pulled up right in front of her big oven.
Through the oven window, they watched with excitement, how the 'magic' (more exactly: the heat) of the oven was going to turn Lawrence from a kind, living guy - into a
delicious meal !

Immediately after Jennifer had turned on the oven heat, Lawrence began to feel how the air around him began to warm up, and only one minute later he climaxed .
He came as bigtime as he had never cum before, in his whole lifetime.
But while the oven heat was already warm, it still wasn't hot enough yet to cure Lawrence' lust-induced delusion , that being cooked for real was something he was going to
November 24, 2018, 09:05:00 PM
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Part V:

Only once two more minutes of being cooked inside Vessy's oven had passed, Lawrence finally (!) felt that the air around him had indeed gotten so hot that he didn't
find it pleasant any longer.
Nevertheless, for now Lawrence still managed to think to  himself: "This is it ! My dream ! I've always wanted to experience this for real ! What better and more noble fate
could there be for anyone to suffer , than to offer their own body as a delicious food to those he truly LOVES ?"
So by remembering his own bizarre motivations for why he believed ending up cooked was something he truly wanted, Lawrence kept calm - for now.
He didn't want Jennifer nor Vessy to know that he was in fact no longer enjoying the heat.

However, it took only three minutes more , that not only the air had become much too hot to bear for Lawrence, such that he found it painful to inhale the hot air.
No, but now also the material of the baking dish which contained Lawrence had been heated up by so much that it was uncomfortably hot, and it was beginning to cause burns on
his skin.
Therefore, Lawrence' body began to act by itself, as it could no longer remain calm and pretend not to suffer from the heat !

Since the heat inside Vessy's oven had become so unbearable, Lawrence could no longer control his body voluntarily nor hide his genuine suffering from his cooks.

His cooks - Jennifer and Vessy - until now they had remained calm, too, due to the excitement of watching Lawrence cook , through the oven window.

But now, also Vessy and Jennifer saw that Lawrence' body had began to move and squirm inside that heated baking dish which contained him, and they watched as he tried to free himself

"Now you see, Jennifer, why we had to use all of those unbreakable bonds to tie him up. It's because once the volunteer guys who had agreed to being cooked get past their climax,
they typically realize how stupid they really were when they agreed, and therefore, at this point, pretty much all of them will try to escape !"

"What do you mean by that, Vessy ?" Jennifer got curious. "So are you trying to say that right now Lawrence probably isn't enjoying this game any longer ?"

"Well, Jennifer," Vessy giggled, "you can see it yourself, right ? How he's trying to break free from his bonds and escape from the heat of my oven ."

Through the oven window, Jennifer's beautiful and Lawrence' desperate eyes met, and for Jennifer it was obvious at first glance that her bro was suffering torments of hell,
as he was in the process of being cooked alive helplessly inside Vessy's big oven - and since his mouth was blocked by an apple, he had no way of commenting his situation, either.

As she was looking into his eyes, Jennifer sighed: "I see, Vessy. I guess, right now if we put him out of your oven and asked him whether he wants us to stop cooking him, he
would probably agree, right ?"

Vessy didn't even need to answer, as also Lawrence himself somehow managed to NOD visibly , and with tears of pain in his eyes, but with a muffled sound of "MMMM!" he managed
to produce, due to the apple in his mouth.

"Hmmm, Jennifer, you weren't actually just hinting that you're feeling sorry for him and got second thoughts ?" Vessy looked at Jennifer with kind of a disappointed expression on
her face. Then Vessy also said: "You know, Jennifer. Normally , I wouldn't wanna let a great catch like your bro escape , since , like I said, if we cooked him completely I'm
certain he'd definitely turn out as the most delicious meal you've ever eaten, Jennifer ! But since he's your bro, only this time, maybe I can make an exception, since
I can easily understand why YOU would want to free him and-"

A few moments of mutual silence followed, with Jennifer looking deeply into Lawrence' eyes, like if she was trying to read his mind.

As for now, he was still alive, although suffering greatly from the infernal heat inside Vessy's oven, and he was staring out at her through
the oven window with a pleading expression on his face.

Eventually, after watching him cook and squirm inside Vessy's oven for two minutes more, Jennifer had made up her decision:
"No, Vessy, now I'm absolutely certain what is the right thing to do !
It's because somehow, deep inside me, I have a feeling that also Lawrence doesn't really want us to stop cooking him , either.
So it's ok, Vessy ! We shouldn't stop this game !
Let's go through with cooking my bro completely , ok, Vessy !
Now I really wanna cook and eat my bro - and find out, how delicious he's gonna be !"

