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Author Topic: Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 8  (Read 237 times)

December 20, 2018, 02:58:21 AM
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Piggie Plumpkins in the Queendom of the Jaguar-azons episode 8

By Morselman

Plumpkins helplessly watched the ghastly parade pass by from within the bars of a cramped cage. He was pathetically crouched down--miserably uncomfortable as the tight confinement forced him from one awkwardly contorted position into another. Queen Carnivora contently observed Plumpkins’ endless gyrations, softly chuckling with amusement.

His tiny prison sat right beside her, in the place of honor for reviewing the 13 Mating Implements rolling around the arena grounds as a festive preliminary to the Mating Ritual. Each was pulled along on it’s heavy wooden wheels by a team of gelded male jaguars. A maiden rode atop every one of them, waving to the cheering crowds as if she were a “Queen of the May.”

As the youngest beauty paraded by upon her chosen implement, she blew a kiss toward Plumpkins with a mischievous glint in her eyes. An announcer called out her name and identified her ride as “The Tenderizer!” to which the crowd roared approval as if they were cheering the star at a monster truck show. Each implement and it’s maiden passenger got announced in turn as they passed.

Plumpkins couldn’t help but notice that all the Implements seemed to have culinary terms for names, each describing some phase of meat preparation such as “The Brasier, The Roaster, The Broaster, The Fryer, The Broiler, The Griller, The Searer, etc...” It seemed as if he was going to be made well ready for the table by the time the Mating Ritual was completed!

Finally the parade was finished and the Implements were all parked in line on the playing field, placed in the order of their use per the results of the Final Ordeal. The maidens with the highest branding counts getting the earlier choices among the Implements and so on until all had been assigned.

The queen then addressed the assembled amazons. “Since the dawn of the Jaguarazon nation, piggies have been forbidden to experience pleasure during the Mating Ritual. Over the ages, methods for inflicting extreme pain and suffering upon a piggie being mated with have been carefully developed and perfected until reaching the current state of the art.” She glanced down at Plumpkins with an ironic smirk. “Our guest piggie should be proud to know that the absolute greatest and cruelest minds from countless generations of Jaguarazons have conceived the torments he will experience, and no effort will be spared by our generation to ensure absolute flawless operation of each Mating Implement’s agonizing embrace!”   

Queen Carnivora raised her arms high toward the statue of the Jaguar Goddess and swelled with pride. “Our hearts and souls are poured into this, for the Mating Ritual is how we most highly honor our Goddess!” The crowd roared in agreement. “Everything we Jaguarazons have learned over the centuries about torturing a piggie beyond his endurance while mating him--and enhancing a piggie’s flavor for his devourment during the Sacrificial Feast that follows--will be applied to the very best of our abilities. All for the entertainment of our beloved Goddess!” The attending amazons became ecstatic, rising as one from their seats around the entire stadium to give out a deafening Jaguarazon war cry!       

After the crowd quieted down, the queen continued. “Pleasing the Goddess in this way empowers her magic, ensures her blessings and her continued protection of our Queendom.” She then signaled her honor guard. The squad of statuesque amazons effortlessly lifted up Plumpkins’ cage like a litter. They proceeded implacably down stairs to the playing field and its grim display of cruel Jaguarazon ingenuity--his eardrums rattled the entire way from the exuberance of the audience and their enthusiastic applause!

Plumpkins’ prison was set down beside the “The Tenderizer” as it was being prepared to receive him. The first beauty was there, personally supervising every detail of the monstrous mechanism’s deployment as it was swung open upon it’s hinges like the jaws of an enormous maw. The youngest beauty enthusiastically stripped down next to it until she was completely naked, attended by a giggling retinue of her fellow maidens.     

The inner surface of both halves of the fiendish contraption were covered with multiple rows of pointed pyramid shaped teeth, like those found on a meat mallet for pounding a tough cut of steak tender. Plumpkins was removed from his cage by the firm grasps of the amazon guards. They effortlessly lifted him onto lower half and roughly plopped him down on his back. He gasped and squirmed frantically as the teeth poked mercilessly into him, but all his struggles were futile--the powerful amazons made short work of strapping him down securely.

Plumpkins gave out a sudden cry of utter despair at the sight of yet more tenderizing teeth closing down upon him as the amazons heartlessly swung the top half of the devilish device into place. He soon was groaning with the effort of breathing against it’s relentless weight. All the while, the teeth excruciatingly pressed into both sides of his tormented body. Only his face and genitals were spared by being provided openings that allowed them to project through.

The first beauty approached the whimpering Plumpkins wielding a syringe filled with a strange glowing substance. “This is a special potion our Queen has brewed up to ensure your flawless performance throughout the Mating Ritual. It features the venom of a Brazilian Wandering Spider--renown for causing prolonged and painfully extreme erections.” She firmly grasped his penis and ruthlessly injected entire contents into the base of his shaft with a chuckle. “This erection will last more than four hours…but no point in calling your doctor--you’re stuck with it!” 

It felt as if his member was being filled with liquid fire! Plumpkins gave out a shrill screech, shaking his head from side to side as tears sprayed out from his eyes. “Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP--OP--OP--OPPP!!!” The amazons all watched in utter fascination as his penis rapidly expanded, forcefully stretching its skin to nearly the breaking point--turning a deep dark purple as every straining blood vessel bulged and grotesquely throbbed.         

The youngest beauty squealed with delight, while her fellow maidens giggled with gleeful anticipation. A soft cushion upholstered with lush jaguar fur was placed atop the “Tenderizer” in a position allowing her to straddle Plumpkins in complete comfort. As she climbed aboard her added weight pressed down on him making it almost impossible for him to breathe. She carefully situated herself, slipping Plumpkins’ pain wracked penis into her quim with a soft moan of rapture. She then began pumping up and down, her motion causing the teeth of the Implement’s two halves to mash together repeatedly upon Plumpkins like the jaws of an enormous beast.       

Faster and faster, harder and harder, her gyrations became more and more vigorous. She frantically clutched her own breasts as a slick sheen of sweat sparkled over her lush young body. Her moans became evermore vocal as she ecstatically climbed ever closer toward a climax. In stark contrast, Plumpkins vocalizations were groans of unbearable pain as the beauty’s actions drove the “Tenderizer’s” teeth ever deeper and deeper into his flesh with each of her strokes. All the while, crowd’s rowdy hoots and cheers seemed to drive her wilder and wilder--she seemed to very much enjoy being watched!

“Keep his eyes open!” the youngest beauty cried out “I want to see his eyes!” The first beauty reached over and placed her hands on Plumpkins’ pain contorted face, which was all scrunched up with agony. She pried his eyes open with strong fingers and forced him to look at the tormentress riding his shaft.

He quailed at the fearsome look in the youngest beautie’s eyes--it was that of a ferocious predatoress devouring a delicious morsel of struggling prey! She let go of her breasts and leaned down close to Plumpkins’ face, supporting herself with her hands. “Watching a suffering piggie’s eyes makes me SO HORNY!” she declared between pants and clamped her strong pussy muscles down with all her might and became an even more energetic fornicatress--it felt as if she was going to rip his piggiehood right out by the root…
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