"Thanks, Jennifer. You won't regrett it, Jennifer !" Vessy sighed with relief. "To be honest, I suppose your bro isn't gonna last much longer anyways,
inside my hot oven, so I'm positive he's gonna be freed from the worst suffering soon."

"Yeah, Vessy, let's just keep on watching him through the oven window, until he passes out !" Jennifer nodded, as she was looking into her bro's eyes, through the oven window.

It was a good decision for Jennifer to keep on watching her bro through the oven window, as he was about to experience the final conscious , gruesome and horrible moments of
his life inside Vessy's hot oven.

It took only 5 more minutes, before being cooked inside Vessy's big oven at 440 F turned out to be more than Lawrence managed to withstand, and so he passed out and everything
went black for him.

Lawrence' facial expression , which had looked so horribly contorted with pain due to the heat that Jennifer had begun to worry that her decision of
cooking him completely  might have been wrong: Right before Lawrence passed out and wasn't going to wake up ever again, his facial expression had changed into that
of a very happy big brother , of one who had been given the chance to realize his ultimate dream.

"Look, Jennifer, at his face !" Vessy reached out her hand and touched Jennifer's head, in order to comfort her. "I'm absolutely sure that
- despite of how much he must've suffered from the heat while he was still conscious -  that in the end he was happy that you did not choose to free him, and thus you did
not stop his genuinely deepest & most ultimate dream from coming true !"

"Is that so, Vessy ?" Jennifer began to weep, in response to watching the lifeless body of her brother through the oven window, and it had already begun to brown slightly.

"Don't you worry , Jennifer. The depths of the human soul are so unfathomable, that this whole phenomenon of guys who would volunteer gladly to become the food of those
they love - like also your brother - is not well understood, as of yet."

"Vessy ? Let's leave this room. Let's go to your living room and play something else, ok ?"

"Ok, Jennifer. Maybe we can play cards or a video game. As long as we baste your bro once every 30 minutes, I'm sure he's gonna turn out like the most delicious roast you'll
ever have eaten for dinner, Jennifer !"

"Vessy ? Do you believe that humans do not only have a mortal body, but also an immortal soul ?"

"Yeah, Jennifer, I'm absolutely sure about that ! I'm sure that also your bro , who was so happy to offer the meat of his body to us, has an immortal soul."

Vessy's last remark finally managed to stop Jennifer's weeping, and to brighten up her mien. "Yeah. I really hope that what you just said about Lawrence' immortal soul is true.
So although we're gonna eat up his body today, for dinner,  I can keep on looking forward to see my bro again - maybe in the afterlife or in paradise ..."

"By the way, Jennifer, there's one thing I wanted to ask you ?" Vessy asked, as the two of them entered Vessy's living room.

"Yeah, Vessy , what is it ?"

"Well, you see, Jennifer, once your bro is gonna be cooked completely, you will find that he consists of SO MUCH delicious meat , much more than only the two of us could
ever hope to eat !"

"Hmm, now that you mention it , so , what are we gonna do with all of my bro's meat , Vessy ?"

"Jennifer ? Would it be okay for you if I also invited several of my friends. All of them are witches who LOVE eating a well-roasted boy, too - just like me, and well ..."

"Oh yeah, Vessy, why not ? Just invite them over here , so we can share my bro's meat with them , too ! I also wanna get to know your friends."

"Oh thank you so much, Jennifer ! I'm certain my friends will absolutely LOVE to eat part of the meat Lawrence' fully cooked body is going to offer,  too ..."


Several hours later, when Lawrence' body had been cooked in Vessy's big oven long enough , and to perfection ,
his younger sister Jennifer, as well as Jennifer's best friend Vessy , and also Vessy's friends who were also witches (most of them female, but a few of them were male /
boyish witches, too) enjoyed eating him.

Afterwards, they all agreed that Lawrence' had turned out to be the most delicious roast guy they had eaten , ever ...


(c) by WhitePill , November 2018
November 26, 2018, 09:18:48 AM
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December 08, 2018, 06:39:30 AM
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Wow & I totally agree with FemcanLana this is a really really good story ..Thank you for sharing this on here & hopefully share many more if or as you write them :)
December 08, 2018, 07:32:46 PM
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It's fine you liked this story, so therefore I'm gonna try to write a new one.
December 10, 2018, 10:48:18 PM
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This is indeed a very enjoyable story. I do, however, have a complaint, and that is, to me at least, It ended too soon.
December 17, 2018, 12:37:10 AM
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Good stuff! You should definitely write more  ;)